Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 56


Ian walked me to my room about an hour ago, he said he would be back to check on me. I’m guessing he wanted to have a conversation with Damien.

So in the meantime, I took a quick shower, and then threw on a t shirt and sweats.

I’m a little confused at what happened with Damien. Yeah, I’m not really into choking, but it’s a turn on to some people.

And though he may have had a little too much pressure on my throat, I didn’t know why Ian canceled the session.

I stare at my ceiling as I lay on my bed when there’s a knock at the door, “Come in.” I say as I sit up.

It’s not who I was expecting…

It’s Damien. This time he’s fully dressed.

I watch him, wondering what he’s planning on doing. He keeps the door open as he walks a little closer to me.

His face seems sincere as he sits on the bed next to me, “I just wanted to come apologize,” he pauses, and then looks me in the eyes, “for being a little too rough, and choking you.”

I don’t know what to say.

“I got carried away… again. And for that I’m sorry.” I could tell he meant it.

“Again?” I questioned, wondering what he meant.

He inhaled and then exhaled deeply, “A year ago, I got carried away with my trainee, and I, uh,” he paused again, “I choked her. She almost passed out, but thankfully Ian was there to stop me. So I guess you could say, he’s pretty fucking mad at me right now.” He ran his hands through his blonde hair. I could see the pain in his eyes.

I guess that makes more sense as to why Ian was pretty upset and stopped the session.

“So yeah, I’m sorry Rhaya. And I wanted to let you know before you left for good tomorrow.” I could tell he was being genuine about his apology.

“Tomorrow? I thought we had the rest of this week?” I asked confused.

“Yeah, well, that was the plan, until I fucked up. Ian has passed you for this lesson, so tomorrow you’ll have your last session with him and your suitor, and then you get to leave.”

I instantly felt a wave of excitement and relief, but at the same time I felt kind of sad.

“Anyway, I’d better go. Ian would be pissed if he knew I came to see you. So again, I’m so fucking sorry.” He got off of the bed and turned for the door.

“Hey Damien?”

He turned back around, “Yeah?”

“Thank you,” I smiled at him, ”as a friend, I don’t know what your past was like, but coming from someone who’s past is dark and broken,” I point at myself, “it’s okay to let people in. Hell, it even lessens the pain. But the best part is, when you do let someone in, and they see where you’re coming from, but choose to love you regardless… Life is much less fucking dark and broken.”

Damien took in my words, smiled, and then left my room.

I start thinking about my own words, and in my heart, I know who it is I choose. I’ve known for a while, but to break someone’s heart— that’s what’s been stopping me. It’s the last thing I want to do, but it’s what I have to do.

I know who it is that makes my life less fucking dark and broken.

It’s coming to an end everyone! What do you think she’s going to do?!! ALSO........ I decided to make this into a series! The second book (details to come, so I don’t spoil the ending! ;)). The third book I have decided to tell Damien’s story/love story! ;) he’s a very sexual, dark, bad boy.... I think it sounds like a good one! What do you think? ;)

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