My stepfathers son

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Chapter 7

Lucas ended up with four stitches in his head. We had to be at the hospital for over five hours as it seemed everyone in the city was sick. I wanted to ask him about what had happened, but I didn’t want to upset him, so I left it alone. He gave the doctors a story about how clumsy he was and left it at that. They gave him some pain meds that he denied and we were discharged. I drove us back home and tried to get Lucas to lay down and relax. All he wanted to do was kiss me. Not that I was complaining he was a great kisser. I really wanted him to relax.

Our parents would be coming home in two days. Lucas and I have been all over each other for the last couple of days. It’s like we can’t get enough of each other. I don’t really understand what’s going on between Lucas and myself. I don’t even know what’s going to happen between us when our parents get home. Right now I was just trying to enjoy him. He made us breakfast every morning and we took off every day doing something new. Hiking, boating, going to the zoo and many other places. It was almost like we were getting to know each other. I realized I didn’t know a whole lot about Lucas. I was so busy just trying to stay out of his way as a kid that I knew very little about him and he knew even littler about me.

Our last night alone we decided on just a movie and dinner at the house. Lucas picked the movie as I was finishing up making dinner. I just threw a stir fry together with beef. I walked out to meet him in the living room. He was laid out on the couch and waiting to push play on the movie. I stood there for a moment just to look at him. I took a deep breath as I started to feel sad that this was our last night alone. “What’s wrong Scar?” He asked me as I handed him his plate. I took a seat next to him.

“Is this thing between us going to end when their home?” I asked him. He sat up and looked at me.

“Do you want it to?” He asked me. I just shook my head at him. “Then it won’t.” He said.

“But?” I started to say.

“But nothing Scar. Don’t worry yourself. I’ll think of something.” He said. We ate our food and watched our movie. Well, we sort of watched our movie. We were to busy dancing with our tongues. I climbed into his lap and started to take this thing to a different level. When we both heard the front door open.

“Hello, is anyone home?” I heard my little sister yell out. I jumped off of Lucas and tried to straighten out my hair. My sister came bouncing into the living room. Lucas stood up and started to head out of the room. I took a deep breath.

“Hey sister sister, how was your week?” I asked her.

“Oh, you know fun. I went camping with Julie’s family it was great, but I was ready to come home. I hope you don’t mind.” She said.

“Not at all,” I said, as I looked down the hallway for Lucas, but he was gone.

The next morning I was up bright and early. My parents would be home soon and I was wanting to sneak into Lucas’s room and kiss him. I tiptoed out of my room and looked at my sister’s bedroom. Her door was still closed. I walked over to Lucas’s room and slowly opened his bedroom door. It was dark inside and I slipped inside closing the door behind me. I started to make my way over to his bed. I passed his bathroom and looked the best I could to see him in the bed, but it was so dark. The damn vampire. I said to myself. That’s when I felt arms go around my waist and I was picked up in the air and came down on his bed. I let out a little scream, as his hands went over my mouth. Then I felt his lips on mine. I knew it was Lucas and I wrapped my arms around his body and kisses him back. Our breathing became deep as he pulled away from my lips leaving me feeling lost. “What are you doing sneaking into my bedroom Scar?” He said. I ran my hand through his hair.

“I wanted to see you this morning,” I said.

“Did you, now.” He said, as his hand slipped under my tee-shirt. I wasn’t wearing a bra and his huge hand covered over my breast and he gave it a little squeeze. I let out a little moan. He then lifted my shirt over my head. I slipped out of it. His lips came down to my breast. I was loving every minute of it. His kisses were all over my chest. I wanted him so bad, but I knew this would be as far as it would go. I didn’t say anything as he gave me his torture. He then started to move himself farther down my body. Leaving kisses below my belly button. I felt his fingers go into the belt of my shorts. He slowly moved my shorts down my legs. I caught my breath in my chest. Is he going to take me now? I said to myself, but I kept my mouth shut. I also had no panties on. This is the closest I’ve ever let anyone near me. He went in between my legs and I started to get a little nervous. “Calm down baby, I just want to make you feel good.” He said. I took a deep breath as I felt his tongue go deep between my lips. I bucked the minute his tongue found my clit. My body started to calm down and I lost myself in his beautiful torture. His arms reached up and took a hold of my breast. It felt so good I was letting out little moans. Then his fingers gently went inside of me. He didn’t go deep and all I wanted was him to go deeper. I wanted to feel him inside of me. He was doing such a good job on my body. I felt myself getting closer and he started to move a little faster. I then lost myself and my body exploded all around him. I was breathing deeply as he came back up beside me. “You taste so good Scarlet. I can’t wait to take you.” He said laying next to me.

“Why haven’t you?” I asked him.

“So eager baby. I will when I feel the time is right.” He said. Whatever that meant? I said to myself. I ran my fingers up and down his chest. I was just enjoying myself laying next to him. I then got the idea of trying to please him back. I had never done anything like this before so I took my time slowly moving closer to him. I didn’t want him to stop me. I climbed on top of him. I made my way down his body giving him light kisses as I got closer and closer to his shorts. “What are you doing Scar?” He asked me.

“Don’t worry about it. Just be quiet.” I said. He laid his head back down and I knew he was going to let me do this. I pulled his huge cock out of his shorts. I then placed my mouth over him and I heard him growl. I had never done this before, so I prayed and started to concentrate. I gripped the bottom part of his cock because there was no way I was getting this thing deep in my throat. Within just a few minutes I felt his hands go into my hair and with a grunt and a growl. I felt a warm liquid go down my throat. I sat up and he pulled me close to him.

“Full of surprises today aren’t we.” He said as he kissed my head. We laid there together for about an hour. Just talking about random crap. I then realized it was getting late and I needed to get out of there. I kissed him again on the lips and left his room. As soon as I got out in the hall. I felt a sense of loneliness. I think I’m falling for my stepbrother. I said to myself.

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