My stepfathers son

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Chapter 27

I felt his lips and tongue move up my leg to my inner thighs. My body shivered with his touch. I gripped the sheets as his tongue licked between my lips. “Your so sweet baby.” He said softly. His hands gripped into my hips as he pulled me closer to his face. I reached my back up in the air. He licked back and forth, just teasing me some. I bit down on my lip. All I wanted was more. I felt his hand reach up and grip my breast. He licked me up to my belly button and then back down to my core. I was moaning out his name with every touch from him. He was so amazing feeling and I couldn’t get enough. I was covering his face with my juices and he was loving every minute of it.

His two fingers entered inside me. His tongue was focused on my clit while he fucked me with his fingers nice and slow. I gripped onto his hair and ran my fingers through it. I hollered out his name as I exploded all over his face. He then started to move back up my body. Kissing every inch of me that he could. Stopping only to show my nipple’s attention. He bit and sucked on them. Driving me even more crazy. I wanted nothing more than to feel him deep inside of me. As he moved closer to my face. He took my leg up with him running his fingers up my thigh to my knee. He pushed down as his tongue entered my mouth. I could taste myself all over his lips. Then he slipped inside of me taking me by surprise. He felt so good and then started to move in and out of me slowly. His lips on my lips and throat.

My fingernails were running up and down his back and chest. He lifted himself up some. Which only allowed him to go in me deeper. His name escaping my lips over and over again. “Lucas.” He bent back down and kissed me again. He rolled me over so I was on top now and I placed myself back down on him. He wrapped his arms around my body and pulled me down to him. Our chests were pressed together as he held onto me and forced himself in and out of me. I kissed and bit his neck and heard him growling in my ear.

“I’m so in love with you.” He said in my ear. I sat back up and gripped his chest. I took control as I road his cock. It was my turn to pleasure him. I road him slowly and bit my lip as I watched his eyes roll back into his head and close. His hands were gripping my breast and he then took hold of my hair and pulled me back to his lips. He then sat up with me still on top of him. We both held on to each other as we both moved our hips. I was moaning in his ear and he was growling in mine. I laid my body back some and he took a hold of my hips and started to move in and out of me faster. The sweat was running down his body and I started to buck my hips against him.

In one fast motion he flipped me over and I grabbed the footboard of the bed as he entered me from behind. He took a hold of my hips and slammed in and out of me. I came all over him almost instantly. I hollered out and he smacked my ass. Fuck, I loved it. Then I felt him move away from me. I looked over my shoulder to see him walk over to our dresser. I knew what was coming when I heard the vibrations. I felt the bed dip as he moved closer to me. His fingers moved up and down my pussy, I then felt his fingers enter me as the toy was placed on my clit. I bucked right away. It was too much at first and then my body accepted it. I gripped harder to the footboard and was moaning loudly.

“Please, Lucas!” I hollered out. His face came close to mine.

“Please what baby?” He said.

“Please fuck me,” I whispered out to him. His lips went to mine. He kept the toy on my clit and I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me.

“I’ll fuck you when you cum again.” He said through gritted teeth. I then felt him smack my ass again and I came all over him.

“Oh my god,” I said. He picked my body up and took me over to the chair we had in the room. He sat in it and I climbed on top of him. I gripped the back of the chair as I sat down on him. I started to pull myself up and down. His hands were running up and down my thighs. Suddenly, the hot tip of his tongue traced the whorl of my ear. I thrust harder against his cock. Then he lifted me again and we were now on the floor. His big hands clasped my hips and he pulled me close to his body as he entered me again. The scream exploded out of me as I clamped my legs against his body. He was ramming in and out of me and I was losing all my senses. He stood upon his knees and gripped my thighs from underneath. He pulled me closer to him and my feet touched his head. I reached out and grabbed the back of his thighs. I held myself close to him as he continued to fuck me hard and deep. I could feel his sweat falling on my wet body.

His body started to tense up and I knew he was close and so was I. His head fell back and he hollered out. “Fuck!” He said. Then he came forward and kissed me. He rolled over and laid naked next to my body on the ground. The only sounds you could hear was our breathing. After a few moments. I set up just enough to crawl next to him. I started to plant kisses on his chest. I glanced up at him. His eyes were closed. I smiled to myself as I started to kiss him down his body. I felt his muscles move with every kiss and lick I gave him. I moved closer and closer to his cock. In the moonlight that came in from the window. I could see the slick wetness on his cock from our lovemaking. My lips were mear inches from his cock as I kissed just tip and his body shook. I licked my bottom lip as I took one last glance at him. His eyes were still closed, but he had a hint of a smile on his face.

I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and placed him in my mouth. As I wrapped my lips around him and started to suck and lick. I felt his hands in my hair. He was still a little sensitive and I used it to my advantage. I teased the tip of his cock as his body shivered. I could hear little moans escaping his mouth. I smiled as I started to milk his cock with everything I had. Soon it was very hard again. Lucas was very large and I had a hard time putting all of him in my mouth, but damn it if I didn’t do the best I could. I was obviously doing it right as he was becoming more and more aroused and I loved every minute of pleasuring him. “You're going to get a mouthful if you keep that up.” I heard him say and I just ignored him as I kept on sucking and licking him with all I had. “Scarlet!” He hollered out as the back of my throat was splashed with his seed. I licked him one last time as he shivered again.

“I love you."

“I love you too baby.” I stood up and reached my hand out to his. He followed me into the shower. He started to wash my body and The next thing I knew he was dipping inside of me again and I knew right there and then. This was going to be a long night and I welcomed every minute of it.

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