Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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Don’t Think Too Long (Part 3)

,Baby girl I’m a different kinda nigga
Plus I think you’re prettier without it
Baby, You don’t even need a filter
Got a proposition for ya girl how bout it?
I should be your next man
I’m better than your ex-man I bet ya mama gon like me
And ya big bro too
I bet ya daddy gon like me
And ya homeboys tooImma do everything that ya man ain’t do
Baby girl I’m him


Of course, you know I went after him. I didn’t want to leave his house with him upset with me. But when I tried to go down to the studio, he had locked the door from the inside.

After I knocked a while, I realized he wasn’t gonna answer. And that I might have just ruined a 10-year friendship that I adored so much.

I just gathered my things and locked the door behind me as he asked, then sat in my car. I eventually sent him a long ass text message, apologizing and that hopefully, we could talk soon when he felt comfortable.

But he never responded back to my text message and after a few days into the week progressed I didn’t think that he ever was.....

It was another busy night at the Negril Village Restaurant where I worked.

Negril Village was an upscale Caribbean eatery that took occupancy in an old renovated 1907 firehouse in Midtown Atlanta.

Even though they did overwork the hell out of me since we’ve been understaffed for months now. I still loved the vibe and atmosphere and especially the people I worked with.

“So what are you wearing for your date, tomorrow girl?” Kelsey asked.

I was in the back of the restaurant with two of my co-workers, Kelsey and Jada. We were just talking about my date with my secret admirer, while we waited at the pickup window for our food orders. I was happy it was around the end of my shift. So I could be done serving my last table for the night.

“I’m not sure yet Kelsey, I was thinking about this yellow two-piece I haven’t worn yet. But I’m still debating.”

“I don’t know why you worried bout some damn secret admirer when you got thee fuckin’ Sammie in your back pocket, Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm,” Jada hummed and smacked her lips like she was savoring some sweet dessert.

I just laughed at her and shook my head. Although they were my co-workers, they were also really good friends to me.

“I can’t say I got him in my back pocket, Jada. He’s not talking to me right now.”

"What! How you messed that up for us?!”

I just laughed.

“For us?”

“Yes, girl! For me, you, and the culture,” she chuckled.

“Girl I can’t with you,” we all laughed.

“What the hell did you do to our Sammie?” Jada questioned, jokingly poking me in the shoulder.

"Whhhaaatt!? You didn’t tell her Amiyah?” Kelsey asked with a slick grin on her face.

“Tell me what child?” Jada leaned on the wall smirking at me.

Before I could even let Jada in on my secret Kelsey decided to answer for me.

“Our Amiyah finally let Mr. Sammie take a swim in her tsunami,” Kelsey laughed.

“What! And Bih you ain’t tell me?!”

“Damn, girl you so loud,” I whispered to her.

“Girl forget them, damn customers! This shits important. So wait, wait. If you already let our Sammie sip from your juice box, why the hell are you even entertaining going out with mystery dude Miyah? Bitch was the dick trash? Ohh lawd, say it ain’t so Miyah!”

“Hell no girl it was.......it was amazing.....he was amazing," I exhaled.

“Girl then what’s the damn problem!?”

“Go ahead Miyah, tell her what you did,” Kelsey tooted up her nose at me, closing her eyes and shaking her head in disapproval.

I let out a deep breath, thoroughly remembering the events of last weekend with Sammie.

“I didn’t mean to but I kind of inadvertently insulted him and his career. And then I kind of told him he was crazy because he wanted me to quit my job so he could take care of me.”

"He said he wanted to do what!? And you told him huh!? Kelsey our friend then lost all her damn good sense!” Jada fussed, palming her hand against her forehead while she shook it.

“Mmmhmm.” Kelsey agreed.

I just rolled my eyes at them.

“I just don’t get it? I know you can tell that man really likes you. Every time he comes up in here it’s just to see you. He be over there giving you the damn come let me stuff them guts baby girl look and smiling those pretty ass white teeth at you. But you be friend-zoning him like you don’t want the man.....you do want him don’t you?”

I just looked at both of them. I had an answer but I just was still trying to hold on to my denial about my true feelings about Sammie.

“Well Miyah, do you or don’t you?” Kelsey asked again.

“......I don’t know what I want.”

“What do you mean, you don’t know what you want Miyah?”

“I don’t know alright!” I snapped, almost forgetting where we were.

“Order up for ticket 86!” One of the cooks yelled through the pickup window.

I just grabbed the plate throwing it onto my tray and headed out to the dining room floor to serve my table.

As soon as I got back the girls were standing right where I left them with their arms crossed giving me the staredown. Finally waiting for me to be truthful with them.

"Okaaayyy! I...I do like him. I like him a lot.”

“So again what is the problem Miyah?” Jada questioned.

“He’s my friend and I didn’t want to fuck with that. I didn’t want to mess what we had up and cross that line.”

“Okay, understandable. But you let him cross that line and run-up in that puss. So tell me something else,” Jada waved her hand back and forth gesturing for me to give her another excuse because that one wasn’t good enough.

I just rolled my eyes at her.

“Plus it’s Candace. She told me she liked him a while ago and I don’t wanna seem like a bad friend because I never mentioned it to her that I had a thing for Sammie. So I’ve just been holding back my feelings.”

“Aww hell naw!” They both said in unison.


“You telling me you holding out on our Sammie because that Thot bitch supposedly put dibs on him first?” Jada cursed and fussed.

“Come on y’all why she gotta be all that?”

“Cause she is Sis, that bitch is thirsty as fuck, and I don’t see how you hang out with her,” Kelsey chimed in.

“Hell yeah! Why the hell do you think when you invite us out and you say she’s coming we tell you we can’t make it. She’s stuck up, bougie and rude as fuck to everybody and be quick with the slick mouth. And I damn sure don’t like how she be handling you. I swear I wanted to fight her ass the last time we hung out. The only reason I didn’t was because of you. You’re too sweet to be hanging around with that trash.” Jada spoke without taking one breath.

“Come on y’all she’s not that bad. We’ve been friends since high school. You know her dad is filthy rich so she’s just a little bit spoiled.”

“Miyah, on some real shit, it’s some friends we just outgrow in life. We have to let them go and leave them behind, and that’s okay. She doesn’t even deserve one ounce of that loyalty you giving to her. So as your real friend, I would suggest you leave that dusty bitch right where she at.” Kelsey added.

“I understand y’all don’t like her. She’s not everybody’s cup of tea-”

“That bitch ain’t nobody’s cup of tea. I’m sure she ain’t Sammie’s either. And I’m sure he doesn’t like his chicks ran the fuck through.”

“Omg, I can’t with y’all heifers. I’m about to clock out, ” I laughed walking to do my last check on my last table ending my shift for the night.

To be honest, if I ever had a chance with Sammie, I think I completely blew it the other night. It really hurts that he’s not talking to me. But it is what it is.

Hell, I’d just be happy if he’d answer one of my text messages.


📱Junior: How was work today Beautiful?

But even though my old friend wasn’t talking to me. My new friend had unknowingly been trying to fill the void a little bit.

📱Me: Long as hell as usual. I’m bout to walk out of the restaurant now.

📱Junior: Ya I passed by there today. The restaurant looked really busy so I didn’t stop in cause I was strapped for time. But I would’ve loved to see that smile of yours.

📱Me: Aww, you should have. Even if it would have been for a quick second! Although you still probably wouldn’t have told me who you were. 😒😞😩

📱Junior: LOL maybe? Maybe not? But definitely tomorrow. 😉

📱Me: I know! I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited to see someone...finally! 😏

📱Junior: That you will Beautiful. See you tomorrow at 7 😘

“Bitch is that what you’re wearing?”

“What’s wrong with what I’m wearing?” I turned to look at Candace, straightening out my canary yellow long skirt and crop top matching set.

“Not a damn thang!” I heard Jada cut in with an attitude.

I looked over at Jada pinching her lips together trying to hold her tongue since Candace got here 10 minutes ago. After Kelsey and her revealed to me that they didn’t care for Candace too much, I could tell she was struggling big time.

“I’m just saying, you look like a Fashion Nova special. I thought you were trying to really impress the dude? I would’ve let you borrow something out of my closet.”

“Naw, I was going for more of the sophisticated sexy on a budget look. Rather than the high price hoe about to give up the coochie look.”

“Hehehe biittcchh,” I heard Jada over there snickering under her breath while she looked through one of my many magazines.

“Well I guess everybody can’t pull off my high-end wardrobe,” Candace tooted her nose up at me.

“And here I am with my Fashion Nova outfit going out on a date tonight and you’re going home to your high-end wardrobe....alone,” I jokingly laughed.

"Haa that’s what you think bih! I’m bout to call up Mr. Bush and help him work on some vocal exercises.”

“Vocal exercises?” Jada and I both asked at the same time.

“Girl your ass can’t sing. What are you talking about some vocal exercises?” I looked at her strangely.

“I’mma help him hit those high notes just right. Put it on him so good, make him scream my name while I’m working his sexy ass out,” she stuck out her tongue grinding and rolling her hips.

“Hoe.” *cough* *cough* *cough*

I just looked at Jada and shook my head.

“What girl? My throat is parched. I’m sure Candace knows how it is to be thirsty," Jada tooted her nose up running her fingers up and down her throat. “You ain’t got no bottled water in here?” She asked nonchalantly walking towards my refrigerator.

I just rolled my eyes.

“Umm, don’t you think he might be busy. I mean he does have a tour he’s going on in a few days. I’m sure he’s rehearsing.”

“Well, I’ve been patient enough waiting for his ass to get over his I’m not fucking no pussy right now phase. I’m just gonna go by his house and show him what he’s missing.”

"Ooooh! So you didn’t tell her Miyah?!” Jada said with a little devilish smirk on her face.

I just cut my eyes at her.

“Tell me what?”

“That her and Mr. Bush been fuck-”

"FIGHTING! W-We had a fight...I mean more like a misunderstanding. So we haven’t been really talking lately,” I quickly cut in.

“Oh well, I’m sure y’all will work it out. Besides, that ain’t got nothing to do with what me and him bout to have going on Sis. But I’ll talk to him for you girl, I’m sure I can convince him to forgive you,” she smirked then looked at her apple watch. “But let me go, I just stopped by to wish you well on ya lil’ date child. See y’all bitches later,” She flung her hair back and smacked her lips before walking out of my front door.

“I. Don’t. Like. That. Scruff. Face. Raggedy. Dirty foot. Dusty. Ass. Bitch. Ugggh!”

“Calm down Jada.”

"Calm down?! I don’t see how you don’t wanna snatch that played out blonde lace front from off of her dusty ass head Amiyah?”

“Why would I? She was just joking we always joke like that.”

"Bullshit Amiyah! You’re just too damn nice or maybe just too damn naive to realize that girl was throwing shots at you. She is mad jealous of you and you so damn clueless you don’t even see it! And why the hell you stopped me from telling her about you and Sammie? I don’t understand it!? ”

“Because it was none of her business and none of yours to tell Jada! Plus she doesn’t have nothing to be jealous of me for.”

“Well, I don’t care what you say she is jealous of you! And her ass needed to know about you and Sammie. Maybe it would’ve knocked her right her on ass, that she thinks is so damn fine and better than everybody else. Besides he’s yours and you better start sending that energy her way so she won’t get it twisted.”

“Look he’s not mine okay. Whatever chance Sammie and I had is over with Jada. He’s not talking to me and I can’t force him. It’s been over a week and I-I messed up and if she thinks she got a shot with him I’m not gone stand in her way. Let her shoot it.”

“You’re talking crazy Sis. You need to get your man,” she shook her head at me.

“I’m trying to Ja’ that’s why I’m going on this date,” I smirked at her.

“Whatever chick! You know who I’m talking about. Just bust a pose so I can send this damn picture to Kelsey. Her aggravating self keeps asking for pictures when she’s supposed to be serving tables,” I laughed as she fussed pulling out her cellphone.

Soon as she finished giving me a mini photoshoot for Kelsey I grabbed my clutch.

“So am I ready to meet Junior, Ja’?” I did one more twirl for her.

“You look great Miyah,” she gave me a slight smile. But I could tell she was a little upset with me.

“Just keep ya phone close to you chick, just in case this muthafucker is crazy, and I need to do a pop-up.”

I just laughed, “Don’t worry girl, I will.”

All though it was a 5-minute walk from my apartment, Jada insisted on dropping me off to the BQE lounge and bar right around the corner. They had the best menu with their version of what they called upscale southern comfort food. Plus it was a major vibe on the weekends with the hookah’s flowing and the DJ playing the hottest music. I thought it would be a great place to have a first date with someone.

I looked but nobody stood out to me plus nobody tried to approach me so I pulled out my cell and sent Junior a text.

📱Me: Hey are you here yet?

📱Junior: No Beautiful. Not Yet. I’m running a little behind. Go ahead and get a table and order whatever you want. I’ll take care of everything when I get there. Can’t wait to see you! 😘

📱Me: I can’t wait too! 😘

I walked up to the hostess and she sat me in a corner booth. I ordered myself a drink and a hookah as I excitedly waited.

And waited.....

And waited.....

And waited.....until I was about to say fuck this shit when my phone suddenly chirped with a text message.

📱Me: ???????

📱Me: You know if you weren’t planning on showing up you could’ve just told me! At least I wouldn’t be sitting here for over an hour looking like a damn fool!🤬

📱Junior: I’m so so sorry I know you’re mad. You have every right to be. I swear I’m on the way Beautiful. Just please give me 10 more minutes of your time. That’s all I ask. 🙏🏾😞😔

📱Me: I swear you have exactly 10 minutes then after that you can just lose my #

“Ma’am are you still waiting on your other party guest?” My waitress asked walking up to my table.

“Umm.....you know what....nope. I’m done waiting. Is it any way I can have my hookah at the bar and can I get another drink and I think I’mma order some food to go. Can I get a menu?”

“Sure ma’am you can sit wherever you want at the bar and I’ll have your hookah moved for you,” she smiled.

“Thank you so much and can you put a double shot in that drink for me?”

“Yes ma’am, coming right up.”

I was smoking on my hookah looking through the menu when someone suddenly caught my eye.


~To Be Continued

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