My stepfathers son

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Chapter 23

I didn’t know how things were going to work themselves out. Over the next week, Lucas and I packed my whole life up here in North Carolina. I decided that I loved him and I would move back home for him. I was able to get a job at the hospital back home and I moved into the house with Lucas. My mother had found herself a very nice little house about ten miles from the main house and my sister was off at school. I got myself all moved in and then once I started working I realized just how little Lucas and I got to see each other. I wasn’t too happy about that.

The last seven weeks have been pretty much a blur. I went to the hospital event and then a rollercoaster hit. I met up with Darren. Jack passed away. I had to see Lucas and force myself to know how I was feeling. I came home and spent time with Darren and then Lucas showed up and now I have given up what I worked so hard for because I was still in love with Lucas. After our night together I knew where my heart was and I knew what I had to do for us to be together.

Lucas and I had a very long talk about life and I just gave in. I knew what he had to do and if I wanted him I had to make the change. Ever since I had asked Darren to leave that night. I hadn’t heard a peep out of him. I wanted to call him and tell him how sorry I was for that night and let him know that I was going to be with Lucas, but since I hadn’t heard from him I had assumed he moved on. I was kind of sad about it because he was really a fun guy to be around and I had enjoyed our time together. If anything He was my friend. I also knew that being friends with him was never going to work. Lucas really didn’t like Darren and I really didn’t know why. I also wasn’t about to ask Lucas about it. I didn’t want to start problems if I didn’t have to.

Once we got me all moved back in. The first two weeks of being home. Lucas and I were like animals. Any free time that we got we were all over each other. It was like we just couldn’t get enough. I’m not complaining, I love every minute of it. But the more time I’m here the less time Lucas is here. I know he is a very busy man and I don’t want to complain, but I really wanted him around more and this was just a fact of why I didn’t want to try and start things back up with him. I knew this was going to be his lifestyle. Of course, love makes us do things we normally wouldn’t do. “Lucas baby?” I said one night as he came walking out of the bathroom. He looked up at me and I smiled at him. He was such a handsome man and I was proud that I belonged to him.

“Yes?” He said as he walked into the closet.

“I miss you." He took a deep breath.

“I know you do baby and I miss you. There is just so much work that needs to be done since my father is gone. I promise you once we get everything running smoothly. We will have more time together.” He said as he laid in the bed next to me.

“I understand. I just wish you were here more.” I said sounding like a child begging for his attention.

“Scarlet, I want you to know how much I love you and how much I appreciate you giving up North Carolina for us. It means more to me then you will ever know. No matter what comes our way. I will be by your side.” I smiled at him and reached over and kissed his lips. Of course, I knew what that would do and I wanted him to rest. I knew the man was tired and he looked like it, but of course, his mind went to a different place and I knew protesting wasn’t going to get me anywhere. He devoured my body as he does and then he fell asleep. I just laid next to him and rubbed his back as he snored away. I didn’t have to be into work the next day until the night shift. I decided I wanted to upgrade this home and I had the money to do it. The house had been the same since Lucas was a child and for some reason, I had gotten a nesting feeling and I had to make a change. I was cleaning like crazy. Which was nuts because this house was big enough to fit a small army in. There were eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms. We had two large living rooms and a kitchen and dining room that could fit at least thirty people.

I understand that this was Lucas’s family home, but of course, I didn’t know why he wanted to keep such a large place. Only the two of us were living here. I wasn’t going to argue that with Lucas so I just decided that I would do some remolding and Lucas was all for it. He gave me the go to do with it as I pleased.

I was glad things were calming down, but I wished that Lucas was around a little more. I didn’t work as many hours at this hospital as I did at the hospital back in Carolina. Which meant I got to be home more often, but Lucas was a very busy man. I kept myself busy with plans for the house. I always wanted Lucas’s opinion on things, but I didn’t like to bother him too much. Especially since he was doing his best to get things to calm down so he could be with me more. He would come home and tell me how things were going and how he was just starting to get most of the men to completely trust him. For so many years he had fought with his father about not wanting to be a part of things and all the men knew it. He was having a hard time getting them to understand that he was committed to them and he wasn’t going to turn his back on them. That meant he had to give them his time. I understood because I was a part of it and trust was everything to these people. Lucas had to earn it. Even though he was in charge, he still needed his men on his side completely.

I woke up early one morning and felt like I was coming down with the flu. I wasn’t throwing up or anything, but I just felt like shit. My stomach was in knots. I got to work and my friend and fellow nurse Janis came walking over to me. “Girl you don’t look so good.” She said.

“Yeah, I feel like crap."

“What are you even doing here?” She asked me.

“I’m not running a fever or anything. I just feel like shit.”

“Well try not to overdo it today.” She said. I smiled at her and started to make my runs. As the day went on the shittier I started to feel. I was standing in the hallway counting medications and all of a sudden I started to feel light-headed. I started to walk over to a chair to have a seat and that’s when things went black. I woke up and I was in a hospital bed in a dark room. I looked over and Lucas was sitting in a chair and was asleep. I sat myself up and made some noise which woke up Lucas. He stood up and came over to my side and he didn’t look good.

“What happened?” I asked him.

“You passed out.” He said and took a deep breath.

“Lucas? what’s wrong?” I asked him. He just looked at me for a moment.

“I’m going to go get the doctor for you.” I reached out and took his hand.

“What’s wrong?” I asked him again.

“Your pregnant Scarlet.” My mouth fell open.

“What?” Lucas just looked at me. I cocked my head to the side and looked back at him.

“Are you upset about it?” I asked him.


“Well, I’m sorry Lucas, but shit like this happens when you have sex as we do,” I said sounding upset. He just smiled and nodded his head.

“Scarlet your seven weeks along. You were nowhere near me seven weeks ago.” He said and I felt the fear rise inside of me. I wasn’t pregnant with Lucas’s baby. It belongs to Darren Marsh.

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