Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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Don’t Wait Too Long (Part 1)

Been checking for you since I was young was just a boy then

Then I tried again in high school you had a boyfriend
Then you went off to college and I pursued this music shit
You got a full scholarship
I made it yeah I’m doing it
But I’m tired of groupies I’m so tired of losing

I’m so tired of thinking
I’m so tired of wishing
Girl I’m reminiscing Bout what we could’ve been should’ve been maybe

But I kept my heart to myself, baby I waited

I waited on you


"Damn I can’t wait for his fine ass to be done with this celibacy shit.”

I looked up from the menu laughing at my homegirl stare at our good friend Sammie as he walked off into the crowd. The way her eyes danced around in her head as she licked her lips were heavily swaying to the tune of Bust It Wide Open.

“I swear I’mma twerk all over that dick like I work at Magic City when he’s back on and popping,” Candace confessed, while Sammie was still at the bar getting us all some drinks.

“Girl you crazy,” I laughed.

“But I’m not sure how you plan on doing all that when you still haven’t told the man you like him?”

Which I figured she probably wouldn’t. Candace was my girl but on some true shit, she would change her mind on who she wanted to twerk on as often as she changed her draws. So it was safe to say she would be off of our mutual friend rather quickly.

Truth be told I don’t think he was her speed. Sammie was all around great guy. Chivalrous, laid back, went to church on Sunday’s when he could, as humble as they come, a real total gentleman. Basically everything you could possibly want in a man or husband.

I think the last time Candace had been inside of a church was when her older brother got married last year. For her, Sunday was just a day to recoup from partying and drinking hard on Friday and Saturday. And another thing, she could come off as a stuck up spoiled brat sometimes. But I guess not ever having to want for anything, she just happened to take on that type of persona. Not that she didn’t deserve a great guy, don’t get me wrong. I think we all do. I just didn’t think he was for her and vis versa.

“Who said all that, I ain’t trying to tie the man down, just his dick. But when I put it on him he might wanna wife me up, which is fine cause his pockets been fattening up since he dropped his last 2 albums and I need somebody to spoil me on the regular. But don’t worry girl I got it all planned out. It’s right on time he asked us to go on tour with him and since your not coming,” she rolled her eyes. “I guess it will be just as good so we won’t have no distractions.”

“Well, I don’t think Sam is the type to blow money like that on a girl. And why are you rolling your damn eyes chick? I told y’all I gotta work. So sorry my Daddy isn’t the CEO of a multi-million dollar tech business and can spoil his daughter by paying all of her bills, while she out on tour trying to convince our R&B singer friend she wanna twerk on his dick.”

“You sound salty bitch,” she smirked, tooting her nose in the air while she ran her fingers through her blonde Peruvian loose deep bundles.

“Far from it love,” I laughed, shaking my head at her.

All three of us had been friends from way back in our school days. But of course, when Sammie hit it big and Candace moved away, we all loss our connection but we still tried to stay in contact with each other. Later on, we all reconnected when I moved to Atlanta to attend Spelman College.

“Mmmm, I guess you alright staying home and texting this secret admirer you got. Seems like that’s all you worried bout lately. Are you gonna meet him or nah girl?”

“I’m not just worried about him, I think it’s really cute though. I’ve just been waiting for him to ask to meet up but I guess I’mma have to ask myself.”

“Hmph, well while you texting your imaginary man, I’mma go freshen up my make-up. Just tell my bae I went to the bathroom, so he won’t worry his self about me being gone too long.”

“Girl you are too much,” I shook my head as she walked towards the back of the lounge.


I quickly pulled out my phone, smiling gleefully while I looked at my notification bar. I giggled a bit as I rushed to open my Samsung Note 9 and read the message inside.

📱Junior: Did you get the flowers I sent?

So, yes, I apparently had a secret admirer, he had been leaving me little gifts at my job with little poems attached. I figured it had to be one of our regular guests at the restaurant I worked at but no one stood out to me that I might think would actually have a crush on me.

📱Me: OMG I did thank you! They’re so beautiful sitting on my kitchen table.

📱Junior: Not as beautiful as you though. They don’t even come close. 😍

📱Me: You’re making me blush. 😊

📱Junior: I wish I could’ve seen you when it happened. I bet you were adorable.

📱Me: LOL well I guess I might have been. So....when am I gonna finally meet you?

Who was he, was the burning question in the back of my mind. Until he sent00 some flowers to me with another poem and at the end, it was signed Junior with his phone number right next to it. After that, we had been texting ever since.

Oh yeah don’t think I didn’t try to call and convince him to do live chats with me but he’d never answered or responded. It was always through text messaging but it’s been almost a month and I was deeply intrigued to finally find out who my mystery guy was.

“What got you smiling so hard Amiyah?”

I looked up from my Note 9 to see Sammie sliding back into the booth, sitting down 3 drinks full of alcohol mixed with our choice of chaser on the table.

“Oh, nothing.”

“Naw, it’s something, cause it got you caking from ear to ear,” he chuckled. “Must be your mystery dude?” He asked smiling, waiting for me to respond.

“It might be,” I rolled my eyes around with a grin plastered all over my face.

“But enough about me, are you excited about going on tour after it being so long?”

“I am, it would be better if somebody changed their mind about going,” his thick Hershey lips curved in a slight smile.

“I’m sure you two will be fine without me. Besides my rent and utilities still need to be paid, I can’t get around that. So ya girl gotta work. Plus I know I definitely couldn’t afford all those 5-star hotels you’re gonna be checking into.”

“Now you know I’d pay for everything while we’re on the road. And if you needed help with ya bills, I don’t mind helping you out with that either. That’s what friends are for,” he rolled his eyes shaking his head at me.

“Stop it, Lee,” he smirked when I called him by his middle name. I think he got a little kick outta that.

“I am not letting you pay for everything, you know that shit doesn’t sit well with me. Besides I’d be driving myself crazy trying to find ways to pay you back. You’re just bouncing back with your career, I would never take advantage of that, Lee. But I’ll definitely be front row and center when you do your last show here in Atlanta.”

“You know what, most women would have jumped on the opportunity to travel around the country for free. But I forget sometimes you’re not like most women,” he smiled, brushing the tips of his fingers along my own as he scooted a little closer to me.

“Well duh,” I joked, playfully sticking out my tongue while I rolled my eyes.

I heard him chuckle as I fixed my eyes back on him. He was staring at me, pressing his lips together. Almost like he was trying to control them from doing something crazy.

The intensity in his dark chestnut eyes had me locked in a daze, while the scent of his cologne engulfed me, intoxicating my brain. Instantly creating this moment that I didn’t know how to respond to.

Obviously, he knew exactly what to do as he glared at my lips, inching his forward. Amazingly I didn’t find myself interrupting what was about to take place as he slightly lifted my chin with his finger. I could feel my heart racing and my breathing become shallow, I was in a total shock that this was happening.

With his juicy full lips a few inches away, it was clear we were really gonna do this. Was I really gonna cross that line with my friend? Was I really going to betray Candace like this? The thought abruptly popped into my head as he was closing in to devour my lips.

“Ooohhh that’s my shit!”

I pulled away from Sammie so quickly once I heard Candace squeal loudly about Megan Thee Stallion’s song Big Ole Freak playing through the lounge speakers.

🎶Pop it, pop it
Daydreaming ’bout how I rock it
He hit my phone with a horse
So I know that mean come over and ride it
Shit, I’m on the way
Ride on that dick I’m like yay
Usually I like to fuck
But tonight we gon’ make love ’cause you bae
Nobody know, I fuck with him on the low
We never show up together but I text him when I’m ready to go🎶

She quickly made her way back over to our table making sure she shook her ass right in front of Sammie, badly trying to get his attention. Which she did momentarily and a few other male patrons standing around the lounge thirstily watching her twerk to the beat.

“Is that my drink?” Candace asked as she finished dancing.

“Yeah, yeah, gin and coke for you Candace,” he slid her drink over to her. “And a Bahama Mama, for my Bahama Mama,” he smirked sliding my drink over towards me. I just shook my head at him and grabbed for the tall glass of coconut rum, orange and pineapple juice. As soon as I grabbed it he kind of held onto it stroking his thumb across my knuckles.

I caught a strange look emerge on Candace’s face like she caught that but I didn’t want her to think that we had something going on, which we didn’t. So I just played it off like he was joking with me.

“You play too much Sammie, give me my damn drink.” I laughed like I was joking, dismissing those questionable stares Candace was giving us.

“So Sam, when are you gonna let a big ole freak take your virginity? I bet you wouldn’t know what to do with something like this,” she patted one hand on her ass and pussy.

I would say I couldn’t believe she just asked him that but this was Candace we were talking about, her ass was wide open with everything.

“A big ole freak already took my virginity I’d say bout 15 years ago,” he chuckled. “I don’t know what your ass is thinking Candace, my virgin days been over with. A brother just choosing to abstain from fleshy things. It’s just my spiritual cleanse that I do every so often to feel closer to God. Seems like my blessings come more when I do that and I think I am in a better headspace to make decisions.”

“Decisions about what?” I asked.

“You know......different things, my career, life,....love.” He looked right at me with this serious face and once again he had me caught up as he gave me the Carebear stare.

“But I’m a grown-ass man and when I’m ready I know exactly how to please every inch of a woman,” he licked those plump juicy lips and I swear he had me squeezing my thighs so tight together trying to subdue that tingle he had going on between my lower set of lips.

Mmmm, well, grown-ass man, you got a time stamp on when you gone be ready?” Candace asked smacking her lips, thirstily waiting for him to answer.

“When I’m ready,” was all he said still looking right at me.

Aww man, he gotta stop that shit. I was quickly distracted by my phone thankfully pulling me out of his little trance.


📱Junior: Well I think you mentioned to me about being off this Friday. So how about you pick the place and I’m there Ms. Amiyah. 😊

“But on that note let me get up outta here,” he slid up out of the booth, throwing on his black leather jacket.

“Oh, you leaving already?” Candace asked.

“Yeah, seems like you just got here.”

“My bad ladies I got to get those track mixes together but I knew it had been a minute since we hung out so I couldn’t find it in me to tell y’all no.”

“Aww you’re so sweet Sammie,” Candace jumped up from her seat to hug him.

“Oh yeah, y’all still stopping by my house tomorrow night?”

Mmmm, what we doing?” Candace asked licking her lips.

“You know I’m working on some new stuff and I wanted to get y’all opinion and Amiyah to do some background vocals for me,” he looked at me and smiled.

“Yeah I’ll be there Sam right after I get off of work,” I smiled back.

“Oh, it’s for recording music huh? Ummm, I think I might be busy that night.”

I just cut my eyes at her. She hated when he’d invite us over for a listening session. She thought it was boring and couldn’t understand why it took so long. But I admired his work ethic. He just was passionate about his music. So anyway he felt like he could perfect his craft, he was on it.

“Well I guess that just leaves me and you Miyah,” he leaned over kissing my cheek. “See you tomorrow.”

“See you later Sammie.”


📱Junior: So is it a date Beautiful?

📱Me: Yeah, for sure! Maybe around 6pm on Friday? I know just the place! I’ll text you the address when I get home.

~To Be Continued

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