Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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What feeds your deepest fantasy? Are you a hopeless romantic fueled by passion or are you just sinfully bad, consumed by raw and uncut lust? Who says you can’t kiss and tell? Especially when the tales are tantalizingly intriguing. Satisfy your sweet tooth once again and take Another Taste while you melt into Book 2 of this sensually delicious collection of erotic one shot stories.

Erotica / Romance
Lisa Monae
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The Flight Attendant

I looked into the mirror to make sure everything was perfect.

Making sure that my uniform looked clean and crisp with no wrinkles. That my badge was sitting up straight on the outskirts of my jacket pocket. My dark brown hair pulled back into a tight bun so that my uniform hat sat securely on top of my head.

The only makeup that was allowed was lipstick. But not just any lipstick though, it always had to be either Mac’s Tara P. Henson Viva Glam or Mac’s Red Rock.

His instructions on how he wanted us dressed, was well written out in full detail and any other special instructions were sent via care package.

Oh yes, my boss, Mr. Santana was very particular about these things.....He was a control freak. And of course, over my brief time intimately working for him I learned how much control he loved to enforce.

Being one of his stewardesses for his private jet for the past 6 months had been more than interesting. He had hand-picked me from a line of other more experienced flight attendants. He said I had the potential to be to exactly what he wanted me to be. I would find out later that had nothing to do with being his flight attendant.

Dakari Santana’s multimillion-dollar Boeing 737 business class jet was a site to see. With its slick lines and modern-day décor. It radiated everything Mr. Santana was….straight money

And to be honest so was he. Dakari was the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical company. He was Black Dominican with dark brown toffee skin. Short black wavy hair and deep piercing brown eyes. The fullest juiciest lips I’d ever seen on a man. He was just the epitome of sexy personified.

It was hard not to stare into those eyes which was rule number 1 that I just failed not to adhere to as he walked onto the plane. My eyes were glued to his deep cinnamon brown eyes as they met mine. He smirked and raised an eyebrow at me.

Donna the other attendant on the jet today took his jacket placing it in the nearby closet.

“Good Morning, sir,” I said softly as he walked closer. Trying to take deep breaths to regulate the palpations I was feeling right then.

“Good Morning, Miss Bullard. How are you today?”

“Fine sir, just fine.”

“Tell me Miss Bullard did you receive my care package with my instructions on today’s attire?”

I started to get a little nervous. “Y-Yes sir I did,” I spoke looking up at him.

He walked up closer to me and spoke firmly, “Dónde deberían estar tus ojos mi Cielito?” (Where should your eyes be my Heaven.)

“Sorry sir, it won’t happen again,” I said looking down at the floor and biting my lip.

"Mmmm, don’t do that Miss Bullard,” he reached his large hand up towards my face, pulling my bottom lip free.

Just a simple touch from his hand set my core on fire and my heart racing a million miles per minute. He drew his hand back and went to walk away but stopped.

“Se suponía que debías ponerte rojo hoy. Tendré que castigarte por eso un poco más tarde, mi Cielito.” (You were supposed to wear the red today. I’ll have to punish you for that later my Heaven.)

Shit, how could I have made that mistake?

In my rush to make sure everything looked perfect I’d put on the Fuschia color lipstick. My pulse started to race again. What was he gonna do to me this time?

Dakari, sat down taking his seat as we prepared for take-off. As soon as we leveled out and the pilot gave us the ok. Donna and I started preparing brunch for him.

“Nevaeh, when the hell did you start understanding Spanish,” she questioned cleaning off the fine china we were serving his food on.

“Umm I’ve been taking classes lately,” I admitted trying to keep my answers straight to the point, and praying she didn’t question me further about it.

“Oh ok, I didn’t know you were in school girl.”

“Yea, something like that,” I answered keeping focused on the task I was doing.

I made sure his coffee was just how he liked it. Piping hot with 3 teaspoons of sugar and a small splash of Baileys Caramel Creamer.

Donna plated his food and placed it on the rolling tray. “Ok girlie it’s your turn to feed him, remember you serve from left to right,” she said with a smile
and sending me on my way.

I slowly pushed the tray down the aisle towards Dakari making sure I kept my eyes to the floor.

“Brunch is served, sir.”

He pulled the newspaper down from his face, folding it neatly and placing it on the seat next to him. I laid the napkin down on his lap and placed the silverware in their appropriate locations. Then placed his plate directly in front of him.

“What do we have here,” he asked.

“Umm, it’s a skillet made of steak-.”

“Por favor, mi Cielito, dime en español. Todas esas lecciones privadas, déjame ver lo que está pagando mi dinero.” (Please, my Heaven, tell me in Spanish. All those private lessons, let me see what my money is paying for.)

Yes, Dakari was paying for me to have a tutor to teach me Spanish. Which I never knew the point. He spoke English very well, hell he was born right here in sunny Florida. But I dare not question him. I’m sure it was just another one of his ways to mold me into......what he desired.

“Umm, es una sartén gourmet, que consiste en filet mignon y huevos

“Escalfados,” he said helping correct me.

“Muy bueno mi Cielito,” he gently ran two fingers down the back of my left leg. My eyes slammed shut as I held my breath. It was crazy how my body instantly reacted from his touch.

“¿Te parece bien, mi Cielito?” (Does that feel good to you, my Heaven?)

“Yes sir,” I exhaled breathlessly.

“Twenty minutes, you need to be in my office. The left top drawer of my desk.” He handed me over a small desk key. “You need to be in the proper attire, in the correct position. Is that understood Miss Bullard?”

“Y-yes sir,” I responded walking away quickly to clean up my cart.

I found Donna cleaning the utensils used earlier. And inform her that Mr. Santana wants me to serve him in his office and I’ll be back in a bit. She doesn’t question me because she knows how demanding he could be.

I walk by him timidly heading to his office, he doesn’t even look my way. But I can make out a hint of a smile emerge from his full lips as he takes a sip from his dark blue ceramic coffee cup.

I pulled the key out of my pocket walking around to his desk and opening the drawer. Inside was a satin pillow, a blindfold, strap link bondage cuffs, a pair of black Louboutin heels, a purple vibrator because purple was my favorite color and another key to a closet inside the office where he’d keep his instruments of punishment.

I walked into the adjoining bathroom and took off my hat and my uniform revealing my black lace trim sheer teddy lingerie with matching black stockings and garter belt that he provided in my care package. Then slipped on the Louboutin heels completing my outfit.

I unraveled my bun, letting my dark brown natural wavy hair fall down to my shoulders. Then grabbed the satin pillow placing it down on the floor in front of his desk falling to my knees on top of it, making sure I was comfortable. Then placed the blindfold over my eyes as I waited for his cologne to flood the room. Alerting me of his presence.

It didn’t take Dakari long to enter the office. I couldn’t see him but I could smell that intoxicating scent of his cologne. It made my pulse race with anticipation for him.

“Te doy instrucciones específicas sobre lo que me gusta, pero aún así me encanta desafiarme. ¿Disfrutas verme trastornado mi Cielito?”(I give you specific instructions on what I like, yet you still love to defy me. Do you enjoy seeing me upset my Heaven?)

“No sir,” I replied softly.

My breathing was erratic as I felt his hand slide up the length of my spine. I swear I had goosebumps everywhere.

“Stand up!” he commanded. His voice was dark and heavy.

His lips suddenly smashed into mines, his tongue explored the depths of my mouth applying its dominance over mine. I couldn’t help the moan that escaped my throat when he took a fist full of my hair pulling me exposing my neck to him.

His lips and warm minty breath grazed the skin on my neck until he reached my ear.

“Even though you defied me I’ll be nice and just punish you with my hands this time.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said with a little relief in my voice.

I felt him grab my hands placing them behind my back slipping the bondage cuffs on. His large hands slid down to my ass rubbing and kneading both cheeks when I felt the sting of his hand connect with my ass.


“AAAHHH,” I moaned out as he rubbed the sting away with his hand then kissed it with those soft lips.

“Inclinarse sobre el escritorio ahora!” (Bend over the desk NOW!)

I walked closer till I felt the desk hit my thighs, then leaned my upper body on top of it. While Dakari finished giving me my punishment.


“Mmmmm, shit!”


“Aaaaahhhh, oh gawd, mmmm!”

His lips kissed on the ass cheek he just smacked before he spoke, “¿Lo Siento aún mi Cielito? ¿Vas a desafiarme otra vez?” (Are you sorry yet my Heaven? Are you going to defy me again?)

“Yes, sir, I’m sorry! I swear, I promise I won’t defy you again!”

“No entiendo mi Cielita,” he said sarcastically, smacking me on the ass again.

“Sí, señor, lo siento, lo juro, ¡prometo que no lo volveré a desafiar!,” I finally was able to repeat in Spanish.

I was so fucking turned on already I just wanted him to fuck my brains out!

The last punishment he refused to touch me for a week. So you could imagine how dripping wet my pussy was for him to have his way with me.

His hands ran through my hair again as he pressed himself against my back. I could feel the bulge of his erection graze the contours of my ass as he pulled my head back towards him making me arch my back. His lips feathering the outskirts of my ear.

“Mmmm, I think I need some more convincing my Heaven. Back on your fucking knees,” he said pulling me off the desk and pushing me back to my original position.

I could hear the sounds of a belt being unbuckled and pants being unzipped as they fell to the floor. I licked my lips and awaited my next instructions.

His hands wrapped around my hair again pulling my head back.

“Abre la boca." (Open your mouth.)

So I did, feeling his 10 inches of perfect toffee perfection slip past my lips.

“Ahora apesta!” (Now suck!)

I closed my mouth then slowly bobbed my head up and down his length. The tip of his dick touched the back of my throat making me gag a bit but I loved it. The saltiness of his pre-cum coated my mouth making it water even more for him.

I smirked when I felt both his hands grip my head and his soft groans start to become louder.

"Mmmm, your mouth feels so good Baby, fuck!"


I flicked my tongue all around his shaft. Stopping at the tip kissing and nibbling on it softly.

“Maldito mi Cielito más.”

I kept nibbling and French kissing the tip as he asked. His moans grew louder his grip on my hair tighter. So I took him back into my mouth.

“Por favor ven por mi señor,” I begged drawing his balls between my full cinnamon kissed lips.

“Ahh shit! Keep doing that and I just might let you taste my cum.”

“Thank you, sir,” I said out of breath as he shoved his cock back into my mouth.

I could tell he was close as his moans filled his office. His hips thrusting his hard member deeper into my mouth. I flinched as his hot cum shot to the back of my throat as I milked him dry.

“Aye mi Cielito, JODER!”

Next thing I know I was being lifted up off the ground and carried, finally being placed on the top edge of his desk. My legs were spread wide almost to the point of doing a split. As I felt his long fingers glide across the wetness of my folds. I gasped as one slipped inside of me.

"Mmmm, your so wet my Heaven,” I heard him say softly before I heard the humming of the vibrator echo in my ear.

Dakari replaces his finger with the vibrator. The initial penetration sends my body into overdrive as I feel his lips trail down from my chest down to the middle of my stomach. His tongue peeping out every so often until he hits my throbbing clit. The electrifying feeling makes my back arch up off the desk.

“Oh shit...Mmmmm yes,” I moan out to him.

“Oh yes yes yes!”

Dakari pushes the vibrator in more making my legs start to tremble. His mouth leaves my clit, “You better not fucking cum yet. Do you fucking hear me!”

“Y-yes sir,” my chest was heaving up and down trying to catch my breath.

He was crazy if he thought I was going to be able to hold on. The swirling of his tongue against my clit had my head spinning. I was trying to keep my mind focused on anything but him. That was better said than done, especially when he changed the speed on the vibrator pushing it in and out of me even faster.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd!”

“Please, sir can I cum now,” I moaned desperately!

“No!” He said harshly then put his mouth back on my pussy sucking violently against my clit. By now I was clawing at the desk with my fingernails, my hands still bound together behind my back. Helping me fight the urge to push him away.

“¡Por favor, señor!”

“Ya que me preguntaste el camino correcto, puedes venir ahora a mi Cielito. (Since you asked me the right way you may come now my Heaven.)

“Fuuuuccccckkkk, I screamed as my orgasm ripped through my body. I think every inch of me was shaking as my cum squirted into his mouth.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” I heard him moan as he licked me dry.

“Delicioso mi Cielito,” he said rubbing his hands all over my breasts, trailing soft kisses up my thighs. (Delicious my Heaven.)

He pulls me forward, reaching back and takes the cuffs off. Then I feel the blindfold leave my eyes as they focus in on his handsome face. He was giving that sexy smile of his and it always made feel some type of way.

He kissed my lips, sucking on my tongue and pulling on my bottom lip. My body left his desk as he carried me to his bedroom attached to his office.

I crawled into the bed on all fours teasingly looking back at him.

I watched as he licked his lips in excitement. His dick was standing at full attention. Those deep brown eyes were full of lust as he walked closer to the bed.

“Culo arriba!”(Ass up!)

Dakari’s hand connects to my ass again as his dick glides up and down my dripping pussy before I feel him break through my walls.

“Aaaahhh, mmmm, so good sir,” I moaned.

“You know you don’t have to be formal with me in the bedroom Neveah,” he said slamming into me as he gripped my hips tightly.

“Aye Papi, Aye!”

I loved it when we got to his bedroom. The past 2 weeks he didn’t enforce any rules, he let me be free. Free to be me, free to do or say what I wanted. In his bed, there weren’t any rules.

“Fuck me, Kari, take this pussy. Take your pussy, Papi!”

His grip got tighter as his strokes inside of my pussy went deeper. My ass vibrated against him as he slammed into me.

“Buen culo coño,” he grunted as the sounds of his balls slapping against my pussy echoed across the cabin. (Good ass pussy.)

“Oh gawd Kari, I’m bout to cum!”

One hand wrapped around my hair, pulling my head making me arch my back. While the other pressed tightly around my neck. Fucking me to exertion while he kissed on my cheek then whispered in my ear.

“Me haces caer tan rápido por ti Nevaeh.”(You’re making me fall so fast for you Nevaeh.)

And just like that, I unraveled all over him. Clawing and scratching at the sheets while my climax traveled through my body.

He flips me to my back diving back into my pool. Grinding slow into my pussy, you could hear how wet I was. His lips landed on my lips, his tongue was circling against mine drawing my muffled moans out. Dakari’s hands reached across my arms then his fingers intertwined with my fingers.

His thrusts started to become staggered as he grunted against my lips. Then dug his face into my neck. “Bout to cum now baby!”

“Mmmm, ugghh shiiiitt!” he grunted releasing his hot cum inside of me.

I smiled at him as he brushed my sweat-drenched hair out of my face. “Well if you wanna fall then I guess we can catch each other.”

He took my hand and kissed it. “Entonces caigamos mi Cielito.” (Then let’s fall my Heaven.)

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