My stepfathers son

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Chapter 36

Lucas’s POV,

“When are you going to tell her?” Darren asked as we were sitting in the car headed to take these men out.

“After all of this is over,” I said.

“You think she will be okay with moving to New York?”

“I don’t know Darren, but she will have to consider it. I mean Amelia is your daughter too and it’s where your father needs you and with me merging with him and becoming a member of your family. I don’t think she is going to stay behind without either one of us.” I said.

“So you still think she might want to be with me?” He asked. I just looked at him. I swear if he wasn’t Amelia’s father I would have killed him already, but then again how can I be mad at him for any of this. Scarlet and I were not together when they hooked up. Amelia was not something they planned together. I love her and I will do what I have to do to keep her happy.

“I don’t know Darren, but I will be next to her until she asks me to go. If she loves you and wants to be with you. I will not give you any problems as long as she is happy. That’s all I want. She is a very special woman Darren.” I said back to him.

“I know that she is and I have respect for you Lucas. I don’t know if I could have been as strong as you have been.” He said. I nodded at him and the rest of the trip was quiet. The mission turned out to be very easy and clean. They were outnumbered with William’s family and men. We took out everyone we saw. We even found their leader hiding like a coward.

“Why did you think it was okay to touch my daughter?” Darren asked the man.

“I planned on taking out your whole family Mr. Marsh,” Peter said. William just shook his head. I stayed in the back corner of the room with my arms crossed and watched as Darren took out all his frustrations out on this man before he killed him. I never knew how dark Darren Marsh could really be until tonight. We ended up getting back to the cabin just as the sun was rising. We walked inside and found Scarlet sleeping with Amelia on the couch in the living room. Blake, William’s wife met us in the kitchen. William, Darren and William’s right-hand man and I were having a drink.

“What are you doing awake kitten?” William asked her as she walked in.

“Well I would be sleeping, but Scarlet was such a mess last night. I had to watch her. All she did was pace this house with that baby in her arms most of the night. She was so worried about Lucas and Darren.” Blake said. She then looked at me and Darren. “I hope you two are not playing with this girl’s head. She seems so confused and lost when it comes to the two of you.” Blake said. We both just sort of looked down.

“I’m going to go get Amelia, why don’t you take Scarlet to her bed?” Darren whispered to me. I nodded at him and we both walked back into the living room. Darren took the baby from Scarlet and she stayed sleeping. I then picked up Scarlet and walked her to the bedroom. I felt her lips against my cheek and I looked down into her beautiful eyes.

“Hello, baby,” I said to her.

“You came back to me.” She whispered.

“We all did love,” I said to her as I laid her down on the bed. She yawned and I laid next to her. She placed her head on my chest and soon she was sleeping again. I never thought in all my years of knowing Scarlet. That one day she might love me the way I loved her from the moment I met her. I was a young dumb kid when she came into my life. I treated her like crap to keep her at bay. She was my father’s new wife’s daughter and I knew my feelings were wrong. I knew the way I looked at her or how I felt would be nothing but heartache. I took it out on my father and on Scarlet for years. I just couldn’t help myself when I came home from school and seen what a beautiful and sexy woman Scarlet had turned out to be. The minute I tasted her lips it was all over for me and I had to have her. Of course, I had to go and fuck all that up and then she fell into the arms of another man. My life has always been one fuck-up after another, but here I lay with this special woman still in my arms. I know I will be fighting for her and damn it. I’m not going to give up that easily.

I opened my eyes a few hours later to find myself alone in the bed. It was after two in the afternoon. I got up and went into the bathroom and had a shower. I then went to find food and Scarlet. Scarlet was sitting in the living room with Blake and Amelia. She turned and looked at me. Her smile was beautiful and I couldn’t help it but walk over and kiss her lips. Blake just smiled at us. “Are you hungry?” She asked me. I nodded at her and she got up and followed me into the kitchen. Blake had Amelia and I knew she wasnt going to pass her over anytime soon. “How did everything go last night? Was anyone hurt?” She asked me.

“It all went very smoothly. Everyone is fine. Don’t worry yourself with it. The threat is gone and we are safe again.” I told her. I saw her eyes light up. She pulled food out of the fridge and started to make me something to eat. I just smiled as I watched her take care of me. She was born to be a mother and I knew it from the start. “Scarlet, I need to talk to you. Will you join me out on the back porch?” I asked her and she nodded at me as she poured me a cup of coffee. She followed me out onto the porch and we took a seat. “Where is Darren?′ I asked her.

“Sleeping still I guess. I got up to find Amelia with Blake.” She said.

“I had a long talk with William a few weeks ago. Scarlet, Darren has to return to New York and take over the family. William is ready to step back and spend the remainder of his life with his wife. He will still be the head of the family, but Darren will be taking his place. I have also been offered a part in their family and Darren would like for me to be working at the top with him. I have accepted this and merged my father’s business with the Marsh family.” I said. She just looked at me and I was having a hard time reading her face.

“What are you telling me, Lucas? Your a part of the mafia now?” She asked. I just nodded at her. “Don’t you think that maybe this was something you should have talked with me about before you accepted this offer?” I sighed and took a deep breath.

“Darren has got to go regardless. You and him have a child together. I thought this was the best thing to do.” I said to her.

“Wait, we have to live in New York?” She said and once again I just nodded at her.

“Well yes unless You want to stay here,” I said to her.

“Oh, so your both okay with just leaving me?” I could tell she was starting to get upset.

“No baby, that’s not why I did this. I thought you would go just because of Amelia. I thought you would want to make sure she was near Darren.” I tried to explain my actions.

“Lucas, you should have spoken to me about this.” She said. I could see she was disappointed with me.

“I’m sorry baby, I was just trying to make sure I did what was best for you,” I said.

“So when is Darren going to talk to me?” She asked me.

“I’m sure soon, everyone wants to go home,” I told her.

“What about your father’s home?” She asked me.

“It will be here for us to visit whenever we want to. I know you love your mother, but she knows what’s going on and she is okay with everything.”

“Well you just have it all figured out, don’t you.” She said.

“I’m sorry Scar,” I said. I knew she was upset with me, but I also knew she would always be protected, being near us.

Scarlets POV,

I was mad at Lucas and Darren. Who do they think they are? I said to myself as I was packing all our things up. I still hadn’t seen Darren and Lucas was staying away from me at the moment. I heard my daughter cooing on my bed. She was playing with her hand. Or should I say putting it in her mouth, but she seemed content. “Your daddies have upset your mother Amelia,” I said to her as I was packing.

“Your upset with me?” I heard Darren’s voice. I turned to see him come into the bedroom. “Let me guess, Lucas spoke to you?” I turned and just gave him a heated look. “I take that as a yes.” He took a deep breath. “Scarlet this is best for all of us. I can protect you and our daughter. Lucas did a good thing for himself by joining the family and we trust him. He will always be safe. The work he did was very dangerous and now he has us on his side.” He tried to explain. I stop what I was doing and crossed my arms at him.

“Don’t you think that maybe you guys could have spoken to me about all of this? Before you just went and decided everything for me?” I asked him. I watched as he started to kiss Amelia’s feet. I knew she knew who he was because she just loved him. She knew how to make Darren smile and he knew how to make her smile.

“Your right beautiful, we should have come to you, but things have been very messed up and we had to make some choices on our own. Trust me this is a good thing.” He said. I just shook my head.

“Fine Darren just tell me what I have to do and I’ll do it,” I said. He looked up at me and then he got up and walked over to me.

“Hey, it’s not like that. I promise you will love New York. I’ll make sure of it.” He said. I was so upset with both Lucas and Darren. At that moment I didn’t even know if I wanted to be with either of them. Could I really let them both go to New York without me or Amelia? I felt like they could both just kiss my ass. I just wanted to be where ever I was going to be and get back to work and raise my daughter. I didn’t even want to think about anything else at this moment.

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