The Princess & the Clans

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Medieval romance, erotica, forced marriage, forbidden love in a faraway, magical land.

Erotica / Fantasy
The Erotic Fox
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Greetings from the Clans.

She sat with her head low, staring at her black, velvet dress. She gripped the wooden seat, white knuckles forming & feet straight. Her breathing was shallow, the mixture of anxiety and her corset restricting the oxygen to her head. She heard her name faintly in the background and stood.

She stood with power, grace & a regal stance.

"My daughter, Princess Nyx of the Galloway Isles. Here today to choose a suitor- joining clans and bretherans among us."

Her eyes finally looked forward at the crowd of colours.

She was pale white skin, deep brown eyes, bordering on black. Jet black hair that curled naturally & a body of a goddess. The corset curved her, exentuiting her hips to breed and breasts pushed high. Her body was toned due to the amount of weapons defence training and horse riding. These were her favourite past times encouraged by her the father- The King of Galloway Isles.

She scanned her eyes across the room and could hear small intakes of breath, she never thought of herself as beautiful- but powerful and if she was going to be forced to marry she was damn well going to make sure the chosen match understood.

"Present your first borns!" her father bellowed.

6 men stepped forward, fathers and sons all whom were meant to be of worthy choices for her as a future husband & King.

According to tradition she was not allowed to rule the land without a husband, even though she knew she could.

"First son Carl of Glenclock - mighty warrior and heroic fighter..."

The worlds trailed as she studied all three men.

"Weak" she thought to herself of the first, he was weedy and hid behind his father.

Her eyes moved and focused on Loxley, her faithful Stable Master. He stood transfixed to her and darted his eyes occasionally to the suitors. Her heart hurt when she looked at him, it ached and broke with suck pain. He lowered his eyes and looked distraught, pained but forcing a straight face.

This was the worst decision she was ever going to have to make because her heart belonged to Loxley but he would never be accepted by her father. She wanted and wished for her body to belong to him, but she must stay a virgin for her husband. If she was to be caught out it was punishable by death.

Loxley nodded at her and back to the suitors, guiding her focus back to the task. Tears formed in her eyes and she looked up to the ceiling. She breathed in, closed her eyes and exhaled.

The second suitor had been and gone without her noticing.

"Forgettable then" she thought to her self.

"My lord, my second son Tristan of Kaledgh. A worthy second son in place of my first who died in battle. Tristan has battled the Ogres, protected homes, women and children. He presents to you today the head of the bear you have been fearing for 3 years- The Legendary Hardu."

A gasp rang out among the spectators and clans, a tall, muscular, dark haired man stepped forward. A scar down his face and a bears head held in one hand. Black and gold philabeg hung loosely on his hips with is crossing his body. Pure muscles poured out, his bow and arrow hung across his chest and sword hung low. Female spectators swooned at the site, but Nyx had no desire for a body.

Her father stood and accepted the the bears head, he held it high.

"Tell the people it is Hardu! Here is his scar I gave him 10 years ago before he took our first born. Our son- Ryn. Tristan of Kaledgh I accept you as a worthy first born & may god bless your soul for providing us with the vengeance we have seemed for many years."

Nyxs eyes welled up, she was in awe of this noble deed & found herself stepping forward out of her chair. Her hand was raised, unconsciously towards this warriors face. She took one look at Loxley who had begun to retreat. If she was going to have to choose someone, at least it was someone who had vanquished an enemy she herself had chased for years.

Tristan looked straight ahead, stone faced and heroic. She placed her hands on his cheeks and pulled him towards her- levelling his face to hers as she stood on the steps.

"I thank you Tristan of Kaledgh for your bravery and successful vengeance for my brother Ryn. For this - I choose you, I choose the Kaledgh clan to become United and we will rule together both isles."

Tristan looked into her eyes and smiled "You won't regret it Princess." He whispered intimidatingly. Fear struck her chest, she hadn't expected this transition of words and was rendered speechless. He stood to the steps and met her, towering then kissed her gently.

This confusing sense of emotions was beyond anything Nyx had experienced, she had never been one to feel fear, but this was dread at the decision she had just made. Yet the warmth and softness of his kiss made her concerns disappear.

Cheers erupted from the clans, the losing parties left & all were to join in a feast celebrating the engagement.

Nyx sat with Tristan, neither spoke but occasionally looked at each other. The feast was magnificent, luxurious food & drink, meats, cheese, bread, fruit all layed out in front.

Tristans hand rested on the wine goblet and the other on her thigh and gripped it tight. Nyx was taken aback as the presence of others was noted and she brushed his hand off.

She continued to speak with other members of her clan when out of the corner of her eye she saw a small, thin blade appear in Tristans hand. She knew better than to react and sat still, not to bring attention. One flick of his wrist and he had slit her dress. He slid his hand into the gap and rested his hand on her thigh, gently running his fingers on her skin. All her hair stood on edge and she looked at him with a piercing stare. He continued his conversation, while feeling his new possession.

Nyx excused herself from the table and headed to her room, this new presence of power had shaken her. She entered her room and felt hands around her waist, she spun quickly with her dagger in her hand- met with Tristans blade across their faces.

"I knew you were fiery, I heard stories about you- but I didn't expect to be stabbed before we had got married." He said, his grip tight around her pulling her in to wards his waist.

"I don't expect to be touched in such a manner before we are married, so now we're equal."Nyx replied sarcastically, she lowered her blade and tried to pull back.

Tristan held her and moved his blade slowly across her lips, up her jaw and through her hair. "Once we're married you are mine, I will own you & you will bow down to me- do you understand?" He whispered into her neck and gently kissed it. He finally lowered his blade and moved his hand into her dress.

"Tristan, I say no." Nyx fearfully whispered, her eyes darting to the guards at the door. They wouldn't open, no matter what she heard. His fingers moved to her wet core and he pushed one finger inside her. She let out a cry and his hand flew over her mouth. "Perfect, so the rumours are true you are a virgin. You just need taming, that's why you're so....aggressive." he removed his hand and headed to wards the door.

"I shall enjoy our courting over the next two weeks, I can't wait until the wedding" he said menacingly, before opening the door and leaving.

Nyx collapsed onto her bed, sore and broken.

"What have I done?" She thought to herself as she clutched her chest. Her breathing was rapid, she was struggling and starting to see dots over her eyes.

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