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Chewing Gum

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Ironing, walking the dog, drinking water, chewing gum, are all normal things you wouldn't blink an eye twice at.

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"Oh big brother, I love when you do it like that!" Kiarra shrieked as Sean gripped her hips and pounded harder into his beautiful little sister's ass.

He slapped it once, enjoying the ripples moving forcefully around.

"Oh, Kiarra." he moaned. Her walls were so warm and tight on his cock, it's a wonder he lasted longer than the commercial break.

"Please don't stop." she pleaded.

A rough chuckle escaped his lips. "Dad said you begged just like mom."

"That she does."

The front door swung open as both Steven and Julia made their way in.

Their parents were a site to see. Both standing around 6 feet tall with a strong and superior demeanor.

Steven was very skinny and wore long shirts to accentuate his height. His deep brown eyes were always tired and his jaws pouted as if he's been told no all his life. He had very little volume control over his thunderous voice, but, in his favor, it was his girls' favorite thing about him

Julia on the other hand radiated light and fresh air; her blue pool eyes always looked kind and her full lips always held a smile or a cheeky smirk. Her long fingers were always painted a bright pink or blue to match her eyes. You could tell just by looking at her and her perfectly pinned up hair that almost everything in her closets were organized.

A huge frown appeared on Julia's lips as she spotted Kiarra and Sean.

"Kiarra," She made her way across the rather large and white room and placed her hand on her daughter's lower back.

"If you don't arch your back you will make Sean very uncomfortable."

"Mom." Sean groaned.

Sean began to pump harder once he saw the curve of little Kiarra's back. The way it dipped in the middle and rose again to a soft heart shaped ass, he's never seen his sister like this.

"Oh my god, oh my god." Kiarra squirmed as she felt his growing cock speed up with hunger.

"See." Julia smiled, satisfied with herself.

"Oh leave them be," Steve said. "You didn't like when your mother interfered with you, remember?"

Julia rolled her eyes. "If she had half the knowledge I did when it came to pleasing men I would've welcomed it."

"Play with your pussy." Sean growled, still staring at Kiarra's back.

"You just know everything." Steve mumbled to his dear wife.

"I know a hell of a lot more than the two of you combined. You wouldn't be able to tell the difference between your right ear from your left if it wasn't for me."

Steve sat in his recliner, the only seat he ever sits in the main room, and switched the channel.

"You feel so good, Sean." Kiarra moaned feeling her juices run down her fingers.

"You'd need me to find my damn ears." Steve said louder this time.

"Dad," Sean groaned, "I was watching that."

"I'd be happy to switch places with you son if you'd like to continue." He replied without taking his eyes off of the T.V. screen.

"Oh please, daddy." Kiarra said excited.

"I'm not finished." Sean said.

He pulled out of Kiarra, and sat down. "Ride me." Sweat trailed from his hair line down his face and body, all the way to his legs. Not letting himself cum too soon proved to be a difficult task when it came to Kiarra.

Kiarra looked at his long 8 inch cock standing full attention, covered in her delicious white cream and felt her pussy get wet with excitement.

She folded her arms and turned to her dad.

"I want to fuck daddy now." she pouted.

Steve, not aware of what was transpiring, was still searching for his show.

"I said I wasn't finished." Sean said growing anxious as he took in his sister's body.

Her small frame made her ass and perky full boobs more exaggerated than they should seem. Her blue eyes were full of lust and want, and her beautiful dark brown locks were curled in sweat.

"Can you both fuck me then?" She asked.

Sean thought for a second. He's never had a threesome before, he never actually wanted to. If that was something that would make Kiarra smile whenever she looked at him, there was no question.

"Dad?" Sean called.

"Oh no," Julia said making her way out of the kitchen, "He has to fix this garbage disposal if he wants to see tomorrow."




Mr. Randall called.

Charlie looked up nervously. His overly sized frames swallowed his face, making his eyes as tiny as a pea. Sweat started to prickle at his forehead as the heat from who knows where rose around his neck.

Why Mr. Randall called on the obviously terrified and socially awkward students was always a mystery.
His shows of sadistic-ism granted him the name, Lord Dick, and he loved it.

"X equals?"

Charlie swallowed hard. He knew the answer, he really did. It was 32. 32 equals X because you have to multiply the median with Y, not subtract it.

"17?" Is what came out instead.

Mr. Randall gave a small smirk. His green eyes glossed over with silent delight.

"Anybody else?" he called.

Charlie lowered his head in defeat, not only embarrassed but puzzled as to how his lips formed to say 17 instead of 32.

He felt a tap on his leg, and his head snapped up.

He was met with bright grass green eyes, and a beautiful smile on the most rosy pink lips he's ever seen. She tucked her blonde hair behind her ears and looked over Charlie's defeated face.

"Don't worry about him," Jamie said as she moved her hands to undo his belt.

"He sucks, but I suck better."

The way his once defeated face looked at hers with lust and anticipation made her pussy ache. She gave a dirty grin.

She climbed underneath his desk, and pulled out his short cock.

Jamie had a huge thing for nerds, despite being the most popular girl in school. Ever since elementary school when she told her classmates she'd rather play with hot wheels instead of barbies, the girls wanted to be her, and the guys wanted to be with her.

"32." Another scared voice rang.

"Correct!" Mr. Randall called.

"Fuck," Charlie moaned under his breath.

"How does my mouth feel?" Jamie asked looking into Charlie's dark eyes.

"So good." he said letting out another moan.

Jamie slapped his cock against her tongue and then slowly licked the tip down to his shaft. She licked back up and down, up and down and then gently pulled the whole thing in, earning a sharp intake of breath from Charlie.

"If you can't get X from the Median, what do you do?" Mr. Randall called.

A tiny hand shot up. "Yes, Millie?"

"What if you don't know Y either?"

"Millie, you'll always know Y, it's always in the equation."
Mr. Randall sounded rather disappointed talking to one of the star pupils of his class.

"Jamie," Charlie moaned.

"Shut up!" Claudia threw a pencil at Charlie across the room.

"Claudia!" Mr. Randall called."What was that?"

"I'm sorry," she said, shrinking back into her desk. "He moaned too loud and I couldn't hear the lesson."

"You don't throw things, what if you poked his eye? Or better yet, mine?"

Claudia looked confused. "I don't th-"

"Detention," he pointed to the door. "Tell Principal Rugsby I'll be down with you in a minute."

Detention was actually a reward for Claudia. If the teachers knew that by now, they'd stop sending her and send her home instead. She was very good at concealing this fact with a huge frown and an eye roll.

"Charlie, if you're not done by the time the bell rings, clean up."
He turned back to the board to use the last few minutes to spell out our homework for us on the board.

Jamie pulled her lips away and smiled at Charlie. "Oh, he will be."

She pulled her shirt up, revealing her tiny breasts. Charlie could only imagine what her breasts felt like under his clammy hands. He came instantly, covering her nipples with his hot cum.

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