Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 55


It’s the day I’ve been nervous about for months. For the first time, I will be double penetrated today.

What I’m most nervous about is Damien. This is my first time doing this, so I’m nervous about the pain, but Damien’s roughness on top of that?

I shook the thought out of my head and finished brushing my teeth.

The lingerie I chose for today was a dark royal blue set. The bra was cropped, ending at the bottom of my ribs. Small flowers were laced throughout, besides on the breast area. The material there was sheer and very see through. Ian and Damien would be getting a good look before they even undressed me. With the matching thong, I felt very sexy.

As I walked to the training room, my loosely curled hair tickled my back. I wondered if I was getting chills from my hair or the nervousness.

I took a deep breath and opened the door. When I walked through, I noticed Damien sprawled out on the bed with his hands behind his head. He was only wearing jeans, no shirt.

As I shut the door behind me, he looked in my direction. When he noticed it was me and also what I was wearing, he crunched up slightly to get a better view. His abs are amazing. Hell, his body is amazing.

He sat up as I took another step toward him, “Hey.” He grinned. His bright blue eyes danced around my body. He took a few extra seconds staring at my breasts.

I walked closer, “Hi. How’s it going?” I spoke, trying to hide my nervousness.

Damien smiled bigger. “Better now.” He patted the spot next to him on the bed.

I sat down next to him and butterflies rushed through my stomach. What the hell? We were making sexual jokes at each other yesterday but today I feel like a school girl?

I knew it was the fact that being intimate with someone new is nerve wracking.

“Where’s Ian?” I asked, thinking he should be here by now.

Damien places his warm hand on my thigh, “He’s in the viewing room.”

I looked over at the one sided mirror and then back to Damien. Before I could ask he said, “He’ll be joining us. He asked me to not be so rough with you. I agreed, as long as I could start off the session with just you and me.” His thumb was rubbing my smooth thigh.

I felt a wave of relief, but in an instant it was gone, knowing that it’s just us two right now.

“Do I make you nervous?” He asked bringing his bright blue eyes from my leg to my eyes.

My body said it all, I’m tense. So why lie?

“A little.” I felt as shy as the day I walked into the mansion.

Damien’s smile met his curious eyes, and then he trailed his warm hand up my leg, my stomach, brushing lightly against my breast and curling around and grasping the back of my neck. He then leaned in and kissed me. I was surprised how gentle he was. I kissed him back.

And just like that, my shyness was gone, and I was getting turned on.

I straddled him, and his needy hands quickly found my ass.

His hot tongue parted my lips, and our tongues rolled against each other’s. My hands were in his blonde hair, gently pulling at the roots.

The feel of his touch on my ass is becoming more impatient by the second. His finger tips are pressing hard, as he explores and squeezes my flesh. I can already feel that my ass will soon be bright red.

I can feel Damien’s erection between my legs. I start kissing his neck and when I begin sucking, I feel his cock grow even harder, and his fingertips slip under my thong. His finger starts to press into my asshole, and I hear him whisper, “Fuck.”

I stop kissing his neck and look at him, “So you’re an ass kind of guy.” I tease.

He smiles big, “For you… I’m an everything kind of guy.”

His smile becomes more mischievous, and in one swift move, he puts his arms under my legs, lays back, while he pulls me over his face.

I was unsure of what he was doing until I feel him move my thong and then his warm mouth is on my pussy.

Damien doesn’t take his time, his tongue is hot, fast, and very skillful. The flicks of his tongue against my clit is amazing. Then he begins to suck, and suck hard. I moan out loudly, “Fuck!”

As I look down at Damien, he’s watching my facial expressions, with lust in his eyes. His tongue begins to swirl around my opening, and then darts in and out of me.

I continue to moan as he watches me. I can’t help myself, I begin to roll my hips against his mouth. My motion turns him on even more. He sucks harder.

The pressure deep within is building, and building fast.

A few more seconds and my pussy is pulsing against Damien’s tongue, “I’m cumming!”

He doesn’t slow down or lessen his suction, drawling out my orgasm. As I become more sensitive, I try to push away from him but his grip around my thighs are too tight.

“Damien.” I moan out and begin to shake. I’m so fucking sensitive.

After another minute, he flips me on my back, “You taste so fucking good.” He growls. His mouth comes down hard on mine, and I can taste my own sweet juices.

He pushes his body hard against me. He trails wet kisses down my neck and then over my breasts. I can feel his wet mouth through the sheer material of my lingerie. He bites at my nipples causing them to erect. I moan out.

Every move of his is eager. “Please forgive me for this.”

Before I could ask for what, he tears my laced top down the middle, exposing my bare chest.

And then in an instant, his mouth is on my breasts. My shock is soon replaced with pleasure.

I wonder what’s going through Ian’s mind right now.

As my nipples start to become sore, Damien pulls my torn top off my shoulders, and then also takes off my thong. “You have the sexiest body, I’ve ever seen.” He says looking down at me. Then his eyes travel to the wetness between my legs.

“Fuck. I’ve waited too long for this.” He unzips his pants, and once he pulls them down, his cock shoots out.

Yep. Him and Ian could be dick twins. The length and curve is amazing.

He pulls out a condom from the nightstand drawer.

“You have no idea how bad I want to fuck you without this,” he gestures to the condom, “but I’ll be a good boy.” He winks and then tears the wrapper open with his teeth.

As he slides the rubber on, he’s looking me in the eyes.

“I made you cum on my face, now I want you to cum on my cock.” He says as he strokes his lengthy member.

He gets back on the bed, between my legs. Once he lowers himself down he holds the base of his cock and presses his tip inside, and then a little further.

“Fuuck.” He moans, “So fucking tight.” And then in one hard movement, he slams his cock inside me. “Uhh!” A partial moan, a partial scream escapes my mouth. The pressure of him slamming into my cervix makes me jolt.

He begins pumping his large shaft inside me. “God damn, do Ian or Gareth even last 5 minutes with you?” He says between grunts, as he squeezes both my tits.

“Rub your clit.” He demands, as his mouth is open, showing his pleasure.

I start to rub my clit while Damien fucks me. He’s not as rough as the day I saw him fuck Nicole, but he is still rough. Rougher than Ian or Gareth.

“Yes, uh,” he moans, “rub that fucking sensitive nub, while I fuck your tight pretty pussy. Uh.. I want you to cum so fucking hard on my dick. Uhh. So fucking hard,” he grunts, as I moan in unison.

I rub faster as I feel my climax emerging once again. My mouth is open wide as I cry out in pleasure. The wave hits me forcefully, and I cum around Damien.

“That’s it. Cum on my fucking cock.”

As soon as he sees I’m cumming he begins pounding me even harder. I feel him release one of my breasts, and then I feel his hand on my neck. He begins choking me.

In one of my rougher lessons with Ian, he choked me a little, but I wasn’t scared because I trust Ian in that sense. But I’ve never trusted Damien, and that’s probably why an instant feeling of fear washed over me.

I could barely breathe. Damien’s hand around my throat was tightening.

And then the door swings opens and Ian comes in.

Damien lets go of my throat and I gasp for air. He pulls out of me and rolls to the side of me.

I don’t even look at him and I get off the bed and walk towards Ian.

He looks pissed and concerned. His hand cradles the side of my face, “Are you okay?” His green eyes are looking deep into mine trying to read me.

“Yeah I’m okay,” I pause, “I just wasn’t expecting that.” I touch my neck.

“I wasn’t either.” He kissed my forehead, and pulled me into him.

“What the fuck Damien?” Ian shouted, still holding me against his chest.

“What?” Damien replies.

“Are you fucking kidding me?” I could hear the anger in Ian’s voice. Before Damien could reply Ian growls, “This is done.”

Ian pulls his gray shirt off and gently dresses my naked body. It covers everything down to the middle of my thighs. Then he grabs my hand, leads me out the room, leaving Damien behind.

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