A Series of Erotic Short Stories

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The Donor - Chapter Three

I arrived home but didn’t call them straight away. I wanted to have one more night’s sleep before I told them. I needed to think carefully about how I would explain my decision to them.

I called the following morning. Ian answered and after the usual greetings, and his enquiry about my stay in Scotland, he knew how much I loved the place he sighed.

“Have you decided dad?” He asked. His voice sounded tired and defeated. I could tell that he wasn’t expecting it to be good news.

“I have son,” I replied.

He paused. “Well?”

I sighed. “Not on the phone son. Why don’t you both come over and we’ll have a spot of lunch?” I said, trying to lift his spirits.

He agreed and we arranged to meet for lunch at my place.

When they arrived they were both very nervous, but Laura looked terrified, and as I hugged her I could feel her trembling. I smiled and stroked her cheek, she looked as if she was going to burst into tears at any moment.

With my arm around her waist, I led her into the lounge.

“Do you want to eat first?” I asked.

They both shook their heads. I nodded and led them into the conservatory. It was a lovely day outside and the Sun was shining directly into the room and it was quite warm. We sat down, they both sat on the two-seater sofa and I took one of the chairs. They held each other’s hands tightly as they stared at me.

I took a breath.

“Oh, guys. As you will have guessed, your proposal came as quite a surprise to me.” I smiled, trying to lighten the mood, and failing spectacularly.

I began with outlining my concerns, the emotional effect of this on Ian with all of the potential issues of jealousy, and feelings of inadequacy. Ian said all of the right things. He assured me that he knew what he was letting himself in for. I knew that he would love any child as his own, that really didn’t worry me, but I was still worried about the effect that it could have on their relationship.

“Let’s say I agree. I’d need you both to promise me that he, or she, would never find out the truth.” I said.

They glanced at each other and nodded, of course, they agreed.

We chatted a little more, and I noticed that Ian was doing most of the talking. I glanced at Laura, she had sat with her hands locked together for most of the time and she looked so anxious. I looked at my son.

“Son, do me a favour, go to ASDA and get me a cooked chicken. I’ll make us a salad for lunch.” I said.

He looked puzzled.

“Laura and I need to talk. Alone.”

He nodded, he understood, he kissed his wife then left.

I got up and looked down at her.

“You look like you need wine.” I smiled.

For the first time since she’d arrived, she smiled and nodded.

I returned with a couple of glasses of wine and handed her one as I sat down beside her. I watched her take a long drink and then she cupped the glass in her hands. I sipped my wine and then turned to her.

“Okay Laura, talk.”

Laura was born in Ireland and has the most delicious and sexy, southern Irish accent. I loved to hear her speak, and I listened as she talked openly and honestly about the disappointment of the IVF treatment. She spoke about the awful process of constantly being examined, probed and prodded. It was clear that she’d had enough and that she couldn’t face another round of treatment.

I leaned back in the sofa and sighed.

“But you are okay with you and I having sex?”

She blushed and nodded.


We talked some more, and it was clear that they had spent a lot of time talking it over, they even worked out a plan. They still monitored her fertility, and as neither of us worked, when she was ready, day or night, we could, ‘do it’.

As we chatted my mind began to wander and I realised that I was looking at her more closely, and my eyes were drinking in her beauty. I was starting to see her not as my daughter-in-law, but as a sexual partner. I shook my head to clear it and re-focussed on what she was saying.

Ian returned and found us chatting and he could see that she was more relaxed than when he had left her. He nodded at the wine glass on the coffee table. She smiled.

“Just to settle the nerves.” She said.

He sat on the chair that I had vacated and looked at me.

“Well, dad. Have you decided?” He asked.

I glanced at him and then at Laura.

“Son, have you thought about this? Me, your father, is going to have sex with your wife, and if we are successful, she will have a child.”

He nodded, “I have dad, and I will raise your child as my own.”

I shook my head, “no son, it will be your child, we get that straight from the off, not mine, yours.”

He nodded. “Yes, of course.”

I sat back and looked at them both. They stared at me, their eyes pleading with me to say yes. I sighed.

“Okay, yes,” I whispered.

Laura turned and hugged me. I could feel dampness on my cheek, she was crying. I held her and hugged her.

“It’s okay Laura. But guys we need to sort out the practicalities.” I said.

“I don’t think that Laura should move afterwards.” I turned to her.

“I think you should remain lying in bed, just to give the sperm the best chance of making it.” I smiled.

I hoped that by talking about it clinically it might sound a little less weird.

I looked at him.

“Where?” I asked.

I was concerned about having sex with his wife in his house, and how that might affect him. I also insisted that he would be nowhere near the house when it was happening, that would just be too weird.

I suggest my house, but that would mean that she would have to stay afterwards, and it might be more awkward for her, depending on what time of the day she became fertile.

We settled on their house, I suggested the spare room. I wouldn’t be comfortable having sex with her in the marital bed. They agreed and he said that he’d buy a new bed for the room as there was only a three-quarter bed in there for guests.

I stood to prepare our lunch and as I did, Ian moved across and sat beside his wife and they hugged and kissed. I smiled as I left them chatting excitedly about preparing the spare room and I could see, almost immediately, that they were both a lot happier than when they first arrived.

We had a lovely lunch, and before they left she said that she was due to be fertile in the coming few days. When they left, I sat in the conservatory, it was a gorgeous day, the sun was high in the sky and the garden looked full of colour. I sighed as I reflected on what we’d agreed over the previous few hours, and as I did, I realised that I had a hard-on.

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