Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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Don’t Think Too Long (Part 5)

Girl take all my loving
Kiss me like you mean it while I slide up in between it
Hope you don’t mind
If I put my name on it
If I put my claim on it
Have you for breakfast in the morning

Hope you don’t mind
If I make you fall in love
Then we break up just to make up
What do you say, don’t think too long

You ain’t gotta be scared
Baby Imma take care of your body
Girl don’t think too long


Things were starting to get a little hot and heavy as that kiss went from my lips down to the crease in my neck. His strong hands caressed my exposed skin, trailing their way up to my breast, setting it free. Sammie squeezed my C cup firmly making me moan out loud.

“Lee...Mmmm...Bae,” I tugged at his shirt running my fingers up his bare chest.

“Hmm?” he mumbled answering me. “You want me to stop Baby?”

“Ugh-Ugh, y-you, Mmmm. You wanna come inside?” I bit my bottom lip pulling on his beard, making him look deep into my eyes.

“I do but....Mmmm,” he moaned while I pecked at his juicy lips a few times and tugged at his belt buckle.

“What was the question?” he ran his hand over his head.

I just giggled kissing him again.

“Are you coming up Baby?” I ran my tongue across his lips.

“Damn. I got rehearsal in the morning, Babe. I would blow it off but it’s our last one before I go on tour.”

“I understand,” I exhaled pulling my fingers from out the waist of his pants.

“Come on let me walk you to your door,” he bit at the corner of his lips watching me fix my breasts back into my bra and top.

“You sure you don’t wanna come in?” I asked again pinning myself between him and the door.

Sammie was kissing and licking on my neck. My one hand was gripping his shirt keeping him close while the other stroked that big snake through his jeans.

He just let out a short chuckle. Lifting my chin up and pressed those plump lips up against mine.

“I’ll call you on the way to rehearsal Baby,” he smiled as I opened my door.

“Ok, Bae. Drive safe, let me know you made it home ok.”

“I will,” was the last thing he said before kissing my cheek and closing my door.


Well, I guess I’ll be using my vibrator tonight I thought as walked off to my bedroom. The man had me highly turned on at the moment and severely sexually frustrated. The things he did to me last week had me yearning for another hit of that pipe he had. But I understood, this was his first tour in a long time and I knew it meant a lot to him that it went well.


📱Junior: Are you upset with me? You never hit me back Beautiful. I really wanted to see you! 😩

At first, I thought it was Kelsey, Jayda, or Candace trying to get the tea on all of what happened tonight. But when I saw who it was I couldn’t help but laugh.

Was Sammie really testing me this soon?

📱Me: I was at first. But I spent a great night with an amazing man, so I’m good😏. I wish we could’ve ended the night waking up to each other😜😍😘.

I just laughed as I threw my phone down to the nightstand. I had slipped out of my top and skirt when I heard a knock at the door. I quickly grabbed my robe and made my way to the living room. My lips curved into a smile when I looked out the peephole.

“Bae, you practicing on the pop-ups already?” I smirked as he picked me up, walking inside than kicked the door closed.

He kissed me so hard, gripping on my thighs as he walked me to the bedroom.

"Mmmm, I thought you had rehearsal?” I smirked as he laid me down on my cotton sheets, sliding my panties from off of my body.

“Fuck it. I can be late just this one time,” he bit his bottom lip while he threw his shirt next to my panties and unbuckled his jeans.

I leaned up on my elbows licking my lips while I watched his every move. I giggled a bit once I saw him slow down, taking his time to slip out of his pants.

“You teasing me?” I asked smiling as he chuckled.

“Maybe,” he smirked.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I jumped up to my knees, crawling over to him on all fours. I reached my manicured fingers to his throbbing erection, rubbing and kissing on it through his boxer briefs.

His chestnut-colored eyes disappeared behind his eyelids while a low raspy moan escaped his lips. l tugged at his boxer briefs, revealing that anaconda. My mouth opened wide letting him slither its way to the back of my throat.

My mouth watered as his salty pre-cum coated my tongue. I didn’t have to ask if he was enjoying me making his toes curls when he placed his hand on the back of my head. As I enjoyed him moaning my name like a song on repeat.

“Damn Miyah!”

“Fuck Miyah.....shit!”

“Suck it Miyah.....fuck!”

My tongue traveled the trail of veins leading down his shaft to his balls popping them gently in and out of my mouth. Humming on them while I stroked his dick in my hand.

“Shit Miyah, your gonna make me cum baby,” he confessed as I licked and gently nibbled on the tip.

“You can cum Daddy,” I answered, spitting on it, stroking it in and swallowing his lengthy rod some more.

I squealed out a giggle once I felt him push me back onto the bed, gripping my legs and dipping into my dripping wet pussy with that long tongue of his.

I guess he wasn’t ready for me to make him cum yet.

“Ooohhh fuck Daddy! Mmmm,” I moaned pushing his head deeper between my folds.

Damn, Sammie had my thighs trembling around his head and my back arching off the bed. Just moaning and pulling on the sheets like he was trying to snatch my soul from my body.

“Turn over baby,” he tapped me on the thighs signaling me to get up.

Sammie laid down beside me, pulling me on top of him on all fours like we were gonna 69. All I felt was those hands spread my ass cheeks apart and that tongue dive back in, sucking and probing my asshole.

I found myself rocking back and forth on his face, bouncing all my ass on that tongue.


“Mmmm, fuck!” I moaned. Listening to the sounds of his heavy hands connecting to my bottom, ricocheting against my bedroom walls.

That mouth of his was slurping and gobbling up everything, painting both my holes up and down like a paintbrush. And all it did was make me cum back to back until I collapsed on top of him, weak in the damn knees.

But he didn’t miss a beat, climbing on top of me grabbing my legs. He threw them both across his shoulders, taking a moment to suck on my turquoise toes.

“Mmmm,” I hummed, momentarily distracted by his feet worshipping. I was totally caught off guard when he took the opportunity to slip inside of me.

“Damn Daddy, not so deep! Fuck!

I was digging my nails into his waist, pushing him back a bit because I couldn’t handle the beat down his ass was putting on my pussy.

“I’m sorry Baby,” he apologized kissing and sucking on my bottom lip.

“Daddy got excited,” he whispered against my lips as I tried again to push on his stomach.

“No, no, don’t push me out baby, please. I’mma go slow, I promise. Let me feel all this good pussy baby,” he kissed me again moving my hands to his back.

“O-Okay,” I stammered, digging my nails into his back while I waited for all that pressure to build back up in me.

"Mmmm, ooh gawd yes! Just like that Lee, don’t stop,” I begged while he slow grind deep inside my walls.

Our lips never parted as he filled me to the rim. The friction from our bodies could have started a fire if it wasn’t for how drenched we were already from perspiring. I could feel my pussy start to pulsate, beating like a pulse as his hips beat against me.

“Oh my gawd, Lee.”

"Mmmm, what’s wrong baby?”

“W-Why you doin’ me like this?” I stuttered as I came on the dick.

“Mmmm, cause I love it when you do that,” he chuckled, right before he dug his face into the crook of my neck.

"Oh damn......Miyah, Mmmm," he groaned nipping on my skin.

His body shook like a small tremor, exploding inside of me, filling me up with his cream.

I was enjoying his heavy breathing, sounding like a lullaby, almost putting me to sleep as he maneuvered off of me onto the bed, spooning me into him.

“I love you Miy,” he whispered into my ear as he kissed it.

The smile that sat on my lips was so big and bright it could’ve lit up the darkness.

“I love you too Lee.”

The next morning I woke up to him stroking my back, listening to his heart beating in his chest.


Sammie reached over grabbing his phone and sucking his teeth as soon as he unlocked it. Then politely placed it back on the nightstand, not giving it another thought as he continued to rub my back.

“What’s wrong Babe?” I asked, drawing my finger around his nipple.

“Nothing, its just Candace.....being Candace.”

Did you tell her you were here?!” I leaned up looking at him with a slight panic on my face.

“No,” he looked at me strangely. “I didn’t even reply back...why?”

I got up off of him sitting up against my headboard, nervously running my hands through my hair.

“Cause.....she’s had a thang for you for a while now. I know she’s gonna be upset by us being together and I want to at least be somewhat of a good friend and be the one to tell her.”

He just sucked his teeth again.

“Yeah, okay,” he looked at me crazy and shook his head.

“What’s the problem?”

“I may be a lot of things Miyah but I’m not blind. I can pick up the vibes she's been putting out. I’ve never been interested in Candace. And trust me if I wanted her, I could’ve had her way back in high school. It wasn’t like she was a saint back then either.”

Damn did he just politely call Candace a hoe?

“The only reason we’re cool is because of you. If you’re not around I don’t even entertain her. Tell you the truth I don’t even know why you still hang around her. You and Candace are on two different spectrums.”

“Your sounding just like Jayda and Kelsey,” I rolled my eyes. “Then why did you invite her on the tour with you since you don’t care for her like that?”

“Glad you brought that up my cup of brown sugar,” he smirked pulling me on top of him.

“I only invited you ma’am!” he poked at my nose. “But you always like to include Candace on everything I just only want to do with you.”


I had to really sit back and think. Did I really make Candace the third wheel to everything dealing with Sammie?

“My bad Lee I never realized I was doing that.”

“It’s okay baby. You’re just a sweet person in nature. You couldn’t help it,” he smirked leaning down to kiss me on the forehead and I smiled back.

“Do you mind if I take a shower baby?”

“No, go ahead. Oh and the linen closet is right in there babe, grab you a towel and a washcloth,” I answered back as he slipped from under me.

I laid back down once I heard the water beat against the tub. Just wondering how the hell I was gonna tell Candace. Until the shower finally stopped and Sammie appeared back out only wrapped in a towel.

“Well since you not doing nothing today don’t you think you should start packing for our trip,” I saw him smirk, pulling his boxers up his legs.

"Lee, we already talked about this.”

“Come on baby, don’t do me like that. It’s gonna be a whole month I’m not gonna see you,” he was giving me the puppy dog eyes.

“Lee, I-I”


“Hold on Lee let me get the door.”

I jumped right up throwing on my robe. I was kind of grateful to whoever was outside the door. Well, I was until I hastily opened it without looking out the damn peephole.

Candace! Wha-What are you doing here?

“What do you mean what am I doing here? I can’t visit ya ass now?” She walked right in shaking her head.

“You know I don’t mind you visiting, it’s just....a lil’ early for you to be up on a Saturday.”

"Mmmhmm, I tried to get into something earlier this morning but it ain’t work out. But anyway, how did ya lil’ date wit ya little admirer went chile’?” She tossed her hair back waiting for me to give her the rundown.

“Umm, well....he stood me up. But I think I know who it is,” I smiled a bit.

“Of course he did,” she rolled her eyes and shook her head. “And who the hell do you think it is, girl?”


She just looked at me and started laughing.

“What’s so damn funny?” I asked getting really annoyed with her ass all of a sudden.

“Cause you actually think Sammie would go through all of that just to get with you?” she started laughing again.

“And why the fuck not Candace?! You think you’re the only one who can pull a man around here?!”

“No, but let’s be real Sis, why the hell would he go for you when he can have me in his sheets every night?” she tooted her nose up.

I don’t know what had come over me but Candace finally had pushed a button that brought a different side out of me.

“Look, Bitch, I was trying to be nice and break this shit down to you, cause I know you got a crush on my man but he don’t want your hoe ass! Never did.....never will!" The words flew right out of my mouth before I could even think twice.

“Your man?” she cackled.

“Yeah, my man!” I said proudly.

“Okay, see you tripping. Let me bring your ass back down to reality. Sammie ain’t your secret admirer. It was me sending you all those damn messages dumb, dumb.”

“What the fuck did you just say?!”

I know I didn’t hear this hoe right! Her ass is actually Junior?! This trick really has lost her damn mind!

“You heard me right! See I knew your ass was starting to like him, you were always looking at his ass funny. So to keep you from getting ya damn feelings hurt I thought I’d help distract your ass. So I came up with the secret admirer bullshit. Sent your ass some goofy as text messages and some cheap-ass flowers and I knew you would fall right for it cause you like lame ass shit like that.”

I couldn’t believe this bitch was actually saying this bullshit to me. After everything I’ve done for her! After defending her ass and standing up for her to everybody over the years and this what I get. This bitch had me all the way fucked up!

“See, ain’t I a good friend. Don’t want you embarrassing yourself. Just find somebody your speed and leave Sammie to me.”


I had hit my boiling point, reaching back and smacking the shit outta her.

“I’mma beat cho’ ass, hoe!” I cursed going reaching back to hit her again.

She went to grab my hair but she must’ve forgotten mine was real and it wasn’t going anywhere. I yanked at her lace front, tripping over each other, falling over my couch and then tumbling onto the floor.

I swear I was trying to choke the shit out of her when I felt another pair of arms grab at me and pull me off.

“Miyah! Miyah baby calm down!” Sammie peeled my hands off of Candace’s neck and pulled me from up off of her.

“Let me go, Lee! I’m bout to kill this hoe!”

I tried to snatch away from him but he just hugged me tight, rocking me and kissing my forehead asking me to calm down for him.

“Girl are you crazy, you know how much this wig was! Bitch this shit cost more than your paycheck!” She complained picking herself and her lace front from up off the floor “Ugh-ugh S-Sammie when did you get here?!”

“I’ve been here....all night actually. Right here with my Baby.”

“Baby? You can’t be serious Sammie!” She looked like she was going to be sick.

I was trying to break free but that man would not let me go.

“Please, let me go, Lee! Please! Please!”

He just stroked my hair and told me he got it.

“You know what Candace I am and I think you should get your trifling ass up outta here before I let her go and she snatches more than just that wig up off your damn head!”

“Fuck y’all, I’m out!” she cursed finally leaving outta my door.

“You okay Babe?” he asked looking into my eyes stroking my cheeks with his thumbs.

“You guys were right, I was so stupid!”

“Baby your not stupid, you just try to see the good in people no matter what,” he kissed me, hugging me tightly.

“You gonna be alright Lil’ Floyd Mayweather?” he chuckled.

“Yeah, I’m good. As long as I don’t see that bitch on the street!”

I just heard him laugh as I walked towards my bedroom.

“What you doing babe?” he questioned as I disappeared into my room.

“Packing my suitcase! Don’t we got a tour to go on in a few days!”

~The End

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