Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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Breaking the Rules




“What the fuck!”

My eyes were hazy rolling over to look at my alarm clock.........




Once my eyes focused I could see the fluorescent red numbers read “2:58 am.”




I finally hopped out of bed grabbing the bat I kept for protection near my nightstand. I stay in a pretty nice neighborhood but nowadays you can’t be too careful. Watching the news every day you see a bunch of crazies out in the world and I refuse to be somebody’s statistic.

“Whoever the fuck it is you better be here to tell me somebody’s dead, or you’ll be when I open this damn door!”

Approaching my front door I heard a familiar deep raspy voice call out my name.

“Mimi, stop playing maaaannn!” he banged on the door this time. “Open up the door, what you want me to beg? Mimi pleeaasse open up the door I got something for ya.”

I looked out the peephole as I cursed out loud, I knew what that something was but it ain’t going down like that tonight.

“Shai, what the hell?”

I rolled my eyes in frustration as I quickly turned the locks to open my door.

“Hey sexy....you miss me?”

There was Shai, his 6ft 2in. self, leaning against my door frame. I hadn’t seen those hazel-green eyes and that brown toffee skin in 2 weeks.

My friends and I were partying pretty hard 2 summers ago and that’s when I met Shai. He had that confident swagger that turned heads. And when our eyes met I knew I had to have him. But Shai was the type of guy that came with rules and stipulations. His world revolved around the club life, he was a promoter and good at it. Being in the face of sexy women, celebrities, and alcohol every night he definitely didn’t see the purpose of settling down. And after us messing around for over a year I had to learn that the hard way.

“What the hell Shai, are you drunk or something, it’s 3 o’clock in the morning.”

He tapped his finger on his chin and rolled his eyes around like he was really contemplating an answer.

“You know what...I think so,” he laughed hysterically.

I rolled my eyes, “What is it Shai, I’m tired and want to go back to bed.”

“Bed! It’s too damn early for bed,” he pushed right past me.

“I don’t remember me saying you could come in Shai,” I protested shutting my door and going after him.

“What happened to the old Mimi who liked to party and have fun which ya boy? This new Mimi reminds me of my mama dukes. No drinking, no partying, never late always on time, in the bed by 8 o’clock, vanilla no fun having ass, ” he complained, totally ignoring what I just said.

He suddenly stops and turns around and I crash right into him. He grabs my waist keeping me balanced. Right then I had to question if I was the one who was drunk. He was so close and I swear I was getting instantly intoxicated by his cologne. He smelled so fucking good, that scent always made my nipples hard.

“Well sorry that my sudden change in being more like a grown adult offends your ass. But some people decide to grow up in life. I’m sorry you haven’t hit that point yet.”

It came out of nowhere, his lips smashing into mines. His tongue engulfed my mouth making me hunger for more. God how I missed his lips on mine. They were so juicy and soft. But this time I had to fight the urge to let him have his way with me.

“You taste like Hennessy and Black & Mild,” I pushed him away and walked into my kitchen. “I thought you were gonna stop smoking that shit.”

“You used to like the taste of Hennessy on my lips and I’m working on quitting the Milds. Guess old habits die hard,” he chuckled following me and wrapping those long strong arms around my waist. They were drawing me closer into that snake he had hidden in those dark jeans pants.

He grazed those soft lips of his across the nape of my neck and my whole body shuttered.

“P-Please don’t fucking do that!”

“Why not?” he protested as he pulled my left earlobe into his mouth. His gentle sucking made me falter.

"Mmmmm,......no....shit....stop that. You....mmmm....stop...you know why Shai.”

And he did know why. The same reason why two weeks had passed since I saw him. I broke the most important rule in dating.

Don’t fall in love with a man you’re just fucking.

Yep, I made the mistake of falling for Shai. But could you blame me? He was taking me out all the time, showing me off to his homeboys. Going out to the movies, restaurants, and multiple times inviting me to family functions. And his mother that he says I so-called acted like, we got along really well. As a matter of fact unknown to him we were still meeting up to have our lunch dates together every other weekend. My mistake if I thought we had something a little more than just fucking or even entertain the thought that I could be more than that.

The final death sentence to this situationship was when I broke his number 1 rule......“Don’t fall in love with me Mimi I’ll hurt you.” At first, I just brushed that statement off like it was nothing when he said it. Until I slipped up one night and said that I loved him when he was making me cum for the 5th time.

After that everything started to change. I noticed he started to fall back. The phone calls started to become far and in between. You can forget about us going out, that stopped immediately. Anything that bonded us closer together he took away from me........ especially the sex.

Now he thinks he’s gonna come through my door and finagle his way back to my bed he’s got another fucking thing coming.

“Why are you tripping babe?”

“Look Shai if you need to crash here till you get that alcohol out ya system your very welcomed to.”

His lips curled into a devilish smile, “Let’s go to bed then.” He grabbed my ass then kissed my chin then dragged his lips to my neck again.

“Ugh hell no your ass can sleep on the couch.” I pulled away from him.


“Yea muthafucka, you think you can just walk up in here and get the pussy cause you Shai the man. We haven’t seen or talked to each other in 2 weeks and you had been giving me ya ass to kiss for 4 weeks before that. Maybe those bitches you usually fuck with put up with that shit but round here that shit ain’t happenin’ here. I ain’t one of those basic bitches that be in the club Wednesday through Sunday. You know me better than that.

He didn’t say not one word, he just cut his eyes at me.

“Now there’s the door you can definitely leave if you want. I’ll even call ya ass an Uber or you can take my gracious hospitality and sleep on my lovely couch.”

If looks could kill I’d be 6 feet under right now. But instead of intimidating me it just made me laugh internally. To see his face frown up like a 5-year old whose mother just told him he couldn’t eat any more candy was fucking hilarious to me. His mother always said he was just like his father, a spoiled ass brat when he couldn’t get his way. And she was happy to see him with a woman who could put him in his place.

She was always hopeful that Shai would see what kind of woman he had in front of him but sometimes life doesn’t always work out that way.

I had been tossing and turning in my bed for about an hour. I just couldn't get to sleep and I know it has mostly to do with all that testosterone sleeping soundly on my couch.

It took about 20 more minutes before I could feel myself start to drift off to sleep finally......at least until I felt the mattress dip down.

“Get. The. Hell. Out.”

I felt my comforter snatch away from my body. I turned over to my back when Shai pins my wrists to the bed with his hands.

“What the hell do you want Shai?”

He didn’t say anything he just kissed me softly and I tried desperately to hold back the moan that wanted to escape my mouth.


“I don’t know why you giving me so much attitude right now. I know you miss me, cause I miss you too.”

He started kissing on my neck trailing his tongue down to my chest.


“Why not?” He questioned, adjusting his hips pushing his dick against my entrance. It was then that I realized he was naked, taking advantage of the fact I liked to sleep with no panties.

“Because you know how I feel about you Shai and you're not gonna be here in the morning and I don’t think I can take that again.”

He looked into my eyes with such intensity it was almost like looking into the sun, I had to close my eyes at the sight of him.

“Look at me Mimi,” so I did. “Believe me when I tell you you’re the last person I wanted to hurt. It’s just........I’m a fuck up and you know that. I didn’t want to mess up what we had. So I thought if I pulled back”

“Fuck me Shai.”


“Just shut up and fuck me, unless you don’t want to anymore.”

“No, Mimi, I’m not gonna ‘fuck’ you,” he, said it with attitude making sure he put more emphasis on the fuck part.

I was about to tell him to get the hell out again when he shifted again and broke throw my walls.

“Oh shit-” he cut me off kissing me with those soft toffee lips. I giggled to myself when I tasted the hint of Aquafresh on his tongue. He’d been in my mouthwash getting rid of that taste of Black & Mild’s that I hated so much.

He grinded his hips, slowly pushing into me deeper and deeper until he filled me to the rim. My fingernails dug deep down his lean back, leaving my mark of passion.

“Ooohhh, fuck Shai...damn!”

He was driving me crazy, the slow torture had my pussy the wettest it’s ever been with him. Like somebody broke the pipes to my plumbing...I guess it missed him too.

“So got damn good, pussy so wet,” he said kissing down my chest to my brown swollen globes. His mouth finally met my nipples swirling and flicking it with his warm tongue pinching the other between his long fingers.”

“Yes....baby harder, suck harder.” I cried out to him.

I felt him pull out of me his tongue sliding down to my stomach, past my navel then latch on to my throbbing flower bud.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck, Shai....oh god!”

When Shai would suck on my clit I swear I would have an out-of-body experience. My eyes would stay rolled to the back of my head like they were permanently stuck there, my moans stuck to the back of my throat until he pulled that orgasm out of me.

He spread my legs wider as his tongue fucked the hell out of my hole. In and out like it was searching inside for that nut I was holding back.

I grabbed the hair on his head firmly rolling my hips, grinding my pussy on his tongue.

“Yes muthafucka’, shit make me squirt!”


“Uggghhh, yes, that’s what you waannnt fuuucckkkk,” I screamed as my body locked up as my climax hit hard. Shai made sure to clamp down on my legs to keep them wide open. He had me damn near spread eagle sucking the hell out of my clit when I felt that gush from my pussy slap against his face.

“Mmmmm, mmmm, mmmm,” he moaned drinking from my pool of pleasure.

“Got damn baby you taste so good,” he panted then he stuck his tongue out for me. My mouth latched on to his tongue so I could taste myself. I loved tasting his tongue with my cum all over it.

Next thing I know he was flipping me over, “I’m bout to dig in them guts baby.”

“You’re an ass Shai.”

“But I’m your ass,” he said kissing on my shoulder blade.

I laughed as I arched my back and twerked my ass on that big dick of his.

“Fuck,” he groaned rubbing his dick between the crack of my ass.

I felt his hand give each ass cheek a smack, making me moan out in ecstasy.

His hands grabbed both cheeks spreading me open as he entered inside me again. His name poured from my lips as he deep stroked inside my pussy.

“Oh god Shai, oh god, oh god, I’m bout to cum again.....”

He started pounding into me hitting that spot and I fell apart all over him.

“I, I lov-,” I bit down on my bottom lip catching myself this time about to say those deadly 3 words again.

“Can I get one more baby?” he whispered into my ear still fucking my pussy so good.

“I can’t, I can’t Shai!” I screamed.

“Ugh Ugh...what I told you bout that shit, don’t tell me you can’t, who that nut belong to.”


“Don’t worry Daddy gone fuck it up outcha,” he groaned into my ear.

“Agghhh Aggghhh....Shai.......baby....I’m cumming.....aaahhhhh....”

“Good girl baby....mmmm....give me all that nut.....mmmm, give it to me! Fuck I’m bout to bust,” he moaned as I pulled from him. My mouth swallowed his dick sucking all his sweet nectar.

His hands ran through my hair as his fingers clenched tightly to my scalp. And I smirked as I listened to his incoherent cursing, feeling his body shake as he gave me his last drop.

He pulled my head back kissing my lips. Then stroking the side of my cheek with his thumb.

We both collapsed on the bed and drifted off to sleep. But I said a little prayer to keep my emotions together because I knew he’d be gone in the morning.

And I was right I woke up to an empty bed of course. I could feel my heart sink into my stomach a little until my nostrils filled with the aroma of.....

“Banana pancakes?”

Walking to the kitchen, there was Shai in his boxers by the stove flipping over my favorite flavor of pancakes.


“Good morning sleepy head. I figured food would wake that ass up.”

I shot my middle finger at him.

He gave me a smirk, “But you did that already and it was the best I ever had baby.”

I rolled my eyes and tried to hold back the grin forming on my lips. Shai motioned for me to sit down at my table as he plated my pancakes.

“Whip cream babe?”

“Sure why not,” I replied.

He sat the plate down in front of me as he kissed my neck.

“Hope you love them,” he whispered into my ear as he walked off to the bathroom.

My eyes went wide when I looked at my pancakes. There it was spelled out in cool whip.......


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