My stepfathers son

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Chapter 3

On Saturday morning I woke up early. I had plans for a beach day with Jessica and some other friends. We were meeting a lot of other people there for the day. I slipped into my pink and black bikini and pulled my see-through suit cover on. I got my beach bag ready to go and headed to the kitchen. Lucas was already in the kitchen discussing something with his father. They both seem to shut up as I entered. “You off to the beach today Scarlet?” Jack asked me. I smiled at him and nodded. Lucas was just watching me. “We will talk later son,” Jack said and left the kitchen.

“What was that all about?” I asked. Lucas didn’t say anything.

“Don’t you think that suits a little much?” I heard Lucas say. I stopped and looked at myself then I looked over at him.

“No, I mean it is a bathing suit and I’m going to the beach,” I said looking at him funny. His face looked stern and he just looked back to his newspaper. “If you're so worried about it. Why don’t you come to the beach with me.” I said. He looked up at me and I smiled at him. “You can babysit me all day if that will make you happy,” I said. He smiled and I smiled back at him.

“What makes you think I want to spend my day with a bunch of high school kids in the sun?” He said.

“Fine suit yourself, but I’m not changing and, hey we’re all college kids now thank you very much,” I said. I grabbed a couple of bottles of water and put them in my bag. I then picked up my bag and started to head out.

“Fine.” I heard Lucas say behind me. I stopped and turned to him.

“What?” I said.

“I’ll go, just give me a minute to get ready.” He said. I smiled at him and nodded. I sat on the couch and pulled out my cell phone and gave Jessica a text, letting her know I’d be a minute. I also told her that Lucas was coming with us. She didn’t text me back right away. I sat my phone down just as Lucas came back into the room. He had on some swim trunks and nothing else. I watched as his muscular body started to put a tank top on. It was hard not to bite my lip as I watched him. “You watching me again Scar?” He said. Damn it, I said to myself. He just smiled at me and said let’s go. I shook my head as I followed him out. Lucas insisted on us taking his truck. We pulled up in front of Jessica’s place and she came running out to us.

“Nice truck Luke,” Jessica said. I just shook my head because I knew how much Lucas hated to be called Luke. He just smiled at her as I got out and let her in. We pulled up to the beach and it was raging with people. Lucas parked the truck and helped us with our things as we found a perfect place to kick back. Lucas pulled three umbrellas out and set them up around our little campout. “Hey, how am I suppose to get tanned if I’m stuck under these things all day,” Jessica said to Lucas.

“Move yourself away from them. Scarlet burns easy.” He said. I had to smile at him because he remembered. I laid my towel out and took a seat. I pulled my cover off and pulled out my sunblock. I started to cover myself in it as Lucas came up behind me and started to put some on my back.

“Thank you,” I said.

“Try to keep yourself out of trouble. I’m going to walk around.” He said. I nodded at him and watched him walk off.

“You could of at least warned me, Scarlet.” I heard Jessica say. I turned to face her.

“Warn you? About what?”

“About how hot your brother is.” She said. I just rolled my eyes.

“Because he is not hot,”

“Are you kidding me. All the girls here are practically drooling over him and I don’t see him being a dick to you like you said he was. He actually acted like he cared about you.” She said. I looked over to where he was and he had at least three girls following him. I just kind of laughed and looked back at Jessica.

“Why don’t you go and be a part of his little fan club then,” I said and went back to putting sunblock on. She just kind of gave me a look and laid down in her chair. The day was going great. People all over were swimming and playing volleyball. There was music and barbecuing. I kept my eye on Lucas most of the time. He seemed to be having a good time. He was making friends and I even watched him play some ball with some guys. Of course, he still had his little fan club of girls around him. I did, however, see him looking at me a couple of times. I was starting to get a little hot so I decided to take a swim. Jessica was off entertaining some boys. I stood up and removed my sunglasses and headed off towards the water. Some of my male friends were already in the water.

“Hey Scarlet, it’s about time you got your sweet ass in this water.” My friend Nick yelled out as I ran into the waves. The water felt great and after a while, we were all splashing around and having a good time. Nick came swimming over to me and took me in his arms and tossed me into the air. I let out a scream as I went under the water. I then felt a pair of strong arms bring me back up to the surface. I wrapped my arms around the stranger and he held me bridal style in his arms. After I got the water out of my lungs. I looked up and it was Lucas who had a hold of me and he was letting Nick have it.

“What’s your fucking problem.” I heard Nick say.

“She is not the best swimmer you dick.” I heard Lucas say. He was right, but that was also four years ago and I had become better at swimming since then. I still kept my arms around him.

“Lucas, clam down. I’m a better swimmer now. He was only playing.” I said. Lucas just held me tighter to him as he made his way out of the water. I looked around and some people were watching us including Jessica. “You can put me down now,” I said to Lucas. He stood there a moment with me still in his arms. I still held onto him waiting for him to say something or put me down.

“You need to be a little more careful.” He whispered in my ear. I could have sworn he smelled me. I just shook my head and he sat me down.

“I will.” Was all I could say. The day turned into night and all the little parties around the beach were still in full swing. I had Jessica and a couple of other girls around me laughing and having a good time. I still kept sneaking peeks at Lucas. It was funny to see him push different girls away most of the day. I didn’t understand why he wasn’t just letting loose and enjoying them, but he didn’t seem interested at all. Maybe he became gay while he was gone. I laughed to myself. He was also watching me a lot of the time. Some guys built a huge bonfire and we gathered around it. Including Lucas and some other guys. He sat across from me and some dumb drunk guy was trying to talk us all into playing spin the bottle. “What are you like twelve,” I said, everyone laughed and Lucas just smiled. Jessica was sitting right next to me.

“I’d like to kiss your brother.” She said.

“He is not my brother.” I reminded her.

“You know what I mean damn it.” She said. I just rolled my eyes as others started to play. It was actually turning out to be a fun game. Some were kissing cheeks and some were just pecking on the lips fast. I watched as the bottle made its way around the circle of people. Until it was now in front of me. I just shook my head and as I took the bottle, I seen Lucas watching me intensely. I gave the bottle a spin and just as luck would have it. It landed right on Lucas. I started to protest as this felt weird. Jessica’s mouth fell open as all of a sudden. Lucas came over to me and took my face in his hands and our lips met. This wasn’t just a peck on my lips or a kiss on my cheek. His lips wrapped around mine and I lost myself in his deep warm kiss. He pulled back from me and just looked at me for a moment. Then he went back to his spot and sat down. “What the hell was that?” Jessica said next to me. I didn’t know what to say to her. The truth was only Jessica knew who Lucas was. As far as everyone else was concerned. Lucas and I just shared the sexiest kiss of the night.

After people started to head home. We had decided it was time to head home as well. Lucas and I haven’t said a word to each other since the kiss. I felt a little uncomfortable with him. We dropped Jessica off and there was nothing but silence in the truck. I decided to break the silence. “Lucas, what was that?” I asked him. I saw him take a deep breath.

“What are you talking about Scar?” He said.

“You kissed me,” I said. He licked his bottom lip.

“It was just a game. Don’t read to much into it.” He said. I just looked out the window. That didn’t feel like a game to me. I’ve kissed a lot of boys and none of them have ever kissed me like that. I said to myself. “Scar, did you hear me?” He asked.

“Yes, I heard you,” I said.

“Good, because I don’t want you falling in love with me or something.” He said.

“Oh my god, Lucas,” I said and he just laughed. I shook my head at him and smiled. I guess he is right. I’m reading way to much into this. Although I kept thinking about the kiss almost all night long.

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