Hershey Kisses: Another Taste

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The Clarke Brothers: Road Trip (Part 2)

“Good Morning Hunny Bunny.”

Chris was smooching out his lips for a kiss as he watched me get dressed for the day.

“Morning Snoodlebug.”

I just giggled at his crazy self as I came closer to give him a peck. I was happy he was acting like his normal self again.

We had finally made it to Ms. Sheila’s house later that night. She was so sweet having cooked us a full course meal. Being the college kids that we were, we all dove in. It was a very rare moment we would have a home-cooked meal. Needless to say, it was lights out right after that. But somewhere in the middle of the night, my youngest Clarke brother needed a little bit of a cuddle session and I happily obliged. Curling up to him after he snuck into the guest bedroom where I was staying. Laying my head on his chest while he caressed my back, putting me right to sleep again.

"Chris! Boy stop it!” I giggled out a squeal as he pulled me on top of him tickling my side.

“Mmmm, what if I don’t wanna stop,” he questioned kissing all over my neck.

“Snoodlebug you know you’re not even supposed to be in here anyway. You know Ms. Sheila don’t play. You gone have her kick both our asses!”

“Just chill, you always worry about the wrong stuff. You know my mama love you girl...just like-.....”

“Just like what Snoodlebug?”

I raised an eyebrow, readily waiting for him to finish his sentence.

He ran his hands down the length of my back hugging my sides. I looked into those deep brown eyes of his. They looked like they had so much to say. But once again there were no words to follow. I wish he would just tell me what those eyes were saying.

He suddenly flipped me over to the bed onto my stomach and then I felt the warmth of his tongue lick up against my back.

“Mmmm Chris....baby...I...mmmm...”

"Ssshh baby, let me work this sexy body out this morning since we missed our midnight run last night.”

I didn’t move as he laid on top of me spreading my ass cheeks grazing all those inches against my pussy lips. I had to bite down on the pillow when he broke through my walls.


I just heard a soft chuckle leave his mouth as he laid his whole body on top of me. His heavy breathing kissing upon my neck. Then taking a moment to nibble on my ear.

His hips bucked against me as he worked that huge cock inside of me. Slowly grinding in and out of my pussy, he would always start slow to give me a chance to adjust. But damn he gave a whole new meaning to bust it with open. But as big as he was my kitty and I loved that punishment......we were addicted.

"Ooohh gawd.....so fuckin’ big,” I groaned scratching my fingernails into the sheets.

He slid his hands down my arms, covering his hands on top of mine as he intertwined our fingers together.

“Damn baby, I wish you could understand how good it feels inside of you,” he mumbled as his thrusts became faster and faster.

I could feel my pussy tighten as my orgasm pulsated through my body.

"Chris....baby I’m cummin," I moaned sticking my head into the pillow to muffle my screams.

Chris slowed down his movements kissing and licking all over my back as my body shook and shivered through that orgasm.

It would always take my breath away when he’d make me cum. It was like being on an orgasmic high and my body would go through withdrawals. Till he conjured up another spine-tingling, toe-curling orgasm.

He suddenly leaned back taking me with him in the reverse cowgirl position. I got to my feet bouncing up and down on him. Squeezing my pussy muscles every time I bucked my hips.



“Mmmm, Chris baby!”

"Ride that muthafucka’ Roz. That’s your dick baby. Get that shit.”

Did he just say that it was mine?

As much as I wanted to dwell on it and ask was I really partial owner to that magic stick of his, he was already deep into the process of making me cum again.

“Shit Chris.......shit, shit, shit,” I cursed staggering my movements as I clawed my nails into his thighs. My walls closing in on him must’ve sent him to the edge as well cause all I heard was......

"Fuck baby....damn,” as he gripped one hand on my hips pushing me off of him. Stroking his cock as he came all over my ass.

**Knock 🚪 Knock**

“Rosaline, sweety are you up yet?”

"Oh shit,” Chris whispered flipping me up off of him. I almost hit the damn floor, when he jumped up out of the bed.

“Damn Chris, you almost pushed me out of the bed! What you whispering for anyways. Didn’t you just say ya’ mom wouldn’t mind you being in here,” I asked smirking?

“Don’t act crazy Roz you know my mama will kick my ass if she finds me in here like this!”

I just laughed to myself and rolled my eyes at him. As I walked closer to the door.

“Yes, ma’am I’m up. Just getting dressed right now.”

“Ok, when you’re done Sweety, come and help me out in the kitchen, so we can fix these greedy boys of mine some breakfast.”

“Umm, ok Ms. Sheila, I’ll be right out,” I replied shrugging my shoulders at Chris.

As many times as I visited she never asked me to help her in the kitchen. Not that I never offered to. It was just not Ms. Sheila’s style. She was a beast in the kitchen and she was very particular on things being done in a certain way. So if you fuck up she wouldn’t hesitate to kick your ass out.

After we cleaned ourselves up, Chris snuck out of my room right after me as I walked off to the kitchen to help Ms. Sheila. She was standing by the sink filling up a pot full of water sitting it on the stove.

“Hey, Ms. Sheila. Anything specific you wanted me to do for you?”

“Yes Sweety, grab that bag of grits and stir it in that pot for me.”

I did what she asked, cooking the grits, scrambling some eggs and then cooking some home-made honey-glazed biscuits. I was about to stir the grits again when Ms. Sheila asked me a question that’s probably been burning in her mind since we got here.

“So tell me Roz, which one of my babies you plan on taking off the market?”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, girl don’t play with me. I’ve seen how they be looking at you.”

“I don’t think they look at me any kind of way Ms. Sheila. We are all just friends, that’s all ma’am.”

She let out a little chuckle as she bent down to take the biscuits out of the oven.

“You know, I always knew they had a little crush on you when ya’ll was growing up. I just never thought they’d hold on to that crush as they got older,” she said smiling.

“Uggh umm...”

“It’s ok Roz, I just wanted to give you my blessing whenever it happens,” she giggled.

I don’t know what Ms. Sheila was getting at, not that she needed to know what we really had going on. But the boys and I were just having some fun. I don’t even wanna think of how she would react if she found out what we really had going on! My mother and Ms. Sheila would definitely disown all of us if they did. But I doubt either of the boys are thinking about being in a long term relationship with anybody.

Especially with me.

The week had gone by so quickly. I had an awesome time with the boys and Ms. Sheila. I almost kind of didn’t want it to end. But I missed my mom and was happy to be able to see her tomorrow after all this time.

Today was my last day with them before I flew out tomorrow morning. Ms. Sheila’s vacation was over too so it was back to work today for her.

Chris was insisting that he would take her to work. I asked if he wanted me to ride with him cause I knew it was a bit of a drive. The hospital she was a nurse at was at least 30 minutes away, coming and going. But he kept insisting that he didn’t need me to go.

Tony and Trey were sitting on the couch playing their XBOX, while I was looking at Aliya Janell choreography videos on YouTube.

Tony looked up at me and grinned as I rolled my hips to the music, trying to mimic some of the dance moves they were showing.

“What the hell you grinning at over there?!”

“I’m just trying to figure out myself. What are you trying to do girl?” Tony chuckled.

“It’s called dancing, don’t be an ass now.”

Tony just laughed.

“Trey knows I can dance, don’t you Trey?” I asked putting on Persian Rugs by Jacquees. My feet glided across the floor as I pulled the game remote out of his hand and straddled him.

“Roz baby my game,” Trey moaned.

“Fuck that game,” I whispered grinding on his lap pulling my top off.

🎶I don’t just wanna chill, with you
Oh, I wanna turn up on
I wanna turn you on
I wanna lay with you 🎶

“Yea, you right baby fuck that game,” he said with a smirk on his face. Running his hands up my sides as I rolled my hips.

His erection quickly surfaced from between his legs. Throbbing and begging to be released now as he cupped one of my breasts, rolling his tongue across my nipple.

🎶When we fucking,
I be catching chills
I’m licking on ya
I want you to feel
Can you feel it babe? Can you feel it baby?🎶

His hands quickly grabbed my hips lifting me up to my feet as he pulled down my black velour booty shorts. Exposing my purple lace underwear, but they too ended up pooled around my ankles.

I was still swirling my hips as he watched me. My hands caressed my body teasing him as he watched with that bottom lip pinched between his teeth.

🎶Say yeah, Say yeah, Say yeah, Screaming so loud🎶

I leaned down kissing Trey’s lips tugging on his pants leg.

“You want that,” he asked staring into my eyes.

“You know I do,” I smirked watching him pull his sweats to his feet then sheathing himself. I didn’t waste any time jumping on the dick.

"Mmmm, yeah,” I moaned taking him all the way in. His chocolate stick stirring inside of me as I rolled my hips to the music. His soft grunts adding onto the sensual ambiance.

🎶I’m fucking you like a pro
Said baby fuck with a pro
Yeah, Imma give you just what you want
Yeah, said give her just what she wants🎶

“Oh shhhiit!”

“Naw take that dick baby. That’s what you wanted.”

His hand grabbed my waist bouncing me up and down on his pole. Damn, he was hitting right on my spot and my only natural reaction was to cum as I dug my nails into his shoulder.

My orgasm subsided when I found myself up at it again, riding Trey’s dick like I was in a rodeo.

I looked over for Tony, calling him over with my index finger. He licked his lips as he walked over towards us. I arched my back and my head back. He cupped my cheeks kissing my lips, his tongue gentled swirled around mine.

“Let me taste you, Daddy, Mmmm yes Trey,” I begged, pulling at Tony’s belt buckle with one hand and running my hand across Trey’s head as he sucked on my breasts.

Seconds later Tony was filling my mouth while Trey was filling my pussy. That double penetration had me super wet. It had been a rare moment lately that they would let me have them both simultaneously. An even more rare moment when I could have all three of them.

🎶Tonguing her right
Dicking her slow
I’m dicking her slow, oh oh oh oh oh
Fuck with ya boy🎶

"I need you to fill me up some more Daddy,” I whimpered pulling Tony out of my mouth. I looked up at him and licked my lips as I stroked his cock.

“You sure you ready for that Sweet Pea? You know I’m not gone hold back when I get in it,” he said giving me those dreamy eyes of his.

“You know I can take it, Daddy. Come fuck this ass. Mmmm.”

I perched my head in the crease of Trey’s neck waiting and anticipating all of that pressure I was about to experience as Tony slipped a condom on. I arched my back as Trey gripped my ass cheeks spreading me open for Tony.

I couldn’t help but to bite down on Trey’s neck digging my nails in his back once I felt Tony pushing through my forbidden hole.

“Fuck Tony! Fuck!”

“Uggh ugh,” he mumbled pushing my hand away as he started his descent deep into my ass.”

His strokes started to pick up speed as our moaning filled the air. I could feel perspiration from my body as the heat from our friction overwhelmed us.

Trey was brushing my sweat-drenched hair out of my face kissing on my chin.
Till his lips pressed on mine and he was tonguing me down as I moaned into his mouth.

"Oohhh gaawwwdd fuck me! Fuck me, Trey! Fuck me, Tony,” I screeched out as I started bouncing back on both of them.

I felt Tony grab my hair arching my neck back, I knew he was about to go ham, fucking the hell out of my ass like it was my pussy, all I did was unravel as I came all over them.

My eyes rolled to the back of my head as they stroked me thoroughly frontways and back. With our heavy breathing and moaning, and the sounds of skin smacking against skin I know it was definitely an amazing sight to see.

Trey came first and Tony wasn’t too far behind as I heard him roar...

"Fuck....I’m bout to cum all in this ass baby,” he grabbed my hair and wrapped his hand around my neck pulling me into him. Kissing on my cheek as he moaned into my ear.

When he finally finished I opened my eyes to long stem red roses and a set of brown eyes that didn’t look so happy about the scene that was set in front of him.

They looked so sad and just like a chameleon they suddenly changed, this time they were just full of anger. Then it hit me, I remembered that look.

It was the same exact look he gave me when I first asked them for..........

The Clarke Special.

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