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Chapter 37

Here I am looking out the window of the Marsh home in New York. We have been here one week now and I haven’t really been to open with either Lucas or Darren. I think they both know just how upset with them I am and they have kept their distance. Amelia is now over five months old and I’m ready to go back to work. I have a job interview in the city at noon for a privet practice. It’s a shared practice between doctor Lance Harper and doctor James Lewis. I haven’t met either of them yet but my interview is with them both. Darren has hired a full time moved in nanny. The only thing I’m happy about is neither of them gave me any problems about going to work. Trust me they both let me know how I didn’t need the money, but it wasn’t about the money. It was about me and just me.

I was all dressed and ready to go. Darren had a limo take me into the city. I thought it was a little much, but I didn’t want to argue. Darren and Lucas both walked me out to the car. “Are you going to stay mad at us forever?” Lucas asked. I just looked back at them.

“I’m not mad,” I said as I sat in the car. Darren just crossed his arms. “Check in on Amelia please,” I said to Darren. He nodded at me. I closed the door and we headed out. The privet practice turned out to be a much large building then I thought. I walked in and was greeted by a huge water fountain. There was a waiting room with a large desk and a pretty woman sitting behind it. I walked over to her and told her why I was here. She had me take a seat and I waited almost an hour before I was called. I was taken to a room with two desks and told to have a seat. I heard the door close behind me. This place was more then I had expected it to be. It was a privet family practice, but it was overly fancy. I just wanted a nice and quiet setting. I wasn’t sure if this was going to be for me. I then heard the door open behind me.

“Miss. Addison?” I heard a deep voice say. I turned and there was a young man in a doctor’s coat standing in front of me. He was tall with dirty blond hair and bright blue eyes. He was clean-shaven and very handsome. I nodded at him as he came in and took a seat behind one of the desks. “Hello, I’m doctor Harper. My associate doctor Lewis will be with us shortly. I’m sorry for the wait, but you know how doctors are.” He said. He seemed very polite. I just kind of looked at him funny. “Is everything alright?′ He asked me.

“Yes, I’m sorry. You just seem so young to be a doctor.” I said. He smiled at me.

“Both my partner and I graduated early with honors from NYU. Were in our early thirties. Is that a problem for you?” He asked. I just smiled at him.

“No of course not,” I said. Hell, I would have guessed the late twenties at the most. I said to myself.

“Everything in your file looks very impressive Miss. Addison.” He said.

“Please call me Scarlet,” I said and he nodded at me.

“I’d love to show you around our office until Doctor Lewis is done?” He asked me.

“Sure I’d like to see the place,” I said. He smiled and stood up. “Are you sure I’m not keeping you from your work?” I asked.

“No Scarlet, I have the rest of the day off,” he said. We walked around the whole place and it was much larger then I thought. He had gone on to tell me all about the place and that they liked to have at least ten nurses on duty at all times. Between him and his partner, they see around one hundred people a day if not more. The place stays busy and I did like that.

“Doctor Harper.” I heard a voice say. We both turned around and what the hell. I didn’t know if I was going to be able to work here or not. In front of us stood a man almost as tall as doctor Haper. He had jet black hair and dark amber-colored eyes. His skin was sun-kissed and he was built like a truck. I could also see the hint of a tattoo on his chest. Both of these men were amazing looking. It just got all kinds of hot in here. How the hell does anyone get any work done around here.

“Doctor Lewis, are you all finished?” Doctor Harper asked him. He nodded at him and we made our way back to their office. “James this is Scarlet Addison, Scarlet this is Doctor James Lewis, My partner.

“It’s nice to meet you, Miss. Addison.” James said.

“It’s just Scarlet sir,” I said.

“Scarlet then, around the office I would like for you to be called Miss Addison or nurse Addison.” He said and I could see his dominance radiate off of him. I nodded at him. Lance just smiled and looked back at me. “I like to keep things very professional around here, understand?” He asked me.

“Yes, sir,” I said. He gave me a slight smile. We all sat there and talked for a little over an hour and when we were done they offered me the job. I took it and I was starting Monday morning as head nurse. I wasn’t sure why they wanted me to be in charge of the nursing staff, but they both said I would be perfect and they needed someone to fill the position.

“I’d like for you to meet Nurse Handly before you leave. She will show you the ropes until you are settled in.” James told me. We all got up and headed out of the office. We walked down a large hall to the nurse’s office area. A very nice-looking woman in her fifties, I was guessing sat behind a desk. She looked up when we walked in.

“Mrs. Handly this is Scarlet Addison. She will start on Monday as head nurse. I’m sure you will show her all she needs to know to run this place.” Doctor Harper said. She nodded at him and they said goodbye to me and walked off. I watched them walk down the hallway.

“They are handsome don’t you think?” I heard the woman say to me.

“I’m sorry what?” I said when I turned back around to face her. She just smiled at me.

“It’s okay dear. They turn the heads around this place.” She said. I just smiled at her. “I will show you out and starting Monday morning just meet me here first thing.” She said and I told her goodbye and I headed out to the limo. Before I set down in the car I looked up at the building. That’s when I noticed both doctors were watching me from the window. Great, they have seen me get into this limo. I looked away and the driver closed the door. Once I was back home. I was greeted by Darren standing outside.

“How did it go?” He asked me.

“I got the job as head nurse. I start on Monday morning.” I said.

“That’s great Scarlet.” He said. I smiled at him. I took a deep breath and looked at Darren.

“I’m sorry I have been such an ass lately,” I said to him and he came a little closer to me.

“It’s okay beautiful, I’m sorry I pushed you into moving here.” He said. I reached up and kissed his cheek. I walked inside leaving him outside. Lucas was in the kitchen and I walked over to him.

“Hi,” I said and he looked up at me.

“Hi baby, how did it go?” He asked me.

“I got the job and start on Monday. Look, Lucas, I’m sorry I have been being so cold.” I said. He just looked at me.

“Don’t Scarlet, this is my fault.” He said. I walked over to him and kissed his cheek as well.

“I’m going to go see my daughter,” I said and walked out of the kitchen.

It has been almost two months since we moved here to New York. Things at my new job have been going perfect. Doctor Lewis and Harper are very professional and run a great office. I’m happy with my job. Lucas and Darren have been so busy and I really haven’t been spending to much time with them. I think we have all been just breathing and not trying to worry about where we all stand at the moment. I do miss them, but I’m so busy with work myself I haven’t had time. I’m either working or spending time with my daughter. “Miss Addison?” I heard doctor Lewis say. I turned my head and looked up at him. I was just finishing up some last-minute paperwork getting ready to head home for the night.

“How can I help you?” I asked him.

“I just wanted to tell you what a good job you have been doing around here. I like how professional you have been running things. Keep up the good work.” He said and smiled at me.

“Thank you, sir, I appreciate that.”

“I will always let you know how I feel your doing Miss. Addison.” He said and then he left the room. I smiled and turned off my computer and headed home. It was time to have a good talk with Lucas and Darren. Because things at home were not working out for me anymore.

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