A Series of Erotic Short Stories

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The Prize - Life goes on

It had been a difficult couple of days for John. When he woke up on Monday and looked outside, Larry’s car still hadn’t returned, he must have stayed somewhere else the whole weekend.

John went to work and when he returned in the evening the first thing that he noticed as he pulled in front of his house was, the continued absence of Larry’s car or any sign of him having been home.

Once inside the house, he found his wife in the kitchen; she had just put a casserole back into the oven. As he walked into the room, she turned to him and smiled, greeting him.

”How was your day, hun? She asked.

He walked towards her, kissed her cheek; his usual greeting when he came home from work. Replying to her question, he answered, “It was a busy day though that is how we like it” Then he poured himself some coffee into a mug and rested his weight against the table.

“I noticed that Larry’s car wasn’t in his drive.” He said trying to sound casual.

She turned her head.

“I spoke with him on the phone, earlier today.” John gulped.

“He’s at his mum’s in Scotland. He said she’s feeling a little under the weather; poor thing, so he’s going to stay with her a few days. I went over to his house, watered his plants and fed the fish. He said he expects he will return by the weekend.”

John looked at her feeling relieved and guilty at the same time. “Oh okay, that’s good. I was getting worried.” He replied.

She looked at him.

“Is everything alright between the two of you?” She asked.

He nodded, responding “Yeah, fine, why?”

She stared at him for a few seconds. “Are you sure? Larry seemed a little quiet when we spoke, I got the sense that he wanted to say something, but didn’t for some reason.”

John shrugged. “I don’t know what to tell you, Dawn. We’re fine.”

In the back of her mind, she wondered why he hadn’t expressed any concern for Larry’s mother or how he was handling whatever was going on with her.

That evening they watched a little TV, and at nine she leaned against him playfully stroking his thigh, then sighed and rested her head against his shoulder.

“I know you have to be up early John, so why don’t we go to bed early?” She whispered, softly blowing into his ear, as she lifted her face, kissing his neck in a way she knew usually got him into the mood.

He hesitated and before he could say a word, she stopped him, “Oh, honey…” he then said.

“Oh, honey nothing! You didn’t want to on Saturday, because you had a headache, you were too tired on Sunday! Last night, you said that you had too much on your mind with the end-of-year coming up at work. What is it, John? Don’t you want me anymore?” She snapped.

He was taken aback by her reaction. He had been avoiding having sex with her. He just couldn’t tell her the truth as to why he felt guilty. He sighed, not knowing how to respond to her calling him out like that.

“Of course I want you, love. I love you, you know that.” He said softly.

She stared at him, her chest rising and falling as she breathed heavily.

“Then prove it!” She said.

He thought for a second or two, then without hesitation, he held out his hand to take hers.

“Okay. I’m sorry. Come on, let’s have an early night.” He told her.

They stood up, but before walking out of the room, she put her hand on his arm, pulling him back for a moment.

“I’m sorry John. I shouldn’t have shouted at you.” She frowned.

He faced her, wrapping his hands firmly around her hips, then lifted her face to his and looking down at her he stroked a few hairs from her cheek and smiled.

“I love you, Dawn. I’m sorry that I don’t show you enough. The guys are right; you are too good for me. I want you to know that I realise how lucky I am to have you as my wife” He whispered.

She smiled, feeling wanted for the first time in a while, as it seemed as though he barely paid her any attention these days. Then she lifted herself onto her tiptoes and kissed him, passionately.

“Good. I’m happy to hear you say that. It means a lot. Now enough talking, take me to bed and rock my world!” She taunted.

In the bedroom, they undressed. She stood in just her bra, with slightly hardened nipples showing through, and her panties, looking at him as he stripped down to just his boxers. This was their usual pre-sex routine. Of course, there were times when the foreplay would start much earlier in the process, and there would be lots of kissing and other sensual things, but in the normal, day-to-day sex, which over the years had become the norm, they had somehow developed this bland routine.

He pulled her towards his body and she slipped her arms around his neck as they kissed. She moaned aloud as she felt him getting hard with arousal and through his boxers. She even felt them get a little wet against her belly as he rubbed against her. She was a good six inches shorter than him and she loved the feeling of raising herself to his height to kiss him. Feeling his hands around her waist and down along her bottom, just as they were right now, cupped under her cheeks pulling her by her bum pushing her panty covered pussy against his hard-on. She moaned softly and felt herself getting very moist as her pussy pulsed gently.

“Hmm, oh John, you’re ready for me.” She moaned.

He nodded. “Always honey, no woman compares to you.”

He tried hard to push the guilty thoughts out of his mind at the moment. Thinking ‘I should have remembered how special she truly is, instead of acting like an ass, I hope Larry doesn’t hate me.’ Then distracted by his arousal and beautiful wife longing for him, he pushed it out of his mind and focused back on her.

He gently laid her down and she shifted herself into the middle of the bed, where he knelt beside her and slid his fingers into the top of her panties, teasing her as he moved them down. He slowly exposed a neatly-trimmed, ’V’ shaped patch of red pubic hair, as he slid them down her thighs. She lifted her feet so he could slide them off. Then, he ran his fingers over her crotch and smiled, he could feel how soggy they were. He grinned at her.

“Someone has been busy during the day.” He teased.

She blushed as he threw her panties onto the floor then pushed her legs apart just before he slipped himself between her legs. He began to caress and kiss the soft flesh of her thighs, tickling her with his fingers all along as he worked his way up her legs in a doubly sensual way.

She got goosebumps along her skin as she anticipated his next move. She breathed heavily as he kissed and licked his way up towards her pussy. When his lips pressed onto her swollen clit and the sensitive lips of her pussy, she gasped out loud and grabbed at his head, pushing his face deeper into her. Her knees raised and her feet slipped over his shoulders and crossed behind his head as she locked her thighs around his neck.

He groaned as she squeezed her thighs and the sound muted slightly from his now covered ears. He pushed his tongue along her slit and then into her wet pussy, she ran her fingers through his hair and grabbed small tufts, tugging gently periodically as he licked around her entrance and just inside. Then pressing his lips against her clit and he nibbled on it carefully.

He loved licking her, and he knew that she loved it almost as much as sex, and sometimes, even more than sex. It turned him on pleasuring her this way.

He worked his lips around her clit, rolled it, and nibbled it, before pulling it gently between his lips with a tender suctioning motion.

He recalled the very first time that he did it to her.

She was a late bloomer. They met when she was eighteen, they had just started university, and she was studying art and design. He was twenty and about to finish his electrician’s apprenticeship and attended on day-release. He’d seen her around the university campus. One day, while having lunch with his mates in the student cafeteria, he spotted her sitting on her own. She had her head in a book. It wasn’t until his mate’s kept egging him on, that he finally worked up the courage to walk over to her to talk to her.

He’d had girlfriends before, and he was not a virgin, but he had only been in one serious relationship. He had not dated much but he was also not completely fearful of approaching a woman for which he showed an interest. With Dawn, though, it was just different from the very beginning. Despite his previous experiences, he was so nervous that his palms were clammy and he was sweating more than usual, he even had to wipe his hands off using his jeans to dry them before he could complete approaching her.

She confessed later that she had only agreed to go for a drink because he looked so nervous. He also did not come off as the usual cocky older student that she commonly encountered at the university.

Their relationship soon blossomed and it was only a month later that he booked a room in a hotel locally and they spent their first night together, the night he took her virginity. She was the first virgin that he had sex with so he tried extra hard to make it special and enjoyable for her. They had both relished it, though she didn’t orgasm. Then again, he wasn’t so experienced himself, that he had even considered foreplay first.

They communicated honestly with one another, and the next time they made love, they did so in that same hotel, only that time, he performed oral sex first. She had been reluctant initially. It wasn’t that she was naïve, it was just difficult for her to accept that he would be putting his mouth, licking, kissing and sucking around the area that she peed. It was a gross concept for her to get past.

However, after her first orgasm, which was the most intense far stronger than any she had ever given herself while masturbating, she was hooked. She even learned how to enjoy giving him oral sex; though he had to be careful not to push it too deeply into her throat. It didn’t take much for John to stop himself from doing it; he quickly learned that if he made her gag, it was game over. He enjoyed her blow jobs, far too much to lose control of pushing it into her throat too far, so it wouldn’t come to an end before they wanted it to stop.

He worked his lips against her clit and she began to rock her hips and pushed herself harder against his mouth, arching her back. He knew that she was close; it was her sign along with the increasing pressure upon his head, the closer she got to orgasm.

She suddenly started to buck and twitch under him as her body reacted to the intense wave of pleasure that swept through her as her orgasm hit and she pulled and clawed at his hair as she squeezed her thighs tightly around his head and rolled her hips from side to side as she squealed and cried out.

“Ahhh! Oh God, John! Oh, fuck!” She cried.

He loved that part. He licked and sucked as her juices flowed out of her and smeared against his lips and face as she ground herself against his mouth. She moaned and purred like a contented kitten as he licked and lapped at her juices as the pressure on his head was slowly released. Her orgasm began to subside and pass over her and she relaxed. Her knees fell apart as he legs flopped open. Her hands fell from his head and lay across her belly as she panted and gasped for air.

“No-one does that as good as you, John!” She moaned. In her head thinking ‘even though she had no one to compare it to she knew for her, he was the best and good enough and was all she ever needed.’

He pulled himself up onto his knees and looked up her body. Her pussy gaped open; her lips were wet with her juices and his saliva and still swollen from her now super aroused state. Her stomach twitched as she gulped in air and her nipples were hard and pointed straight up at the ceiling. He sighed.

“You don’t know that honey. You’ve only had me.” He said.

She looked down at him and rolled her eyes. ‘It was almost like he read her mind minus the fact that she knew he was all she wanted or needed.’

“Don’t start that again. I don’t need anyone else. You are all I need.” She sighed.

This being a reference back to the many attempts he’d spoken about it since they’d become married; trying to get her to even consider the idea of sharing her bed; herself with another man besides him. She smiled at him as her fingers slid between her legs and she rubbed them over her wet, still throbbing pussy.

“What I need, is my sexy man, inside me.” She sighed.

He looked down, reached out and placed his hands along both sides of her body and pushed forward until her fingers slid around his hard shaft. Then, as he moved forward she guided his hard cock towards her wet and waiting pussy.

He moaned as he felt the thick head of his cock slide between her wet lips, she probed around with it until she found her hole and then held the tip against it. He paused and then pushed forward.

She gasped as he stretched and penetrated her in one movement. She let go of his cock and grabbed the back of his neck and gripped, as he pushed deeper into her.

“Oh fuck!” He groaned as he felt her tight pussy grip his shaft as he slid inside.

She lifted her knees and crossed her feet behind him and hooked them around his thighs as he looked down into her face and began to thrust back and forth. She moaned and sighed with each thrust as he plunged inside her. He wasn’t huge, between six and seven inches on a good day, but it was his girth that she enjoyed most. His thick shaft stretched her with every stroke and she almost felt every little uneven ridge and furrow on his shaft as he plunged it in and out of her.

He grunted with the effort that he was putting in, her tight pussy sometimes gripped him so tight that the uncircumcised foreskin he still had was pulled tight enough to cause him a jolt of pain. It didn’t stop him though, in fact, it only served to spur him on and he thrust harder and faster.

She hung onto his neck. Her fingers dug into his flesh as she ground herself against him as he fucked her hard. Her feet gripped the back of his thighs tighter as he slammed into her and she felt the bed shake the headboard banging furiously against the wall as his movements intensified.

Moaning, “Mmm, Oh God!” She cried out as he slammed in and out of her.

Each deep thrust accompanied by a moan, a cry or a groan from her as he pounded her pussy hard.

She felt him tense and his cock swelled slightly, he was about to release, she gripped her fingers tighter into his neck as she prepared to receive his cum. He quickened his pace and his movements became a little erratic as she jerked and twitched and then he thrust hard and cried out.

“Oh Fuck!” He yelled and threw his head back.

She dug her fingers hard into his skin and pressed her face against his neck as she felt the first spurt of his hot, sticky cum splash into her, coating the back of her pussy. She moaned, loving the warm rush of fluids oozing inside her, covering her entire pussy. She held onto him as his cock jerked and twitched inside her, depositing his cum deep into her.

They lay locked in each other’s embrace until he finished draining his fluids inside her, and when the last drop of cum flowed out into her pussy he groaned and lifted his head. He looked into her eyes and kissed her.

“Oh fuck. That was awesome Dawn. I love you so much.” He sighed.

She stroked her fingers across the back of his neck as she held him tight. She felt his cock start to soften inside her and she let her legs fall away from his body, he slid out from inside her and lay down beside her.

She turned onto her side and slid her leg across his thigh and her hand onto his chest. He moaned as he felt the wet sensation of her pussy against his thigh and the juices and his cum smearing across his skin. They lay together as they both slowly got their breath back. Then, she reached up and kissed his cheek.

“I love you honey.” She whispered.

She nuzzled her face into his neck as he pulled the duvet up and over them both and they settled down for the night.

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