A Series of Erotic Short Stories

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The Good Samaritan - Three

It was another lovely morning when I woke. And after a shower and some breakfast I slipped into another bikini. This one was a little skimpier than the previous day’s and I struggled to keep my pussy covered, the thin strap of material that went under me kept slipping between my lips which were already swollen. I stuffed my breasts into the top, again, it only just contained them, and if I moved too vigorously I knew that they would spill over the top. They had done so on many occasions in the past.

I was on the lounger when George eventually came around to complete the job that he started the day before. I smiled and said hi, glancing up at him as he walked past. Behind my dark glasses, I saw him stare at me as he walked past, his eyes widened as he took in the view in front of him. I felt my pussy tingle as he looked at me, I was so excited, I knew that when Ian returned from his trip we would be talking seriously about re-starting our sexual adventures.

We chatted as he worked and I lay on the lounger as he got stuck into his work. After about half-an-hour, I sat up and offered him a drink. The sun was climbing into the sky and it was getting warm, I’d noticed dark patches appear under his arms and in the small of his back, he was sweating.

I brought him out a long, cold drink. He didn’t want a beer just something refreshing. I handed it to him and smiled.

“You look hot George,” I said.

He nodded and took a long drink.

“You should take off your shirt,” I suggested.

He hesitated and looked up. I sighed.

“Oh come on George! How long have we known each other? I’ve seen you with your shirt off countless times, and besides, look at me! I’m half-naked before you!” I laughed.

He rolled his eyes and after a little more cajoling he relented and he slipped off his shirt.

I looked at him. He was in pretty good shape for a man of his age, I guessed that it was all that working on his allotment, it must keep him fairly fit. I smiled.

“That feels better doesn’t it?” I said.

He nodded, still looking a little uncomfortable. I sat down on the lounger and looked up.

“You look good George. You’re keeping yourself fit. You have a good body on you.” I said.

He looked embarrassed and nodded. “Thank you.” He replied.

He finished his drink and resumed his work on the raised bed.

I watched him work and chatted about things in general. He finished the bed that he was working on and began to move his things across to the next one. I stopped him and asked him if he wanted something to eat. Again, he resisted but I wasn’t giving in and he eventually agreed and I got up and walked into the kitchen to prepare us both a light lunch.

We ate a lovely salad out in the garden accompanied by an ice-cold beer. It was a pleasant lunch and he was great company. I had always liked him, and although he was more withdrawn since his wife had died, that was because he was lonely, and not being anti-social. I knew that if he could get his confidence back that he could easily find himself someone to share his life with. It wouldn’t be the same as before, how could it be? But, he could be happy, and he deserves that.

As I got up to clear away I moaned and rubbed my back. He looked up and asked what was wrong.

“Oh George, it’s nothing. I slept badly and I’m a little stiff. It often happens, I’ll be okay in a day or two.” I moaned. Trying to look as if I was in pain.

“You should go to the doctor Kim.” He said.

I sighed. “He’d only give me painkillers, what I need is one of your massages,” I said, looking him straight in the eye.

That surprised him and for a moment he didn’t know where to look, or what to say. I sighed.

“You have great fingers, George, I think that it would help,” I said softly.

As I moved away with the plates I winced, I heard him sigh.

“Okay. If you think that it would help.” He said.

“Thanks, George,” I called back to him, a smile beamed across my face as I walked into the kitchen with the lunch plates.

I washed the plates and cups by hand as I looked out the window onto the garden and at George who threw himself into his work. I watched as he tidied around the raised bed and pretty soon it was looking fantastic, clean and tidy, and the flowers seemed to be blooming brighter than before. He did have green-fingers, I hoped that he also had warm and sexy fingers.

He sat in front of the raised bed and started at it. As I watched him I could tell that he was wondering what to do next. He’d agreed to give me a massage, but he was still clearly worried about something. I hoped that he was worried because he found me attractive and maybe he’d wondered how he’d react being alone with me and so close.

I called him in and as he walked into the kitchen I handed him another cold beer. He thanked me and we chatted as we stood and drank. I asked him if he was still going to give me a massage. He nodded.

“I enjoyed it yesterday George, and I felt so much more relaxed in bed last night.” My eyes looked deep into his as I spoke, it was all I could do not to wink at him.

We finished our drinks and he looked around the kitchen, he didn’t know what to do or say next. I put my bottle down and took his from him. I took his hand and led him out of the kitchen.

“Come on George. We can do it in our bedroom, it has the biggest bed and the most room.”

I didn’t look back as I led him through the lounge and up the stairs to our bedroom. I could feel his fingers trembling in my hand as we climbed the stairs, and as we entered our bedroom I turned. He looked around, he was in our bedroom, my private sanctuary, where me and Ian did all of our intimate reacting, I could see that he was more uncomfortable than ever.

I let go of his hand and walked into the bathroom. I emerged with a couple of large bath sheets and placed them on top of the duvet. I stood before him and handed him a bottle of scented oil. He looked at it.

“I’ve had Ian massage me a few times George, but he has got nothing on you.” I smiled seductively.

I saw his eyes flinch, he understood that smile I was sure of it. Without waiting I climbed onto the bed and lay face down on the towels, my arms stretched out above my head and my face turned to the side. I looked at him and smiled.

“Take your shoes off and climb on the bed George,” I whispered.

He hesitated then kicked his shoes off and nervously climbed on the bed and knelt at my feet. I closed my eyes and waited for the massage, which I knew was going to be relaxing. I wasn’t lying about his talents, he did give a really good massage.

I relaxed as he began at my feet and worked each of my toes individually, moving slowly up my foot, flexing my ankles and working each of my calves. He was kneading his fingers into the muscles of my calves, this was not a ‘light-rubbing-of-oil’ affair, the type that Ian would give as a precursor to sex, this was a massage, and a good one.

As he worked his way past my knees I parted my legs to allow his fingers to get deep into my flesh. I sighed aloud.

“Oh George, that is so good. Where did you learn to do that?” I asked.

He explained that when he was in the army he played lots of sports and from time to time he helped the trainers with some of the injured players and he found that he had a talent for massage. He’d also help his fellow soldiers cope with strains and aches after long days marching, or when they were in action he’d be called upon to relieve tensions and general aches and pains.

His fingers massaged and stroked over my knees then he stopped I noticed him looking at my bum.

I glanced at him. “Why have you stopped ?” I asked.

“I don’t want to get this oil on your bikini Kim.” He said.

I rolled my eyes at him and reached down and started to slide my panties down over my bum.

“What are you doing?” He gasped.

I smiled.

“Oh come on Geoff! It’s just my bum! Here help me.” I said.

He hesitated then reached up and took my panties in his hands and slid them down and over my thighs and then of my legs. I lay my head back down and parted my legs and sighed.

“That feels better.” I sighed.

He paused and then oiled his hands and started to massage my hamstrings. I sighed and closed my eyes as he worked his fingers expertly into my muscles. It felt so good, so relaxing, and as his fingers moved closer and closer to my pussy, more arousing.

My legs trembled as his fingers slid between my thighs and I couldn’t prevent a soft moan from escaping my lips. “Oh George,” I sighed.

He stopped. I lifted my head and looked at him.

“Don’t stop.” I sighed.

He nodded and continued and he worked his fingers closer and closer to my bum. He hesitated as his fingers brushed my cheeks. I reached back and took his hand and pushed it up and onto my soft bum cheek. I let go of his hand and returned it up above my head. He paused for a few seconds and then resumed his massage and I closed my eyes as his fingers worked gently into the soft flesh of my bum and I felt the tingle in my pussy grow even stronger.

Over the next few minutes he worked his way slowly up my back, I reached behind and unclipped my bra and pulled the straps down my shoulders to give him clear access to my back. He continued and as he worked up to my shoulders I felt such wonderful pleasure as he worked his fingers into my shoulders and then my neck, I was in heaven.

He reached up and stretched his hands onto my left arm and began to stroke and massage the muscles of my upper arm. I moaned and turned onto my side and looked at him. His eyes widened as my top fell away as I turned and my breasts were revealed to him. I stared at him as I continued to turn and rolled onto my back. I pulled my top away and I was now laid before him, completely naked.

He blushed and froze. I slipped my hand onto his and squeezed it gently.

“Don’t over-think this George. I want you to finish the massage. Please. Being naked makes it far easier for you.to massage me.” I smiled.

“Don’t you find me attractive?” I asked.

He stared, his eyes fixed on my bald pussy. I assumed that it was the first time that he had ever seen a naked pussy before. He slowly moved his eye sup my body until he looked at me.

“Attractive? Are you kidding me, Kim? You are beautiful. The most beautiful woman I have seen since..” He stopped.

I squeezed his hand again, “since Anne.” I whispered.

He nodded. “Yeah.”

I smiled. “Please finish the massage, George,” I said softly.

He nodded and shifted down the bed and once again began to massage me, starting at my feet and working up my legs. I watched him as he massaged me, initially he tried not to look at my naked body but as he got closer to my pussy he first glanced and then stared at it.

His fingers pressed and gently kneaded my inner thighs and moved closer and closer to my pussy. As he did, I parted my legs a little more and he could see my swollen lips and I knew that I was wet, and he couldn’t fail to notice. I gasped as his fingers brushed against the lower part of my lips and he looked up as if he’d done something wrong.

I put my hand on his.

“Is this the first time that you’ve seen a shaved pussy before George?” I asked.

He nodded, his face was red and his pupils dilated, he was aroused for sure.

“I guess Anne never shaved?” I asked.

He shook his head. I smiled. “You can touch it if you want?” I whispered.

He stared at me. He froze, he couldn’t move. I took his hand and shifted it up a few inches and placed his fingers onto my pussy lips and let go. I looked at him as his eyes shifted and he stared at his hand which was now pressed onto my pussy.

After a few seconds, he began to move his fingers slowly around my labia. I was so aroused, my labia were swollen and I knew that my clit would be swollen, as it always was. I watched as he slowly moved his fingers down one side of my pussy lips and then up the other, he sighed and looked up.

“It’s beautiful Kim.” He whispered.

I smiled. “Thank you.”

His eyes returned to look at my pussy as he stroked his fingers over the outer lips. I sighed and laid my head back.

“George? Can you finish my massage?” I asked.

He nodded and pulled his hand away, he looked flustered.

“Oh yes, sorry Kim, I didn’t mean..” I smiled and stopped him.

“It’s okay George. I enjoyed it, but I want to finish my massage first.” I said.

I watched his face for a reaction and I saw it. His eyes glanced at my pussy and then at my eyes, he’d heard what I’d said, ‘first’. I knew that he’d wondered what I meant by that.

As he massaged my abdomen I instinctively put my hand on his and stopped him. He froze, he thought that he’d done something wrong. He apologised. “Oh sorry, Kim!”

I sighed and lifted his hand.

“It’s not you. It’s..” I paused, “it’s my scar.” I whispered.

He stared at me then looked down at my hand. I felt his fingers push my had away and he stared.

“I hate people seeing my scar. It’s so ugly.” I said.

I twitched as he traced his finger gently across the scar. I looked at him, he wasn’t disgusted by it at all. When he completed his tracing he slid his finger back across and then looked up at me.

“You’re wrong. It’s beautiful. That scar means life and love. It is a record of your love for your son, I find it beautiful Kim.” He sighed.

I felt so moved by his words I had to fight back tears as my emotions almost got the better of me. It was almost like listening to my husband Ian, that was the sort of thing he would tell me whenever I started to get depressed about it.

He moved on and massaged around my breasts, he deliberately avoided touching them and as he moved his hands up towards my shoulders I took hold of both of his hands and looked into his eyes.

“I think you missed somewhere.” I sighed.

His lips trembled, he knew what I meant but he couldn’t bring himself to move his hands, so I helped him and shifted his hands down and over my breasts. I watched as his eyes closed and his fingers started to massage the soft flesh of my thirty-six C-cup breasts.

I let go of his hands and he continued to work his fingers gently into my soft mounds. I let my hands fall to my side as I lay my head back and closed my eyes as he massaged my breasts,

After a while, I moved my hand and slid it onto his thigh. I felt him slow his movements as he waited for my next move. I slowly moved my hand up his thigh until I pressed it onto his crotch and felt his hard bulge in his pants. I opened my eyes and looked at him.

“You know why I asked you up here don’t you George?” I whispered.

He looked at me, his hands still on my breasts as my fingers moved gently across his crotch.

“I, er, I mean..” He stammered.

I pressed my fingers into his bulge a little harder.

“Oh, I think you do,” I said.

He looked at me.

“But? What about Ian? You’re married, Kim.”

I smiled. “He’s not here. I’m doing this because I want to George. I think that you deserve some happiness. I’m not talking about leaving my husband, I’m talking about you and I having some fun. Don’t tell me that you don’t miss it?” I asked.

He sighed and looked at me, he was trying to take everything in, it was sensory overload.

“You said that you find me attractive didn’t you?” I said.

He nodded.

“So what about it George?” I said.

We stared at each other for a few moments.

“I’m sixty-one Kim. You can’t be attracted to someone like me.” He said.

I stretched my arms out wide, “I’m lying here naked George. Is that not enough proof for you?” I said.

“I don’t know what to say, Kim, except, why?”

I told him that I thought a lot of him, and I hated to see him so down.

“I just want to make you feel better George,” I said.

He nodded, finally he got it, “but what about Ian, what if he finds out?”

I shook my head, “he won’t unless you tell him,” I lied, there was no need to let him know that he knew all about it and had actively encouraged it.

My fingers pressed again into his crotch as I felt his reluctance weaken and his cock twitched under his pants as I stroked my fingers across the bulge. He let out a sigh of pleasure.


I smiled, I had him. I reached over and with both hands began to undo his trousers He slowly lifted his eyes from my body and looked at me, I smiled and with his trousers undone I slid the zip down.

“Are you sure about this?” He moaned.

I let go of his trousers and put my hand behind his neck and pulled him to me. Our lips met and we kissed. I pressed my tongue against his lips, after a second or two he parted them and I slid it inside his mouth as I ground my lips against his.and pulled him onto me. He reached out and his hand grabbed my arm and we kissed, I knew that it was the first time that he’d kissed anyone like this since his wife had died. He moaned and sighed as he lay over me and kissed me.

He lifted his head and looked down into my eyes.

“This feels wrong Kim.” He whispered.

I smiled and brushed my fingers across his face.

“It isn’t. It is two people, two lonely people who are going to make sure that we help each other get through this.” I replied.

I gently pushed him away and sat up once again and resumed my efforts to free him from his trousers. In the end, he had to stand up and I sat on the end of the bed and opened his trousers and slid them down his thighs. He wore Jockey shorts and his bulge was evident. I ran my fingers over the white material that followed the contours of his erection. It did look big. I slipped my fingers into the top of his shorts and looked up at him.

“It’s time George. I want to see what you’re hiding under there.” I said.

His legs trembled and as he looked down I could tell he was nervous.

I pulled slowly and as I released his cock it sprung up towards my face. I pulled back as it sprung free and I stared at it. I’d seen a lot of cocks in my time, all shapes and sizes, long, short, bending left, right and up, and some weird-shaped ones. But George had the type of cock that I loved the most. It wasn’t huge, about six inches, maybe a little more, but it was thick, and I mean thick. I lifted my eyes and smiled at him.

“Oh, George. That is fantastic.” I said.

He smiled and seemed to relax a little. I slid my fingers around the shaft, I couldn’t get my fingers and thumb to touch. As I did he groaned and I felt a twitch in my fingers. I stared at it. He was not circumcised and as I pulled the foreskin back a drop of pre-cum leaked from the tip which looked swollen and darker than the rest of his member.

I stroked him a few times and it felt so good, the outer was soft and warm yet the shaft was rock solid. He may have been in his sixties, but there were no signs of him losing any of his erection. As I stroked him I told him to get his clothes off, which he did with a little more urgency now that I had my hand on his cock.

He stood naked before me as I looked up into his eyes. Then, with my eyes locked on his, I slowly leaned forward and opened my mouth. He stared as I covered the end of his cock with my mouth and then closed my lips around it and clamped them around his shaft. He let out a low groan and his hands instinctively came up and rested on my head. I moaned and started to slide my mouth along his thick shaft, as I did, my tongue teased the tip and licked the shaft.

He stood at the side of my bed, his hands on my head as it bobbed up and down his cock. I’d only done about a dozen strokes when he moaned.

“Oh god, Kim. If you keep this up I’m going to come.”

I looked up and slipped the cock from my lips.

“It’s okay George, we have all day,” I paused, “and night.”

I returned my mouth to his cock and less than thirty seconds later I felt him shudder, he groaned out loud and grabbed my head. Then I felt the first gush of his hot cum hit the back of my throat, I held onto his cock as jet after jet spewed into my willing mouth. I drank it all down, and when he was done, I licked his shaft clean then slowly pulled it from my mouth and sat back and looked up at him.

He stared at me in disbelief. He was breathing heavy and his fat cock was slowly softening, my saliva and his cum coating the length. He was lost for words, I could tell he wanted to say something, but just couldn’t. I smiled.

“Do you like to lick pussy, George?” I asked him softly.

He nodded, he looked a bit embarrassed, he explained that he used to love to give his with oral but that she wasn’t really into it, so they only did it occasionally.

“She didn’t like kissing or licking where we peed from.” He sighed, clearly one of his few regrets from his marriage to the love of his life.

I smiled at him as I lay down on my bed and stretched out.

“You can lick away until your heart’s content George.” I sighed and stroked my hands across my body which was now tingling all over, I was so turned on.

He hesitated, I raised my eyebrows at him.

“George. I’ve just sucked you off and swallowed your cum. There is nothing for either of us to be embarrassed about anymore.” I teased.

He nodded and climbed onto the bed, I parted my legs and he slipped between them and knelt. He looked up at me then his eyes focussed on his prize. He took a breath and then leaned forward and I shivered when I felt his fingers slide across my thighs. He had such a gentle touch and as he worked his fingers towards my pussy he followed them with soft kisses on my skin. I closed my eyes and lay back, it was wonderful, he may have been old enough to be my grandfather, only just, but with my eyes shut, he could easily have been my younger lover.

I gasped aloud when his fingers found my pussy and he stroked then softly around my labia, he didn’t thrust inside like many younger guys that Ian and I had met through our adventures, he was patient and gentle, and he knew what he was doing. He teased me with his fingertips around my labia until I begged him to shove his finger inside me.

I ran my fingers through my hair as he slowly slid his finger inside my pussy. It felt so good as he moved it around inside, searching for my passion spot. I moaned and pulled at my hair as he started to work his finger in and out, bending it, feeling every inch of me inside. I was in heaven and when I felt his lips press onto my clit I couldn’t help crying out and grabbing at his head as I lifted my feet and hooked them around his back. I pulled his face hard against my pussy and clamped my thighs around his head.

“Oh fuck! George! What are you doing to me?” I cried.

He sucked my clit between his lips and started to nibble on it, he rolled it around and then I threw my head back and my eyes bulged when he took my hard clit between his teeth and gently bit down.

“OH GOD!” I cried.

He certainly knew his way around a pussy, it may have been a few years, but he hadn’t forgotten what to do. He finger probed me expertly whilst his lips clamped onto my clit and did things to me that my husband hadn’t down for a while.

When I came, I exploded onto his mouth, I ground my pussy hard against his face, crying out in ecstasy, arching my back before falling back and writhing around underneath him as he kept his mouth planted firmly against my pussy. It was the strongest orgasm that I had experienced in a long, long time and as I lay back, my body twitching and shaking as my orgasm passed through me I panted and moaned with pleasure.

As it began to subside I slowly released the hold that I had on his head and ran my fingers gently through his hair. I moaned softly as I did. When I released the pressure on his head, my thighs parted and my legs feel open and he was able to lift his head. I glanced down and saw him look up, his face was smeared with my juices, he smiled.

“George, I can honestly say, that was one of the best orgasms that I’ve had in a long, long time, thank you.”

He smiled back at me, “you’re welcome.”

I sighed, “your wife, she missed out on so much.”

I held out my arms and he slid up the bed and lay by my side. I stroked my fingers across his face and pressed a finger onto his lips.

“Okay George, now I want you to fuck me, and don’t hold back, because that is going to stretch me, and I want it to!”

We both looked down at his crotch, his exertions with my pussy had got him aroused and he was once again hard. He looked at me.

“That never used to happen. It was once and I was done.” He said.

I smiled at him. “I’m taking that as a compliment George,” I said.

I kissed him and rolled onto my back so that he was leant over me. I parted my legs and he got the message and climbed between them and manoeuvred himself into position where he held himself up on one arm and he guided his cock towards my waiting hole.

He spread my lips with the enormous head, I moaned and bit my lip as I felt the thick head press between them. He prodded around until he found the opening, then he paused. He looked into my eyes, I nodded and he pushed forward and I groaned loudly as he stretched me.

I gasped as the head of his cock pressed against my opening which resisted for a second before it stretched enough to allow it to slip inside of my tight pussy. He groaned but kept pushing and I gripped my fingers around his arms as he slowly pushed into me until I had taken it all.

I panted and stared at him, open-mouthed, I was stretched more than I had ever been. Even my biggest vibrator wasn’t as thick as he was. It wasn’t painful, it was a little uncomfortable, but I knew that it would pass once I got used to it. Both of my hands were on his arms as he held himself off me, my fingers dug into his flesh as he slowly began to thrust into me.

Very quickly the discomfort turned to pleasure as his thick cock brushed against my clit as he thrust into me, when he bottomed out inside me he ground himself against me, pressing against my clit.

I reached up and pulled him down onto me, hugging him tightly. He knew stuff that only age and experience could bring, and I loved it.

“Oh George, give it to me hard,” I begged.

Urged on, he began to slam his cock hard and fast into my pussy, each thrust followed by a grunt and moan from me. He was never going to last long inside my tight pussy, but more importantly, I could feel another orgasm approaching.

I rarely came during sex, my husband wasn’t huge, a nice seven inches, but he wasn’t thick so he rarely stimulated my clitoris during sex unless he did it manually. But George, well he hardly had to try. It seemed that each time he thrust hard into me he caressed my clit and I cried out.

He lasted no more than a couple of minutes before he gave a guttural groan, threw his head back and with one last deep thrust, shot a hot, sticky jet of cum into my pussy. I cried out and screamed as I felt it hit my cervix, I clung onto him as he jerked and spasmed as he emptied himself into the willing pussy.

I was so close and I begged him to keep fucking me, which he did, and as his orgasm passed I screamed aloud and dug my fingers into the back of his neck, so hard that he cried out in pain and I wrapped my legs around his thighs and gripped him as I was once again consumed by my orgasm. As my body shuddered and twitched under him he collapsed onto me panting, gasping for air and spent.

We lay together for a few minutes, then eventually he climbed off me and lay beside me. I turned onto my side as he slipped his arm under my head. I stroked my fingers across his chest as it rose and fell as he tried to get his breathing under control. I guessed that it had been a long time since he’d done anything that strenuous.

I reached out and stroked my fingers through his hair,

“Thank you for that George, I needed that, I think, in the end, we both needed that.”

He nodded and stroked his fingers across my arm as I leaned my head on his chest.

We lay together for a while and I sensed that he had no idea what to do next, but I did. I lifted my head and looked at him.

“George, I know that you’re uncomfortable again. You don’t know what to do next, do you get up and go or what?” I smiled as he nodded and looked embarrassed.

I leaned down and kissed his chest.

“If you want to go, then that is fine. I’ve had a great time. But if you want to stay?” I paused and looked into his eyes. “And I’d like you to stay. You can stay the night. We don’t have to be done.”

I could see in his eyes that he was wondering what was the right thing to do. He looked at me.

“I’d like to stay.” He whispered.

I smiled and kissed him.

I lay my head on his shoulder and snuggled into his side and my mind was already thinking about what I was going to tell Ian, and, how I was going to tell him that I didn’t want this to be the last time George and I did this.

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