Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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The Clarke Brothers: Road Trip (Part 1)

I got a feeling that you might be (High)
Do I turn you on?
You can tell me if I’m wrong
Girl, I think you might be (High)
And she don’t even smoke
But she swear I got that dope dick
Love it when I fuck her and I’m (High)
High sex is the best sex
Whenever she stressed
She just want to get (High)
Well get high baby
Get high baby

~DJ Luke Nasty

“Slow down Sweet Pea. You gotta take ya time, so you won’t choke.”

I turned and looked at Anthony from the front seat and rolled my eyes as I passed him the blunt.

“Bro stop acting like she ain’t never smoked before,” Trey chuckled as Tony finished taking a hit, passing it to him.

“Tell ’em, Trey. Just cause I don’t do it all the time doesn’t mean I don’t know what I’m doing.”

“And when it comes to those lips she definitely knows what she be doing,” Trey leaned forward passing me back the blunt. Playfully licking on my neck then kissing my cheek.

I took my hit and rubbed on Chris’s thigh as he held on to the steering wheel blowing the kush out of my nostrils.

“You ok Snoodlebug?”

“Yea, I’m good,” he said softly.

“You sure you been so quiet since we got on the highway.”

We were about 30 minutes into our 2-hour journey to visit their mother, Ms. Sheila for summer break. I was just gonna stay for a week then fly out to meet my mom at my Grandmother’s house up north.

I tried to hand Chris the blunt to take a hit but he shook his head no.

“Are you sure your ok?”

“Yeah, Bro, you ain’t been acting yourself,” Tony questioned.

“Yep, yo ass ain’t never this quiet,” Trey added.

He just shook his head yes and poked out his lips gesturing for me to kiss him. And I happily jumped at the opportunity to press my mouth against his caramel-coated lips.

The sun had finally set and disappeared into the night. The highway was filled with darkness as we made our way to our destination.

We had about another hour to go when Tony fired up another blunt. I was higher than a kite by now as we flew down the moonlit highway. I was enjoying the music and all the vibes my Clarke brothers were giving me. Even though my Snoodlebug was acting mad funny with that quiet shit he was doing.

I knew he probably had something on his mind but didn’t want to talk about it right now. I was sure he’d tell me later.

“You still smokin’ Sweet Pea?”

“Can I smoke you?”

“Now you know you can do that anytime,” Tony said with a chuckle.

That’s all I needed to hear as I climbed into the back seat with Trey and Tony.

I watched as Tony took a hit then leaned over to kiss me blowing the smoke in my mouth giving me a shotgun.

“You say you wanna smoke me. So smoke me then girl,” he said nipping at my bottom lip feeling on my right breast.

A soft moan left my lips as he pinched on my nipple.

“Mmmm,” he grunted as I leaned down in his lap nibbling on his dick print through his sweats.

My fingers untied his drawstring as I reached in pulling his cock out from his sweatpants. He hissed a bit from the contact.

I gently stroked his length flicking my tongue on the tip of his head, the saltiness of his pre-cum awakened my taste buds. My lips, not hesitating even once, quickly parted, deep throating him while I massaged on his balls.

“Shhiiitt Roz.....fuck,” he moaned grabbing the back of my head holding me there. Finally releasing me when I started to gag.

I pulled back spitting on the dick, working it in with my hand, slapping him against my tongue. Then slipping him back inside the warmth of my mouth. Then slurping him till his moaning was all I could hear.

“Damn Sweet Pea, Mmmm. Suck that shit.”

I was twisting my wrist around his shaft as I bobbed up and down his lengthy member. The salty taste of him was getting me much wetter than normal and I was craving for some of that infamous Clarke penetration.

I reached back grabbing Trey’s arm pulling his hand under my dress towards my pussy.

“Mmmm, what is it, baby? When you get high you get horny too,” Trey asked pulling my panties to the side slipping two of his long fingers through my entrance.

I just giggled out a moan as he started rotating those long fingers in and out of my dripping pussy.

“Mmmm,” I moaned against Tony’s cock.

I could feel Trey’s fingers curve around hitting my spot as he brushed his thumb against my clit. I couldn’t help but start to rock back and forth on his fingers bringing me closer and closer.

“Gone head throw that pussy back baby,” Trey said steadily rubbing all my juices back on my swollen bud.

He took a quick moment to pull his fingers out sticking them into his mouth greedily licking off the contents. Then slowly slipped them back inside of me.

“I don’t believe y’all doing this shit while I’m driving,” Chris complained as he looked through the rear-view mirror.

“Your fault bro, you wanted to drive,” Trey said. As him and Tony gave out a short chuckle then focusing back on me.

I stretched my right arm out, reaching to Chris to squeeze his arm. Just my little way to show him he was not being overlooked.

Up and down I went as I slurped Tony up. I could tell he was getting ready to cum when he started arching his hips up. Thrusting them with my every motion.

Tony was fucking my mouth while Trey was finger fucking my pussy. That multiple penetration would have me feeling a different kind of high. Added on to the one I was already on, putting me in this orgasmic euphoria. And as the minutes rolled by it was just a race to see who would finish first.

I guess Tony won the race.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck,” he roared. Holding my head hostage as his creamy goodness shot to the back of my throat. I swallowed each and every salty drop.
Cleaning him out as he leaned back into the seat from exertion.

I rested my head on Tony’s lap while Trey was in and out of my pussy.

"Mmmm yes Trey! Yes, just like that baby."

I was rocking my hips harder and faster. I could feel my orgasm building up inside of me.

Suddenly I felt Tony lean over me spreading my lower set of lips to help his brother get full access to my kitty.
Trey didn’t hesitate to stick another finger inside of me and surprisingly his tongue as he flicked it against my clit now fully exposed to him from the help of his brother.

Now that’s what I call family support!

“Oooh yesss, Mmmm...shit.”

“Eat this pussy, Trey!”

I was rocking back in forth on Trey’s face and fingers. Clenching tightly to Tony’s t-shirt as I felt that pressure steadily building. And building and building until another finger slipped into my ass finally sparking the explosion in my core as it spilled out onto Trey’s face and fingers and my loud cries, filled the inside of the truck.

"Fuck I’m cummin!”

I was shaking and squirming while Trey had his way with my lower region. My hazy eyes caught Tony looking down smirking at me. While running his fingers through my hair as I laid my head on his lap. He still to this day enjoyed watching me cum.

We were at a rest stop about 30 minutes outside of our final destination. I was in the bathroom cleaning up a bit before we got back on the road. Thank god for travel wipes and mouthwash. And with those 3 around I always kept them handy.

I walked back out to the truck to see Chris stretching while he leaned against the hood. I marched right over towards him throwing my arms around his waist.

He still had that look like he had a lot on his mind. So while Trey and Tony were still gone inside of the rest stop I decided to see what the problem was.

“Chris sweety, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing Hunny Bunny......I’m just a little tired.”

I could tell that was a lie but I didn’t want to force him.

“Snoodlebug, you know you can always talk to me ok,” I squeezed him tighter rubbing on his back, as he looked down at me and smiled, kissing my forehead.

I didn’t hesitate to kiss his lips as he ran his hands down the crease of my back. His firm grip finally landing on my booty, his hand slipping under my dress. Discovering that my panties were nowhere to be found.

I pulled at his hand dragging him to the back seat of the truck.

“What you doing Roz?”

“You look stressed. Let me take some of that off ya shoulders.”

“You know you don’t have-”

“I want too.....I want you,” I whispered kissing on his chin as I drug my nails down his back.

“Mmmm,” he softly moaned as his eyelids got heavy.

That bottom lip was pressed between his teeth and I didn’t waste any time pushing him into the back seat as I straddled him.

“Why you be doing this to me,” he smirked. Running his hands up and down my thighs inching my dress up.

“Cause you know you love it.”

Damn that look. I gotta remind myself to ask him one day why he looks at me like that.

I kissed him hard, allowing permission for his tongue to explore my mouth. I could hear him unzipping his Jean pants and the sounds of a wrapper being torn open as we exchanged moans into each other’s mouths.

“Aye Papi!”

Damn, he would always have me speaking in another language.

He was so damn big. I always had to give a moment of silence to my poor pussy cause I knew he was gone murder her every time. Stretching me to places unknown, my first response was always to dig my nails into his back.

“Mmmm, shit,” he groaned as I slowly started rolling my hips trying to adjust to his size.

His lips grazed against the skin on my neck as his hands dug deep into his hips. I started speeding up my tempo as the pain turned into complete and utter pleasure of him being deep inside of me.

"Oh gawd Chris, ooohh Mmmm.”

“Damn Roz this pussy always so fucking tight....so fucking wet.....Mmmm.”


“Ride that dick baby,” he grunted guiding me up and down his pole. I could hear the sounds of my gushy wetness as he pulled my breast out the top of my dress sucking on my nipple.

"Oh fuck Chris, gawd you feel so good, Baby!"

My arms wrapped onto his neck pulling him closer as I bounced away on top of him. Igniting that all too familiar tingling in my core. Chris thrust his hips up slamming into me over and over. My moans evolved into a high pitch squeals.

Once he kissed my lips I couldn’t help but to unravel calling his name and screaming for Jesus to spare my poor vagina through this pussy punishment. But who was I kidding, I definitely loved the sweet torture.

“Shit baby I bout to nut,” he mumbled getting a tight grip in my hair. He pulled it to the side quickly giving him full access to my neck as he nipped and sucked it.

The last buck of his hips sent him over the edge as his orgasm swept through his body.

His mumbling was incoherent and I could barely understand him. Although it did sound awfully familiar. But I knew he couldn’t have possibly said what I thought he said.

But as he kissed my lips he gave me an all too familiar look. He was once again giving me those damn eyes. I was just about to ask him what was on his mind when I heard Trey and Anthony walking up to the truck.

Oh well, I guess I won’t be finding out tonight.

But I had a nagging feeling that I’d be finding out real soon............

~To Be Continued

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