Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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The Clarke Brothers: Christopher's Plight

Whatever you need, girl it’s all on me
Your soldier, your friend or your lover (ooh)
Girl, I wanna be yours

~Chris Brown

I had got back into town 2 weeks before school started and finally got through to Chris and invited him to my place for dinner, mostly as a peace offering. But of course, it didn’t end up how I wanted. His attitude was starting to become overbearing and wearing on my last nerve. Because I knew we were heading down the same usual path to an argument.

Then that’s when he started laying everything out I figured that had been burdening him.

The first was to stop spending so much time with Tony. Second, stop going out with Trey all the time. Third, don’t come by their apartment unless he was over there.

And last but differently no least, this one threw me for a loop as we sat at the dinner table.

I don’t want you sleeping with my brothers anymore.

I had to clutch my pearls and hold on to the kitchen table to keep from falling out when he said that. The look on his face was as if he was dead ass serious.

At first, I laughed him off like he was joking with me and he couldn’t possibly be serious about this. Because all four of us had an understanding that all four of us happily agreed upon. And now he wanted to change shit up and give ultimatums.

So my question to him was why. Why the sudden change of heart? He wouldn’t answer me. So I just felt like if you couldn’t answer my question then there wasn’t anything to discuss.

I guess he didn’t like my response to his request. Because when I came from the bathroom he was gone and he was back to not speaking to me again.

Those 2 weeks had flown by. I just kept my distance from all three of my Clarke Brothers. I had maybe once in a while shot them a text every couple days to check on them and say hey.

I was on my way to my mid-afternoon class when I saw a familiar tall glass of masculinity catch my eye.

You’d think I would be used to that 6-foot 1-inch frame demanding my full attention when he entered a room. Or the way he made my pulse speed up when his tattoos peeked through the top of his shirt. Or the way my flower leaked it’s sweet nectar whenever his muscles flexed as he’d walk across a room.

“Hey Snoodlebug,” I said walking up to Christopher, leaning comfortably into his chest as I fixed his shirt collar.


The look he gave me was, unfortunately, one that he’s given me before. That look as if he could give a damn less whether or not I was breathing. I hated that look. I didn’t even have to ask what the hell he was mad at, I already knew what the issue was.

“Come on Chris, don’t be like this with me.”

“Be like what?” he questioned rolling his eyes at me as he pushed past me walking into the lecture hall.

“Like....this. How your acting cold to me again. You always do this. Every time....”

I had to stop, realizing we were in our class with other people. I just sat next to him in an open seat resting my hand on his thigh. Smiling at him as I drew circles with my index finger. Digging and dragging my hot pink nails into his leg. Because I knew he liked that shit, it turned him on. Reminding him of when I would claw at his back when we would have our spine-tingling sessions together.

I watched contently as he licked his plump caramel lips and his chestnut-colored eyes rolled to the back of his head.

“Just.....No! Just stop!” he yelled startling me making me almost jump out of my skin. I sunk down into my chair as we were both given strange looks from his loud outburst.

“Chris,” was all I said before he got up and moved far away from me into another seat.

I watched as he sat down two rows in front of me. Pulling his Jordan hoodie over his head and sinking down into his seat.

I was just about to follow him when our professor walked in and started today’s lecture.

Just because we were in class didn’t mean I was through with our conversation. Since he couldn’t listen to me talk with my mouth, he was gone listen to my fingers via text message.

Me: Chris, talk to me. Why won’t you tell me what the real problem is?

SnoodleBug😍💞: You’re the real problem. Look just go do you and we can go back to how you used to do me before we started smashing.

Me: Smashing? I know you don’t really mean that!

SnoodleBug😍💞: The fuck I do! I’m tired of sharing. If that’s what you wanna do then that’s ya damn business. But I swear I’m done, Roz. I’m not giving in again.

I hated it when he would get like this it was like talking to a brick wall. I felt like I had to literally feel around until I could find his weak spot to break him down again. So I decided to give him a little visual eye candy to remind him of what he was about to leave behind.

Me: So you wanna give up all this?

SnoodleBug😍💞: I’ll live.

Me: So no more late night runs on the beach and you not gonna help me work all this out anymore?

Twerking was another was his kryptonite and I had made this video a couple of days ago just for him. I watched as he readjusted himself in his seat. I knew I was waking up that anaconda he had hiding in those sweatpants.

SnoodleBug😍💞: Ask Tony or Trey’s ass you always out with them anyways.

Me: I give you just as much time as I give to them Chris, if not probably even more. So they should be the ones complaining. If we not spending as much time together like you want it’s because you always got a damn attitude about what I’m doing with your brothers not what you and I got going on at the moment.

SnoodleBug😍💞: It don’t even matter no more! I said I’m good. You must think I’m Trey or something. Pussy don’t move me like that.

Me: Correction! Random pussy doesn’t move you like that. But your Hunny Bunny’s pussy does...

I could see him squirm around in his seat again, rocking his leg. Then 5 minutes later he excuses himself from the classroom and I got up to follow right after him.

“Chris! Chris!?”

I sprinted out into the empty hallway yelling his name but he was nowhere in sight.

“Where the hell did he go so fast-”

I yelped a screech when another classroom door swings open and I’m pulled inside by a pair of tattooed arms.

“I swear to gawd boy you scared the shit out of me,” I cursed smacking him on the shoulder.

He didn’t budge or cared to respond. He just stared at me. Then walked up to me pinning me between him and a desk. That snake in his pants was slithering up against my thigh. If it moved against me any more he was gonna light my fire.

“What is it?” I asked giving him an inquisitive look.

He looked like he had a lot to get off his chest.

“I told you I was done.”

I could see the yearning in his deep brown eyes as his face inched closer and closer to mines.

“So be done then,” I whispered eyeing his bottom lip he had pressed between his teeth.

I don’t know it was like he was coming out of a trance and came back to his senses wiping his hand over his face. Shaking his head no as he backed away from me and headed back out the door.

I just took myself back to class thinking he was there but he wasn’t. I just sat through the rest of the lecture and tried to focus on my studies. But to be honest, I couldn’t, Chris really had me feeling some type of way.

“Hey beautiful,” I heard Charmaine say walking over to me giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey, Sweety.”

“What’s wrong girlie? You look like somebody just stole ya puppy.”

“I’m good just a little tired, I’m about to head home.”

“Ugh ugh, your ass not tired. Chris still giving you his ass to kiss?”

I just chuckled a bit. Even though Sadé and I haven’t known each other that long you’d swear we’d known each other for years. The way we could read each other’s emotions and know exactly what was bothering each other was definitely leading us to become the best of friends.

“Yeah, he’s still mad at me,” I said rolling my eyes.


“What’s that Mmmm for?”

“Look Roz you known me long enough to know I don’t sugar coat shit.”

“Yes I know girl,” I rolled my eyes again and laughed.

“Ok, so when are you gonna stop being with your head in the damn clouds and realize y’all two are in love with each other?”


“Don’t what me girl. I know you don’t have that much experience with men but you gotta start reading in between the lines. That man was getting tired of seeing the woman he wants to be with getting fucked by his big brothers.”

“But that doesn’t mean he lo-”

“When you were complaining bout your weight, who had dat ass out here exercising? Running the damn beach late at night cause you didn’t want anybody to see you and make fun of you. Who was taking you out on dates, who’s always buying you shit? Not saying that Trey and Anthony didn’t do anything for you but you get my point. Chris went way out of his way for you.”

“I never said he didn’t do anything for me Sadé, I appreciated everything and it wasn’t like I didn’t do things for him either. But that still doesn’t mean-”

“Well you can deny it all you want but I know what I’m talking bout. Hun, I think you’ve lived out this Clarke brother fantasy long enough. From one hoe to another,” she laughed and I rolled my eyes.“I really think it’s time to hang up ya hoe hat and let that man wife you. And I think if you look deep down you know it’s time too. Especially since you told me that you told Anthony and Trey ya’ll can’t be hooking up anymore,” she said tooting up her nose in the air.

Yeah, you heard her right, after Chris asked me to stop that day and left my apartment, I realized I was being greedy and selfish. And as much as I acted like Chris being hurt and upset with me didn’t bother me, deep down it really did. So no more Clarke Special.

I gave it up for him.

“Well as much as I love to listen to you lecture me...”

“Girl bye, call me later,” she laughed waving me away after we gave each other a hug.

I had just walked into my place and hopped right into the shower. I was just trying to wash away my stress. Letting the warm water beat away at my skin when I thought I heard the sound of my front door opening and closing.

I was trying to wipe the water out of my eyes when my bathroom door swings open scaring the shit out of me.

“Dammit Chris, you can’t be popping up on me like that. This the second time today you almost gave me a damn heart attack.”

“Well, you gave me a key so you shouldn’t be so damn jumpy.”

We were just staring at each other for a minute before he finally broke the silence.

“I didn’t know I was the only one who had a key.”

“Yeah, well.......you’re the only one I would give it to,” I said watching his lip curl into a slight smile.

“Why didn’t you tell me you decided not to be with them anymore?”

I guess Tony and Trey finally told him.

“Well, you weren’t talking to me soo....”

I watched him pull his shirt from his body and exposing his tattooed chest and shoulders. Then his sweats and boxers were soon to follow as he joined me in the shower. And right then that shower wasn’t the only thing dripping wet in here.

His hands cupped my cheeks as he gently rubbed his thumb across my lips. I closed my eyes relishing in his touch. It was just a small gesture and it had been almost a month since we had that skin to skin contact. And at that moment......in that very small moment, I had realized how much I missed his touch. I finally realized how much I really missed him.

He hungrily pressed his lips to mines and it was like everything melted away. There was no Anthony, no Trey, it was just him and him alone. And it was perfect.

Damn, he had me so light-headed from that kiss. Like he stole all the oxygen from my lungs. Till he backed me into the wall lifting me up by my thighs, right then we became one as he slipped between my slippery folds. I could feel myself gasp for air like he was breathing the life back into me with every thrust of his hips.

“Aggggh, ugghhh, Mmmm,” was I could muster to say.

There were no coherent words to bring forth when he was inside me. Working this pussy like he was the CEO of my orgasms, he was definitely making big boss moves.

“I missed you, Mmmmm.”

“M-Miss....Ahhh....miss...you....Oooh...you too.”

I had to brace myself when he let me down bending me over and slamming back into me. All that pressure had me trying to hold on to the glass enclosure. He was so deep inside, deeper then he’s ever been like he was trying to claim what’s always been his.

“Oh gawd, oh gawd, oh gawd, I’m cummin Chrrriiiissss!”

He wrapped his arms around my waist pulling me back into him as he cupped my breast. Grinding slowly inside my walls, kissing and nipping at my ear.

“I love you!”

It was like the words just flew out of nowhere. But those words. Those 3 little words were the truest ever spoken.

“Mmmm, I love you too Hunny Bunny.”

I knew those lips were smiling from ear to ear as he kissed on my shoulders. Until I felt that grip on my hips intensify.

“Bout to cum baby.”

“Let me get it, baby,” I whimpered squatting down taking him into my mouth while he stroked his hands through my hair.

“Make it disappear baby...FUCK,” he growled as I took him in balls deep to the back of my throat.

With one hand stroking his cock and the other massaging his balls I sucked his soul from his body. Swallowing every drop he gave to me. Holding my mouth open afterward so he could see it was no child left behind tonight.

We finally ended up out the shower but we were definitely not through with each other. Our bodies fit perfectly together as he perched his hips between my legs. Gently kissing me and finally revealing to me what those beautiful brown eyes had been trying to tell me.

“I love you so much, Roz. Mmmm. I’m sorry, I’ve been an asshole. I know I should’ve told you how I felt about you a long time ago. I just.....I just didn’t want you to push me away if you didn’t feel the same.”

“I would never push you away Snoodlebug,” I gently caressed his face and smiled.

“And I’m sorry too, I knew my feelings for you were getting stronger but I was ignoring it. I just thought I was gone miss out on something if I let go of that fantasy of mine. But I finally realized I was gonna miss out on something much more if I didn’t let go.

He leaned back and looked at me and smiled. Then bit that bottom lip of his as he stroked his dick up and down my folds. Enjoying the pooling he had going on between my legs.

“Ooooohhh Aaaahhh.”

Damn, he had my eyes rolling to the back of my head as he pounded into me.

“Fuckin’ dick... So good baby,” I moaned digging my nails into his arms.

“Damn baby, Mmmm, you bout to cum already?” he asked as my eyes rolled back again.

I could feel my body tensing ready to explode when he suddenly pulls out of me, his mouth falling to my pussy.

“Ooohh f-fuck!”

That tongue was beating against my clit as I squirmed around trying to run.

“Ugh ugh baby, let it happen,” I heard as he wrapped his arms around my thighs holding me down as he went back to sucking the hell out of my pussy.

The build-up to release was right there. The urge to cum was stronger than usual. It was like a bolt of lightning had electrocuted my body as I came. I couldn’t handle it as I screamed his name. All I could remember was the pressure, so much damn pressure. It was like my pipes were about to burst......which they did.

“Oh my gawd, Chris, what the fuck just happened!?”

I was totally out of breath.

“It’s ok baby, it’s just a little squirt,” he said laughing kissing and licking on my thighs.

“Damn I can’t believe you made me do that,” I said covering my face while I giggled.

He French kissed my pussy making my whole body tremble.

“We’ll just call that the Chris Special,” he said smirking.

“Chris shut up, you’re crazy,” I giggled.

“But you love my crazy self, don’t you,” he said kissing my lips.

“I do love your crazy self.”

“And I love you too Hunny Bunny.”

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