A Series of Erotic Short Stories

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The donor - Chapter Two

It had been twenty-four hours since my son had sat in my conservatory and asked me to impregnate his wife. I had to get out of the house, I grabbed my car keys and headed out. I drove around, aimlessly, for an hour or so until I found myself at the coast.

I parked up and grabbed my jacket out of the boot and zipped it up then headed out to walk along the cliff path. I stuck my hands in my pockets and huddled into my jacket. It was a lovely early spring day, the sun was out but there was a chilly wind that blew in of the North sea.

I paused and stared out onto the sea and watched the gulls circling above the waves. I sighed. I hadn’t been able to get the events of the previous day, and my son’s shocking request. I shook my head.

“I still can’t believe it,” I said to myself.

I turned and watched a young boy kick a football around with a man, who I took to be his father and I was taken back twenty years when it was me and my son kicking the football about. Ian loved football, he loved to be outside, no matter what the weather, and I loved to be out with him. Oh, how I missed those days.

“Things were a lot simpler back then.” I sighed.

Back in the car I stared out of the window and took a deep breath. I looked down at my mobile, I’d received a text message. I opened it up, it was from Ian.

‘Dad. How are you? Hope you are okay. Can we talk?’

I stared at it and thought about my reply.

‘I’m fine son. I’ll be home in twenty minutes.’ I hit send.

A few seconds later my phone beeped.

‘Okay. See you at home.’

I was in the kitchen when he walked into the house. I turned expecting to see them both, but only he walked through the door. He walked straight over to me and hugged me. I kissed his cheek. He sat at the table and I placed a mug of coffee in front of him and sat opposite him.

He wrapped his hands around the mug and took a drink then looked at me.

“Sorry about yesterday dad. I could have handled it better.” He said.

I shrugged.

“It’s okay. And for the record, I disagree. There was no better way to handle news like that.” I replied.

He sighed.

“I was serious dad. We are serious.” He emphasised the word ‘we’.

I inhaled.

“Son. I’ll be honest, I’ve thought about little else since you left. But have you thought through what you are asking?” I asked.

He nodded.

“We have dad, both of us. You don’t think that we came up with this on the spur of the moment do you?”

I shook my head.

“No. I’m sure that you both have talked about this a lot. But what you are suggesting is impossible.” I sighed.

He looked at me.

“Why? She’s not your daughter dad. She’s my wife. It’s not illegal.” He said calmly.

I stared at him. I raised my voice.

“She’s your wife!”

He sat back.

“She is. And if god forbid, anything ever happened to me. She would be free to have a relationship and fall in love with whoever she chose, and that could include you, dad. Trust me, dad, it wouldn’t be the first time that a son’s wife ended up with her father-in-law. Only this time it wouldn’t be an illicit affair, we would all know why it was happening.”

I looked at him, I couldn’t understand how calm he was. I tried to remain controlled and leaned forward and looked him in the eye.

“Son. Think about what you are asking me to do. You want me to have sex with your wife. And it won’t be just the once will it? There will be no guarantee that she would get pregnant straight away, or at all.” I said calmly.

He nodded. “I know dad.”

I shook my head.

“I don’t think that you understand. Your dad and your wife would have to have sex. A lot of sex. How do you think that will affect our relationship going forward?”

He sighed.

“Dad. I know. Laura and I have talked about this ever since her last miscarriage.”

I looked at him.

“And Laura? How does she feel about this?” I asked.

He nodded slowly.

“It was her idea.” He whispered.

That surprised me, and I must have looked shocked.

“It’s true. She the one who said that it had to be natural and that it had to be you.”

I shook my head. I couldn’t believe it. Was she crazy?

“I can’t son, There’s too much at risk here. What if it destroys our relationship, or, your relationship?” I tried to explain.

“Dad. I’m not going to get jealous. She isn’t going to run off with you. We will be fine. I love my wife, I will do anything for her. And I will do whatever it takes to give her what she wants.”

He left my house an hour later, the situation was still unresolved. It broke my heart to see him hurting so much, but what could I do? I couldn’t agree with it, not this!

I tossed and turned and spent another restless night. I eventually got up and made myself a cup of coffee and sat in the kitchen and watched the sunrise as I thought about how I could get things back to normal between me and my son and his wife.

Daybreak didn’t bring me and relief and after a refreshing shower, I decided on a course of action. I made a few phone calls and just after eight in the morning I hopped into a taxi which took me to the train station.

I’d just settled into my seat on the train when my son called. I explained that I was going to Scotland for a few days to try to clear my head. He said that Laura wanted to talk to me when I returned. I sighed and hoped that when I did return, I was able to sit them both down and try to convince them both that IVF was worth another go.

I stayed in Edinburgh for a couple of nights. I loved Scotland and it was good to get away and wander the streets of the old city. I did a lot of thinking. I struggled with my son’s request. I was worried about so many things, the last thing that I wanted was to be the reason for any issues in their marriage, any jealousy from Ian, or any resentment from him towards any child that might be produced, with me being the biological father.

The one thing I wasn’t worried about was the physical act. Laura was beautiful., she seemed to get more beautiful as she aged. She had gorgeous red hair, now shoulder-length, shorter than when they first met, and her blue eyes seemed to sparkle every time she smiled, something that she had done little of lately. She had what I consider to be the perfect figure, her breasts were thirty-four, B-cup. I only know this because I had the misfortune to be shopping with them and she dragged me into a fashion store one rainy Saturday afternoon. No, getting aroused for her would not be the problem. It was everything else about it that worried me.

I agonised over it for two days and as I headed back south on the train I had decided on my course of action. I just hoped that they would understand my decision.

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