The Adventures take a kinky turn (On hold)

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Chapter 4

I woke up to an intense tickling sensation on my exposed tummy. I wriggled around, trying to get rid of it as I burrowed my head deeper into the warm pillow.

“Two more minutes,” I groaned, whining when something skittled past my nose.

“C’mon, KitKat. You need to wake up. Breakfast’s getting cold.”

Only one horrendous person would call me that.

“Leave me alone, Hayden. I’m tired.”

“No can do,” he said before flipping me over and holding himself over me. I cracked an eyelid open and warily gazed at him. “Since when do you keep secrets from us?”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, a yawn escaping me as I tried to snuggle into his warm chest. He raised himself upright so I couldn’t. I stopped myself from whining and sighed, looking up at him. “What do you want?”

“Love of your life?” he mimicked.

“Seriously? In the crack of dawn?” I groaned.

“It’s almost noon,” he deadpanned.

“Whatever. I just woke up so it’s crack of dawn to me,” I pouted. “Now get off me or cuddle with me.”

“I’ll find out,” he threatened lightly before pulling me up. I grumbled under my breath as he pushed me towards the bathroom, his hand landing a firm pat on my butt before letting go. I narrowed my eyes at him and shut the door. Goddamn him and his wandering hands. It didn’t help that he had the looks of a male Adonis.

I sighed and quickly got on with my business, following the aroma of fried bacon to lead me to the kitchen. Sat around the island were the guys and Caroline while Hunter whistled to himself as he moved around the stove, cooking us a delicious breakfast with his skilled hands. I was about to take a seat next to Care when I was quite roughly yanked down beside a certain someone. Hayden ignored my scowl and instead, continued flipping through his phone. I looked on in disdain as I realized he was leafing through a girl’s Instagram.

“Who is that?” I asked him, unable to hold back my curiosity.

“Why?” he goaded. “Maybe it’s the love of my life.”

I stared up at him in disbelief before throwing my hands up in the air. “Dude, what the fuck is with you repeating that?”

“Can’t I?”

“None of your business, really,” I snapped back, getting annoyed. His challenging eyes didn’t waver but before he could continue arguing, Hunter slid a plate of bacon and bread towards me. Almost immediately, I shut up and began eating like I was making love to the food.

“So what’s the plan?” Ryder asked, biting into his own plateful of food. Caroline and I wrinkled my nose at him as he spoke through a full mouth, disgusting pieces of bacon winking back at us from its half-digested state.

“The beach, of course,” Care immediately answered. “And then maybe visit the town’s nightclub.”

The guys nodded in appreciation to that and I only shrugged, too immersed in eating to pay much attention to anything else. Once we were done filling our stomachs to the brim, I decided to take a walk. What other time to explore the cottage than now?

I gazed in admiration as my fingers brushed the rich tapestries adorning the warm, under-toned walls. The living room turned out to be a wide space cluttered with plush couches in front of a huge flat-screen TV. Ceiling-to-floor windows overlooking the glittering sea lined the back of the room, showing a few kids already on the small strip of beach. I backed up until I was standing in front of Caroline’s room. Not bothering to knock, I sauntered in, surprised to catch the twins in the room, talking to her.

She saw me first and froze and I immediately started feeling suspicious. Narrowing my eyes, I walked up to the guys and slung an arm around each of their waists, too short to reach their shoulders without having to stretch. They stilled midway and warily turned to look at me in sync.

“What? Why do you guys look like you have been caught cheating on me?” I asked, grinning when Hunter rolled his eyes at me and grabbed me by the waist before throwing me to the bed. I landed beside Caroline and I laid down, resting my head on her lap. “So what were you guys talking about?”

“Nothing,” she quickly squeaked, a little too quickly. Hayden didn’t even spare me a glance before he left the room. I frowned after him, turning to look at Hunter.

“What did I do?”

“You didn’t do anything. Hayden has just started on his PMS so you know...” Hunter shrugged before seating himself in front of me on the bed. “Where were you anyway?”

“Having a look around the house. Should I be worried about red splotches on his boxers or grabbing him a few boxes of tampons?” I asked, laughing when Hunter’s face scrunched up in disgust.

“So what made you stop your adventure to come to me?” Caroline asked, leaning back against the headboard as she looked at me curiously.

“I was just thinking...we could go sun-bathing now and once the guys come out, we could get into the sea?”

Her eyes immediately lit up. “Yes! That sounds amazing! I’m in a bad need of a good tan. Wait a sec, I’ll grab my lotion.”

And with that, she pushed me off and bounded out of bed and into her en-suite bathroom. Yeah, the twins were stinking rich.

“Well, I would better get going,” Hunter said, rubbing the back of his neck. “I need to finish some work.”

“Don’t tell me your work will take you all day,” I frowned, crawling over so that I was behind him. He sighed in content as I began massaging the back of his neck for him.

“Nah, don’t worry. I’m not going to miss a chance to see hot ladies in bikinis,” he joked lightly. “Besides, I need to ring my dad. Didn’t really tell him I was coming back here.”

“Tell Brad hi from me,” I smiled, remembering how sweet and hospitable his father had always been to me. He had basically adopted me as his daughter but refused to let me call him Mr. Henderson so he insisted on his first name, Brad. Hunter nodded and climbed off the bed, ruffling my hair, much to my annoyance, before he took his leave.

I, myself, had changed into a pair of shorts and a stargazer top which hid my bikini and had grabbed my own lotion. Once Caroline had made an appearance, we walked hand in hand through the backdoor and out in the sun.

It was a pleasant day for spending time in the beach. The scintillating sun was up high in the stark blue sky, obscured by wispy clouds that faded in and out of existence. The sea was calm, the waves crashing against the shore like a mother tucking her kids in bed, serene and comforting. There were a few kids but they were on the other side of the fence so I guessed it was true about our side of the sea. Thankfully, the other bunch of teenagers seemed to have not woken up yet so we enjoyed our tanning for about 30 minutes before we were overwhelmed with catcalls and hooting. Yup, that’s them.

“Sweet holy mother of wine,” a familiar voice whistled as they neared. “Winston, have you got hotter over the past few days or what?”

Drake Fellony. Official badboy and manwhore of the school. God didn’t go light with him in the looks department either. Caroline rolled her eyes as they approached and shared a look with me. Our peace was terminated.

“Yes but you ain’t having this ass again,” I replied to his previous comment as he finally came into sight. I couldn’t help but whistle slightly. What? He looked hot and he had the body to show for it. He smirked and flexed his bicep, shooting me a wink while Care pretended to gag from beside me.

“She fucked you?” another voice came up behind me and I internally groaned. Here it comes. “Since when you have you lowered your standards to Fellony, Katerina?”

I pushed down the shiver that threatened to wrack my body when he said my full name in that sexy voice of his. And stomped on the feelings that welled up inside of me. I even fly-kicked it to Mars for good measure. I didn’t turn around to look at him but I could feel his gaze burning a hole through the back of my head.

“I can’t believe you gave up that fine ass for Beatrice, man. I bet she wasn’t even worth it,” Drake told Vincent, making my heart clench slightly at the memories.

Nope, Kat. Not doing this again. Vincent can go fuck himself for all you care.

“I do regret it,” I heard Vincent admit before a screeching voice hit him.

“Fucking assholes. I’m never letting either of you fuck me again.” I would recognize that voice anywhere.

Fuck no. She’s here too?

Apparently our entire school had decided to join because when they finally came into view, there were about 20 or 200 of them - maths had never been my strongest suit anyway. Some I recognized and others I didn’t but there was no denying it.

This weekend would be fun, alright.

“Where are the twins?” Beatrice’s nasally voice asked Care, not even sparing me a glance. “Hayden promised me a night I wouldn’t forget and I’m not patient enough to wait.”

Fucking slut.

She did glance over at me with a smirk when she said his name and I felt myself bristle. Let that fucker get here. No wonder he didn’t want to face me earlier today.

I zoned out of the conversation and gathered my supplies before dumping them in a bag. I was seeing red and I knew if I stayed any longer, I would see red more than in just my mind. Care offered to come with me but I shook her off and stormed back into the house.

Why couldn’t I just have a weekend to myself without having to worry or stress!?

Too immersed in my thoughts, I didn’t watch where I was going before I slammed into a chest.

“Woah, sweetheart. What’s the hurry?” Hunter’s deep voice pulled me out of my reverie. I shook off his arms, that were wrapped around me to steady me, and pushed past him. My murderous expression must have clued him in because not even a minute later, I heard his footsteps behind me.

My plan of locking myself in my room and sulking the entire day off was pretty much ruined when he barged in before I could even turn around.

“Leave me alone, Hunter,” I growled out, glaring daggers at him. He didn’t even budge.

“No,” he answered simply. “Tell me what’s wrong.”

I sighed in frustration and kicked off my flip-flops before falling face first into my bed. I felt the bed dip beside me before a hulking weight landed on my back and threatened to crush me.

“You big, fat gorilla! Gerrof me,” I managed to wheeze out much to his amusement. He rolled around so that he was spooning me and wrapped his arms around me in a hug. We didn’t even speak for a few minutes. He hugged me to him until I had calmed down and until all the resentment in me had washed away.

“You good or are you still going to try to kill me?” he asked in amusement after a while, his fingers tracing small patterns on my spine.

“I’m fine,” I grumbled, turning around so I could snuggle up to him properly. He smelled of cinnamon and musk, a heavenly combination. He smelled of home. A smile curved my lips as his hands combed through my hair, playing with the dark strands.

“Wanna tell me what happened?”

“Just the cliche tale of the ex and the bitch,” I mumbled, not really wanting to think of either of them right now.

“Is he giving you any trouble?”

I smiled to myself at his dangerous tone, knowing I didn’t have to worry about anything as long as I had him by my side. Well, him and his twin, but for now, the latter is cancelled.

“Nope. Not yet.”

“Good, you wanna get back there?”

I groaned but nodded, reluctantly pulling away from his addictive embrace. His deep chuckle resounded around me before he pulled me up and slung me over his back.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?” I began protesting, my eyes growing wide in alarm as he began jogging out of the house and into the open. “Hunter! I’ll kill you if you drop me!”

He chuckled again and continued running. I could feel eyes on us but I didn’t dare look around, my arms wrapped tightly around his neck and my legs around his waist. Too late I figured out what he was going to do. He wasn’t going to drop me, he was going to launch himself into the sea with me.

My scream was cut short as we were dunked into the water. Hunter’s arms wrapped around me and brought me to his front before we broke through the surface, me gasping and spluttering for breath while he just grinned that crooked smile of his. I couldn’t even hope to stay mad at him with him smiling at me like that and before long, I began laughing too.

“You’re lucky the water isn’t that cold,” I grinned at him after my laughter had faded. “Or your body would have been 6 feet under by now.”

“Nah. You wouldn’t. Because then you wouldn’t have anyone to go to when Hayden drives you crazy.” His eyes told me that he knew that’s what had bothered me most but I was determined not to think of the asshole.

“I don’t care. He wants to fuck Beatrice, he can. After all, why should the fact that his best friend hates her be any indication otherwise?”

“Ever thought that he was just trying to rile you up and maybe get back at you for the fact that you slept with Fellony?”

“Yes and that’s exactly why I don’t care.”

Hunter sighed but before either of us could say more, arms wrapped around me from behind before I was thrown into the water. Again. Apparently, I was the alternative for the beach ball that they had forgotten to bring.

When I broke through the surface of the water for the second time in under 15 minutes, I realized that all the guys and girls had crowded around me.

“—with a twist,” Scarlet, a fairly pretty and outgoing girl seems to be saying. “So we have the shark and we have the baits on the other side and whoever is left out, after everyone’s been caught as bait, gets to make the shark do anything they want right then. No blowjobs later, whatever you want them to do, then and there because it expires when the next round starts.”

The guys hooted and the girls cheered in agreement.

“Who wants to be the first shark?”

“Me,” Hayden spoke up, smirking. His eyes were on me but I refused to look at him. The rest of us swam away, looking like we were gliding with the waves while Hayden floated on his back in the middle, waiting for us to get settled. Once we were, he took off, swimming so fast that he was but a jolt of lightning before he appeared behind Scarlet and caught her as bait. She squealed in protest but joined Hayden in catching the rest of us. Soon, nearly everyone was caught except Lavender, Jared and I. My focus was on Hunter because he seemed to be intent on catching me but I realized the mistake I made when I felt someone trap me within their arms from behind.

“I’m much faster than my brother, KitKat,” he whispered in my ear, lips teasing my earlobe. “You should have been more afraid of me catching you than him.”

He swirled me around in his arms and shot me a panty-dropping grin that literally took my breath away. His arms hadn’t released me and he didn’t look bothered about finding the rest, like his only goal had been me and now that he had me, he didn’t care about anything else.

“Yeah, I underestimated you,” I muttered, trying to wrench my gaze away from him because it was doing weird things to my stomach. But I failed miserably because I didn’t even know when the round had finished. I was jolted out of my thoughts when Lavender called for us, smiling victoriously because she was the last one left.

“Hayden,” she began, biting her bottom lip almost sultrily. “Come here.”

I pushed down my petty annoyance when Hayden grinned and released me from his grasp. Bad, Kat. Hayden’s not yours. Let him do whatever he wants. He swam over to her leisurely, the naughty grin on his face not fading away. As soon as he was within arms’ reach, her hand shot out and she grabbed Hayden by the neck and slammed her lips on his.

The guys erupted in whistles and some of them even thumped their chest in sync, shouting ‘atta girl!’. Apparently, this had been planned already. Well, Scarlet, join the line with all those who have crushes on Hayden.

The next round began and Scarlet rounded up her followers first. By this time, I was just lazying around, floating on my back as I gazed at the clear sky and wafted back and forth with the waves. Of course, god forbid I have my peace for longer than 5 seconds.


Ugh, not you.

“Hi,” I replied, not sparing him a glance.

“So, uh, fun game, huh?” I would have laughed at his nervousness had I not been still mad at him for what he did to me.

“What do you want, Vincent?” I asked, cutting right to the chase.

“To ask you something.”


“You still love me, don’t you?”

The fucker really did not just say that with the confidence of a rooster with a death wish.


“Then why can’t you look me in the eye?” I already knew he was smirking. Wow, I really dated this asshole.

“Because I want to spare myself from having to look at you again. I feel sorry for whichever girl you fucked last night. She must have had an orgasm thinking she was fucking a duck-faced bull.”

“She was screaming my name at the top of her lungs,” he gritted out, obviously riled by my words.

“But she had her eyes closed, didn’t she?” I guessed, purely out of the dark. Truth be told, he wasn’t any less endowed with looks than Drake or even the twins but the guy had the ego of a fucking peacock. It needed to be taken down a notch every few days or so.

By his silence, I realized that my guess had been correct. I refrained from chortling out loud but a smirk marred my face.

“Now I remember why I ran to Beatrice,” he snapped at me. “You were worse than a nun at cock sucking.”

“No,” I shook my head, surprising him by my calm reaction. “You fucked Beatrice behind my back because you were too much of a pussy to stay committed for any period of time. And honestly, I’m thanking all the stars up there that you did because if you hadn’t, I wouldn’t have discovered that penises could be more than 3 inches long.”

And that was it. I knew I was asking for trouble when I commented on his manhood because let’s admit it, all boys are sensitive about the little dingdong hanging between their legs. But what I hadn’t expected was for him to lunge out and grab me in a chokehold.

Goddamn, I had to provoke a guy who had clearly lost his fucking mini-sized marbles.

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