Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 54


Rhaya and I are wrapped in each other’s arms for another half hour. By now, my cum on her skin is mostly dried, but she doesn’t seem to care. Neither do I. Feeling her warmth on my skin is so relaxing.

It’s tempting to just fall asleep with her right here. But I know both of our minds are too loud right now, even though neither of us have said a word.

I want to know what she’s thinking. She hasn’t moaned my name like she did today for a while now. The way she looked at me while she said it, told me she needs and wants me.

Her breaths are even and subtle. I watch her chest rise and fall with every breath, while I play with her soft hair between my fingers. I just want her to say something. Anything.

Moments later she turns her head and looks me in the eyes. God, those beautiful hazel eyes… Her fingers are now playing with my hair.

The expression on her beautiful face, shows contentment. I’m trying to read her, but I can’t.

When I think she’s finally going to break the silence, her eyes close and she kisses me slow and soft. I kiss her back.

Our lips caress each other’s at a slow passionate pace. I can’t get enough of her. I wish we could do this forever.

But that forever is cut short when she gives me one more kiss, loosens her embrace on me, gets off the couch, picks up her robe and walks out.

I lay there naked and confused. My mind is fucked. I don’t know what to think. I replay the past hour over and over again, looking for any answers, but I come up short. I guess the only way I will know for sure is when the words come out of Rhaya’s mouth.

I open my bedroom door to find Damien in the chair across from my bed.

“What happened? You just ran off like your balls were on fire.” Damien questioned.

“I needed her.” I reply, as I sit on my bed wearing only my jeans.

Damien knew who I was talking about. We both sat there in silence for a couple minutes.

“Has she given you any answers?” He broke the silence.

“No. I’m so head fucked.” I bury my face in my hands. I don’t know whether to feel defeated or ecstatic.

“Fuck man. I’m sorry. I don’t want to sound like a senseless asshole, but this is why I don’t get emotionally attached.” Damien’s voice was sincere.

“How do you do it? I mean we share the most intimate act with women, how can you not get attached in some kind of way?” I ask genuinely curious.

“Because I’ve learned to shut those mushy feelings out,” he half chuckles, “it’s just sex to me. I guess that’s another reason why I just fuck. None of that love making shit.” Damien smiles.

“And because you’re a senseless asshole.”

We both laugh and the tension disappears.

“So about tomorrow,” I pause in thought, “I know you don’t do the ‘love making’ thing… but as a favor to me, will you please not be so rough with her?” I look from the ground to him.

Damien chuckles, “Shit. She’s so fucking hot though!” He rakes his fingers through his hair, “Fine. If you let me start, and get her to myself for the first little while, I promise I’ll do my best to behave.” He was now grinning ear to ear.

I hate the idea of Damien getting to fuck her, but I knew the day would come.

Besides the situation I am in with Rhaya and Gareth, I guess I haven’t really processed the idea of physically and literally sharing Rhaya with another guy.

“Okay, deal.”

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