The Princess & the Clans

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The Courtship

The courting of Princess Nyx was began at Tristans kingdom, ending at hers for the wedding. The two week long process was either to be a pleasure or a gruelling chore and having witnessed Tristans behaviour, Nyx feared the latter.

They had completed many daily exercises, archery, sword fighting, visiting the towns peoples, dinners and entertaining at Kaledgh. To be the new rulers of both clans and lands they had to put on the display, which Nyx could see Tristan was a pro at . He was charming, handsome, professional and kind. This made her feel ill when witnessing as no one knew the difference in him once they had retreated to the castle and in her privacy.

She wasn't a woman to be fearful of a man, but she feared his wrath. She hadn't spoken to anybody about it, not even Loxley- but was aware the maids and guards knew. They heard ornaments breaking, her cries of no. He couldn't have her until the wedding night, at the moment it was just possessive touching and grabbing.

They had gather from the week long visit to Kaledgh, which was successful and they had spent the days return riding through the forests. Loxley stayed close behind Nyx, Tristan could sense there closeness, he noted loxleys eyes never moved from Nyx. He made no talk to Loxley, instead was jovial with the guards. Nyx looked forlorn and sombre nothing it was 4 more nights to the wedding.

Once they arrived back at the stables, Loxley helped Nyx dismantle. Inches apart, he held her waist, Nyx flinched with his touch fearing any one saw, especially Tristan.

Loxley leaned in and whispered "you've lost weight, is everything alright my princess?"

"I'm fine Stable Master, all will be fine." She muttered. He frowned and pulled out a small bag, handing it to her slyly.

"These are for you, I don't mean to pry or judge- but he is.... a strong...being" he paused with his choice of words, his dislike radiated "I want you to be safe and have some form of control in this situation. This is the Eliza Nettle, chew a leaf after.... you are intimate. You will not fall pregnant."

Nyx looked taken a back, her face then smiled into a sense of relief. She embraced him suddenly. It wasn't she didn't want to have children, she adored the idea, just not at 18 years of age and currently not to him.

A cough was heard at the stable door, a guard had over head, nodded his head to the oncoming danger.

"More are aware of this, compared to my own parents. At least I can trust my own guards." She thought to herself.

They moved apart as Tristan appeared at the doorway "Princess, we must retire and prepare for dinner with the King & Queen, my family are also arriving in preparation for our wedding." He held out his hand, Nyx took it silently following him out to the castle.

Loxley stared on, his heart breaking. The guard Jerome stepped next to him, an older, bearded guard- but trusted by all the family. He placed a hand on Loxleys shoulder "This is not your fight Loxley, nor will she ever be the prize. We all love her, but you getting involved is not your place or right. Help how you can. We all we- but boy " he stepped in front of him "You keep up with this dalliance, you'll both end up dead. By that brutes hands."


Nyx headed into her room to prepare for the evening. Her new brother and sister in law were to arrive that eve, he was the younger brother whom seemed to have matured beyond his years compared to Tristan.

Her bath was drawn and ready, no maids were present and she undressed. The steam and heat hit her face making her light headed. She suddenly felt rough hands running themselves down her back, she froze and tensed at the touch. The hands wandered around her backside, spreading her cheeks, pressing himself into her. She hadn't felt him before skin on skin and he felt long, hard and thick. The hands moved to her chest, squeezing, pulling and tugging roughly at her nipples.

"We are so close my Nyx. A few more nights of pain, ready for unbearable pleasure." Tristan turned her around, taking her all in with an animalistic look. "Get on your knees Princess" he commanded.

Nyx began to drop, tears silently beginning to drop down her cheeks. "Please Tristan, I don't want.." he yanked her high, hands wrapped around her wrists dangling her. "You dare argue with your king? Get on your KNEES." He bellowed whilst throwing her back to the floor. She did as she was told, whilst her wrists and knees throbbed. He held her chin up and pushed upon her mouth with his fingers.

"Wide my whore, wide" he menacingly said in a low tone. Nyx began to sob and closed her eyes. He pushed his cock into her mouth, forcing it to stretch beyond anything she had known. She choked and gagged, he held her head still, his grip tight and pulling at her hair. He began to move backwards and forwards, faster and harder. Nyx thought her throat was going to split. Tristan grunted and pummeled her throat with such force. Tears streamed down her face, gagging with saliva draining from her mouth.

"I'm a goddam princess, this is a whores job" she thought to herself.

Without thought, she raised her fist and punched Tristan in the stomach. He stepped back winded, Nyx crawled quickly away to the far side of the room. She shouted from the floor "I say NO Tristan." He ran over to her, like a bull, if eyes could turn red his would be the brightest. He pulled her up to his height by her hair, then rammed her naked body into the wall his hand gripped tightly around her throat, "You chose me, remember Princess? You think I wanted you? I wanted your kingdom. You will die in child birth and I will make sure of it." He snarled through gritted teeth. Nyx winced at the pain of his words.

He turned her around, pressing one arm against her back and the other pulling hard and fast at his raging hard on. "The sooner I can get rid of you, the better" he huffed, while Nyx sobbed into the wall.

She felt a warm liquid between her walls and thighs. Tristan grunted like an animal and smeared himself all around her genitalia.

"Please stop" she begged through sobs. She felt a finger push inside her. She knew better than to make a noise, since the last time this happened. He continued in and out pushing his fingers just to the tip of her hymen without breaking it. "If I can't fuck you pregnant yet, I may as well try another way." She stopped crying and stayed silent in horror at the thought of his sperm having been inserted into her without her consent.

"Till Friday Princess." She heard him say before leaving the room.

Nyx turned slowly to face an empty room. She ran and jumped into the bath, ringing her bell summoning the maids.

Two entered sheepishly, they couldn't bear to look at her and Nyx knew they had heard. "Wash everywhere, wash me everywhere" she commanded.

She turned to another, "bring me the bag from my cloak. Quickly my lady"

The maid brought the bag eyes widening when opened, their eyes met when they handed over and she provided a sympathetic smile with a nod of approval. Nyx began to grab at all the leaves and the maid rested her soft hand on top. She pulled out one small leaf and said softly "open my child, place it in your tongue, let it dissolve."

Nyx closed her eyes and leant back, falling into a slumber of emotions and dark thoughts as to her fate in the hands of this monster.


Word traveled quickly through the maids and guards, Jerome approached Loxley, explaining what Maiden Beatrix had witnessed and done for her. Loxley rested his head in his hands, he could do nothing but fear for her life.

"I have to protect her Jerome, I will be going tomorrow to the witches caves. Great Myriad of the Haunted will be there- she must be able to help."

"Boy, you mess with witchcraft you mess with lives. Don't put yourselves in any more risk." Jerome replied sternly.

What jerome didn't know was Loxleys bloodline was part witch. Great Myriad was a relative, great aunt to be precise. He knew he could not inform anyone of this, but also knew there was nothing to fear.

He would leave in the morning as a.matter of urgency.

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