My stepfathers son

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Chapter 22

The rest of the day was a blast. We went sailing and fishing and swimming. I had a really nice day with Darren. I was cooking dinner for us when there was a knock on the front door. I asked Darren to go answer it. That’s when I heard yelling. I set the plate down and went to go see what the hell was going on. I turned the corner only to see Lucas standing there. He looked up at me. “So this is the reason why you don’t want me? It’s because of him?” Lucas said.

“What? No.” I said. Darren took a step back. He walked over to me.

“You touch her and I’ll kill you.” Lucas hissed out. Darren just smiled.

“It’s a little late for that,” Darren said.

“Darren!” I shouted.

“What? It’s true and he needs to watch who the fuck he is talking to.” Darren said.

“I can’t fucking believe you, Scarlet,” Lucas said. He shook his head and started to walk away. I went after him.

“Wait, Lucas!” I hollered out. He just kept walking. “You don’t understand,” I said. He stopped and turned around.

“I don’t understand? You're crazy. You tell me my lifestyle is one you don’t want, but being with the mafia that’s okay. Right? I mean stop me if I’m wrong. What? I’m not a good enough criminal for you?” He snapped and every word was like a knife to my heart. He was so upset. I started to cry.

“It’s not what you think,” I said.

“So you haven’t fucked him?” Lucas snapped. I didn’t say a word.

“Just as I thought, you whore!” He yelled and jump in a car and took off. I just stood there as the tears ran down my face. I didn’t know what to think or how to feel. I wasn’t mad, I was heartbroken. His words killed me and now all I wanted to do was find him. I ran back in the house and Darren was sitting on the couch.

“Is everything okay?” He asked me. I looked over at him. Darren got up and came to my side. “Did he hurt you?” Darren asked me. He looked pissed off.

“No Darren, his words hurt me. Lucas would never touch me like that.” I said. “I need to call my mother. I have to ask you to go, please.” I said. I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, but I had to find Lucas.

“I understand Scarlet, but if you need me please call me.” He said and grabbed his things and left. I pulled out my phone and realized I didn’t have Lucas number so I called my mother.

“Scarlet?” She said when she answered it.

“Mom, did you know Lucas was coming here?”

“Yes, I’m sorry he wanted to surprise you.” She said. I took a deep breath.

“Mom, do you know where he is staying?”

“What’s wrong Scarlet you sound upset. Are you not happy that he came?”

“I don’t have time for this mom do you know where he is staying or not?” I asked again.

“Hold on let me look, I wrote it down somewhere. Oh, by the way, I found a house for myself.”

“That’s wonderful, mom. I need to know where he is staying,” I said. The line was quiet for a moment.

“He is staying at the Sea Side Inn.”

“Thank you,” and I hung up the phone. I grabbed my car keys and headed out to the hotel Lucas was staying at. I pulled into the parking lot and I saw the car Lucas was driving. He was still sitting inside of it. I parked by him and got out of the car. I tapped on the window and he looked over at me. “Can we talk?” I asked him. He opened the car door and got out. He leaned against the door and crossed his arms. “Do you really think I’m a whore?” I asked him. He didn’t say a word. “I’ve been gone five years Lucas. Do you think I wasn’t going to move on? Darren is the only man I have slept with, in the last five years.” Not that I felt that I owed Lucas anything, but for him to call me a whore, wasn’t okay.

“So why didn’t you just tell me you were together with him?” He asked.

“Because I’m not together with him,” He looked at me confused. I took a deep breath. “Lucas I only saw Darren again at my last event right before Jack passed away,” I said. “We are not a couple,” he looked up at me.

“So why was he at your house?”

“He showed up on my doorstep yesterday. I’m not going to lie to you Lucas. I like him. He is fun to be around and I haven’t had anyone in my life in a very long time. I don’t want to hurt you, but you never once tried to find me or contact me. Not once Lucas. You have no right to be upset.” I snapped.

“I was told to leave you alone.”

“And when have you ever listen to what you were told to do. If you weren’t doing anything wrong that night and you loved me like you said you did. Then where were you, Lucas? I may have run off like a child, but you didn’t do a damn thing about it. I didn’t hear from you for over five years and the only reason why I even heard from you now is that I came home.” He just sort of stood there not saying anything. I crossed my arms and just watched him.

“Look okay, I’m fucking stupid. My father said some pretty convincing words to me about you and when I found out you were going to school and doing something with your life. I felt that was better for you then I was. I made a bad choice.” He said.

“Yeah and now you have to live with it. You can’t come all the way to my home and then be angry with me for moving on and living my life. I’m not with Darren, but I do like him. I don’t know if it would ever be more then what it is because I don’t like the lifestyle he lives and that’s never going to change for him, but you can’t just come here and call me a whore because you're pissed off.”

“Your right Scar, but I still love you and that hasn’t changed. I can’t help that I’m jealous and don’t want to see some guy with you.”

“Lucas, why are you here?” I asked him.

“For you, I came for you Scar. I came to tell you how I feel and how I want you.” He said, It hurt my heart to hear him say these things, but why didn’t he do this before? I said to myself. He moved closer to me. “Tell me you have no feelings for me what so ever and I’ll leave and never bother you again.” I couldn’t tell him that because it wasn’t true. I didn’t say a word. “That’s what I thought, you do care about me.”

“Of course I care about you. How could you even think that I wouldn’t? Your the first man I have ever loved.” But before I could finish what I was saying Lucas’s lips found mine and I didn’t stop him. I wrapped my arms around him and lost myself. His hands went to my ass and he lifted me up against his car.

“I want you.” He whispered in my ear.

“Then take me,” I said back to him. His eyes found mine as if he was looking for approval for what I had just said. He then took my hand and I followed him to his hotel room. Once behind closed doors. We were like animals, clothes were being ripped off and thrown across the room. I was slammed into the wall and set on top of tables. Once we finally stopped moving around. We were on the floor going at it like mad. His lips and tongue were all over my body and it was rough and it was wonderful. I clawed down his back and he growled at me. It only turned me on even more. I flipped myself up on top of him and took control. His fingers gripped my hips hard and my hands gripped his chest for support. Sweat was pouring off our bodies and we couldn’t get enough of each other. “Oh my god,” I said as I rolled off of him and tried to catch my breath.

“That was fucking amazing,” Lucas said. I rolled closer to him and laid my head on his chest. I placed small kisses on him and his fingers were running through my hair. “I miss you so much.” He said to me.

“I miss you too."

“Please don’t push me away Scar.” He said to me and I just stayed quiet. I didn’t want to push him away. I didn’t want to push anyone away, but I also didn’t know what I wanted. I loved my home and I loved my job. That much I knew. Lucas was now in charge of everything and he had no choice. He had to run things back home. Then there’s Darren and I don’t have any idea where that could go, but he is the Mafia and there is no changing that. Ugh, I felt like I was at a loss and I felt like I would lose them both. I know I liked Darren. I liked him a lot, but I wasn’t in love with him. I did, however, love Lucas. He just felt so right to me. I squeezed him and held onto him. I took a deep breath.

“I love you,” I said out loud.

“Oh baby, I love you too.” I reached up and kissed his lips. We started to make love and this time we took our time.

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