Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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Skin to Skin: Part 2

Oh yeah, I’m convinced now, Zaddy definitely had a little foot fetish.

It had been a couple of days into our spring break getaway. Kwamie and I were on the couch watching tv. My feet were in his lap as he rubbed those strong hands all over them. Every once in awhile I’d press my foot in between his legs. Watching him exhale deeply while he closed his eyes and licked his lips was my little source of entertainment since he wouldn’t let me go anywhere. Dr’s orders he would always say, his cute little attempts to keep me off my ankle.

I’ll admit I was getting a little kick out of catching him staring at me bitting on those perfect lips of his. It was cute though, especially when our eyes would meet and he would give me that handsome smile of his.

Kwamie and I had been trying to act like our normal selves since our hot tub chronicles around everybody else. It was fine cause I knew he was a private person when it came to things like that. He was never the type to gloat about his sexual escapades with women and I respected him for that. But I don’t think we were doing a good job of being low-key.

“Hey y’all, I just got a call from the staff who run the cabins. Apparently, there is gonna be a freak snowstorm tonight and they want us all to stay in,” Gigi said hitting the end button on her cell.

“Well there goes our plans for this evening, but I’ll just get to cuddle up with my boo tonight,” Travis said grabbing onto Melissa’s waist as she pushed him away.

“Hell no, your ass gonna be cuddling with ya damn self tonight! I’m still pissed you threw that snowball in my damn hair. You know how much these bundles cost boy,” she fussed walking off to their room.

We all just laughed.

“Look like somebody else might be cuddling tonight,” I heard Gigi say under her breath as she walked past us.

I knew her ass was looking for a response but I didn’t even give her crazy self a second glance. Besides I knew it wasn’t gonna happen anyway when he took my feet out of his lap and hit me with.......

“I’m bout to turn in Dimples. I’ll see you in the morning.”

I mean really, how many subtle hints could you give a brother to let him know I want you to eat and beat the brakes off this pussy tonight?!

“Ok, goodnight,” I replied.

I almost got excited when he stood up walking in front of me leaning down. I swear I thought that he was gonna kiss my lips. Maybe even scoop me up and carry me to his bedroom. But nope, he just kissed my temple and walked off to his room.

I finally was just like fuck it and took my horny ass to bed..........

One thing for sure this was one hell of a snowstorm. It was close to midnight when all the power suddenly went out. And all you could hear was the howling of the wind.

You could literally feel the temperature dropping in the house with the power out. So what’s the best way I could warm my self up than to have a little session with Mr. Rico Strong.

Mr. Strong was my dildo. A lifelike replica of my favorite pornstar’s penis. That little piece of heaven cost ya girl a guap. But it was worth it with a remote that controlled the vibrator and it had Bluetooth capability. Pair it up with your cell phone, put that bad boy on Pandora and it would vibrate to your favorite artist’s music. It would get me through some less than eventful nights. And this was surely looking like one of those kinds of nights.

Not that I was banking on a certain wide receiver to knock on my bedroom door. We were like 3 days into our vacation and besides our little fondling session in the hot tub, he hadn’t made any more advances towards me. So it was safe to say that this would be another Kwamie free night.

Even though he wasn’t walking through my door, he definitely was running through my mind. I grabbed the remote and hit the slow speed and gently rubbed Mr. Strong round and around my clit.

“Mmmm,” I moaned out softly imagining that it was his tongue. The sheer thought of it had me soaking wet already so I didn’t waste any time sliding it inside of me.

“Oh, f-fuck.”

I hit the button increasing the speed, slowly fucking my wet pussy.

“Oh shit,” I gasped as my walls clenched uptight having my first of many more to come small orgasms.

My breathing was so damn heavy as I pinched tightly onto my nipples. My thighs started to shake as my second orgasm swept through my body.

“Ohhhh fuck, fuck, yes.”

I was working it in faster and harder as I increased the speed to full capacity. I had to bite down on one of my pillows to keep from screaming out.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes,” I moaned as I imagined him fucking me frontways, sideways and back.

Mr. Strong was about to give me my biggest orgasm to date. I was rocking back and forth on it as his name poured from my lips.

“Oh shit, Kkkwwaammiee!”



Oh man!

Oh god!

No, no, no, no!

I quickly hit the off button on the remote.

“Ummm ugghh, y-yes?” I breathed out from under the covers staying totally still, my dildo still deep inside of me.

“I was up seeing if I could get the fireplace going. And I thought I heard you say my name.”

Only you Sadé would get caught with ya dildo up ya pussy!

Could this be any more embarrassing?

“Umm uggh, I probably was dreaming.”

Yeah dreaming alright. Dreaming of that dick.

I heard him give a little chuckle.

Mmhmm, so you be dreaming about me? Interesting. Tell me more about these dreams Dimples.”

I could tell he was smirking as he walked closer to the bed.

“Really Kwamie?”

“Really Dimples.” He pulled back the covers a bit slipping in right next to me.

I just rolled my eyes.

“You don’t have to Sadé. Ain’t no pressure,” he said laughing a bit.

He moved closer towards me and I felt his fingers stroke down the side of my arm.

“Your so warm Dimples.”

Probably because I was just in the middle of fucking myself.

“Oh yeah?”

“Yep, and it’s fuckin’ freezing, would you mind me sleeping next to you tonight.......you know, cause they say body heat is the best way to stay warm,” he was biting that bottom lip of his.

In any other circumstances, I would’ve been like hell yea! I was half-naked in the bed with the finest piece of chocolate I ever tasted and I was too worried he would discover my secret hiding up in between my legs. But the way this trip has been going, secrets have definitely been vibrating their way to the surface.

“Umm,.........ooohhh fffuucckk," I moaned out when Mr. Strong started going ham in my pussy.

Kwamie had scooted closer to me hitting the remote. My pussy was already sensitive and the vibrations were hitting right on my g-spot.

The feeling was so intense I didn’t realize I had my hand gripped tightly into his sweatshirt pulling myself into his chest.

“Sadé, you alright?”

I wasn’t alright, I was unraveling right in front of him and I couldn’t stop it.

“Kwamie I-I’m fucking cumming......ugggh uugghh aaahhh shit,” I moaned as my body trembled.

“Off. The remote turn it off!”

Everything finally came to a stop as Kwamie hit the off button on the remote. I finally reached down and slid Mr. Strong up out of me and waited for his response.

“Gone ahead and laugh, I know you want to,” I squeaked out pulling the blanket over my face. My sad attempt to hide my embarrassment.

“Why would I laugh Dimples? I just watched you cum and it was the sexiest thing I ever saw girl,” he said reaching over pulling the blanket from my face.

“You don’t have to be so nice about it you can tell me the truth.”

“Ok, you want the truth. I just realized you were thinking bout me while playing with yourself and calling my name. I’m flattered actually. You’ve always been so hard for me to read.”

“What? I have not, I think that’s you sir whose been hard to read.”

He laughed a bit, “Yeah you have Dimples.”

“Ok tell me how.”

“I’ll always remember when you, Mel, and Gi were all rehearsing for tryouts for the cheer squad that day. I had football practice around the same time. It worked out that we were all on the field. We had all been hanging out for the past couple of weeks and a brother really had been digging ya vibe Dimples. So I was thinking I gotta try to holla at her today. Damn, I’m not gone front that ass was looking extra juicy in those shorts you had on and those splits you were doing were on point,” he said sliding his hand across my hips palming my booty.

He squeezed a little tighter pulling me closer into him.

Mmmm, gone head Zaddy grip all that ass back there.


Ok, focus Sadé the man is talking.

He let out a little chuckle then slid his other arm up under me gripping my other cheek.

Naw, naw, I did not just say......naw.....did I?

“Aww man, you just don’t know you had a brother bout to bust outta my jockstrap. Had my coach tearing into my ass cause I couldn’t focus. We eventually got a break right when you had finished tryouts. You told me to get out ya face and you ain’t have time to bullshit around with another stupid ass football player.”

I remembered that day, it wasn’t a particularly good one. Gigi and Melissa wanted to try out for the cheer squad and I had been helping them rehearse. They had been trying to convince me to try out as well and they had finally got me to say yes. I thought shit, why not I could do all those splits, tumbles and backflips, just like those skinny chicks could, not bad for a thick girl huh.

Well, I guess the captains didn’t think so. Although I delivered the best routine I, unfortunately, didn’t fit into their stereotypical views on how a cheerleader should look. It was a little blow to ya girl's self-confidence. And if that wasn’t bad enough then I heard one of the football players saying really fucked up big girl jokes, just had me more in a pissy mood. So when Kwamie came at me I just shut him down before he could get a word in.

“That was really fucked up Sadé, I know for a fact you were better than half of those girls out there.”

I just smiled at him.

“Thanks, Kwamie, but it’s cool, I’ve been over it.”

“So are you gone let me ask you what I wanted to ask that day?” He was smiling.

God, I love that smile of his.

“Sure Kwamie ask away,” I giggled a bit.

“Hey Beautiful, I just wanted to let you know that you look amazing today, and when you have some free time will you let me take you out for dinner and a movie.”

You’d think the giggle bug had bitten me cause I was grinning from ear to ear. I don’t know it was something though, but that burst of confidence was setting me up for exactly what I wanted since our first night here.

“Well, I got some free time right now but since we can’t go to a restaurant at the moment and there’s no power for a movie why don’t you have me for dinner,” I asked running my hand up under his sweatshirt.”

“Oh damn, umm, yeah. Hell yeah,” he was grinning hard. “But......when I’m eating.....I like to see the whole buffet spread,” he said pulling the blanket all the way off of me and tugging at my pajama shirt.

I sat up slowly pulling my shirt from over my head. Exposing everything to him. Every dip, every roll, every curve, I allowed his eyes to indulge in my perfect imperfections as he sat on his knees in between my legs looking down on me. But the way he looked at me was like a little kid on Christmas morning.

Even though the look on his face was of pure enjoyment I felt the need to blanket myself with my arms.

“Ugh ugh,” he said quickly taking both my hands in his and intertwined our fingers.

He leaned down and I’ll admit I attacked his lips tasting how sweet his tongue was wrapped around mine.

He pulled away kissing all over my neck, damn his lips were so soft. Every time they’d touched my skin I would get goosebumps. He scooped both of my breasts in his hands pushing them together and just stared at them.

The way he looked at them with so much hunger in his eyes you’d think they were two mounds of chocolate ice cream as he finally leaned down flicking his tongue around both nipples.

“Mmmm, yes,” I moaned as he nipped and sucked on them. Damn, he had my pussy throbbing so bad watching him wrap his tongue around my nipples. Then pulling on them hard with his lips making that pop noise when he’d let go.

I ran my hands through his hair as he kissed down my stomach. Tugging on it gently when I felt his warm minty breath kiss upon my swollen bud. It was crazy how my body was already responding to him and he barely even touched me.

He pushed my legs apart, then slid his fingers up and down my folds. I exhaled deeply enjoying the feel of his callous fingers squeezing my lips.

Mmmm fat ass pussy, just like I like it,” he whispered spreading my lips apart.

“S-shit Kwamie!”

He was kissing, then sucking, then kissing and flicking his tongue up and down my clit. I couldn’t help but grip his hair tighter pushing his face deeper inside.

I could feel my legs trembling while his tongue flicked up and down my clit as he moaned into my pussy.

“Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.”

“Taste good baby? Oohhhh mmm fuck! Like peach cobbler huh,” I asked as I started rolling my hips and grinding on his mouth.

I heard him chuckle a bit, “It tastes way better baby, mmmm.”

Shit, he was eating the hell out of this puss, I was finding myself clamping my legs together. But Kwamie was not having it.

“You want me to eat this pussy Sadé!?” His voice was so deep and demanding, ohh that shit had me juicing.

“Yes, Kwamie!”

“Then hold those legs back so I can get it, baby.”

I put my arms under my thighs pulling my knees back into my chest, till I felt a smack on my thigh.


“Ugh ugh, more Sadé, I know you can do it,” he demanded and I’ll be damned I was complying pulling them behind my head.

“Good girl,” was all I heard as he dove back into my pussy. That tongue was breaking speed limits and I could feel myself about to cum.

“Not yet baby,” he said slipping his tongue inside my ass, gripping my hips rocking me up and down on his tongue.

“Got daaammnn,” I moaned biting my bottom lip.

Kwamie wasn’t playing any games! Shit, the 3 days I waited for this was definitely worth it! And he was definitely bout to show me how worth it was.

I felt his finger slip into my ass, making me call out his name. But I wasn’t expecting him to grab Mr. Strong pushing it back inside me as he hit the switch.

“Ooohh ffuuckk Kwamie ohhh mmm!”

I could feel my pussy about explode with his finger fucking my ass, my dildo in my pussy, I didn’t know how long I was gone last. Well, it didn’t last too long, everything fell apart when his mouth landed back on my clit, talk about multi-tasking.

“Oh my gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd!”

I could feel my pussy beating like a drum as he sucked on my clit and he worked his finger and my vibrator in and out of me faster and faster. Until I felt the urge to release that pressure.

“Fuckin’ cummin!”

I never had experienced squirting before but got damn this man had me squirting everywhere as I came for him. I know they had to hear my ass all through the cabin as I screamed from pure orgasmic pleasure.

“Kwwaammiiee, ooohhh ssshhiitt oohh fuucckk, ohh dammnn!”

I couldn’t take it I had to push his head away just to try to catch my breath.

He finally released me, pulling his finger and my vibrator out of me. Then looked up at me as my chest raised up and down trying to catch my breath.

“Definitely way better than peach cobbler Dimples,” he smiled kissing on my thighs.

All I could do was laugh through my heavy breathing. His hands started rubbing all over me. I guess he wanted to give me a minute to catch my breath.

“Damn, Kwamie.”

“Wassup Dimples,” he said kissing my lips.

“Nothing, it’s just.......wow. I can honestly say not too many people have made me speechless.”

“Mmm since I made you speechless let me take ya breathe away,” he said as he pressed himself against my entrance then pushing through my walls.

All I could do was suck the air in as he started moving all those inches inside of me. Stretching me to limits unknown as I dug my nails in his back.

“Oh, sh-shit Daddy! J-Just like that Ahhhh Mmmm!”

I loved the way he looked bitting that bottom lip with those hooded eyes. It was so sexy. And I could hear his dick splashing in my pussy from how wet it was making me.

My moans got louder and my nails dug deeper as he tried to fill me up to the rim with every stroke. Hitting on that spot when he got balls deep in it.

“Ooooh Daddy, oh, fuck! You're so fucking deep! Mmmmm, mmmm, I’m bout to cum,” I moaned as he kissed all over my neck and lips.

“How's your ankle Dimples,” his voice was low raspy as he kissed on my neck.

“Mmmm, good baby, why,” I asked damn near out of breath.

I squealed when he gripped my hips flipping us over.

“You gonna ride it for me Dimples?

“That’s what you really want? Sure you ready for that,” I said smiling and panting, biting my bottom lip.

He had a sly smirk on his face.

“Hmm somebody told me big girls do it better, I’m tryna see if it’s true or not.”

I chuckled, “Hell yeah cause they say the view is better.” I turned around my back facing him getting on my knees and twerking my ass.

“Hell yeah is right,” he said smacking and rubbing on my booty.

“Ride that shit baby, fuck it up.”

I arched my back, as I felt him rub the head against my entrance. I finally leaned into it making it slip inside me.

“Oh fuck.”

I started rocking back and forth finding my rhythm making sure I gripped on the dick when I came down on it.

*Smack* *Smack*

“Mmmm, get that shit baby!”

*Smack* *Smack*

“Juicy ass pussy, Mmmm!”

“Oooh damn Kwamie, Mmmm.”

I felt that finger go in my ass again then another as I kept hitting it back harder and harder.

“Can I get it, baby?”

“Ok,” I whimpered taking it out my pussy, he slowly started sliding into my asshole.

“Oh, fuck, fuck, fuck,” I moaned digging into his thighs.

“You feel so good baby, just go slow.”

And I had to he was definitely bigger then what I was used to backing there. But I wasn’t about to back down for this challenge.

He suddenly gripped my thighs pulling me back into his chest. He was holding my legs back thrusting his hips fucking me so good I couldn’t help but to play with my pussy while he fucked me.

“You so fucking sexy Sadé,” he said through his heavy breathing. Kissing me on my shoulder.

He started fucking me harder, thrusting deeper. All I was doing was moaning his name rubbing on my clit till I felt that burn in my core set ablaze.

“Oh Daddy I’m bout to cum...I’m bout to cum,” I screamed as my thighs shook and shivered while he fucked me through my orgasm.

“Mmm mmm, can I cum in this ass baby?”

"Yessss! Fuck yes, Daddy!”

“Mmmm, mmm, fuck,” he grunted, his hot cum flowing through me.

“Let me clean you up Daddy,” I said taking him into my mouth.

I went down head first taking what was left of his cum with me.

“Fuck girl got damn!”

He was still so hard and I couldn’t leave him like that. I pushed my triple D’s around his dick as I bobbed my head up and down.

“Shit Sadé you bout to make me bust again,” he said running his hands through my hair.

“Just like that baby keeps sucking it, suck it, suck it, Suck. It.”

“Come on make it rain on me, daddy.”

“Aahhh fuck,” he roared squirting his cum all over my titties and face.

He just smiled at me his eyes halfway closed before getting up and bringing me a towel and wiping me off.

“Come here,” he said kissing me hard, wrapping his tongue around mine.

“I think we warmed up enough for a little bit,” he said spooning me into him.

“Yep I think so,” I agreed before snuggling up into his chest and falling asleep.

The next morning I woke up with a tattooed arm around me. And I happily traced the 305 outlines with my finger on his forearm.

The snowstorm was finally over. And it was warm in the cabin once again. So I thought why not fix us a little something for breakfast while he was still sleeping.

I walked out to the kitchen grabbing some pans and some eggs and bacon out of the fridge. I got the pans going when Melissa and Gigi turn up fussing about something.

“Yeah chick, you kept us up all night,” Gigi said to Melissa.

“But it’s all good it might’ve been freezing in here but Sam was warming this pussy up though,” Gigi said sticking out her tongue.

“What you talking about, that wasn’t me. I meant what I said, Travis was not getting any cooch last night. Those balls were bluer than those sheets we were laying on.”

“Y’all, a mess,” I laughed putting the cooked eggs and bacon on two plates.

“Well if it wasn’t you making all that noise and it wasn’t me then who-,” Gigi stops mid-sentence and they both look at me.


Before they could say anything Kwamie comes walking out of my room walking towards me.

“Good morning,” he says leaning down kissing on my lips and rubbing on my booty.

“Mmmm, I made you breakfast.”

“You sure did, it looks good baby,” he said taking his plate and kissing me again.

“Don’t take to long,” he said walking back to my room.

“Well, I’ll see you ladies a little later. And I promise to keep it down some next time,” I said giggling.

“Oh you bitch,” Gigi said grinning.

“We definitely having girl’s talk later,” they said simultaneously.

I just shook my head and laughed. I’m sure we're gonna have a lot to talk about.

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