Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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The Clarke Brothers: Tony's Birthday

It’s your birthday baby, whatcha wanna do?
Got some bitches, got some pretty bitches coming through
Know I said I never do it but I guess I lied
Roll a L, roll a L, fuck it, let’s get high

~K. Michelle

“Mmmm, mmmm, shit Tony!”

“Don’t use the vibrator Sweet Pea, I don’t want you to cum too fast.”

“My fingers then?” I asked as I looked up at those hooded eyes of his from my platform bed.

My Anthony, he was high as fuck sitting in a chair he dragged from my dining-room to my bedroom. He pulled out his thick lengthy dick filling up his right hand from his dark gray sweatpants. A joint full of Purple Haze was in the other hand, as he watched me play with my pretty pussy as he affectionately liked to call it.

I greedily took in all that bad boy persona he exuded. All those bright colorful tattoos of his drawn all over his exposed chest, that continued down to his strong arms always had me a little hot for him. I was briefly hypnotized by the gleam of his bottom grill when he smiled at me. Just sitting there looking sexy as hell as he indulged in his guilty pleasure.........watching me play in my pussy.

I had finally found me a one-bedroom apartment close to my college campus. Not that I wanted to leave my Clarke brothers but our little sleeping arrangements I noticed were starting to take a toll on their relationship.

Little petty arguments about which brother was getting more time with me than the other. Lord forbid if I slept in somebody’s room for more than 2 days, I’d have to be a damn referee to a damn MMA fight.

But don’t get me wrong they still like to get a taste of their Roz, so much so that they would show up unannounced. How crazy was that when I had 2 Clarke brothers over here that wasn’t in the mood to share. They would actually argue about who needed to leave. It had got so bad I had to put them on a schedule Mondays and Wednesdays for Trey, Thursdays & Saturdays for Chris, and Tuesdays & Fridays for Tony. And a day of rest for my vagina on Sunday. Not that they would come over every day but it was a way to keep confusion down.

And today is Saturday so you know I got an angry Clarke brother I have to deal with later. Chris was pissed I gave his day to Tony but it was his birthday. It was the only day I would be able to give Tony his ultimate birthday gift. I’ll make it up to Chris later, I’m sure he won’t protest to that.

“Yea Sweet Pea, fuck that pretty pussy for me.”

I slid my fingers inside my dripping core. In and out fucking my creamy goodness for him. Our eyes locked as he continued to stroke his caramel stick. It was glistening from his pre-cum seeping down his long shaft.

He took a hit of the blunt and blew the smoke out from his mouth as a grunt followed behind it.

“Fuck Sweet Pea, just like that. Mmmm.”

“Oh gawd, ahhhhh, it’s so wet baby, Mmmm,” I moaned as I worked my fingers faster inside of me.

The splish-splash sounds of my pussy filled the room. I watched him bite his full lips then increase the stroke on his dick. His eyes began to roll to the back of his head and I knew he was about to cum.

"Mmmm. Tony baby, not yet! Wait for me, so I can catch it,” I demanded, still moaning massaging my clit vigorously.

I increased the tempo of my fingers. Swirling them around my clit faster and faster until I felt the explosion from my core ricochet through my body.

“Ahhh cumming baby! Ahhh, yes!”

I arched my head back into my pillows as I tried to regulate my breathing to a normal pace.

He was still stroking his cock when he moaned out to me, “Fuuuccckk! I’m bout to bust Sweet Pea!”

I jumped up from the bed, quickly plunging down to my knees right in front of him. Flicking my tongue around his balls as he stroked his dick for me.

“Give it to me Daddy, make it spit up for me,” I begged.

“Awww fuucckk!” he groaned as he released his seed all across my face.

He flinched as I took him into my mouth finishing him off. Moaning my name as I sucked and massaged his now depleted balls.

I watched as his chest caved in and out from his heavy breathing, looking down on me as a smirk appeared on his full dark caramel lips.

“Damn, what I’m gone do with you Sweet Pea?” he ran his hands through my hair.

“Just keep spoiling me like y’all usually do,” I said with a grin, standing to my feet.

He slapped me on my ass as I went to the bathroom to wash up.

“We do spoil you don’t we,” he walked into the bathroom wrapping his arms around my waist and kissing my neck.

“Not as much as I spoil you guys.”

~Ding 🚪Dong~

He raised an eyebrow at me as I gave him a naughty little smirk.

“You expecting company Sweet Pea? It better not be Chris’s crybaby ass though! I swear to gawd he gone catch this fade! He’s been talking shit to me all damn day about coming over here.”

“Oh, that.....that’s just your birthday present. You and Chris need to chill on that though. Just ignore it and I promise I’ll talk to him okay.”

He gave me this funky look like he was still gonna do what he felt he had too.

“Please Babe,” I threw his arms around my waist and he instantly cupped my round ass pulling me closer as I pecked his lips.

“Please, for me?” I softly whispered against his lips.

"Mmmm Mmmm Mmmm. Okay.” He finally agreed. Giving me those hazy eyes of his.

~Ding 🚪Dong~

“Let me go get your present!” I giggled pulling away from him, heading to my living room to answer the front door.

The look on his face was priceless as I walked back into the bedroom with his birthday gift.

“Anthony this is Charmaine. Charmaine this is my Anthony.”

“The infamous Anthony Clarke it’s so nice to finally meet you,” she gave him a smile and a wave.

Charmaine and I shared a few classes at the college and we had gotten closer over the past couple of months. I was so comfortable with her that I confided in her about my time with the Clarke brothers and she was surprisingly ok with what we had going on. Plus she confided in me about her being bisexual and also that she liked to play with both sexes simultaneously from time to time. So when I propositioned to her the gift of a threesome for Tony she happily agreed.

Charmaine was just his type. Beautiful chocolate eyes and glowing pecan tan skin, curvy with an ass you could get lost in for days.

Tony looked at me like a deer in headlights. As I pulled Charmaine on top of me on to the bed. We were kissing and touching all over each other. Eventually, I slowly pulled her dress from over her head, exposing her beautiful supple breast and all that ass she had back there.

“What’s wrong Tony? Cat got ya tongue?”

“I know he’s not scared of a little extra pussy to play with?” Charmaine questioned as we both giggled at him.

“Okay, y’all two are not gonna talk about me like I’m some punk or something,” he rolled his eyes at us.

Charmaine kissed my stomach down to my pussy, spreading my lips apart with her stiletto manicured fingers. She gently flicked her tongue against my clit repeatedly, making me moan. My fingers stroked through her hair pushing her face a little deeper in between my folds. Listening to her greedily slurp up my juices.

I opened up my eyes to see Tony closely watching us as he licked his lips. My eyes fell to his boxer briefs and I could see that snake of his trying to break free from its cotton prison.

“Come on Tony it’s ya birthday baby. Come get this cake,” I said leaning up over Charmaine spreading her ass cheeks apart.

“So it’s really bout to go down like that Sweet Pea?”

I licked my lips and nodded a yes, commanding him over with my index finger. He gave me that devilish grin as he grabbed a condom from my nightstand. Walking closer he kissed my lips as he thrust inside her.

“Oh shit!” she screamed squeezing her hands into my thighs.

“Ease up baby don’t kill the pussy yet. She bout to pull the skin off of my thighs,” I laughed.

They both gave a chuckle as Tony slowed down his tempo a bit. He worked that magic stick of his in and out of her, as her ass vibrated from the contact.

I bit my bottom lip and played with my nipples as I watched him fuck her crazy. My pussy was so drenched, my clit was pulsating, as the sounds of her moans filled the room.

“Aaaahh! Aaahhh! Shit, I’m bout to cum,” Charmaine screamed as she hit her climax.

Tony spanked her on the ass as he fucked her through her second orgasm. The sounds of skin smacking skin made me want to touch my pussy again. It was something about watching him in rare form that always made me hot as hell.

Tony never stopped staring at me as he commanded Charmaine to eat my pussy until I came in her mouth. He flipped her over to her back, sliding back inside of her creamy pussy as I straddled her face.

“Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm,” she moaned into my cat.

“Oh, fuck, AAgghhh, eat this pussy girl!"

Our moans blended together as Tony leaned forward still fucking her and kissing me hard on the lips. His tongue invaded my mouth tasting every inch of it. Swallowing my moans as Charmaine continued her oral stimulation on my clit.

Tony suddenly pulled out of her then commanded me to lay down on my back and spread my legs wide for him. His mouth landed on my pussy sucking my clit then sliding his tongue inside of my entrance.

“Shit, Tony Mmmmm.....fuck!”

“She tastes so fucking sweet, don’t she Charmaine.”

"Mmmm, she does Tony,” she replied as he stuck his tongue out for her to suck my juices off, then took a moment to pull the rubber off.

“Damn, oh my gawd!” I screamed as he broke through my walls. The muscles clenched around his dick, squeezing and drawing his cock deeper inside me.

Charmaine crawled alongside me, sucking on my nipples as I ran my fingers through her hair. Sucking and nipping at them as they jiggled around, while Tony deep stroked the depths of my core.

“Oh fuck Tony, I’m bout to cum!”

Tony pummeled my pussy until I released all over him. His fingers pressed into my thighs as his orgasm fell upon him as well. Sliding up out of me he skeeted all over my pussy.

“Awww.....shit!” he grunted as he milked himself dry.

“Let me clean her up for you Tony,” she said facing my pussy and licking all of his cum off of me. She made her way back over to my mouth sharing the wealth with me. We wrapped our tongue around each other’s, savoring every drop of Tony’s cum like it was a delicacy.

“My nasty girls,” he said with a grin. “Y’all got my dick hard as a rock again.”

“Well we can’t have that now can we,” I replied taking him into my mouth. I stroked his cock as I sucked the tip.

“Come get those balls baby,” he said to Charmaine as she fell to her knees kissing them and then engulfing them into her mouth.

His roars of pleasure were encouraging me to stroke faster and suck harder as Charmaine joined me. Our lips and tongues raced up and down on both sides of his shaft. Each of us both taking turns deep throating him to exertion.

His hands gripped my hair tightly, jerking my head back.

“Catch it, Sweet Pea. Fuuuuccckkk!” He screamed out cumming into my mouth as his knees buckled from the release. It was so much it leaked down my chin, drizzling down to my breast. Of course, Charmaine was so gracious to help clean up the mess he made again.

Tony collapsed down to the bed, snuggling in between us.

“You ok babe?” I asked with a grin on my face.

“Mmmhmmm,” he muttered wrapping his arm around my waist and pulling me into him. Sadé and I both laughed when we heard him start to snore.

“I think we wore his ass out, Roz.”

“I think so too,” I giggled.

Charmaine went to wash up in my bathroom then got dressed and grabbed her purse. I pried Tony’s arm from around my waist to walk Sadé out to the front door after I cleaned myself up as well.

“Thanks for coming through hun.”

“No problem, shit I should be thanking you. You weren’t lying, he do got that magic stick. I don’t think I ever came that quick back to back from no dude. And you hunching all three of them? I’m surprised you still got your uterus intact, let alone still walking.”

“Girl sometimes I be surprised too my damn self.” I gave a chuckle.

“Well girl, let me limp my ass to my car,” she giggled. “But anytime you need an extra mouth or pussy let me know,” she giggled, kissing my cheek.

“Now that you mention it, are you free next Saturday? I got a stubborn angry Clarke brother that I might need a little extra help to convince him to forgive me.”

She gave me a big grin, “Oh, really? Next Saturday? It’s a date babe, I’ll be ready!”

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