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Chapter 39

I woke up the next morning still in Lucas’s arms. I looked over at the clock and it was just a little after eight am. I could hear Amelia cooing in her crib. I slipped out of Lucas’s arms and went to my baby. She got a smile on her face when I walked in. I pulled her into my arms and headed to the kitchen to feed her. My cell phone went off and it was my work. I answered it and I was asked if I could come in. They had to let one of the nurses go and a new one was starting today that needed to be trained. I told them I would always help if needed so I said I would come in. I walked back to the bedroom and woke Lucas up. “Good morning baby.” He said with a sleepy smile.

“I’m sorry to do this, but my work called and needs me. Can you keep an eye on Amelia until the nanny can get here?” I asked as I started the shower.

“Of course,” Lucas said. He got up and went downstairs to get her as I jumped into the shower. Once I was done and I put on my scrubs. I walked down to the living room, where Lucas was on the carpet playing with the baby. I stood there for a moment watching them. Lucas was very good with her and she knew how to win him over. I walked up to them and kissed my daughter until she was giggling and then I kissed Lucas on the lips.

“I’ll be late, will you be here?”

“Do you want me here?” He asked as he stood up.

“Yes, I do,” I said. He kissed my lips again.

“Then yes I’ll be here.” I smiled and ran out the front door. I got to work before the new nurse showed up and doctor Harper kept thanking me over and over. I told him when I asked to be on part-time that I would always come in and help if they ever needed me.

“It’s just Mrs. Handly is on vacation for two weeks and I needed someone to train her. Her name is Riley Kennedy, Nurse Kennedy. She is your age and I thought you two would get along good.” He explained to me.

“It’s not a problem sir. I’m sure things will be just fine.” I said. He thanked me again and headed off to work. I waited for about thirty minutes and finally, she showed up. Doctor Lewis showed her to me and she was a pretty young thing. She had natural red hair and freckles all over her face. Her eyes were green and she reminded me of a little fairy. She was slender and just a tad taller than me. She was actually very pretty.

“Hello.” She said.

“Hello Riley, I’m Scarlet it’s nice to meet you,” I said and reached my hand out to her. She took my hand. “Welcome to our little practice,” I said as a joke as I looked around. We both started to laugh.

“How do any of you get any work done around here with doctor sexy and doctor yummy running around?” She said. I just smiled at her.

“I know right? Actually, they both are very professional men. Once you have learned their personalities. You will keep it that way.” I told her. She nodded at me. I spent the day showing her how things work around here and even getting a lot of work done myself. I had lunch with her and learned about her and we got along wonderfully. It was nice to have a female to talk with. I missed having some friends. I told her a little about myself and all about my daughter. Riley is twenty-seven and just moved here to get away from an abusive ex-boyfriend. She has been a nurse for almost two years and she loved her job back home. “You know I don’t really have any friends. I’d love to have you out for dinner one night. Get to know each other more.” She smiled at me and accepted my offer. The rest of the day dragged on but Riley got the hang of everything really fast and I was proud of her.

Once I got home I saw that Darren’s car was there. I parked and headed inside. I always loved to see Darren with Amelia. I knew she knew who he was because she was always so happy to be with him. “What are you doing here?” I asked as I sat my things down in the kitchen. He looked up at me.

“The nanny couldn’t come and Lucas had something he had to take care of. Besides I missed her.” He said. “How was your day beautiful?” He asked me.

“It was good I had to help a new nurse, you know show her the ropes and whatnot,” I said as I got me a cup of coffee. I went into the living room. I took a seat on the couch and Darren came and sat next to me.

“Let’s talk.” He said to me.

“Okay,” I said.

“I know Lucas spent the night here last night. I’m not mad I’m just ready for this to be done with. I know you love him and I know you care for me. Just give it up and be with him.” Darren said. He had every right to say how he felt and he was not wrong. I wanted to be with Lucas and there was no changing my mind. It has always been Lucas.

“Your right Darren and I’m sorry. I never meant to drag you along in any way, but yes I want him.” I said. Darren tapped my leg and smiled at me. He got up and went back over to Amelia. He picked her up.

“Do you mind if I take her home for the night? My mother is there and everyone wants to see her.” He asked me. I knew he was hurt. I could see it on his face.

“Of course you can take her. Bring her back whenever you feel like.” I said and smiled at him.

“Thanks, beautiful.” He said and walked off to pack some of her things. I took a deep breath and went back into the kitchen to cook something to eat. I heard the front door open and Lucas walked in. He looked tired, but I was happy to see him. He walked over to me and kissed the back of my neck.

“Where’s Darren?” He asked me.

“He is getting Amelia ready to take home for the night,” I said. “Lucas, I told him it’s you I want,” I said. Lucas stopped and turned to look at me. “No more bullshit between us. I want my life with you. I’m very much in love with you Lucas and I always have been.” I said. He walked back over to me and pulled me close to him.

“Promise?” He said and I nodded at him before crashing my lips to his. Darren left a little after that and I made Lucas and myself dinner. We ate and talked about him moving in with me. I was worried that maybe Darren would want us to move off of his property, but Lucas said he would have to stay close. Because of the family and Lucas being a big part of it. Darren didn’t have any brothers. I guess Lucas had become pretty close with William and Darren. Lucas told me he would talk with Darren and see what he wanted to do, but he was pretty sure Darren would want us to stay here. I was okay with that. I loved this house and I wanted Amelia close to her father.

One Year Later...

“So, how did it go last night?” I asked Riley. Darren had finally got up the nerve after a long talk with me about asking Riley out on a date. Over the last year, things have gone wonderful. Riley and I have become close friends. Lucas and I stayed in the house together and he moved in with me right away. Darren kept his distance from me for about three months. I had finally had enough of it and once we talked things were good. Lucas had told me he went back to his playboy ways for a while, but then soon got over it and once he met Riley I knew there was some sparks between them. Riley knew Darren was the father of Amelia, but she also knew that Lucas and I were together. One night she asked me how I felt about her liking Darren. I told her I thought it was great and that I thought they would be good together. She didn’t do anything about it, but one night Darren came to me and asked how I would feel if he asked her out. I gave him my blessing and the next thing I knew they were going out.

Amelia was walking now and we threw a huge first birthday party for her. I felt like Darren went a little overboard, but then Blake reminded me that it was how the family did things. Of course, the child got over a hundred things and most of it had to stay at Darren’s because her bedroom was much bigger there then it was at my place. Everyone just loves her and she is the biggest little flirt you will ever meet. She has won the hearts of everyone around her. Her hair has grown out a lot and she has a head full of dark curls that bounce every time she walks. She is very beautiful. She has Lucas and Darren wrapped around her tiny fingers. You wouldn’t think a one-year-old knew how to get her way yet, but let me tell you that’s not the case.

“It was, well it was really good.” She said and I knew they had slept together just by her looks. I just shook my head. “It was like this animal thing between us.” She said.

“Okay, that’s more then enough information thank you,” I said and we both giggled.

“I really like him, Scarlet, thank you.” She said and I just smiled at her.

“Darren is a very good man Riley. I hope you know what you have right now. He is a good one and will be very loyal to you as long as your the same for him.” I told her. We sat on the porch and just talked about everything under the moon. Once night fell we watched as two cars pulled up and Darren and Lucas got out and headed over towards us. I went into Lucas’s arms and Darren walked over to Riley. He reached out his hand to her and I smiled as she took it and they both got in the car and left.

“We don’t even get a goodbye?” Lucas said and I just smiled at him.

“They are falling for each other. Trust me nothing else matters right now.” I said to him.

“Where’s Amelia?” Lucas asked me.

“She is with my mother in the city,” I said. He then picked me up and took me in the house. He sat me down in our living room and I just look at him as he took a seat on the couch. I stood in front of him and he just looked up at me. I tilted my head at him and then I slowly started to unbutton my shirt. He just watched as I put on a little seductive show in front of him until I was in nothing but my matching black and pink bra and panties. He smiled and licked his lips. I moved closer to him and his hands came up and went around my hips. He pulled me down closer to him and I went into his lap. He reached over and pulled something out of his jacket. He then handed the little box to me. I took it and looked up at him.

“Marry me Scar.” He said as I opened the box and the most beautiful diamond ring shinned back at me.

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