Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 8


The shower in my bathroom at the mansion was a large walk in shower, though the shower head wasn't like Gareth's. It was actually detachable. I knew I'd be very thankful for that. What girl wouldn't?

The hot water felt so good on my skin. I stood there and let the water spray my face I'm surprised with myself.

Damien was really turning me on? It has to be

this place and situation that are heightening my sexual desire. 'Yes. It has to be this place. For god sake I'm a virgin! If I acted like this or got this turned on in high school, I definitely wouldn't be a virgin.....' What am I saying? I did act like this in high school and get turned on easily. I was just smarter about it.

I had two serious boyfriends in high school and trust me, they tried very hard to pop my cherry. We made out and touched each other all the time, on top of our clothes, of course. They would rub my pussy but it was always on top of my panties. They always tried to go under the fabric but I would stop them every time. And they wouldn't stop trying to touch my bare pussy, so I would make them sit there while I slipped my own hand under my panties and rubbed myself while they watched me make myself cum.

I never made either of them ejaculate, well not quite. Jace, my second boyfriend, would drop me off at my house after making out and pushing his luck. He would park in front of my bedroom window where I would open my blinds and slowly take off my all my clothes, yes even my panties.

I would grab and squeeze my tits, and I would start rubbing myself again and then start fingering my tight pussy as he watched from his car. He would jack off while he watched me pleasure myself. I always thought it was fucking hot.

He would always finish before me. The look on his face when cum would start shooting up, sometimes hitting his car interior windshield is what would make me explode with ecstasy.

Yes, his face when he would hit his no return zone was hotter than fuck! So I guess you could say I've seen a guy ejaculate, many times through my bedroom window, but I've never heard the sounds- the moans and the grunts when he came all over his car.

Even though it's never happened until I heard Damien today... I knew if I heard Jace's moans when he was cumming, I sure as hell wouldn't be a virgin. That's why I always kept the bedroom window and his car parked right in front of it as the scenario.

I knew he wasn't the one, so I didn't want him to take my virginity, but I also knew I was a very horny teenager and I needed my fix. What am I saying? I'm still a fucking horny girl I guess Gareth proved that last night and Damien proved it today I just can't help but feel.... I guess slutty?

Multiple men have turned me on within a 24 hour window. And I know for sure Ian will make that list too. He's very caring, and sweet, and just from the little bit of time I've spent with him, I know growing feelings for him is inevitable. Not to mention I can just picture him being a god in bed.

Fuck Rhaya... what a messy situation you have yourself in. I thought to myself.

My mind started wandering and I started thinking about what Damien said. It really sounded like he had the intention that he was going to sleep with me. I guess I really need to talk to Ian to get some answers.

Before I knew it, my mind started thinking about Gareth. I can't believe next time I see Gareth, we will be making love for the first time. For my first time. So maybe I will get my romantic "first time" story. I smiled.

After I washed my hair and body I got out and dried off with a white towel. Then I wrapped it around my body and walked out of the bathroom.

I opened my suit case and it was empty. To my surprise my clothes were in the dresser and my dresses were hanging up in the closet but there was also a lot more clothes they must have bought for me as well. Very nice clothes I might add.

I opened up the top drawer to find brand new lacy panty and bra sets. I pulled on a light pink lace panties, and then heard someone barge in my room.

"What the hell!" I yelled as I quickly wrapped my arms around my breasts.

It was a girl whom I haven't met yet. She had light brown hair and was wearing a red robe.

"Wow, you do have a hot body. Very nice tits! Now I know why some of the guys are going gaga over you." Before I spoke I hurried and put the matching bra on, "What are you doing?" It was almost a yell.

She giggled, "I just wanted to come and introduce myself," she plopped onto my bed, "I'm Jasmine by the way." Her eyes were chocolate brown, and her skin was a couple shades darker than porcelain.

My hair was dripping on the floor. l opened one of the drawers and picked out some clothes and threw them on. A pair of denim shorts, and a white tight fitting shirt. I threw my hair up into the towel to dry a little bit.

"I’m Rhaya." I walked over to the bed where she was sitting.

"Yes I know. You're the new hot commodity around here. I had to come see what the commotion is all about. And they are right... you're model status." She chuckled.

"Oh, umm... thank you." I lightly smiled at her still wondering why she thought she could just barge in.

"So I hear Ian is your trainer." It was more of a statement than a question. "Uh, yes he is." I took the towel off my head and threw it on the floor.

"All the guys here are pretty hot, but I hear Ian has a special effect on women." She wiggles her eyebrows.

"What do you mean 'special effect?" I asked thinking about Ian's piercing green eyes, and perfect smile.

"That once he gets to fuck you, it's all down hill for any other guy after. Basically, the women he trains will always crave his big cock." She chuckled.

"I don't know about that." I swallowed.

"Good thing he's not taking your virginity or it would be even worse."

"Wait, how did you know about that?" I was puzzled. "Word travels fast around the mansion." She crosses her legs. It was weird to me that my virginity was the popular subject around here.

"Is Ian also your trainer?" I asked wondering how she knew all of this. "No, Damien is my trainer." She looked like she was in a daze, smiling. I gasped thinking about what he said earlier, "Oh um, what do you think about him?"

Then her eyes turned toward me, "Let's just say, good thing he's not taking your virginity either. He likes everything rough. So, I guess it's a good thing I do too." She laughed again. Everyone around here is very forward about their sex lives. And everything around here is nothing but sex.

"So what do you think of sleeping with two men for the next four months?" She looked at me very curiously.

"Right now I don't even know what to think of it. Both men are very nice and attractive. I guess I'm kind of worried about feeling like I'm cheating on both of them, you know? How do you deal with that?"

"You just have to think of this as a process, more like a temporary learning experience. And it's out of your control so in other words you're not cheating." Her words made me feel a little better about the situation, I couldn't imagine intentionally cheating on a man like Gareth, I couldn't imagine cheating on any man for that matter.

"Is it hard not to fall in love with both men?" The question just slipped out. Her face was more serious now, "Yes, it's hard. Being intimate with someone, drawls so many feelings. So am I in love with two men? Yes, absolutely. Damien may be a little rough, and emotionally unavailable, but I guess I'm drawn to what I can't have." She shook her head, "And

Steven, my suitor, he's very quiet. His wife died over 6 years ago, but he is the kindest man, and he really cares for me. So yes, I’m ın love with both men." Jasmine breathed in deep.

We sat there in silence for over a minute until there was a knock on the door, "Come in." I said and Ian walked through the door. I almost forgot he was supposed to come back and give me some answers.

His green shirt made his eyes pop even more. He smiled, and then noticed Jasmine sitting on the bed as well, "Hey Jasmine, do you mind if I talk to Rhaya for a bit?" She shook her head and then winked at me.

"She's all yours." She said as she got off the bed and walked past Ian. I couldn't help but feel my cheeks heat up.

Ian came over and sat next to me on the bed. "How are you feeling?" His eyebrows rose in concern. "I'm fine, I just have a lot of questions.” He slightly smiled and nodded understandably.

"Here at Lockwood Mansion, every week for the four months, there are stages. Stages in which some you will observe and then perform. Tri-DP- Exploration is a week where you will explore." He exhaled again and spoke, "Okay?"

He continued, "With two men." I swallowed, surprised at his statement, "Oh." I didn't know what else to say. Ian began again, "Tri- meaning three, and DP- meaning double penetration."

I was shocked. I could tell he was uneasy with telling me all this, "I'm sorry Rhaya, I know all this must seem too much and overwhelming." I interrupted him, "So, it'll be you, me, and.... Damien?"

“Yes. You will observe Damien, another woman, and I at first. And then preform with Damien and me." I knew he hated telling me. ”But in the contract it says 'no other sexual activities with anyone out of the Trainer, Trainee, and Suitor." It was more of a statement than a question.

"It does. But further in detail in the contract it states about Tri-DP- Exploration Week and that it's there for the Suitor's alleged needs, so it entails that it's the only exception because it's in the Suitors best interest."

He grabbed my hand, "Why does it have anything to with the Suitor... Gareth? I'm confused Ian." I looked at our hands.

"Rhaya, I'm always going to be upfront and forward with you, so I'm going to tell you straightforward. It's in the best interests of the Suitor because most men fantasize about watching and participating in someone else fucking their girl. And that's what this law is all about. The Suitors needs, and his girl making it happen. So during that week, Damien, you, and I will act in a threesome. We will practice and explore then after training, Gareth, you, and I will also explore in a threesome. This is what the contract states."

I was flabbergasted. I had a hard time finding my words, "But why Damien?" I swallowed. "Because Mr. Lockwood is his father, they are the ones that came with terms that he would be the aid for that week. He is involved with all the threesome exploration."

Of course he is.' I thought. No wonder why he is so.... out there, sexually.

"I know you don't want to do any of this. And it's hard to come to terms with it, but Rhaya, like I said before, I will try to make you feel as comfortable as possible. I'll always be honest with you and help you with anything and everything I can."

"I know," I said. "I believe you.” I smiled at him. He made me feel at ease about the situation and the activities in the future. Somehow I just knew with him, things would be a lot easier. He made me feel very comfortable.

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