Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 59


As Gareth and Ian are both standing there, I‘m reminded that for the past four months, I have been with the two most gorgeous guys I’ve ever laid eyes on.

I don’t want this experience to be awkward at all, so I’m going to enjoy being taken by these two amazing men, and not worry if they are getting jealous or not. Because we will all be pleasured…

They are both staring back at me— a pair of blue eyes, and a pair of green eyes. I slowly pull my sheer robe off my shoulders and then allow it to float to the ground. I see the need in both of their eyes.

I bite my bottom lip and then turn around to give them a good view of my ass. I feel sexy and I know they both want me. I reach behind and slowly unclasp my bra, and then drop it to the floor. Then I hook my thumbs around the material of the my thong, and slowly pull them down.

I know both their eyes are watching me closely. Once I step out of my panties I turn around.

They both start walking towards me, drinking in my body.

I first walk in front of Gareth and kiss him. He tastes minty and fresh. His left hand curls around me and grabs my ass. As he squeezes my behind, I slowly reach over to Ian and I grab his hardness.

The jeans around him are tight because of his erection. I hear him let out a quiet moan.

Gareth’s tongue rolls deliciously against mine. I unlock lips with him and then move in front of Ian.

We look into each other’s eyes and then kiss each other. He too, tastes minty. As our mouths explore one another’s, I now reach over and grab Gareth’s cock.

Huge, and hard. Just as expected.

Ian’s hands are now groping my tits as Gareth’s are still on my ass.

I rub Gareth’s hardness and then squeeze it. I feel him grow even harder.

I pull back from kissing Ian, and look from Ian to Gareth, “Take your shirts off.” I demand.

They don’t hesitate, they pull off their t shirts quickly.

Mmm. Chiseled abs. Muscular pecs. Amazing biceps. Delicious v lines.

I can feel myself getting wet. Here soon I will have them both inside me. Penetrating me. Pleasuring me, as I pleasure them. Fuck, I’m one lucky girl.

“Finish undressing.” I continue looking back and forth between them.

They both stare at me and unzip their jeans. Almost at the same time they pull their pants and briefs off. Their god sending cocks break free and slightly bounce up and down.

It’s one of the best fucking sights I have ever seen.

Again, I approach Gareth first again. I stare deeply into his blue eyes as I lower down onto my knees. Fuck, I’ve missed this cock.

I open my wet mouth and take in his large tip. As I swirl my tongue around him, his dick twitches, “Mmmm.” He moans as he laces his fingers in my hair.

I look over to Ian, and he has his hand cupped around the tip of his nerve ending head. He moves his hand to the rhythm of my mouth on Gareth.

The lust in Ian’s eyes are obvious. I take my mouth off of Gareth and then spit in my hand. Ian drops his hand and I start stroking him. As he begins to moan, I take Gareth into my mouth again. This time I take him deeper.

Swirling my tongue around him, I can feel all his veins protruding from under the skin.

Then I take my other hand to the base of Gareth’s monster, and I stroke as I blow him. I also massage Ian to the same rhythm.

They both are moaning and I can feel my slit getting slippery.

I switch actions, and begin to take Ian in my mouth as I caress Gareth.

To my surprise, both men don’t seem to be jealous of one another. Their faces say that this feels fucking good.

I pick up my speed a little bit and Ian begins to slightly thrust his hips into me, allowing me to take him down my throat. As I gag a little, he grabs my hair and continues to fuck my mouth.

I tighten my grip around Gareth and start jacking him faster.

Their moans are music to my ears.

Ian pulls me back up to my feet and plants a hard kiss on me and then pulls away and walks toward the dresser.

I turn towards Gareth and he pulls me into his chiseled body and kisses me. His hands are on my ass, pulling me against his rock hard dick.

I hear Ian ripping open a condom wrapper.

Gareth lifts me up by my ass and I wrap my legs around him. He lets go of me with one hand as he adjust himself to my tiny wet entrance.

As he holds his cock in place, I use my leg muscles to help me. I lower myself onto his precummed head. I gasp as I take in his tip’s girth. And just when he thinks I’m going to lower the rest of the way onto him, I slowly pull off. Then lower myself just on his tip, again and again.

I love the feeling of him expanding me, and I also love teasing him. I can tell by the look on his face, that it’s driving him wild.

As if he can’t take it any longer, he pulls me down, spreading my pussy on him. Gareth looks back and forth from my eyes to him thrusting inside me. Fuck, he’s sexy.

From behind me, I can hear Ian lubing up his condom covered cock. The loud wetness from his hand sliding up and down his length, makes me even more horny.

Gareth stops thrusting and holds still. He’s holding me by my thighs. I feel one hand of Ian’s grasp one of my hips, while he holds his cock with the other.

He places the tip of his cock at the opening of my ass. After swirling a couple times he pushes with more pressure, opening me.

Gareth and I are looking deep into each other’s eyes as Ian slowly pushes himself inside my body. Inch by inch, I am loving every second.

There is an overwhelming pain of feeling completely expanded by two men.

Two men, that I love.

It’s kind of ironic how I have both of them right now, and it feels so good, but it’s also painful.

I do. I love them both. But in different ways.

I love Ian because we have had a lot of my “firsts” together, and it has made us bond in a way I can’t explain. He makes my heart race, and he keeps me guessing.

But I love Gareth because he’s my ‘calm in the middle of a storm.’ He makes me feel safe and stable. Living the life I have lived, that is what is most important to me— safety and trust. And I trust him more than anyone.

Gareth is the one.

I watch Gareth’s beautiful blue eyes as him and Ian penetrate me.

The pain has disappeared, and every movement feels so amazing.

All three of us moaning, fill the air.

They fuck me together in a sexy, perfect rhythm. Not too fast, and not too slow.

Minutes passing, and all three of us are getting close. Our moans are louder, and both their grips on my hips and legs are tightening.

I can feel the build up, deep within my core. As their long thick lengths pull out and push in, over and over again, hitting every sensitive spot inside me.

I can’t hold on any longer and then I cum hard around both their dicks. I cry out in pleasure.

As if I just hit a light switch, Gareth and Ian both grunt and moan, and then cum at the same time. I feel both their cocks twitch hard as they shoot their loads. Mmmm this feels so good!

As we all come down from our highs, Ian kisses the back of my shoulder and slowly pulls out of me. He doesn’t say anything, he quickly pulls his pants on and leaves the room.

When Ian left my room this morning, we said our final goodbyes. He said it would be too hard to do it again, so I knew the kiss on my shoulder was closing the chapter of Ian and I.

Gareth lightly kisses my lips while he’s still inside me. Then slowly, he pulls his member out and sets me back on the ground.

“I love you.” I say looking up at the man I want to be with forever.

Gareth smiles back, showing off his deep dimples that I love so much, “I love you too.”

“I’m ready.” I hug him tighter.

“Ready for what?” He kisses the top of my head.

“I’m ready to go home.”

Well everyone, we finally finished the book! I’m sorry to keep you all waiting! So for my #teamgareth— I hope you all loved the conclusion! And as for my #teamian— guess what book 2 is going to be about?! Yep! Ian’s sexy love story!! Anyway, I hope you all enjoyed this book! I definitely loved writing it! Don’t forget to follow! I’ll be starting book 2 really sooooooon! 😘😘😘

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