My stepfathers son

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Chapter 38

I got home kind of late and if Lucas or Darren weren’t in bed. Then they were working late as well. I needed to talk to them both. I walked in and went to the kitchen. I wanted some hot tea. I sat my things down on the table and started to make myself a cup. I heard someone come into the kitchen. I turned to see Darren standing in the doorway. “You scared me,” I said as I jumped a little. He just stood there with his arms crossed. “What’s wrong?” I asked him.

“I don’t know Scarlet, you tell me?” He said and then he walked in and took a seat at the table. I started to talk when Lucas also walked in and took a seat. Both of them crossed their arms.

“What is this?” I asked them. They looked at each other and then back to me.

“Baby, are you happy here?” Lucas asked me.

“Yes.” I simply said.

“Then why have you been avoiding me? Or better yet avoiding Darren. Because If it’s not me you want. The only other person you could possibly want would be Darren, but your avoiding him too. What’s going on?” Lucas asked and he looked pained. I took a deep breath and finished making my tea. I then walked over to them and took a seat.

“So much has happened over the last year. Since we got here to New York I have just been trying to breathe and find my place. It has nothing to do with you two.“I said and then I turned to Lucas. “I love you, I have loved you for as long as I can remember now. You have a piece of my heart.” I then turned and looked at Darren. “You came into my life when I was on my own with a broken heart. You made me believe in love again. Mine and Lucas’s relationship was so wrong in so many way’s and we overcame all the obstacles together. It made me believe that we were something special. I didn’t think I could find something special like that again, but then Lucas came back into my life and then I found out I was pregnant with your baby. You did things that made me fall for you in my own ways. Then she was taken from us and all I wanted was to be near you. I pushed Lucas away because I couldn’t stand the thought of anyone else near me, but during that time my heart still belonged to Lucas. Then you came and told me how you really felt about me. You made me stop and think. You made me question my own feelings.” I stopped and took a deep breath. They both set there listening to me and they both had a look of worry on their faces.

“What are you trying to tell us?” Darren asked.

“What I’m trying to say is that I love you both and I don’t want to lose either of you, but I can only have one of you. That’s the truth and at the moment I can only give you that.” I said and then I looked away from them.

“So we both mean the same to you?” Lucas asked.

“No, I love you both, but in completely different ways, but both of those ways are equally strong,” I said. “I just need time. I also want to move out of this house.” I said and they both got a look of shock on their faces. “Look you two, I can’t keep living under this roof pondering day after day about who I want to end up with. It’s not fair to you or myself. I’m also living with a bunch of strangers and Darren’s family. I want a place of my own. A place where I can be me and breathe. I won’t leave New York. I have a great job and I love you guys. I want to live my life with one of you. I just don’t know what one. It’s not fair to ask you to wait and I want you two to move on with your lives. Don’t sit around and wait for me.” I said. It felt sad explaining myself to them. I felt like I was trying to say goodbye. I just couldn’t expect them to sit around and put their lives on hold. Lucas stood up. He looked like he was going to lose it.

“What? Wait a minute. How did this happen? Scarlet, you can’t be serious. You can’t just move away from us and tell us something like this. What changed?” He said. Darren and I both just looked up at him.

“Calm down man,” Darren said to him.

“No, I won’t calm down. She is going to leave us and then she will forget us and move on with her life.” He said. “Do I mean so little to you? After everything we have been though. This is going to be your outcome?” He was demanding answers from me that I just couldn’t give. I just sighed and looked down. Even with me being this way Lucas still had a special hold on my heart. He meant so much to me in so many different ways. It was killing me to see him this way.

“I love you, Lucas,” I said.

“Then don’t leave Scar, don’t do this.” He said. I stood up and went into Lucas’s arms. I wrapped my arms around him.

“Even if I was to choose to be with someone. I would still want to move into a place of my own. This is something I want for myself. Moving out has nothing to do with either of you.” I said. Darren stood up and then looked at me.

“You do whatever you need to do Scarlet. I just ask that you let me help you. I’ll buy a home that’s close to us and you let me higher you help. A nanny and someone to help clean.” He said. I looked at him for a moment and I knew it was going to just be a fight if I argued with him so I agreed. “There is something you need to understand. If It’s me you choose this is my family home and this is where I will live.” He said. I knew that and I would accept that.

Over the next week. I had found a small two-bedroom house that was only about ten minutes away from Darren’s home. The problem was I was tricked. The house belongs to the Marsh family and It was a home for visitors and members that needed a place to live. The only reason I didn’t put up a fight was that the place was so charming. It was hidden in the middle of woods and there was a small creek that ran thought it. I loved it so I just kept my feelings to myself, but I did let Darren know that he was sneaky. At least this way he could come and see Amelia whenever he wanted. I also decided to cut my hours back from work. Both Doctor Lewis and doctor Harper didn’t like this, but once I told them why and said I would leave completely. They worked with me. They said I was to good to let go and hopefully I would come back on as full time eventually. I now only worked three days a week and the rest of the time I get to be with my daughter.

I had Amelia sitting on the floor in the living room with some toys and I was in the kitchen cooking. I could see her over the bar and I had music playing. The girl loved my country music and it kept her humming to herself whenever I played it. I felt very safe out here. I loved to have the house opened whenever I was home and tonight had a cool breeze flowing outside. After I had my dinner and put Amelia down for bed. I sat on my porch with a cup of tea and just relaxed. That’s when a car was pulling down the driveway. I wasn’t worried because I had men that watched the front gate to come back here to my home. It was more than likely Lucas or Darren. I recognized the Black challenger when it parked. I watched Lucas step out of the car. He looked up at me and smiled. I smiled back at him. “What are you doing out here so late?” I asked him.

“I wanted to see you.” He said as he made his way up on the porch and took a seat next to me on the swing.

“Yeah, I’m glad you came. I feel like I don’t see you much.” I said.

“That’s because you just moved away.” He said.

“I’m just up the road. It’s not like I moved across the city.” I said smiling and Lucas laughed.

“I miss you Scar.” He said. I reached over to hug him and he turned his face and our lips met. We both stopped for a second and looked at each other. Then I just moved into his lap and crashed my lips to his. Making love with Lucas was effortless and easy. I haven’t been with anyone like this since before Amelia was taken and my body wanted this. Lucas didn’t stop me as he lifted me up and I wrapped my legs around his body. He took me inside the house and we found our way to my bedroom. He laid me on the bed and we were undressing like wild animals. His lips were all over my body and the sounds we were making were enough to make anyone hot. “God I’ve missed you.” He breathed into my ear.

“I love you, Lucas,” I said and it only fueled his fire. We were both completely naked in a matter of seconds and we were all over each other. His mouth found my nipple and he sucked gently as I stretched out feeling him with my fingers. His mouth moved down my stomach and then his tongue found my core and I almost bucked him right off of me. He held me down as he devoured me. He didn’t let up as I came twice. Then he pulled me on top of him and I had the control as I lowered myself onto him. My hands gripped his hard chest. He felt so good deep inside of me. His fingers dug into my hips as I moved up and down him. My body knew this was where I wanted to be. I knew in my heart that Lucas was always going to be home and he owned my heart.

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