A Series of Erotic Short Stories

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The Donor - Chapter Six

Four weeks later, I was at home surfing the internet for a holiday break when I heard a car pull up outside, I looked out of the window and saw Laura walking up to the front door. I opened the door and smiled at her. She hugged me, then kissed me on the lips, she was excited, I smiled.

“What a nice greeting.”

She couldn’t contain herself any longer and giggled, “I’m pregnant, dad!”

It took a second to sink in then I realised, and we hugged again.

“Oh, I’m so happy for you Laura! Does Ian know?”

She shook her head.

“No, not yet dad, he had to go to work. I was late but didn’t want to tell him until I’d done the test.”

She reached into her bag and pulled out the little ‘pee-stick’ and waved it in front of me.

“It’s positive, I just had to tell you!” She said excitedly.

“Thank you, we owe you so much!”

Again, our lips met, and she kissed me, not like a father-in-law, but as I remembered from our time together, with passion. I held her as we stood in our embrace and as she pressed her lips against mine I felt her grind herself against me. She took my hand and led me to the stairs.

“Where are we going?” I asked.

She looked back at me. “We can’t do this after I tell Ian. I want one more time with you.” She said.

I hesitated, but she turned and looked at me and tugged my hand. I sighed and followed her upstairs.

In my bedroom, we quickly undressed, and I realised quickly that she was very turned on. She pushed me back onto the bed and knelt beside me. She took my hard cock in her hand, wrapping her fingers around the shaft and then she lowered her lips over the head and closed them around my shaft and slowly slid her mouth down my cock.

I moaned as I felt her soft, warm lips around my shaft and she began to slide them up and down, slowly sucking me, licking the tip with her tongue as she did. I moaned aloud, my fingers stroked through her hair as I watched her head slowly move up and down.

She lifted her head and smiled at me.

“I was wanting to do this all the time before, but we couldn’t waste your sperm, now, we can do what we like.”

She returned her lips to my cock and resumed her awesome blow-job. I lay my head back and as I stroked her hair, I closed my eyes and tried to remember every sensation that I felt. As blow-jobs went it was one of the best. I can still remember my first from Elizabeth, on her parent’s sofa, with them upstairs in bed, she didn’t swallow but it was just perfect at the time. This, I knew, would be equally as memorable.

Laura worked her mouth expertly along the shaft, teasing my tip with her tongue, sucking, and licking the shaft as her fingers caressed and fondled my balls, it was such a sensual process, she was giving me pleasure that I hadn’t had for such a long time. I began to feel my orgasm rise, and I ran my fingers through her hair and grabbed a handful and held it, I began to control her head, moving it as my hips started to move against her mouth, I heard her moan, she realised what was about to happen and she was readying herself.

My breathing quickened, and shortened my movements became more erratic, and jerked, as I felt it come. I held her head in place and began to fuck her mouth, small jerky movements as I felt the orgasm begin, and the first spurt was accompanied by a groan as I shot into her mouth. She moaned as my first spurt flowed into her mouth, quickly followed by another, then another.

My cock jerked uncontrollably as I held her head still and shot spurt after spurt into her willing mouth. She closed her eyes and swallowed it all, I watched her neck muscles spasm as she swallowed my cum, and with a few small twitches, the last remnants of my emission entered her mouth. She smiled as she pulled her mouth off my cock and licked it clean, her bright green eyes so hypnotic, I couldn’t stop staring.

“Mmmm as nice as I had expected it to be.”

She slid up and kissed me, I could taste my cum in her mouth.

“Oh David, you shouldn’t be on your own, you have so much love to give someone.”

I held her tight, she was right, but I had not even looked.

I lay her down and began to kiss her body. Soft, delicate, gentle kisses, my tongue darting out and flicking over her soft skin, she trembled and twitched as I worked my way all over her body aided by my soft fingertips. She was moaning when I slipped between her legs, and gently parted them. I planted soft kisses on her inner thighs, as I moved slowly up, then, as I stared at her parted pussy lips, glistening with moisture, I let my tongue slide between them, tasting her juices as I slipped my tongue inside her and probed her pussy.

She gasped, her hands grabbed my head. My lips found her clit and nibbled and teased it, rolling it gently between them tugging on it, my tongue flicked over it, and licked tiny circles around it as I gently inserted a finger inside her tight pussy. She groaned and threw her head back.

“Oh god yes! More David, oh god!”

She ground her pussy against my finger and lips, my tongue pressed gently on her clit, eliciting a cry from her and she pushed her pussy hard against me. I worked my finger gently inside her, finding her sweet spot, he cries became louder and more intense, her breathing more rapid, and her movements under my mouth more erratic, she was getting close.

Suddenly she lifted her bum off the bed and thrust it in the air, and screamed, she was coming and almost out of control. She pulled my hair tight, forcing my mouth hard against her pussy as she bucked and thrashed about, I did my best to stay in contact as her orgasm exploded inside her. Gradually it subsided, and she lowered her bum back onto the bed, her breathing slowly returned to normal, and she relaxed her grip on my hair.

After getting my breath back, I slid from between her legs and laid beside her, I slipped my arm under her and held her, we kissed. She looked at me through half-open eyes.

“That was the best David, I love you.”

I was surprised by her words.

She smiled, “Don’t worry, I love you dad, but I’m not in love with you.”

She kissed me again.

“I love you too honey. You’re going to give me another grandchild.”

After a short rest I felt her fingers sliding along my shaft, my cock was hard once again. She kissed my cheek.

“It’d be a shame to waste this,”

“It would, and turned onto mine, fancy a ride?”

She nodded and sat up, then she slid across me and squatted over me. She held herself above my cock and held it in her hand. As we locked eyes, she slowly lowered herself down onto my hard cock, she bit her lip as she slowly inserted it, then, with her hands on my chest, she slowly lowered herself onto my cock until it was all inside her. She rested for a couple of seconds before she began to move up and down, holding herself up with her hands on my chest.

“Oh David, it’s so thick.” She moaned.

I could feel her tight pussy gripping my cock, and I was loving it. I reached out and held her arms as she bounced up and down on me. Soon she was going for it, grinding her pussy hard when she landed down on my cock, she worked her clit against my shaft, and she was so tight, I knew that I wouldn’t last too long. She leaned over and I wrapped my arms around her, we kissed as she moved her pussy along my shaft, I started to thrust up at her, causing her to groan and cry out. I thought that I was hurting her

“Don’t stop David, please don’t stop!” She begged.

She gasped as I increased my pace. This was, I felt, my last chance to fuck her, I wanted it to be memorable, and it was, but also short, and I felt my orgasm arrive. I held her tight and thrust hard up into her and groaned as I shot my cum deep into her pussy, she moaned as she felt it and continued to grind her pussy against me, and as I spurted more and more cum into her she threw her head up and screamed as her orgasm hit and she collapsed onto my chest. I held her as her body trembled, and I could feel her pussy walls in spasm and almost milking my cock dry as she came hard. We lay together for what seemed like an age, then she lifted her head and kissed me.

“Thanks, David.”

I hugged her and she slipped off me.

Afterwards, we sat in the conservatory and chatted about the future, she was so excited as she talked about how excited Ian was.

“He said that he could tell that it was going to work, he said he could see it in my eyes. Maybe he was right.” She said.

She talked about her parents and how excited they would be, I wondered whether her parents would approve, if they knew the truth, I doubted it somehow.

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