A Series of Erotic Short Stories

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Bob and Nancy a mature wife share - Chapter Seven

I woke the next morning with the anticipated migraine, which only served to make her feel bad, but I assured her that it was worth it. Fortunately, it wasn’t as bad as normal and by lunchtime, I had recovered enough to get up. After I’d showered, I felt a lot better and she made lunch and then we went out for a drive, and by the time we returned, I was back to normal. I had noticed that she was in an incredibly good mood again, the previous evening had done her a load of good, and I loved how positive she looked and sounded.

Over the next couple of days, life was normal, we tended to do the same things, on the same days, and we kept to that routine. It was Thursday when she asked me if I’d take her out for lunch to her favourite pub beside the river. I was only too glad to do that, and we enjoyed a lovely lunch, followed by a walk along the river in the later afternoon sun.

As we walked, hand-in-hand, she leaned against me and sighed.

“I’m so happy Robert.” She said.

I nodded. “Me too,” I replied.

“If you want to change your mind about the weekend?” She said.

I stopped and turned to face her.

“You want to call it off?” I asked.

She stared at me. “I don’t know, I mean, I want to do it, but I’m worried about you. Are you sure that you will be okay about this, I mean seeing me with him? Like that?”

I stroked my fingers across her cheek and kissed her.

“You know how long that I’ve talked about this honey. I want to watch you with another man, and the fact that it is Graham, our friend, actually makes it easier for me.” I said.

She sighed and looked into my eyes.

“I’m worried, love. What if you freak out, and things change between us?” She asked.

I squeezed her waist. “I won’t freak out. I want this, I do.”

She nodded. “What if I freak out?” She whispered.

I sighed. “Then, we stop. Graham knows that, and he understands. So stop worrying about it. The main thing is that you enjoy it, and get everything from it that you want.”

She smiled and pulled me against her and we kissed.

“I love you.” She whispered.

Eventually, and after what seemed like an eternity, Saturday arrived. We’d spoken to Graham the night before, and he was as nervous as Nancy, just as I thought he might be, but he was still up for it. We talked about the logistics of the evening, and it turned out that both he and Nancy were uncomfortable being left alone, so I agreed, a little reluctantly, that I would be in the house with them from the start. They did agree that when the time came, that they would go upstairs first, and still allow me to watch, from a distance at first, but I did agree to join them in the bedroom and watch closely after a while. I did think that they’d be more relaxed without me around, but neither of them agreed with me, so I gave in.

From the moment she woke up she was on edge, not worried, but excited, and it was fantastic to see her moving around the house, light on her feet, and humming and singing to herself. It was difficult to get her to concentrate on anything. We went grocery shopping and it took us ages, she would forget what we needed, and we’d have to double back to pick up the items that we’d forgotten.

I tried to behave normally, but as the afternoon passed, I noticed that she was becoming quieter and quieter, and I worried that she was becoming anxious. I sat her down in the kitchen and made us both a coffee, and sat opposite her and asked how she was feeling.

She looked up. “Nervous.”

I smiled, and put my hand on hers. “That’s natural. I’m nervous for you, I want you to have a great time.” I said, trying to reassure her.

I felt her fingers tremble as I stroked my fingers across the back of her hand.

“What if I can’t do it?” She sighed.

I smiled. “Then you don’t. But I am confident that once you are with him things will feel better, and you will relax.”

She smiled at me. “I hope so, love.” She said.

She busied herself making us both a light tea which we ate together and as I cleared away the plates, I told her to go upstairs and start to get ready for her evening.

I have always enjoyed watching her dress, and I sat on the edge of the bed and watched as she emerged from the shower, her body wrapped in a towel, and another around her hair. She walked over to the dresser and sat, I could see her face in the mirror, and she still looked nervous.

I stared as she dried her hair, I loved how she flicked her head and tossed her hair as the hot air blew through it, I could never tire of doing this, just sitting, watching. Then she stood and let the towel around her body fall and I gazed upon her naked body. She was beautiful. Sure, it wasn’t the slim, tight and toned body that I first saw in her bedroom at her parents’ house, when I finally undressed her on her eighteenth birthday, but it was still a beautiful sight to me, and I loved every little bump and curve, which I knew intimately.

She noticed me staring and stopped. “What?” She asked.

I smiled. “Nothing honey. Graham is going to love undressing you.” I sighed.

She rolled her eyes and rubbed her hands across her belly, which was a lot looser than in the youth. “Oh yeah! He’s going to love this!” She said sarcastically.

I smiled. “Trust me, honey, he will.”

She picked up her new lingerie, bought the previous weekend, I sighed.

“Have you thought about him?” I asked.

She glanced at me. “How do you mean?” She replied.

I sighed. “Well, honey. Graham is taller than me, he’s at least six-four, and, well you know what they say, everything is in proportion.” I smiled.

She bit her lip. “Well, it has crossed my mind.” She sighed.

I laughed. “I bet. Maybe after him, I will feel like a pin-prick!” I joked.

I immediately regretted it. The look on her face said everything. She was pissed.

“Don’t say that! Why would you say that?” She snapped.

I raised my hands in mock defence. “Easy honey, it was a joke,” I said.

She turned away and sat on her stool.

“Well, It wasn’t funny!” She said, still angry with me. “This is exactly why I was wary about doing this! You feeling inadequate about yourself!”

She slipped her feet into her black panties and pulled them up her legs, standing to slide them over her hips, I stared at her mop of pubic hair which I could see through the sheer, laced, front panel.

I sighed. “I’m sorry Nancy. I thought that it might lighten the mood, I was wrong.” I said, apologising.

She stared at me. “Yes. You were.”

She added the matching bra to her lingerie and fastened it at the front, then she sat down on the stool again and slipped her legs into a pair of sheer, black, hold-up stockings. When she stood to admire herself in the mirror I stared, she looked so sexy, I always loved it when she wore stockings, ever since our wedding night, when I first saw her in stockings, suspenders, and basque, all virgin white, of course. We made love most of the night, and I insisted that she keep her stockings on, and ever since, it has always been the same, sex, with stockings on.

She sat in front of the mirror and applied her make-up. She never wore a lot, just enough to keep her happy, and when she was done she looked as she always did, beautiful. Then she stood and slipped her new dress, bought especially for the evening, over her head, and then smoothed it down, over her body and her new lingerie. She stepped into a pair of black heels, not too high, and then looked at me, I stared,

“Beautiful. Just beautiful. That dress looks so good on you honey.” I said.

She smiled. “I’m glad, I did like it in the shop, and I’m so pleased that it fits well.”

After one final check in the mirror, she looked at me and sighed.

“I’m ready.”

I smiled. “Yes, you are,” I replied.

We waited in the lounge, she paced back and forth, I’d asked her to sit down by she didn’t want to crease her new dress. Internally, I was tingling and trembling. I was so excited, it was finally going to happen, I was going to watch my wife have sex with our friend, something that I’d dreamed about for years. I offered her a drink, but she said that she’d wait until he arrived, she didn’t want to be drunk and make a fool of herself. I assured her that it would never happen, I wouldn’t allow it.

I opened the front door, I’d watched out of the window and had seen him approach, we shook hands and he bore gifts, wine and flowers. I led him into the lounge where they hugged and she kissed his cheek, then, as she put the flowers in a vase, he and I began the evening with a whiskey. I could tell that he was nervous, I put my hand on his arm.

“Relax mate, it’ll be fine.”

He flashed a nervous grin. She returned and I handed her a gin and tonic and we moved to the seats, I took one of the armchairs, and they sat on the sofa together. I broke the tension by talking about the day’s football results, another disappointing draw for our team, and we spent a few minutes bemoaning the experience of being a Newcastle United fan.

Then, I picked up the remote and pressed play on the CD-player, I’d already set up the CD, and it was a collection of love songs, one of Nancy’s favourite Cds, and I looked at them.

“That’s for your benefit, not mine guys,” I said.

They sat staring at me. I rolled my eyes. “For god’s sake guys, get up and dance, try to relax,” I said. I stood up and pulled them to their feet, and made an excuse and left to go up to the bathroom, leaving them alone.

I spent longer than normal in the bathroom, then I crept downstairs and sat on the steps, half-way down, just enough so that I could look into the lounge through the open door which I had purposely left open. It had worked, he had her in his arms and they were for want of a better expression, ‘smooching.’

She had her hands on his shoulders, he had his around her waist. Their bodies were pressed together as they moved slowly in circles, hardly moving from the one spot, just slowly rotating.

I smiled to myself, she looked relaxed, she rested her head on his shoulder, then, as I looked on, she lifted her head and turned her face up to look at him. He looked down, they paused and then it happened, they kissed, and I saw her melt as he pulled her against him. I heard a soft moan escape her lips as his hands fell onto her bum and his fingers pressed gently into the flesh of her cheeks. I knew that she would be able to feel his bugle, he had to be hard, standing that close to her, and kissing her.

They broke their kiss and continued to dance.and she leaned her head on his shoulder, and as she slowly danced with him, she looked over to the door and saw me sat watching them, our eyes met, she smiled, a smile that I returned.

I sat on the stairs and watched as they danced to another song, then I stood and walked into the room. He looked at me, I nodded, and went through to the dining room to get another drink. I stood against the wall, under the arch separating the two rooms and watched them. He too was starting to relax, then, she lifted her face to look at him, their eyes met, he leaned his head down, and they kissed. It was like a bolt of electricity had shot through my body, she was kissing him, right in front of me, the image was so hot. He almost had to hold her up, I could see her hands cling onto his arms as she sighed and moaned, as he held her and kissed her. I knew that their tongues were dancing inside her mouth, playing with each other’s, his hands clasped her bum and squeezed, pulling her against his bulge, she let out a deep moan. She was breathing heavy, I heard her gasp and felt a twitch in my groin, and I hadn’t taken a pill.

“Why don’t you two make yourselves comfortable on the sofa?” I asked.

He guided her over and they sat and proceeded to make-out. His hands slid over her blouse, cupping and teasing her breasts, I could see that her nipples were poking against the thin material, her head lolled back, her mouth open, she was drooling! Her moans were louder and longer, she hadn’t moaned like this for years.

They were both getting worked up, he glanced over at me, he was unsure how far to go down here. I smiled at him.

“Do whatever feels right Graham,” I said.

He whispered something into her ear, she nodded.

“God yes!” She replied.

Hearing that, I sat up and even leaned forward a little and watched as he moved her so that she was leant against the back of the sofa, he hands around his neck as they kissed. I watched as his hands roamed over the front of her dress, cupping his hand over her breast and gently massaging it. She moaned in response, her fingers stroked through his hair as he began to work his fingers down the front of her dress, unfastening the small black buttons that held the top of her dress together. I could feel my blood pressure rise, and my pulse increased along with my breathing as I watched my wife being slowly undressed before my eyes.

With the buttons undone, he pushed the top of her dress open, revealing her black bra, he sighed and ran his fingers over the front of the bra causing her to moan louder. I watched, as he unclipped her bra and it fell open, releasing her breasts and bringing a gasp from him.

“Oh, Nancy. They are beautiful.” He sighed.

I smiled, I knew how good that would make her feel, hearing it from another man.

She cried out when he lowered his head and closed his lips over one of her breasts and sucked her nipple into his mouth. Her hands gripped his head and her fingers ran through his hair as he worked his lips and tongue over her nipple. I knew how much she liked that and knew that the sounds that she was making were genuine, my wife never faked anything in her life.

“Oh god!” she moaned. “Yes! Yes!” She cried.

He planted soft kisses all over her breasts and neck, then he moved down, kissing her belly, as his hand began to pull at the skirt part of her dress. I watched as the dress slowly raised, exposing her stockings, and then, as he pushed it up and around her waist, he gasped aloud when he saw her stocking tops, the naked flesh of her thighs and her black panties.

“Oh, fuck! Nancy!” He gasped.

He glanced across to me, I smiled and nodded. We didn’t speak, there was no need, I knew what he was thinking, he loved her stockings. He pushed her dress up until he had fully exposed her panties and as he ran his fingers gently over the front she closed her eyes and leaned back, her head flopped back onto the sofa and she let out a long sigh, she was in heaven.

She looked across at me through half-open eyes, her breathing was rapid and shallow, our eyes met and I stared back at her.

“I love you” I mouthed at her and watched a smile spread across her lips and then her eyes closed once again as Graham slipped down and pushed her legs apart and knelt between them. I watched as he stared at her panties, then ran his hands up her thighs, and she began to moan and writhe under his touch.

He settled down on his knees and leaned forward until his face was almost touching her pantied crotch. He reached out and traced his fingers lightly over her soft panties, and when he found her clit he pressed his fingers onto it, she arched her back and cried out.


He pushed her legs together and slid his fingers into the band of her panties, she lifted her bum to aid him and he slid them down, and off her legs. He parted her legs again and looked directly into my wife’s pussy, and from where I sat, I could see that her pubic hair was wet, and her lips were swollen. He wasted no time and buried his face between her legs, his tongue began to work its way inside her.

“Ahhhhhh!” She gasped.

She grabbed his head and pulled him hard into her, as she did, her back lifted off the sofa and he held onto her as she bucked under him, her thrusts almost dislodged him, but he held on, until finally, after less than two minutes she came, about as hard as she had done in the last ten years.

She wrapped her legs around his head and squeezed. I knew exactly how that felt, and I always loved it, and she held him against her pussy as she shuddered and spasmed on his mouth. Then, as her orgasm subsided and started to pass, her movements slowed down, and her fingers began to slowly slide through his hair, and she stroked him, she was purring now, soft, sexy moans. She slowly opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Wow Graham, that was the best orgasm I’ve had for many a year.” She whispered.

She glanced to me, her face flushed as she realised what she’d said. I smiled, which told her that it was okay. He slid up and they kissed, she slid her hands around his body onto his bum cheeks and pulled him to her, she had her head on his shoulder she whispered

“I want you.”

I stood up, “Wow guys, that was amazing. But I think that you should take it upstairs, where you’ll be more comfortable.”

They stood, she looked flustered, the top of her dress gaped open and her breasts hung free, whilst she pushed the bottom part of her dress down to cover her pussy. She held his hand as she led him upstairs and into our bedroom.

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