The Princess & the Clans

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Hell Hath No Fury

A month passed since the wedding and Nyx was in a continuous state of placid. Her emotions were neutral, her thoughts blank & her daily routine was a repetitive cycle.

Duties as the new Queen and King had begun, knighthoods, christenings, thanks received and clan requests became a norm for her. Her voice had now become silent amidst the Clan with all power falling into Tristans hands.

She was no longer permitted to do any activity without his guards or presence, she could not discuss the clan politics with anyone - rendering her a shell. The transition had been quick and soul destroying for all who knew her to view.

Her parents had left to begin their retirement from their duties, away from the clan and ventured to the north. At least a weeks ride if Nyx had any idea to escape.

The clan and Galloway Isles were directly in control of Tristan.

Tristan had also become impatient with Nyx. They sat at their dining table in the small hall again another norm Nyx had become accustomed to. Usually his visors or guards would also attend and it would be a raucous evening with drink. To which Nyx would slink away to watch the moon from her room.

This time they say silently and alone, this put Nyx on alert.

"My brother had impregnated his wife with their heir within 4 weeks of being married." he said bluntly and randomly whilst chewing his chicken leg.

Nyx stopped eating, slightly taken aback by this announcement.

"I expected with your genetics for this to be the same case." he said glaring at her.

"It is down to higher powers for us Tristan, I cannot give you an answer to what you're inferring." she replied monotone.

"I want an heir, Nyx and I will have a boy. No girl will survive under my ruling and by you being pure on our wedding night this should be solid." he continued.

"I'm not sure by me being a virgin means that you will have a boy of certainty, that's not quite how it works." Nyx replied with slight sarcasm and a muffled laugh.

Tristan slammed his knife into the table, it stood erect within the wood and his face began to redden with rage.

"You and your words are a constant, infuriating, pain in my ass!" he shouted at Nyx. “All the others are silent, submissive but you... " he gestured with his fork" you constantly run that mouth of yours, the only time it should be opening is to suck me dry and yet here you are.... Speaking again. "

He ran his fingers through his hair in frustration and surprisingly rose silently, beginning to retreat. "Why can't you be like them and just obey me?“ he said quietly.

Nyx stood from the table and pointed her finger and words at the hulk of a man.

"By them you mean referring to your whores, I am a Queen. Not a whore, I'm the goddamn Queen. This is my land and clan that I inherited from birth right, you were merely a marriage accessory." her voice rising and growing louder with every ounce of anger buried within her" you were a necessity that was needed by law, not that you can actually do the job and in regards to children - I will birth when I am ready, it is my choice... " her fists clenched and body shaking as she continued to rage" I have ensured I cannot birth now and I will make it my dieing mission as Queen that your bloodline will never pass through this kingdom. EVER!"

Her mind had subconsciously walked her towards Tristan, maids and guards watched and listened curiously from behind pillars... Tristan stood still, like a lion watching its prey.

" I detest you Tristan and I always will. You think you're in control of me, my kingdom but you're not and you never will be, I will make sure that hell freezes over before you take my kingdom."

Tristan stood frozen, their eyes locking like two warriors in battle. Suddenly his hand reached out and grabbed Nyx by the throat. His grip tightened and he lifted her high to his eye level. Her toes scraping the floor, her eyes wide in horror. She clawed at his hand as she gasped for air, maids looked away or ran quickly-while guards either smirked or began to creep forward showing a divide of supporters within the kingdom.

"you.. Kill me... You loose.... the kingdom." Nyx choked out.

Tristan eyes black with rage, began to narrow and some colour returned.

He placed her back down and loosened his grip slightly..

"Guards, search the Queens Chambers for Rose Petals, destroy anything that looks like magic." Tristan commanded.

"No..." Nyx whispered as tears began to trickle down her face.

"Ah, so you admit to the use of magic...see there's only few reasons why you have not birthed me a child & magic is sure to be one idea... "

She shook her head, still in possession of his grip.

"let's see shall we?“ he released his grip from her neck moving it to her wrist, dragging her towards her Chambers.

The room was wrecked, chairs thrown over, ornaments smashed, tapestries slashed... Her eyes darted around the room, praying that her Great Myriad petals had Not been found.

The guards beckoned Tristan to the fire place, fearful of what was to happen next Nyx ran for the balcony. If she died, he would gain nothing, her thoughts were dragging her deep into a despair and she had seconds to decide. Live and fear death or Die and live another.

She grabbed the balcony edge and her legs began to follow, feeling the air beneath her feet and strength within her arms to pull her forward over the edge... when her body was pulled back sharply. Her fingers extended in front of her, her legs buckling she hit the stone cold slabs and rolled into the corner, her head hitting the corners of the stone walls, with a loud crack from her skull and her body thudding to its stop. She was leant up against the ivy, breathing heavily, she let out a desperate, nauseating, wretched scream that was heard by all.

Birds flew, disrupted from their peaceful evening, horses stomped in their stables & the wolves... The wolves howled in a chorus of reply to her cry deep from the forest.

Shadows stood in front of her, noises, but no words. Nothing made sense, she was beginning to fade...

"Good Work Stable Boy." was the only thing she heard before slipping into the empty.

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