A Series of Erotic Short Stories

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Bob and Nancy a mature wife share - Preface

My name is Robert, and I am sixty-three, and I have been married to my wife Nancy for forty-two years, she, is a sprightly sixty. We’ve had a wonderful life, had two children, Colin, who is thirty-five and is married to Linda, they have two children, Haley, ten, and Katie, six. Our daughter, Rachel, is thirty-two and she is married to Philip, and they also have two children, Charlotte, six and Erin who is two.

In our prime we had a brilliant sex-life, we tried just about everything, and did it wherever, and whenever, it took our fancy. I discovered that my wife loved outdoor sex, in public places where we might get caught, and though we never did, we came close a few times. The one thing that we had never tried, though I had suggested it on more than one occasion, and even begged at one point, was a threesome. I had always wanted to see her with another man.

Naturally, as we got older, the frequency of our love-making declined. Then I had health problems and we made love less and less frequently. As I’ve aged, and along with my medical condition, which affects my heart and my circulation, my ability to have and maintain an erection is often dependant on the little blue pills. That is great, but it kind of ruins the spontaneity that we once enjoyed so much, and I often suffer from the side-effect of debilitating headaches afterwards. So, we have sex less frequently now, though I do still maintain some spontaneity by pleasuring her orally, which she enjoys, but I know she misses the actual penetration.

I still think that she is attractive, to me she is still that beautiful young girl that I fell in love with all those years ago. She has always looked younger than she was and still does, she could easily pass for a woman in her early fifties or even late forties. She stands at five-feet three and has kept her figure quite well. She has short, curly silver hair that was once a beautiful black, has curvy hips, and her breasts have aged well, a thirty-four, B-cup, which only have a little sagging, but still wonderful to touch, and her small mounds still fit so well into my mouth.

I also know that she is still attractive to other men, judging by the number of looks she gets whenever we go anywhere, even if it’s just to the supermarket, and often from men, much younger than herself.

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