The Princess & the Clans

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The Night before the Wedding.

The Kaledgh clan family had arrived. A warm greeting was shared between her new family and her own. She enjoyed their company, just not that of the second born Tristan.

An afternoon of games and tournaments were organised to entertain before the feast. Nyx showed off her archery skills, enjoying the moment of clarity before entering back into her foggy future.

The crowd clapped with her three arrow strike, she bowed and retreated back to her seat.

"A duel!" Her father cried, "a sword duel, I present my two warriors- let there be no fight to the death. I've won too many wars with these two to loose on a duel!" He laughed heartily with the crowd following.

Tristan leant into Nyx and whispered, "I fancy a duel, with someone who will fail miserably. Maybe with him." He said whilst pointing at Loxley. Nyxs eyes widened "Why waste your time on someone so lowly, plenty of others would be happy to fight" she replied sarcastically, hoping this would throw him off. "Why do you spend your time staring at him Princess? I see the looks, I hear the whispers- hes not competition, hes in my way of you all to myself. Pathetic really. But with him out of the picture, you will have no one else." He spat into her ear, gleefully deliberating his idea, "Plus, would you come to the rescue of a stable master in front of your kingdom?"

Nyx turned to him in horror, "I beg you... you have me... don't." She snarled.

Tristan sat back and launched menaically.

The dual came to an end and Nyx tried desperately to get Loxleys attention. "Your majesty, may I request a dual?" Shouted Tristan. "Maybe with someone whom you don't need so much for the wars? More at steak sire?"

The King smiled gleefully at this proposal of a potential blood shed. "Sire I do not think this is warranted..." Nyx started to speak when her father dismissed her.

"What or who did you have in mind Tristan?"

Tristan rose mightily out of his seat. "Stable Master, I request a dual!" He demanded. The crowd gasped in shock.

Loxley turned, surprise etched on his face, but a hint of excitement. "Of course sire." He replied.

"Please don't I beg you Tristan" Nyx said one last time, a sword jutted across her face.

Both men walked towards the centre of the grass, swords in hand. Tristan wearing his clans Tartan. Loxley in a white shirt with black chaps.

"BEGIN" roared the King.

Swords flew threw the air, two mighty men battling out their anger. Swords sparked, near misses, spinning, turning, over heads and below. Nyx could barely watch and felt sick throughout. Sweat poured off them both, loxley was a trained fighter that Tristan was not prepared for. Tristan was just brutish and heavy handed with his sword, causing Loxley to buckle under his pressure. In a swift moment Tristan knocked Loxleys sword from his hand flying it towards Nyxs seat landing in the ground in front of her.

He let out a raucous laugh while Loxley fell to the floor, scrambling backwards away from the swords edge. "To the death my king?" Tristan bellowed whilst aiming the sword directly at loxleys chest.

"You think you have her, but you don't. She is mine, you will not live to see her future." Tristan snarled at Loxley.

In a flash he began to bring down his sword, clashing with another. Nyx stood over Loxley, sword in front, blocking Tristan from his deathly blow. "I am no ones and I will never be yours" she growled back at him. Pushing back on his sword with all her might.

"Enough!" cried the King.

Tristan glared at Nyx through the blades, he said no words but threatened her with his body.

"Fireworks were meant to occur on the wedding night not the field!" He bellowed, laughing through the traumatic ordeal. "Everyone to the castle to feast!"

Tristan and Nyx lowered their swords. Loxley began to walk to the stables.

"Princess to the castle." Tristan said in a low tone. "And get changed"

Amidst the drama Nyx had prepared a dress that underneath wore chaps and the top a dress layer, incase she had to ride suddenly and pulled the entire bottom layer off in her rush to protect Loxley.

She could hear hooves and horses feet galloping behind her, Loxley rode his stead and Zandor was heading straight for Nyx.

"This is my last night of freedom, I plan to spend it far away from you." She said, before grabbing the side of Zandor and riding fast.

"NYX!" roared Tristan in the distance as she rode towards the forest to Galloway Cliff. She knew Loxley would be there.


Loxley stood at the cliff edge, when Nyx joined him.

He looked away sadly at the sea, "We can't do this Nyx, he knows and he will kill you."

"So we end this? We give up? After years of secrecy, of hiding, the howling. We end this?" She looked up at him, heart broken.

"He said I would be his, he would own me, but he doesn't-you always will Loxley." She said whilst walking away.

"This is my last night of freedom. I refuse to spend it with him knowing forever my heart will break. As of tomorrow we will deal with this, day by day, night by night. For now," she turned to him watching him at the cliffs edge "you've got me." Nyx took out her knife and held it between her breasts, Loxley stepped forward to stop her. She pulled the knife down in one swift motion cutting open her corset and top. Releasing her body, leaving just her chaps on. Loxley stood still and smiled coyly.

"My Princess do you really think this is a wise idea?" He said stepping toward her.

"My stable master I don't need to answer your questions. I demand attention from yourself, my body demands it." She said moving towards him.

He reached out his hands and ran his fingers up and down her torso, pinching her nipples between his finger tips. He leant in and kissed her neck, gently running his lips up and down whilst caressing her breasts.

"I adore you my princess" he whispered in her ear, nibbling at her ear lobe. She moved her hands to his chest, pulling open his shirt and planting kisses across his broad shoulders. "Can I keep you?" He said softly with a hint of sadness.

"Yes, Loxley. Always."

They both removed their trousers, standing naked atop the cliff, touching, caressing each other, gently and delicately whilst the sun soaked both of their bodies. Loxley leant forward and passionately kissed Nyx, their tongues entwining, he moved in deeper and harder pressing into her body. Loxley picked up Nyx wrapping her legs around his waist, gripping her soft thighs and lowering her to the ground. Nyxs body bucked and moved with his, he trailed kisses from her mouth through her breasts, biting her nipple and running his tongue to her belly button.

"Loxley.." Nyx moaned in to the open air of freedom they had. She could make as much noise as she wanted in this open space.

Loxley pushed her legs up and ran his tongue from bottom to top of her dripping core. Nyx bucked and writhed beneath him, he held her thighs and blew gently over her clit. "Breathe for me, okay?" He said through a smile and quickly dove into her. He pulled and twisted her clit with his mouth. Circling her sweet spot in such motions that Nyx could barely contain her moans or emotions. He brought her to the edge of her raging orgasm and stopped suddenly.

Nyx was breathless, panting, her chest heaving with having come so close to this immense pleasure that only Loxley could give her. "Please don't stop" she begged.

Loxley looked up and smiled, he leant forward holding his body above hers. His penis, thick and hard pressed against her, seeking permission for her virginity. No words needed to be spoken, they kissed passionately as Loxley guided himself into her. Nyx let out a gasp of pain, she clung onto his back, digging her nails in and tensing her body.

Loxley moved gently, softly with her taking time to understand her body. He spoke to her, helping her let him in.

"Breathe for me Nyx, relax" he coached. Nyx did as she was told and could feel his member rising further into her body, stretching, expanding, filling her body.

It felt right once he had placed himself fully inside her.

"Listen to me, imagine you're riding Zandor, move with me Nyx & don't forget to breathe." Nyx nodded and held onto Loxleys body.

He began to push and rotate his hips, creating a motion inside Nyx she had never experienced. Her hymen was broken, she was no longer a virgin and was thrilled for it to be with the man she adored.

With every movement Nyx moaned in pleasure and awe. Her body was responding, her hips moving in rhythm with loxleys thrusts. They were gaining speed and motion, becoming harder and faster. With every thrust he moaned in pleasure.

"Loxley, I... am feeling something... oh my..." Nyx moaned.

"Howl for me Nyx" Loxley groaned, his eyes focused into hers. He demanded her and she followed his commands willingly.

"I... ohhh....uh oh my god.... oh my god, Loxley" her voice rose in pitch as she felt the pleasure surge through her body. Pulled from deep within her and erupting such intense pleasure she howled towards the sun, only to be joined by Loxley whose pounding had reached such a peak he could no longer contain himself.

They howled together & clung to one another, feeling this pleasure through one body to another.

They held each other for hours, naked in the baking sun. Touching, feeling each others bodies and taking in these glorious moments of intense love.

After some time Loxley sat up and rummage through his satchel. "Nyx, I give you this to protect you- not hurt you." He said his back turned away, hunched. He turned and placed the head of a red rose in her palm "you need to eat this tonight, it is a gift from the Great Myriad- she is an ancestor of mine and wanted to ensure your utmost safety. It will firstly numb you to any pain inflicted on your wedding night, but also re create your hymen once. This will also prevent you from child bearing... "

He looked at her guiltily for reminding her of her future, but longing to help in some way. "I know it is magic, but I beg you this will help I promise. You need to eat the petals whole" Nyx looked at the rose, tears beginning to form, and pulled it apart. 5 Petals placed in her hand and she swallowed them ome by one.

They embraced and kissed passionately, fearing it to be the last time- but enjoying the final moment.

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