Lockwood Mansion

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Chapter 9


Rhaya had no makeup on, her hair was still wet from her shower, which made some little spots on her white shirt see through.

Through some of the spots I could tell she was wearing a light pink bra. God she's gorgeous even when she's not trying. I'm happy she took our conversation well, and that she knows I'm here for her.

I held my hand out for her, and she grabbed it with a questionable look on her face, "Where are we going?" She slightly smiled.

"Come on and I'll show you." Pulling her off her bed, I didn't let go of her hand. She looked down at our hands with another questionable look on her face, which eased into a smile.

I don't know why I didn't let go of her hand, I couldn't bring myself to do it.

I walked her through the mansion and up the stairs where eventually I led us up to the roof, where the helicopter pad was. The helicopter was gone, meaning Mr. Lockwood was away.

I walked us over to the blue blanket and picnic basket I set out in the middle of the helicopter pad. "Ian, what is this?" God, I love the way she says my name. Her beautiful hazel eyes were lit up.

"I wanted to do something for you that was a little more normal-ish." I gestured for her to sit.

"Having a picnic in the middle of a helicopter pad isn't normal-ish for me." She teased and we both laughed.

I sat down next to her. Her hair was starting to dry while it bounced in the breeze. "Thank you, I really appreciate you. And how you have made me feel very comfortable." She tucked a strand of her bronzy hair behind her ear.

"I wouldn't want anything less." I smiled pulling out a cheese tray and grapes from the basket. And then some "Wine?" I asked her. She nodded, "Yes please."

Our wine glasses were getting low, and she spoke, "So if I may ask, how did you get this uh, gig?" She laughed to herself and popped a grape in her gorgeous mouth.

I couldn't help but laugh in return, "Well, I was 16 when my father threw me out of the house, fucking alcoholic. Anyway the only place I knew to go to was to my friend Damien's, and so they let me live with them if I would work for their company when I turned 18, at the time I didn't know what their company was, all I thought was that I could use a job after graduation.”

She was watching me closely. "So I turned 18 and was thrown into training classes which took me by surprise, but once I started traininh women, of course I loved the job... at first. For a couple of years, but then a girl named Lacey was brought here and we actually fell in love. It weighed heavy on me, I knew I loved her but she wasn't mine." I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Once her training was done and she was gone, I later found out she told her Suitor she was in love with me," I paused, "and then he strangled her to death." Shock and sadness ran across her face, "Oh my god Ian, I'm so sorry." She now took my hand in hers.

"It's okay, I've tried to keep my distance from my Trainees since, but if I'm being honest Rhaya, I don't know if I can do that with you. I'm very drawn to you." Her mouth parted ever so slightly, she was surprised by my words. Her lips turned up into a smile. I rubbed the back of her hand with my thumb.

We talked more about my upbringing and my hard trials. I asked about her childhood and was very shocked by her past. She told me about her parents, her foster parents, the abuse she went through, and her now parents. I wouldn't have expected this gorgeous girl to go through so much fucking pain, because she radiated with beauty, and she doesn't look broken.

She's had a childhood related close to mine. I felt so much sorrow for her, but I also felt very close to her at that moment, I could feel a strong bond forming between us.

Our eyes were locked on one another. I want to taste those lips of hers. She then broke the silence, "I'm sorry you have to be there to," she paused, "watch on Consummation Night." She looked down at her wine.

I could tell she felt uneasy. I rested my hand on her leg, "No need to be sorry. I guess Lockwood is still punishing me for what happened with Lacey, he's trying to teach me a lesson. But I only wish," I paused realizing it wasn't just a thought and that I actually spoke the words, so I finished, "I was the first man to touch you."

She gasped, shocked with my reply. I closed the distance between us and whispered in her ear, “I want to be the very first man inside you Rhaya Kingsley."

She started biting her lip, I don't think she realized she was doing it. Oh she's getting turned on. I want to suck on that bottom lip... and suck on other places too. I could feel myself elongating under my jeans.

Just knowing she's getting turned on by my words, turns me on. She keeps biting her bottom lip. Oh I wanna have some fun with this.

With a devious smile I stand up and help her up, "Come with me." I hold her hand again. "Where are we going?" I didn't say anything, I just pulled her along. I knew this was the beginning of Rhaya Kingsley wanting me the same way I wanted her.

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