A Series of Erotic Short Stories

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The Donor - Chapter Five

The following morning I walked into the house and locked the front door behind me. She was again waiting for me upstairs, and as I climbed those stairs I did so with a lot more confidence than I had the previous day, and, with a greater sense of anticipation and arousal.

As I walked into the bedroom she emerged from the bathroom wrapped in her robe, her hair still damp after her morning shower. She walked over to me and wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me. Her robe fell open as she did and I slid my hands inside and pulled her to me, I could feel her tremble, she moaned softly into my mouth as I slid my hands down and over her soft, warm bum cheeks and squeezed them gently.

“Hmm Laura, someone is eager.”

She sighed. “David, it’s all I could think about all night and all morning.”

I began to undress, she sat at the end of the bed and watched.

“Ian was so turned on when he woke this morning he wanted to have sex, but I told him that we had to keep me clear for you until I’m over my fertile period.”

I smiled as I slipped my boxers, off to reveal my hard cock.

“How did he take it?” I asked.

She smiled and wiped her lips.

“I was the one that took it, David. He left for work happy, trust me.”

I grinned, I thought I had tasted toothpaste on her teeth as we kissed.

She slipped her robe off and shuffled up on the bed and I lay down beside her and began to caress and gently tease her breasts and nipples. I was starting to learn just what she liked, and what got her aroused the most. Her nipples were sensitive, so I concentrated on one to begin with, my lips nibbled and rolled it between them as I pinched the other between my fingers and thumb as my hand stroked and caressed her other breast.

I slid my fingers down and through her soft red pubic hair until I felt her clit. It was already hard and engorged, and it took little effort to get her moaning to my touch, as my lips continued to work their magic on her breasts. She gasped as my finger parted her lips and slid inside her and slowly stroked her pussy walls, searching for her spot of pleasure.

I knew that I’d found it when she gasped and dug her nails into my neck. I moved slowly down her body, with lots of soft tender kisses, my lips just touching her skin as my tongue flicked and licked her smooth, baby-soft skin.

I moved down her body until I was laid beneath her spread legs. I gazed at her beautiful pussy which was so close that she moaned as I breathed across it. I parted her lips with my fingers and pressed my mouth against her pussy. She moaned aloud as my tongue darted in and out as I licked her slit along its full length, before allowing my lips to find her clit, and rolling it between them and to play with the hard, little button.

Her fingers grabbed my hair and dug into my scalp as she pulled my head harder into her pussy. She ground her pussy against my mouth as her breathing became shallow and rapid. Her legs tensed, as she gripped my head tightly between her thighs, then, she arched her back and forced my head hard into her as she came hard on my mouth,


She cried out as her orgasm overpowered her and after tensing her body, she lay there like a rag doll, panting and whimpering as I licked all of her juices that flowed from her. As her orgasm passed and she began to recover she gradually released the pressure on my head and I was able to lift it and look up at her face as she lay back and stared at the ceiling, panting and stroking her fingers through my hair.

“Oh god, David that is wonderful. Ian could learn a lot from you.” She panted.

I couldn’t understand why my son didn’t enjoy giving her oral, but I knew that it wasn’t my place to lecture him on pleasuring his wife, not unless he asked. She glanced down and smiled at me.

“Can we try a different position?” She whispered.

I smiled. “Doggy?”

She nodded. “Yes please.” She said.

I knelt up and as I did she turned onto her belly and then lifted herself onto her knees and presented her bum to me. I shuffled behind her and pulled her legs apart to adjusted her so that she was at the right height for me and I gently pushed my hand into her back, pushing her head down onto the bed. I stroked my cock, it dripped pre-cum, I was so aroused, and as I guided it towards her, I hoped that I would last longer than I had the day before.

She turned her head to the side and pressed her face onto the bad. She looked at me and smiled as I pressed the head of my cock between her lips and gripped her hips with both hands. Our eyes met and I paused, then I pushed forward, hard and fast and plunged deep into her in one, rapid movement.

She cried out and closed her eyes as I slammed into her. I held her hips firmly as I started to fuck her. Each deep thrust elicited a grunt, a moan or a yelp from her as I rocked her back and forth as I slammed into her. Her moans and cries filled the room along with slapping sounds as our bodies met as I quickened my pace.

She pushed back to meet me and I could feel her gripping my shaft with her pussy muscles which only served to increase the pleasure that I felt as my cock slid in and out of her.

“Ohmmm. Oh god! Yes. Yes!” She cried. “Fuck me! Fuck me hard David!”

I was being turned on by her language, and her body, and I was starting to pound into her, this was pure lust. All of my sexual frustration and the years of denial of my secret lust for her were coming to the fore.

As she grunted, groaned and moaned as she pushed back at me until I couldn’t hold out any longer and after one last thrust, I groaned, and threw my head back, then shot my first load of cum for the day deep into her.

She moaned and sighed as I filled her up. I held my cock inside her as it jerked and twitched with each emission and I felt my cum flow into her until after the last spasm I was done. I remained inside her as I leaned over her back. I softly kissed the back of her neck before I knelt up and pulled out.

She slowly laid down on her side, curled up and looked at me. She purred and smiled.

“David. You need to find yourself a woman. You shouldn’t be alone.” She whispered.

I laid down beside her and held her. She nuzzled into me, she felt so good against my naked skin that I had to remind myself that this was my son’s wife, and I was here for a specific reason, and to not lose sight of that, this was a job.

Her fingers traced over my chest as she lay with her head against my shoulder.

“You know David, you’re a much better lover than Ian.”

I hugged her, despite boosting my ego, I didn’t want to hear that, the last thing I wanted was to interfere in their marriage.

“I think that we are just different maybe, not better or worse.”

She sighed. “No, you’re better.” She kissed my chest softly, “he doesn’t pay me the attention that you do.”

I stroked her hair as she spoke to me about their sex-life. It was not terrible, and he wasn’t a bad lover, it sounded to me like he was just inexperienced. I told her that I wasn’t comfortable talking about him.

“Listen, Laura, I don’t want to become an obstacle for your marriage. What we are doing is for a purpose, there’s no relationship here.”

I realised that might have sounded harsh.

“I mean, apart from you being my daughter-in-law, of course.”

She hugged me, “I know, I just thought that you might talk to him, give him some advice maybe?”

I realised what she was getting at, and I was relieved, I’d thought she was hitting on me. I suggested that she talk to him first, and if needed, I would talk to him afterwards. I got up and made us some lunch, which we ate in bed, a sandwich and a pot of tea.

We made love again, and I filled her full of cum after yet another orgasm at the tip of my tongue. I left her later that the afternoon, laid on the bed, a pillow under her bum and falling asleep. She looked so peaceful as I stood at the door and looked down at her, she stretched and moaned.

“See you tomorrow David.” She whispered.

That evening as I sat at home, sipping on my favourite malt whisky as I relived the last couple of days, and reflected on the fact that I’d spent them in bed with a beautiful woman and had what I knew was the best sex that I’d had, ever. I knew that the next day would possibly be the last time that I would have the chance to experience that beautiful, sexy body, maybe forever.

The following day followed a similar pattern, I arrived at around ten, and our first fuck was a short and energetic one, and over quite quickly, we followed that with a couple more, three times in total, I’d never performed so well before. And when I left her, I knew that I’d done everything that I could to help them, and in the process had the time of my life, and the rest was down to luck. As I drove away, I wondered if I would ever get the chance to see and feel that body again.

Life settled into its normal rhythm and all we could do was wait.

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