The Princess & the Clans

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Princess & the Stable Boy

Nyx had to be 18 yrs old when she chose her suitor. Her parents the king and queen had made sure she was fully aware of this 'coming of age' event and the importance it had for the kingdom. She had two years to go until then and she was going to enjoy this freedom and prove she could do it alone.

"I'm done with hearing about this Mother, I need to ride." She exclaimed in the grand hall after having been reminded of the loss of her childhood again.

"Princesses should be sewing with a needle, not carving a body with a sword!" Her mother screeched behind her as she exited the castle, her father began to debate with her mother on the importance of defense. Something Nyx actually agreed with her father on. "She also shouldn't be wearing THAT' she heard faintly in the distance.

She headed to the stables wearing her leather chaps, corset, riding boots, silk shirt and cape all in black. It was not deemed 'ladylike' to wear trousers but she refused dresses when riding - she rode fast and hard, even using her bow and arrow mid ride.

Nyx stormed into the barn, briefly waving hello at the Stable Master & summoned the boy. Her horse was 16 hands, thorough bred, jet black beauty that she'd had since a foal.

"He's not prepared" she stated when she saw him. "The pieces are here my Princess." The boy replied, he was a few years older than Nyx, blonde, blue eyed, a strong jaw line and a soft muscular figure. He was lean and strong with a soft voice. Authoratitive when necessary with Nyx, he could get away with telling her off and wanted to prove he could take on the role as Stable Master when his father passed on the mantle.

Nyx had always been fascinated by him, in love if she as honest with herself, since she was 9 years old and first saw him helping his father with her foal.

She grabbed the saddle and threw it on Zandros back, beginning to tighten the straps and secure.

"My Princess you seem tense, is everything okay?" Loxley asked calmly.

Nyx sighed, "I just want them all to stop talking about me, my future and suitors. It's my life and I...." she trailed off releasing she was rambling and disclosing family details.

She looked up at him as he had moved next to her, his eyes were like the ocean and she always sank into them.

"You need to breathe and relax for me My Princess." He said calmly, he guided her to the back of the stable away from Zandros and any noise. "Keep breathing for me and if you want to talk, talk." He stood so close to her, she could feel his finger tips on her arm and all hairs stood on end.

"I just need to relax and get out, get away." She said through half gasps, her chest heaving, her mind full of worry and concern. She suddenly felt a warmth in her core, Loxleys hand had slid into her chaps. She gasped and panicked pushing his shoulders.

He leant in and held her head "breathe for me, just breathe" he said staring straight into her eyes. She had never been touched there by anyone, nor herself- it just wasn't talked about, nor the done thing for a royal.

"If you do anything that gets me killed, I'm taking you down with me" she hissed.

Loxley grinned and lightly kissed her lips "ssh my princess, just breathe." His finger pressed into her gently, sliding up and down the front of her core. He didn't dare move inside her for fear if breaking her hymen but rotated his finger over her pulsating clit, starting gently then moving faster with her body. Nyxs hands were balanced on his shoulders, she didn't know where to look or how to move. Her body was buckling under this new pleasure she was feeling, she heaved and breathed heavily, her chest moving rapidly. Loxley laid kisses across her neck and down her chest, he whispered in her ear again "breathe slowly for me my princess and when you feel it- howl."

"Howl?" She asked mid moan, "Howl like a wolf, that way no one will know what you're experiencing. This is ours, understand?" He said whilst planting kisses on her lips and neck. He held her head as he felt her legs begin to buckle, her cheeks rosey and her core wet and dripping.

"Loxley, I... what is happening?" Nyx moaned.

"Remember to howl my princess" Loxley replied calmly, pushing the pressure and quickening his pace.

"I..ohh...oh... Loxley... oh.. my.." she threw her head back and howled. The pleasure ripped through her body like a pulsating wave of heat. It was magical and her mind was clear. Her breathing began to relax as she rested her head on Loxleys shoulder.

Loxley removed his hand and sucked his finger, he placed it into Nyxs mouth, she sucked with no command and tasted herself, sweet juices and she wanted more. She leant forward to kiss Loxley again and he retreated. "No my Princess, I just needed you to relax and breathe. Nothing more." Nyx was startled and embarrassed. She moved to her horse and began to climb him without saying anymore to Loxley.

"My princess please wait, I need to ready my horse."

"Just breathe Loxley, nothing more." She snarled and kicked her heels. Zandros rose, whinnied and galloped away.

Nyxs tears flowed down her cheeks as she felt the wind against her face. They galloped for what seemed an eternity, Zandros always knew the way to her spot. He took her around the edge of the Ogres forest, the fairy mountains and the witches caves. He stopped atop of Galloway Cliff, the view was breathtaking, the sea and sky line meeting as one and no one for miles. He skidded to a holt as she jumped off, nearing the edge of the cliff side.

She heard galloping behind her, "don't you dare move princess" shouted Loxley in a stern but frightened voice.

"I'm not going to do anything because of a stable boy." She snarled at him, "You are nothing and mean nothing to me."

Loxley pulled her arm and away from the edge, holding her shoulders he exclaimed "Don't be a brat, you're better than this. What I did, I'm sorry- I shouldn't have. You have no idea how long I've wanted to touch you, hold you and I will always be respectful. I have no intent to cause you any trouble or hurt. I have always loved you, you're my princess forever and always."

Nyx looked at Loxleys eyes, deep and wanting. Holding back all emotion and presenting herself with grace and maturity she said "I love you to but there is no future for us. It will always be this secrecy, is that really something we can both endure?"

Loxley tucked her hair behind her ear and cupped her chin "It will have to be my princess." He kissed her forcefully, the wind blowing through their bodies and embracing each other atop of the cliff.

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