The Princess & the Clans

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The Wedding Day

Nyx stood draped in an ivory velvet. The material clung to her figure, providing a gorgeous silhouette of a buxom, curvaceous woman.

Her black hair naturally curled and hung loosely over her shoulders. Her mother placed a delicate gold crown with a green gem adorned in the middle atop her head. Matching the gold trim of her dress.

"You are radiant" said her mother, gleefully staring at her.

"Mother, how long did it take for you to fall in love with father?" Nyx asked sheepishly.

Her mother was busily directing the hand maidens with flowers and instructions, she replied with a flick of her hand "Oh darling, the moment he walked in the room. He was charming, with a dash of warrior. We danced that night and that's when I knew I could stand by his side as queen. Just like you and Tristan- NO Marian, Child they should be lilys not chrysanthemums!" The queen scurried the maid away, Nyx could hear her continuing her verbal torcher down the hallway.

Nyx stood alone in her chamber, a brief moment of silence as she stared at her reflection in the mirror.

"I can do this, I am and will be Queen. I am always a warrior" she whispered to herself.

She heard the door open and shut softly, closing her eyes at her annoyance of the brief silence she had being interrupted.

"As mother said Marian, chrysanthemums...."she started to ramble turning towards the door.

"You loathe chrysanthemums." Replied Loxley with a smile, "I believe you once told me they reminded you of your great uncles stew recipe-that stank, badly" he laughed as he stepped towards Nyx. "My god you're beautiful." He said with a hint of sadness in his tone.

"You shouldn't be here Loxley, but I appreciate the companionship." Nyx said with a small smile before turning back to the mirror.

"I feel like I can't breathe, yet I wear no corset. I want to run but can't ride... are all wedding days like this?" She asked sadly, Loxleys hands slipped round her waist, head resting on her shoulder looking into the same mirror.

"Not if it was ours." He replied.

They looked picturesque, powerful and perfect together. Loxley pointed her chin towards her, "we will always have each other, I promise." He whispered before kissing her tenderly & softly. She leant in to his warmth, the heat of the kiss making her body lean in.

The moment was interrupted by a loud clap.

Fear ran through Nyxs body like an ice dagger being dragged through spine. They both turned to look and saw Tristan at the door way casually strolling in, clapping his hands, slowly and menacingly.

Two of his clan stood with him and slowly closed the door with a grin and low menaical laughs.

"So you thought, because you hadn't won on the field you'd win in the bedroom? Is that right Stable boy?" Tristan with eyes wide, one finger raised and pointed at Loxley said in a quite tone.

His usual, brutish loud voice was gone to this severe, calm, controlled whisper- he was enraged.

Nyxs body began to shake, her blood drained from her face and her hands quivered. She stood directly in front of Loxley and slowly raised her hand "please Tristan, don't...this is a goodbye, farewell- Loxley is leaving Galloway, for good. I promise you" she took a step forward, one hand still raised, the other behind her back.

Tristan started to laugh, his guards joining in with raucous grunts " He's leaving before the wedding? What about the celebration of our union? Can't he just stay for one drink?"

"Of course I'm staying" spat Loxley, moving Nyx aside, " I will never leave her, never with you and I will always be watching- making sure she is safe."

The two men stood inches apart, face to face both fists clenched, Nyx tried to move closer but the guard moved his head mockingly, encouraging her to bring on the fight.

"Always watching stable boy?" Tristan whispered, "with pleasure..." he said and motioned to his guards.

They pounced on Loxley, punching, kicking, he tried to fight back but he was pummeled from both sides. They pushed him down into a seat and tied his hands behind his back. He sat bloodied and bruised, spitting blood across the floor before noticing the silence in the room.

Nyx had lunged at Tristan during the beating, beginning to scream and fight when he held her head and covered her mouth with his hands. His power caused her to freeze, with one wrong move he would break her neck in a swift flick.

"He wanted to watch, so lets let him watch" Tristan snarled in her face.

He pushed her towards the bed, Nyxs eyes widened in fear. She started to hit his shoulders with her fists, his hands moved towards her chest, her heaving breasts moving with every intake or breath, he clasped the middle of her dress seconds from ripping the gown she blurted "it was all for you Tristan."

Tristan stopped and looked at her, his dark eyes black with rage. "It was all for you, a test, to make you jealous." Her eyes started to narrow with seriousness, "you really think I would go near the Stable boy, the peasant? When I have you, my king." She leant into him seductively, whispering into his face "he is nothing compared to you, I needed to make sure that you would protect me from such foul actions."

Tristan looked bewildered, he began to process her words and was listening, for once.

"I enjoy your brutality, I thrive off it, i want it" she hissed, her right hand trailing up his thigh. "I want you" she growled as she grasped his throbbing member. "And we will have everything, together" she breathed before leaning in and kissing him forcefully, biting his lip as she pulled away.

"Let him go" she commanded, her eyes locked to Tristan. " let... him ... GO" she shouted again.

All men in the room were confused. With a motion from Tristans hand the guards untied Loxley. He fell to the floor holding his chest, "please Nyx please.." she stuttered.

"Peasant, you need to be thankful that the future king has spared your life. Be gone while your life is still to be lived." Nyx stared with a cold glare and motioned to the door.

Loxley stumbled out of the room, holding his chest as his heart broke.

Nyx relaxed her grip around Tristans member and ran her finger up and down its length, feeling its growth, heat and pulsing.

"Are you ready sire to be married?" She calmly said.

Tristan curled a smile, and wrapped his fingers around her neck, tightening his grip "play with me again woman and you're dead"

"That's such a shame, because I want to play..." Nyx pouted while flicking the clasp off his trousers and sliding her hand into his trousers. Gripping his length and tightening her own grip.

His lips hovered over her neck, his breathe warm and tingling. He began to plant soft kisses from her neck to her collarbone, groaning with every movement from Nyxs hand. She pulled up hard and pushed him down with a slow force, hearing him moan made her core wet.

He moved his fingers to her jaw and held her stare for what seemed eternity.

" I just wanted you as mine" he said before kissing her lips and moving away to the door, signalling the guards to leave.

"Until tonight my queen." Tristan said "Until tonight" Nyx replied sternly.

As the door shut Nyx collapsed to the ground and sobbed. Her heart broke into a million pieces at the thought of hurting Loxley, but she had to save his life.

She felt dirty, confused, guilty and sick.

30 minutes till the ceremony remained for a life time of abuse.

"Nyx, be a warrior, be a fighter and be the queen you know you are" she whispered to herself before rising.

She turned to leave her room when young hand servant Marion appeared, tearful and scared.

"Dear girl what's wrong?" Nyx asked concerned.

"You were so brave my lady, so strong, I'm just sad you will be unhappy." She sniffled. "Stable Master Loxley is recovering, he has advised he will be there for ceremony."

Nyx stiffened and straightened her posture " I'm glad to hear- now come carry my gown. We must prepare for this event."

Marion shook her head, regained composure and proceeded to follow the Princess through the hallway.

Silent tears were shared by both, unheard through the darkened hall way.

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