Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 7


I slept like a baby. I rolled over to wrap my arm around Gareth and was disappointed when he wasn't there. I wanted to go check on him.

I quietly went down the stairs to find him on the couch. Laying on his back, he had a blanket on his lower half, hands were tucked under his

head showing of his incredible biceps. And his abs were absolutely amazing. He definitely works out.

He is one sexy man. I walked over to the couch and straddled him until his cock was pressed against me. With his eyes still closed he smiled and said, "You are trouble Rhaya Kingsley."

I started to lightly grind on him while he hardened under me. He let out a small moan and then the next thing I know he has me flipped over and is on top of me. He then starts to grind against my pussy while kissing my neck. I can't help but let little moans come out of my mouth, which makes him even harder, I could feel how massive he was, I feel very small under him. I'm loving the idea of this big muscly man taking complete control over me.

I roll my hips to his rhythm, my breathing has picked up. His giant cock was still in his boxers but it still felt like bliss pressed hard against my now, wet pussy. I start to feel an amazing sensational build up deep within me. I was about to orgasm, my moans got louder, and louder, and then he stopped and looked into my eyes, "The first time you cum for me, I will be inside you." And just like that he was off of me.

It surprised me that I acted this way around Gareth. If he didn't know I

was a virgin, after all that kissing foreplay, and grinding he would have probably assumed I wasn't one, but I just couldn't help it with him. Not to mention, he was basically my...... fiancé? I'm not quite sure what to call it, but we basically belonged to each other now.

So knowing that, it felt a lot easier to give in to him, "I never thanked you for the dress and jewelry. So thank you." I said slipping my freshly washed dress back on, and putting my earrings back in.

Gareth walked through the door, without a shirt and some jeans on. He was twirling my black lace panties around his index finger.

"You're welcome. And I washed these for you as well." He bent down and I stepped through, he very slowly pulled up my panties. Once they were all the way up he grabbed my ass, and I squealed. Then he pulled me into him and he kissed me hard. I loved the way his bare skin felt. He then kissed my neck and whispered in my ear, "Next time, I will be taking them off of you." The chills covered my body. He had such a sexy way of saying things with his deep husky voice.

He turned me on in so many ways. I can't wait for after Consummation Night when we can give into that strong desire, anytime, and anywhere.

We were driving back to the Mansion. His hand was on my thigh, and my hand on top of his. I was staring at the man that just 24 hours ago, we hardly knew anything about each other. Now, I already feel like I have known him for years.

He was wearing a white V neck that hugged his biceps and pecks just right, and he was wearing light denim jeans. His hair was back into that sexy bun. I sat there and admired this beautiful man. His jaw structure could cut diamonds. His facial hair was trimmed the perfect length. His lips were the perfect size, making every kiss amazing. His hands were big and manly, and his touch could make any girl wet.

We reached the Mansion and he turned to me, "Thank you Rhaya, for an unforgettable night. I can't wait to see you again." He pulled my hand to his lips and softly planted a kiss.

"And thank you Gareth, it was definitely unforgettable, I'll see you tomorrow night." He gracefully grabbed the back of my head and pulled me into him and our lips touched as if they've done it a million times. His facial hair lightly tickled my face. And to think the next time I see him, we will be giving into everything we fought against last night, and he will be taking my virginity.

The butterflies came back at full speed, and he pulled back and came around to open my door, where he helped me out and kissed me again.

"See ya later." He smiled showing off his adorable dimple. "I will be

looking forward to tomorrow." His blue eyes sparkled. I didn't want to say goodbye.

"As will I." He hopped back into his car, waving while he drove off I couldn't help but feel like I was doing the walk of shame, still in last nights dress, though Gareth had washed it for me.

Sneaking back into the mansion, I didn't necessarily need to sneak, but I would feel better if no one approached me before seeing me in yesterday’s clothes.

Walking down the hallway to my room, which was three doors down, I could hear a woman and a man moaning, "Oh fuck yes!" I heard a man yell.

"Cum for me Damien!" A woman yelled back. Damien? The blonde guy, with the inappropriate sexual humor? I could hear the sound of their skin slapping together.

Damien let out four loud moaning grunts, "Uuuh! Fuck! Uuuhh! Uuuhh! Uuuhh!" Then I heard him moan really loudly one last time, "Uuuuuuhhh!" and then the sound of their fast pace skin smacking thrusts were done. Well I think she got what she asked for, sounds like he hit his climax.

I couldn't help but feel a little turned on. I was walking slowly at first to try and be quiet but guiltily I started walking even slower for my own

satisfaction. After they obviously finished I started walking a little bit faster in fright as I might get caught. Fast walking in heels was a struggle for me.

I was another door closer to my room, when I heard a door quietly shut behind me and there was a male's voice, "Would you like to hear an encore? You could be my costar." I stopped and turned around.

Damien was walking out of the room wearing nothing but jeans that were unbutton and unzipped, obviously nothing under them, I could see very low on his V line. I swallowed hoping it wasn't obvious I was a little turned on, "Sorry, I wasn't eavesdropping, I was just heading to my room." I pointed towards my door.

He was a couple feet away from me by the time I finished my apology. He had a flirtatious grin on his face, and I could see beads of sweat all over his body, I could smell a light scent of sweat and cologne. He was still breathing fast, "Was that the first time you heard a man cum?"

He was now right in front of me, so close I could feel the heat radiating off his body. "Or was that last night with your suitor?" His grin was unwavering, "Uhh, no," I tried to find my words, I felt my cheeks turn red, "I mean no nothing happened with Gareth last night."

I mentally pushed the embarrassment out of my demeanor. I folded my arms across my chest which must have made my breasts more protruding because he looked down, not even trying to hide his gaze.

I dropped my arms to my sides to lessen the cleavage. He looked back up to my eyes, "So I was the first man you've ever heard cum." He smiled again. I could tell he knew he was right, that was the first time I heard a man climax.

"It would only be fair if I could be the first man to make you cum." He reached around me, grabbed and squeezed my ass and pulled me into him. His hand squeezed around my ass heightened my sexual tension.

Beads of his sweat now on my skin

I slowly pushed away from his chest, hoping he didn't see that he has given me a slight sexual desire.

He let out a laugh, "Oh, how I wish I was your Trainer," he enclosed the space between us again and whispered in my ear, "my cock would be inside you night and day."

I started to feel frazzled and sexually frustrated. This man was turning me on, and I felt guilty for any desire I felt for him right then I felt his warm hand touch the back of my thigh and start trailing upward, then his fingertips slipped under the bottom edge of my dress.

"I wish I was the one tomorrow night to be the first cock to ease my way into your. Tight. Untouched. Pussy." I could feel juices deep within start to get worked up.

“I’m so fucking jealous of Gareth's cock being the first inside you.”

Gareth's name made me slam back into reality. I shoved Damien away from me. I actually had some feelings toward Gareth. I wanted Gareth.

Not just because he is fucking sexy, but he also cares for me, my well-being, and wants all of me. Damien only wanted my body. This horny guy only wanted to slip his dick between my thighs.

That thought made me angry. He pushed himself against me again and grabbed my ass.

"I’m not just a play toy Damien. I'm only here to get my four months over with and then I'm getting the hell out of here." I shoved him off me again.

Right then I heard another male's voice yell with anger, "Damien! That is enough!" Ian rounded the corner. Damien turned around, "C'mon Ian, I was just having some fun." Ian walked up to us, "Does she look like she's having fun to you?" It was almost a yell.

Damien turned back to me, still with his devilish grin and he spoke while looking me in the eyes, "She's

just the shy type." He grabbed my ass and once again and pulled me into him, this time pushing his hard cock against my abdomen.

My instincts kicked in before I could even think and I slapped his cheek

as hard as I could. It instantly turned red. Surprised, he rubbed his stinging face, "Oh, now you're just turning me on.”

"God dammit Damien! If you touch her ever again, I will fucking beat you senseless!" Ian pushed Damien away from me. A vein was popping out of his neck while he yelled, he would tighten his jaw and his jaw muscles would clench.

Damien lifted his hands up halfway in a surrendering motion, "I guess you'll have to beat me senseless then. Or did we forget about Tri-DP

Exploration Week?" Damien laughed, turned around and walked away.

I could see anger in Ian's green eyes. Ian turned to me, "Rhaya are you okay?" He touched my arm sending chills through my body. He looked at me with a concerned look. "What is Tri-DP?" I asked confused

Ian took a deep breath and exhaled, "How about you go take a shower and relax, and I'll come grab you in a few, then we can talk, and I'll answer any questions you have.”

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