Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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Double Sins: Déjà Vu (Part 2)

They shared everything?

They shared everything!

They wanted to share me!?

They both wanted to deflower me. I felt like I had won the lotto or something. It was almost too good to be true. I was waiting for someone to jump out of their closet saying that I was being punked right now.

But I didn’t understand how much of a task I was taking on trying to please two men who had more experience in the bedroom in their pinky toe than I had in my whole damn body. But Deja never backed down from a challenge!


Damn that sinister smirk on his face kind of turned me on even more. It was like that’s all they wanted to hear was me giving them the green light.

I gasped when I felt Amare pull my jeans down to my ankles while Cairo simultaneously pulled my T-shirt from over my head. Then the next was my bra and panties. It almost felt like two pit bulls fighting over a play toy. They both wanted a taste and once again they had my head spinning.

“What you wanna do first bro?” Cairo asked Amare.

“Hmm, I never ate virgin pussy before. I bet you it tastes sweet like honey,” he whispered against my skin as he started kissing and sucking lightly on my neck.

"Mmmm,” I moaned reaching my arm back pulling Amare closer.

“And I wanna see how those pretty lips look around my dick. You gonna suck it for me, baby?” He pecked at my lips.

“Yes Cairo,” I panted heavily pulling at his belt buckle.

He smiled that sweet smile but I knew the true meaning behind it was sinfully bad.

“Get her bro,” was all I heard as I squealed out loud being picked up off the ground. My legs were suddenly wrapped around Amare’s neck and his tongue was introducing itself to my vagina. Talk about a head full of pussy.

“Oh shit, ohhh Mmmm! A-Amare!”

“Mmmhmm, sweet pussy baby.”

He was gobbling me up like Thanksgiving dinner. The whole ordeal had my legs shaking around his shoulders. I was loving every bit of these new sensations jolting through my body.


How could I relax I thought hearing Cairo behind me kissing on my ass cheeks while Amare was steadily beating his tongue against my clit. Plus trying to hold on tight without falling over was a task in itself.

“Come on I need those lips baby,” Cairo said pulling me back.

“Wait wait wait,” I said in a panic feeling like I was losing my balance.

“I got you, baby,” Amare reassured me.

He flipped me upside down holding me by my waist and went back to sucking on my pussy while I got another view of Cairo upside-down....naked that is, running his dick against my lips.

“Open up for Daddy baby,” which I did. Letting him dip his chocolate rod into my mouth.

It was my first sample of that salty nectar and somehow I found myself hooked to the taste already.

“Just like that baby, wrap ya tongue around it.....Mmmm shit!

"Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm," I hummed against Cairo’s dick. Still hung upside down while Amare devoured me to his heart’s content.

“You wanna taste some Cai?”

“Yeah let me see what she tastes like bro,” he grabbed me from Amare like I was a little rag doll. My moaning was on repeat while Cairo sucked all on my pussy.

Amare pushed his sweats down to his ankles and I swear those two were a damn mirror image of each other. His dick was just as big and beautiful as his brother’s and I didn’t hesitate to grab at it pulling him towards my mouth. I gripped onto his thighs, squeezing every time Cairo slapped his tongue against my clit.

"Mmmm, you sure she a virgin bro. Cause she sucking the hell outta my dick. Fuck!"

I just laughed to myself. I guess watching all those X-rated movies late at night paid off for something.

“Yeah she nasty wit’ it, bro. I wonder if she can take the dick just as good.”

“Why are you two acting like I’m not even here,” I pulled Amare out of my mouth looking up at them. “I’m ready and can handle whatever y’all throw at me,” I said with a newly found confidence while Cairo put me back down on my feet.

“I like that boldness in you, it’s sexy as fuck. Come here,” Amare pulled me close tonguing me down. I grabbed at his dick stroking him while he moaned into my mouth.

I could feel Cairo press behind me. I turned towards him, kissing him as well while I took both of them into my hands stroking them both. Their hands were roaming all over me and I happily allowed them.

“Yeah, I like that shit too. She doesn’t back down. Any other chick would have bitched up by now,” Cairo kissed on my neck then my lips.

“Well I’m not your average chick,” I rolled my eyes and smirked.

“No, you’re not baby.....”

“.....Definitely not average at all,” Amare chimed in finishing Cairo’s sentence.

I couldn’t help but laugh at them as I shook my head.

These damn twins!

I stood to the side, watching them push both their double beds together. Turning it into one king-size playground for us. I swear they were handling all of this like it was nothing new for them, almost like it was a regular occurrence or something. If only these walls could talk I’m sure I wasn’t the only girl who’s gotten this treatment before.

Amare patted on the bed calling me over while Cairo was fiddling in his draw for something.

“You alright beautiful?” Amare asked kissing all over me.

“Mmmm, yes.”

“You nervous? Don’t be nervous OK, we gone take care of you,” he smiled kissing my lips.

“I’m not nervous. I’m just anxious.”

The bed suddenly dipped down and those other sets of lips were on me. Cairo handed his brother a gold foil packet and I watched them both sheath themselves on their combined 20 inches.

I watched Cairo give Amare this look. I guess it was a twin thing again. Cause Amare looked like he knew exactly what Cairo was thinking while he climbed on top of me. He rubbed his dick through my folds sliding it up and down pushing just a little every time he got close to my entrance. Letting me get used to the pressure before he put it all in.


I screamed at the top of my lungs when he finally broke through.

“Ssshh baby just relax,” I heard Amare say as he kissed my chin.

I gripped tightly to the sheets trying to hold on for dear life while Amare’s thrusts became harder and deeper.

“Shit, damn this pussy so wet,” he moaned pulling out and slapping his dick on my pussy.

Cairo was on his knees crawling up to my face.

“Suck it for me, baby, while he strokes that fat pussy.”

I opened my mouth allowing Cairo’s dick inside. Sucking him to the best of my abilities while Amare eradicated all existence of my virginity.

“Oh gawd, ohhh, oh gawd! Amare!”

“Uggh ugh, put that dick back in your mouth baby.”

I couldn’t even open my eyes to acknowledge him. Amare was fucking the hell out of me, sucking on my nipples while he hit me with that deep stroke. And Cairo was enjoying me moaning against his dick while his fingers massaged on my clit driving me crazy.

The next thing I know Amare was pulling out of me and I was being pulled on top of Cairo as he smacked me on the ass and told me it was time for me to learn how to slide up and down a pole.

I must’ve been doing good I thought while I bounced away on his dick like a pogo stick. Because all I heard was him cursing as I watched his eyes kept rolling to the back of his head. His grip on my hips was slowing me down. I guess fucking a virgin was a little too much for him.

“Got damn girl!”

I smiled to myself as I matched him moan for moan. I felt Amare rub on my back, rubbing his hand across my butt then I felt him slip a finger into my ass.

“Ooohh, Mmmm!”

“It’s alright baby,” he rubbed on my back encouraging me to keep riding his brother while he finger fucked my ass. At first, it felt weirdly different, almost uncomfortable but after a bit of time, I was loving the sensation of having two of my holes being stretched open.

“More.....more Amare,” I begged for him to stick another finger inside of me.

I heard him chuckle a bit but obliged me as he took his finger away and added two more.

“Fuck yes! Mmmm so good yes!”

“I think she ready bro.”

"Mmmm ready for what?” I questioned, panting heavily stopping altogether.

“Ready for us to fill you both ways baby.”

“Ohhhhh sshhiiitt! Oh my, fuckin’ gawd! Wait, wait, Amare! Go slowwww...”

I had Cairo up under me still inside my pussy and now Amare pushing through my back door. It was like everything was on fire down below and all I could see was stars while I scratched and screamed like a banshee.

“It’s alright baby. Scratch me, bite me, I don’t give a fuck.”

Cairo tried to soothe me caressing my cheek, stroking his fingers through my hair while he kissed me.

It must have been working because once again I found myself enjoying the feeling once again and actually throwing it back and rolling my hips to both of them stroking inside of me.

“Oh, gawd Amare! Fuck my ass, fuck me Cairo, yessss!"

With every thrust of our hips, I could feel that yearning sensation in my core build and build. It was nothing like I had ever experienced before. And with our moist bodies generating all this built up friction they were setting every part of me on fire. The twins found themselves fucking me in unison, and it only took the two of them one fatal thrust from each to have me burst into flames.

“Ohhhhh ssshhhiittt!”

My back arched all the way up as I screamed out digging my nails into Cairo’s chest. I was shaking so much you would think I was having a fucking seizure.

“Ease up bro she cummin’,” Cairo whispered wiping the sweat from my forehead kissing me gently. “Damn that pussy was squeezing the hell out of my dick baby Mmmm. Good fuckin’ pussy.”

“Hell ya, that ass was squeezing my dick too.”

Amare was kissing on my back, moaning against my skin as he started back stroking me. The faster he moved, the tighter the grip he had on my hips got.

All three of us filled the room with our moaning, the beds squeaking and the headboards knocking up against the wall. It was like controlled orgasmic chaos.

"Damn girl that ass so good Mmmm...... Fuck I’m bout to nut,” Amare cursed as he staggered his strokes finally releasing himself. He slowly pulled out of me kissing both ass cheeks silently thanking me for helping him reach his climax.

Damn, I was exhausted from everything. Them working me out and plus cumming for the first time had me ready to tap out. But Mr. Cairo had other plans for me.

He had flipped us over, pushing my legs over his shoulders while he pounded the bottom out of my poor kitty.

“Mmmm, you trying to make us fall in love with this pussy huh, shit,” he whispered in my ear pummeling away.

I chuckled through my heavy panting.

“Only if you want to,” I barely got out.

He smiled right before he kissed me pushing my legs all the way back to the headboard.

“Let me get all in that pussy baby, why you pushing me out?” He asked slamming into me.

Amare laid next to us moving my hands I had pushing on Cairo’s hips to keep him from going so deep.

“It’s alright baby let it happen.”

I was clinching up like a clam, but Amare was right there caressing my face kissing me.

“Oh gawd yes, take it, take this pussy, Cai!”

“Mmmm, you want me to take it huh?”

“Yes, baby! Yes!”

“Don’t worry I’m gone get it, baby.”

And he was getting it, bucking his hips against me. With Cairo’s grunting and my whimpers of pleasure humming through my ear I felt that burning sensation again overwhelm me.

“Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, c-cummin!”

I could feel my pussy muscles close up like a vice and Cairo’s eyes roll to the back of his head.

“Oh fuck!” Cairo cursed finally hitting his peak.

“Damn,” he cursed again falling to the side of me.

I was catching my breath when I felt two pairs of lips kiss both sides of my cheeks. I think Cairo had it right when he said damn.

I was in the shower trying to wash all my sins away. Even though I loved the scent of them on my skin, I had to erase all evidence of them.

But I guess they weren’t finished giving me the twin treatment.

First Amare, joined me in the shower then Cairo popped in 15 minutes later. And they were back at stretching me both ways.

“Amare, Cairo, oh my gawd, I can’t..... Mmmm shit!”


“Deja is that you in there?”

“Oh shit!” I think we all said it at the same time.

“Ugh umm, yeah! Your back early Gi!”

I had to push both of their heads back from kissing on me while I tried to talk to Gina. I couldn’t even think straight with their lips and hands all over me let alone have a conversation.

“Yeah, they didn’t need me as long as they thought they did. Well don’t take too long I’m ready to go to the mall. You know all the lil daddies gone be out there posted up too!”

“Yeah OK! I’ll be out in a minute!”

I giggled when Amare kissed behind my left ear, then Cairo on the right.

“You can go to the mall with Gi...”

“.... But you better leave those lil daddies right where the hell they at!” Cairo finished, both of them with a strong look of jealousy on their face.

Oh wow.

“Oh really now? Well, you two could at least say please,” I was sarcastically laughing at them.

But they didn’t look too amused by my answer.

“Don’t play with us.....”

“You heard what we said....”

I rolled my eyes. They were just too much and I didn’t think they could be serious about that.

Could they?

“Oh fuck, oh gawd,” I tried to bite my lip holding back my moans while they both started fucking both holes on me.

“This ass and this pussy...”

“......Belongs to us now.”

“Ohh Mmmm oh shit!”

“You got a problem with that?” They both asked simultaneously.

"Oh, gawd fuck no. It’s yours!”

And it was. I didn’t know it then but I was hooked and what other man was gonna give it to me like this. No one could satisfy me like the Gibson brothers could. I didn’t know how long this was going to last but I was ready for the double stimulating ride!

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