Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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Double Sins: Déjà Vu (Part 1)

“She said go another round for me (go another round for me)
She said she can take this D, take the D (she said she can take it)”

~Ludacris & Ty Dolla $ign

“You like it when Papi gets deep in this pussy. Mmmm this warm wet pussy.”

“Ohh gawd yes! Yes, Amare!"

It was 3 days into Christmas break and I was still joyfully spending it with my extended family. My mom was still out of town which left me under her best friend Ms. Cassandra’s watch.

Well little did she know Ms. Cassandra went as hard in making money as she did. She was always taking on extra shifts at the hospital leaving me with my best friend Gina and her fine ass sons, Amare, and Cairo.

Well, let me take that back. Ever since Gina got that part-time job back in September she would be gone for hours. Leaving me with her brothers, the Gruesome Twosome she would call them.

But they preferred for me to call them Papi and Daddy.

And I liked it that way too...

“Amare, Mmmm! Papi, you bout to make ya pussy cum again!”

Amare pounded deep and hard against my walls. He wasn’t even all the way in and he was hitting the right spots making me cum full circle.

Amare was always the sweet and sensual one with just a hint of nasty that I loved. Cairo, on the other hand, was definitely a polar opposite. Raw, rough, and uncut he was and that freak level of his was always pushing levels unheard of.

“Fuck baby, come taste this nut,” he grunted pulling out of me hovering over my face as I swallowed his dick.

He cursed holding on to my head tugging tightly at my scalp while he shot all of his warm creaminess, coating the back of my throat. I massaged his balls milking every sweet drop he had left for me.

“Damn Baby. Ahh, fuck!” Amare cursed as I finished him off. He collapsed to the side of me. I suddenly found myself once again sandwiched in between my two guilty pleasures and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

Cairo was already half asleep, this time he finished first and was waiting to rest his head on my chest once Amare and I had finished.

Cairo rustled around scooting closer nuzzling his head into my plump breasts. I found myself gently rubbing my hand through his short curls on his head. He loved that it always helped put him completely to sleep.


A soft moan escaped me when I felt Amare kiss the middle of my back.

“You comfortable baby?”

“Yes mí Amare. Come closer Papí,” I called him over, reaching my other hand back for him.

He certainly didn’t hesitate to wrap his arm around my waist kissing on the back of my neck. I soon heard him doze off as well.

I giggled to myself as Amare clung tighter to me and Cairo started to lightly snore into my chest. What was I gonna do with my two temptations?

I kissed Cairo on the forehead as I smiled reminiscing on all the events that lead me to indulge in my double sins.......

“OK Deja, you make sure you behave yourself with Ms. Cassandra while I’m away,” she kissed me on the cheek while we were stopped at a red light.

It was Thanksgiving break and instead of my mother spending the holidays with her child she was traveling to New York to work.


Apparently, the nurses in New York were on strike and since she was a nurse who was willing to travel she didn’t hesitate to say yes to their temporary job offer.

“Ma’ stop it. You’re talking to me like I’m a baby or something.”

“Well, you are my baby. But I am just letting you know I expect you to act like I’m still here.”

My eyes rolled around in my head.

“Mom, I literally don’t do anything. I go to school, home, and church. No hanging out with my friends, no after-school activities, absolutely nothing mom. So you don’t have to worry about me getting into any trouble. I don’t even remember what it feels like to do anything different.”

Needless to say, we rode in silence until we pulled up to Ms. Cassandra’s house. Even though I was upset with her for abandoning me for Thanksgiving. I was more than happy to get away without being patrolled by my overly attentive mother.

“Look, Deja, I love you and just want you to make good decisions in life. I would hate for you to go down the wrong path as your-”

“Mommy, I’m not Dad! I’m not gonna end up in jail like him. I wish you would stop comparing me to him!”

She would always do that, compare me to my father. He had gone to jail almost a year ago for money laundering. It was almost like he made the mistake and I had to pay for it all. I think secretly when she looked at me she saw him and had to do anything godly possible to make sure I didn’t end up like him.

“I’m sorry Deja. I’m not saying that you’re like your father. I just want my baby to be successful in life, without having to go down an unholy path.”

I just exhaled deeply throwing my head back into my headrest waiting for this conversation to end. I was over it and I think the way my mom was looking I think she was too.

“Alright sweetie, I’ll see you next week. Tell Cassandra I’ll call her when my flight lands in New York.”

“Alright mom,” I gave her a quick kiss and got out of the car, walking up to their house.

I rang the bell waiting for Gina to open up the door.

“Come on Gina open up!” I yelled knocking rapidly at the door to have it swing open to...

“H-Hey Cairo.”

Cairo just stood there for a few seconds mean mugging me like he usually did. Not even giving me a second glance he just turned around walking back into the living room. His voice echoed heavily as he yelled.

“Gi! Ya little friend here.....the one with the fat lips!”

I just rolled my eyes as I brushed my fingers around my mouth. I never could figure out why he’d always say that. My lips weren’t really that big. They were average at best I thought as I sat down with my overnight bag full of my things.

“My bad Deja I was in my room getting dressed.”

Gina walked out of her room with her red collared shirt and Khaki pants. She smiled when she saw me, throwing her long silky jet black hair into a ponytail.

“Look at Target’s employee of the month.”

“Girl hush,” she giggled rolling her eyes around in her head.

“Why didn’t you tell me you had to work chick?”

“Girl they called and asked could I come in and work for a few hours and I’m trying to get all this paper so I can buy mommy those earrings for her birthday.”

“I ain’t mad at ’cha girl, go make that money.”

“We’ll go by the mall or something when I get off ok. Just don’t let the gruesome twosome get on ya nerves too much while I’m gone,” she laughed.

“Oh please, they don’t even act like I exist when I’m over here so I think I’m good,” I folded my arms rolling my eyes.

“Thank god cause I know how they are when they got somebody on their to-do list.”

“And how is that?” I raised an eyebrow, suddenly intrigued as I awaited her answer.

“Trust me, girl, you don’t want to find out....oh shit! Let me go before I’m late, see you in a few girl,” she rushed out the door jumping into her Silver Honda Civic. She tooted her horn twice as she headed down the street.

I went back and sat down on the couch and started flipping through the channels to find something to watch to pass the time. Little did I know all the entertainment I needed was right up under my nose or should I say right with his nose in a book.

“Mom has been really getting on my nerves. It’s like I can’t even do anything without her breathing down my neck. I swear she would be hovering over me in the bathroom if she felt I wasn’t wiping my ass right,” I heard a low raspy voice say from the hallway.

I had to look twice as I caught a glimpse of Cairo with a familiar purple book. Turning the pages as he raised an eyebrow, obviously intrigued by the words on the page.

As he began to read, the realization and then panic set in that the familiar purple book was indeed my private journal. He had sneakily helped himself to it while it was peaking out of my travel bag that was on the couch.

“Cairo! What the hell are you doing?!”

“Just reading.....hmm it’s some interesting stuff in here,” he spoke not even taking his eyes from off the pages.

“Come on Cairo stop playing! Give me back my journal!”

“Oooh, what’s this?”

Lord please no!

I ran over towards him hoping to snatch it away from him but it was clear I was the weakest link. I was just mortified as he read another passage from my most intimate thoughts.

“I'm so happy I got to spend the weekend with Gi but the biggest bonus was her brothers were home from Morehouse. I’ve always had a crush on them even when we were all in high school together. I know Gi would kill me if she ever found out that I had a thing for her brothers. For being a virgin it’s crazy how the sight of them gets me hot and my panties moist. Having one of them take my virginity would be like a dream come true.......”

I know my face was brighter than a fire engine as I darted after him. We ended up stumbling into his bedroom, while we tussled.

“Give me my damn journal Cairo,” I fussed as he held it out of my reach.

“What the hell?” I heard Amare say sitting up from his bed completely shirtless. Looking highly confused at the moment.

“You want your diary back Deja....with the fat lips?” He licked his own, then looked down at something.

His eyes made their way back up to me and smirked.

“Here you can have it back,” he handed it to me and snatched it right back.

He just chuckled at my look of annoyance.

“You can have it back if you tell me if what I read in there is true.”

I could feel myself getting red in the face again.

“No! I-It was all a joke! I uggh....it’s not true!”

"Bullshit!” He snatched it away when I went to reach for it again.

Amare just chuckled at us, sitting up against his headboard getting a better view of me and Cairo.

“What did it say?” Amare asked.

“She’s a virgin bro.”

They both laughed like it was something unheard of.

“Naw, really?” Amare questioned again trying to get some clarity from his brother.

“What’s so surprising about me being a virgin? I really would like to know!?” I snapped folding my arms.

“Nothing...it’s just,” Cairo licked his lips again. “Those tight ass jeans and leggings you be wearing. That monkey be sitting up between those thick legs of yours looking fat and juicy. I just knew somebody had to be swelling that thang up,” he chuckled.

Mmmhmm, Deja with the fat lips,” I heard Amare say behind me.

Then I realized fat lips, not the lips on my face but it was my pussy lips they had been talking about.

Oh my god!

“Yeah, Deja with that fat pussy,” he growled sticking two fingers between my legs gliding them gently back and forth against my lower lips.


“Feels good baby?”

“I... I... It... Mmmm.”

I didn’t realize my eyes were shut until I opened them back up to Cairo’s sexy face, biting his bottom lip. I guess he was enjoying watching me enjoy him touch me in my most private of regions.

“Damn that pussy warm, I bet that thang juicing right now.”

“Cairo, Mmmm, I......please!”

He pulled his fingers away but grabbed at my hips. I was in a state of shock when his lips were all over mine. They were so soft and tasted of spearmint. His tongue was traveling around my mouth introducing itself to every crease and corner.

When he finally released me I was panting for air. My head spinning in a state of confusion. Did thee Cairo Gibson just kiss me?! I didn’t know what to do. I had always dreamt of this moment but to actually experience it in real life was a fantasy that was just only to remain that...a fantasy.

“You really want me to take your virginity?” He whispered the question still brushing his lips against mine.

With my eyelids halfway shut, heavy from this new sensation of arousal and lust I shook my head yes.

“Mmmm, I would baby but the thing about that is...,” I felt his grip on my hips again, pushing me back. “I’mma twin and we do everything together.”

I could only look up at him wide-eyed, trying to get a grasp on what he was telling me. Until he pushed me back into something hard and solid. I looked back realizing it was Amare and his chiseled 6 pack. My eyes shot back up to Cairo’s, as those full caramel lips uttered the word that was echoing in my head.


~To be continued

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