The Princess & the Clans

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The Wedding Evening

Music rang through the great hall, bagpipes, guitars, drums & violins all echoed throughout. Drinks flowed and raucous laughter pierced the room.

Men and woman danced, children ran with the dogs and servants drank and ate left overs. Leaving every one with a merry taste, except for Nyx.

She refused any alcohol, she anticipated the evening and had to be prepared.

The ceremony went smoothly, it was necessary in her eyes. She had not seen Loxley throughout and still glanced to catch sight of him.

Tristan had grip of Nyxs shoulder, arm draped around- drink flowing.

She felt eyes on her and glanced to her new husband, they locked eyes and Nyx noticed they were a soft hazelnut, not black as previously.

He was relaxed, intoxicated and seemingly soft on this rare occasion.

"You look beautiful today my queen" he said, slurring slightly while raising her hand to his mouth. "You're poise today was an utter turn on, are you ready to retire?" He raised an eyebrow, ready to test his new wife.

"I thought you would leave me waiting all night." Nyx replied in a deep, sarcastic tone "come to the quarters in 30 minutes." She whispered before leaving the party.

As she left she heard cheers and roars from the party, her stomach churned and she felt dizzy heading to the new quarters for the future king and queen.

Walking into the giant room she motioned for the dress to come away instantly. Maids stripped her naked and presented her night attire. A silk black nighty, fitted around the breasts and with a lace trimming. Nyx had picked it out years prior, with full intentention to wear for Loxley, before she understood royal requirements.

"My lady.."

Nyx turned in shock to see Loxley sat by the fire place. She ran to him and cupped his face.

"I'm so sorry" she said through gasps of tears "I'm so so sorry, I had to save you... I Couldn't....I can't.. I'm so sorry"

He winced as she hugged him "Princess, I've been in war- this is nothing."

"You went through with it, I'm proud of you for doing so for the clans....but I do have to leave Nyx. Every day my life will be in danger, he will never stop until I am dead." Loxley said stone faced.

"No, no he doesn't think that, I'll make sure he leaves you be. I promise you, please don't leave me Loxley." She cried, tears streaming down her face.

"He will kill me Nyx, I could stomach the torture before loving you but never having you....this is life or death now and at my head."

"My whole existence is torture Loxley, I have married a man who wants me dead, tried to save your life and neither of us will ever be happy." Nyx shrieked dramatically.

Her mind flicked, her rage exploded-

"You know what, I'm not your princess or your lady, I'm your god damn Queen Stable Master and you will leave me be. Get out and do not address me again, do you understand?" Nyx said sternly and pointed towards the door.

"GET OUT LOXELY." she bellowed.

He turned, placed his hand on the fire place- sighed then headed towards the door.

Both souls broken and their hearts ripped beyond repair.

Nyx climbed onto the bed, tears forming and stared outside into the starry night. When a loud bang made her jolt and turn.

"You said you were going to watch her, thank you for doing so, now you can continue" bellowed Tristans voice from the door.

Squarely punching Loxley in his already bruised face and shoving him into an armchair.

"Sit & stay" Tristan threatened, running his fingers through his brunette locks and motioned to two thugs to stand guard by Loxley.

"Not like this" Nyx begged from the bed, but her words went unheard.

Tristans eyes were animal like, black and he was pumped.

He was shirtless, undid his trousers standing over Nyx, naked, bronzed with his muscles rippling. His cock stood large to attention. Nyxs eyes widened at the sight and she began to scramble off the bed.

His hands grabbed her legs pulling her towards him, flipping her over and ripped her dress away with one, strong motion. She was bare and open to all in the room, looking over at Loxley to see him gagged and tied desperately trying to look away from the scene unfolding. The guards grinning viciously, she could feel her rage building and threw her arms out to protect herself. Tristan took one hit then closed his hand around her neck pushing her down on the bed and lying his full weight on top "listen to me and he won't get hurt, don't and you both die tonight." He snarled in her face.

Her chest heaved and her body dropped into the bed. Her legs slowly flopped open, beginning to give in.

Tristan ran his hands up her thighs, his touch made her cringe yet her body buckle under the unwanted sensation. He licked his lips and enjoyed teasing the moment, his fingers ran up into the inside of her thighs and pushed her legs wide viewing everything he possessed. They moved to her folds and gently prized them open, Nyx gasped a sharp intake of breath with her head faced towards Loxley desperately trying to get eye contact.

Tristan leaned into her, soft kisses trailing her milky thighs and with each kiss her body began to betray her, twitching and bucking.

Reaching her core he pulled her apart and used his tongue for one, long trail of her entirety. Nyxs eyes rolled into the back of her head as the pleasure took over momentarily.

She pursed her lips together to secure any noise from her mouth.

His tongue lapped into her, nibbling her clit, pulling, sucking and sliding one finger into her. She finally let out a moan, that killed her inside.


He started to push further inside, moving faster, beginning to pump her.

He sucked her juices, using his tongue to flick at her clit, making her wriggle and moan.

He pulled away suddenly, staring at her naked, toned body. Cheeks flushed and mouth biting into her fist. Wiping his mouth he moved onto the bed and pulled her head to face him, eyes locking, he pushed his length inside her, watching her mouth open, eyes widen...

"Slowly, please" Nyx whimpered.

He violently thrust his entire length into her causing her to scream out in pain, he moved one hand to her breast twisting her nipple, the other on her hip holding her in place, he grunted with every thrust, filling himself inside with small specks of blood mixed with her juices.

Tears spilled from Nyxs eyes as she desperately tried to look at Loxley. The pain was so much worse with Tristan than with him, it also began to turn into a pleasure which she couldn't understand.

Hard and deep he pushed, in and out moaning, groaning with every movement. His hands slipped from her breast, down her stomach to her clit. He began to rub and pinch, rubbing with every thrust.

"Oh my god...." Nyx moaned as the heat and tingling spread through her body.

"That's it my queen, enjoy this" Tristan grunted.

He leaned in further to her, bodies pressed together, her nipples rock hard running along his muscles. Pushing her legs back wide, her thighs wrapped around his waist and his hands holding her head.

Pressing into her again, this time slowly feeling her stretch around him. She started to drip with the unexpected pleasure.

"Oh Tristan" she moaned breathlessly.

His animal instincts taking over started to thrust manically into her. Her moans making him harder, thriving being watched. The bed beginning to move and creak.

He took her breast into his mouth and bit at her nipple, making her squeal.

" hurts Tristan" she said mid way through another moan.

He pulled out quickly, roughly flipping her onto her front. Facing Loxley, wriggling from his restraints, shaking his body around to desperately break free.

He pulled her onto all fours with her hair wrapped around his fist arching her back he whispered in her ear "watch him suffer."

Nyx looked at Loxley in horror, her eyes pleading with him to do something, yet taken a back by the pleasurable pain she was experiencing. Tristan spread her bum cheeks, slapping them both before sliding himself back into her. Gripping her hair tightly holding her head back the force of each thrust pushed her body forward.

Stretching her, almost ripping her inside.

"Tristan I don't like this please.." she cried.

"Stable boy, you best watch to understand whose queen she is" tristan bellowed with each individual thrust causing Nyx to cry out.

Loxley desperately tried to break free from the chair but to no avail. He could only sit and watch the spectacle, tears falling over his cheeks.

"Ah.. please... stop" Nyx cried.

Cocking one leg up he released her hair pushing her body down into the bed. Keeping her bum high he drew out long, powerful thrusts. Pulling himself out then slamming it back in with a slap of both bodies.

"Ohhhh Tristan" Nyx moaned loudly, feeling the sensation through her body.

He hooked one hand round her and massaged her clit, rubbing furiously while he ploughed her.

"I can't.... I can't breathe... I'm so sorry" Nyx moaned, the pleasure was mounting within her and she was enjoying the torture.

"You can and you will" Tristan grunted.

"I'm so sorry" Nyx mouthed to Loxley, before she began to give in to the pleasure.

"Ooh... oh...uhh..please... oh my god.. yeess" she moaned reaching a higher pitch with each word.

"I love you" she mouthed to Loxley before the next moment ectasy ripped through her body, her legs shaking, her core dripping.

"oh my God..... triiisTTANNN" she cried as her orgasm rippled through her like a tidal wave.

Tristan held her cheeks and roared a moan, unloading himself into her making sure it was deep inside her.

Her body collapsed to the bed, she was covered in sweat and guilt. Shaking from head to toe, Tristan pulled her legs again to the end of the bed. She gripped the sheets "no please no more" she begged when he flipped her over again. Standing over her he examined his work, the flustered, sweaty, shaking mess of a woman she was and smiled a crooked grin.

"You enjoyed it my queen, I'm pleased to see-but that's nothing compared what I'm capable of." Motioning to Loxley he pointed at Nyx "my virgin, my queen, my property-you can go and spent the rest of your days numbered and knowing you will never have her."

With that Tristan moved to the door, summoning maids for clothes and to leave them both. The guards untied Loxley and followed. Nyx curled into a ball on the bed, naked and shaking.

The door closed and there was silence. Loxley hadn't moved until the door was secure, once it clicked he ran to Nyx and pulled a cover over her. She was barely conscious, half lost in pleasure, half in terror.

"I'm so sorry Loxley" she said breathlessly while he positioned and covered her. "It's okay Princess, it's okay" he brushed back her hair from her face and kissed her forehead. "I will endure watching, even if it causes so much pain just to ensure he doesn't hurt you."

"I couldn't howl" she said tearfully.

Loxley smiled sadly "you're body did that for you"

Her eyes closed, exhausted from the events and she fell asleep safe in Loxleys arms.

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