Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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Don’t Think Too Long (Part 4)

He be playin’ stupid with you
Trust me girl, I know
It’s time that I assume position
I’ll save you for sure

These other niggas don’t appreciate shit
Run from commitment but be in relations
You feel entitled so you stick with basics
He don’t see you for what I see you as, so let me ask ya

When was the last time you smiled?
When was the last time you got dressed up nice?
When is the last time he sexed you?
When is the last time you ain’t have to repeat yourself twice?
Heard you need love and devotion
I’ll say I do right now, no divorcin’
Whatever, truth is, baby I’m better
Baby I’m better



There was Sammie walking out from the back of the VIP section with a doggy bag in his hand.

I stood from my barstool grabbing and catching his arm as he walked by, right before he almost passed me.

“Amiyah? What are you doing here?” he looked at me strangely like he was surprised to see me and like he was still highly annoyed with me.

I can’t front, the way he looked at me made me a little bit nervous and uncomfortable.

"Umm, I-I was meeting a friend. What about you?”

“Oh, it’s A’One, my DJ’s birthday. We were over there celebrating,” he pointed back to a bunch of partygoers still dancing and drinking in the back.

“Oh yeah, I did see him mention that his birthday was coming up on Instagram,” I gently smiled. “I thought maybe you and Candace probably would have been hanging out tonight.”

“Naw, she hit me up earlier but I told her I was busy.”

“Oh okay,” I replied, a little relieved that her crazy plan didn’t work out.

That awkward silence was starting to brew as he just looked at me with the blank face. He eventually cleared his throat breaking the silence.

“Well, umm, you look nice,” he eyed me up and down, admiring my outfit for the night.

“Thank you. You look good too,” I smiled.

He really did, in his dark straight-leg jeans, a black t-shirt, and a leather jacket. I didn’t realize until right now, but it had only been a week and he had me feeling like I hadn’t seen his handsome face in over a year.

I missed him!

I missed his smile, his scent, his presence. That aching in my chest was more than just missing a friend. It was more than that. That ache was the pain of missing a special piece of myself.

This ache was the pain of being in love.

“You got a minute Lee, can we talk....please?”

“Umm, Miyah I can’t-”

I totally ignored the fact he was about to tell me no, quickly taking his empty hand into both of mines. I just had to finally take the leap of faith and get what I had been holding in off of my chest.

“Lee, I’m so sorry about last week. Everything was just unexpectedly happening so fast and.....and I just panicked. I didn’t know how to handle somebody wanting to do all those things for me and genuinely mean it without wanting anything in return. But that night was amazing and you’re an amazing man, and.....and I miss my friend....”

No Amiyah there you go friend-zoning him again! I could hear Jada and Kelsey’s voices yelling at me right now about calling him my friend.

“No, I don’t mean that,” I shook my head. “I don’t want to just be your friend.”

“What you mean Miyah?” he gave me a confused look.

“C-Can you stay? Please, Lee?” I squeezed his hand tightly, looking into those chestnut eyes as I smiled.

“Miyah I got-”

“Sammie are you ready?”

My smile suddenly faded away when my eyes glanced up to a curly redhead, as she walked up to him putting her hand on his shoulder. I quickly let his hand go.

“Hey how you doing,” she giggled waving to me.

“Umm hi.”

“Miyah this is Kayla.....Kayla, Miyah.”

“Nice to meet ya girl,” she smiled and giggled some more as she waved to me. “Sam you ready to go?” she asked again.

“Yeah, yeah, take the keys, I’ll be right out,” he handed her his truck keys as she made her way outside.

“She seems nice.”

“She is,” he raised an eyebrow at me.

I just stared at him for a few seconds before opening my mouth. I’m not gonna lie, I was totally thrown off by him about to leave out with carrot top Kayla. How naive of me to think that Candace was the only chick I had to worry about......but apparently not.

“Well, I don’t wanna hold you up,” I turned around and headed back to my spot at the bar.

“Ugh, yeah I gotta go take her home. You wanna talk later?”

“Umm, sure.”

“Just hit me up,” he gently tapped my arm, signaling he was leaving.

I turned to him giving him a weak smile and a wave goodbye as he walked out of the lounge.

This was not how I thought I was going to end my night. Definitely wasn’t expecting to be blown off by the man I have feelings for.......


📱Junior: I’m really sorry Amiyah. I won’t be able to make it tonight. I would’ve loved to see you looking sexy in your yellow outfit but I got tied up with something. I know it’s asking a lot but do you think we can reschedule for next weekend? 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

And definitely wasn’t expecting to be stood up by somebody I haven’t even met yet.

I didn’t even bother to text Junior back. I was done living in that little fantasy that we were gonna meet and he was gonna be everything that I wanted in a man. When everything that I wanted in a man just walked out of this restaurant with another woman on his arm.

I stayed at the lounge for about 20 more minutes and had a couple more drinks before I asked for the check.

“You leaving already?”

“Lee?! I-I thought you were taking Kayla home?” I asked as he sat on the barstool next to me.

“I did.....but I just got that vibe like you really needed me to be here right now,” he gave me that handsome smile and it made my heart warm all over.

“I mean you look like you were busy. But I didn’t want to ruin your date.”

“Date?” He chuckled a bit shaking his head. “You think Kayla was my date tonight?” he raised his eyebrow, with a little smirk on his face.

“I mean...,” I just shrugged my shoulders.

“Kayla’s my photographer for when I go on tour. She was invited and came on her own to A’One’s birthday. She was hella tipsy that’s why she was giggling so much. She was ready to get back home and I just offered to take her. Her car is right outside,” he pointed towards the big bay windows to a Chili Red Mini Cooper across the street.

He just looked at me and started laughing.


“That look on your face. I just can’t believe it!”

“What look?!” I giggled, nudging him on the shoulder. “Tell me!”

“Okay, okay.....was my Miyah a little jealous that I was out on a date with somebody else?” he smiled hard.

My Miyah.....I loved the sound of that.

“Jealous? Of who? Carrot top Kayla? Please boy, don’t try me.”

Yeah right chick, your ass was jealous as fuck.

“Okay Miyah,” he chuckled giving me this smirk like he knew I was lying. “Your secret’s safe with me,” he placed his hand on my knee.

Damn....just that simple touch gave me butterflies. But this time I wasn’t gonna friend zone him and push him away. I rested my hand on top of the one getting comfortable on my knee. Running my thumb back and forth against his knuckles.

“Umm, I just want you to know that I’m sorry and to make sure that we’re good.”

“Apology accepted,” he smiled. “And what was that earlier about you not wanting to just be my friend?” he smiled even harder and I’ll be damned the man had me blushing.

“Weeellll, what we did last week I don’t think friends do that soooo....”

"Sooooo, what? It depends on what type of friends you’re talking about,” he chuckled a bit taking my hands into his and intertwining our fingers together.

“You know what I mean Lee,” I giggled rolling my eyes.

“Oh naw girl, I want you to tell me what you want because apparently me showing you over the years ain’t been really working,” he smirked bitting on the corner of his lip.

He was showing out right now. But I didn’t want to think too long on what to say. Sometimes you gotta get out of your comfort zone and say exactly what’s on your heart and mind to get what you want in life.

I stood up to my feet and put his hands around my waist and wrapped my hands around his neck, I leaned in pecking his lips telling him exactly what I wanted...

“Sammie*kiss* Lee*kiss* Bush *kiss* Junior *kiss* I want *kiss* you*kiss* to be*kiss* my man*kiss* ....”

I kissed him one last time, slipping my tongue past his thick soft lips. He happily allowed me in, swirling our tongues together in unison. That kiss was so deep, so warm and so passionate as he pressed his hands into the crease of my back I almost didn’t want to come up for air. I just wanted to drown in his lips and have him breathe life back into me.

"Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm, got damn,” he cursed with his eyes still closed licking his lips. I couldn’t help but to laugh.

“So what’s up Mr. Bush? Can I be your Bae full time?” I giggled.

He suddenly leaned in cupping my face, pulling me back into those soft Hershey brown lips again.

"Mmmm, you damn sure can...Bae....”

“You know I don’t mind walking home Lee.”

We were walking out of the lounge to his Matte Black Jeep after going back and forth about me paying my own bill since he didn’t get anything.

Of course, when I came out of the bathroom he handed me back my debit card with a big smirk on his face. Right before the waitress handed him back the receipt that just happened to have his card inside.

“Hell no, not happening girl,” he kissed my cheek and smiled as he opened the passenger door for me.

A man being chivalrous to me was so foreign. I knew I had to get used to this. Sammie sat down in the driver seat and took my hand and locked our fingers together. He kissed the back of my hand then my cheek, I knew I was gonna enjoy every bit of this.

“Wait I just remembered you saying you were meeting a friend. They never showed up did they? Who were you meeting Babe?”


“Miyah.” Was all he said giving me the side-eye.

“Junior,” I said it lowly under my breath.


“I said Junior,” I exhaled rolling my eyes.

“Oh,” He let my hand go and gripped onto the steering wheel.

“But he never showed up, so I guess it was fate that we ran into each other tonight.”


“Sammie Lee Bush Junior are you jealous-”

I suddenly stopped speaking when it hit me.


Sammie’s ass was a Junior!

Then it hit me again. That last text message that Junior sent to me. He mentioned that I was wearing yellow. I never told him what I had on. It wasn’t any point because he already knew how I looked. How the hell would he have known that I was wearing yellow unless he saw me today?

I was slowly putting two and two together and it was adding up to be my sneaky new boyfriend.

“I’m not being jealous. I just wanna know if you meeting or figuring out who this secret admirer is, is gonna be an issue between us? I mean if we together now it shouldn’t be any more entertaining any other men.”

I just looked at him and smirked while he was giving the serious face as he turned into my apartment complex.

“No Bae, it ain’t no issue. You’re all the Junior I need,” I put my hand on his thigh as he found a close parking space and leaned over to kiss me.........

~To Be Continued

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