The Adventures take a kinky turn (On hold)

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Chapter 5

I struggled against him as I felt my airway being cut off. My face grew purple out of the lack of oxygen and yellow dots prickled at my vision when finally, I was released. Actually, released was pretty mild. When I was yanked out of the way and thrust into someone’s arms. Ryder rubbed my back soothingly as Caroline fussed over me, making sure I was okay. The sight in front of me only just registered in my mind when my breathing had gone back to normal, making my heart face near cardiac arrest.

Both Hunter and Hayden were beating the shit out of Vincent until the poor guy couldn’t even manage to stand on his two feet. He kept slipping and accidentally drowning himself every time the twins fists connected with his body. And let’s just say the twins liked working together.

Ryder handed me over to Caroline and grabbed one of the guys to help him hold Hunter and Hayden back before they successfully killed the guy. Two of Vincent’s friends came forward, flinching at the death glares that the twins shot them as they scurried away with a bloody Vincent.

Almost in sync, both of them turned to spear me with their intense gaze. I shivered involuntarily at the look of pure unfurled anger in their eyes. They swam over to me and Caroline backed away to give us some space. Hayden’s jaw was clenched tight as he gingerly lifted my chin to inspect my neck. Hunter took one look at the
probably red, sore skin of my neck and backed away, not even meeting my eyes as he pulled himself out of the sea and stalked away.

“I’m okay,” I insisted, my scratchy voice not really helping my case, still looking at where Hunter had disappeared. “Is he going to be okay?”

“You’re the one who nearly suffocated to death and you’re worried about my brother?” Hayden asked me, shaking his head at me in wonder even as the anger slowly started receding away, leaving worry and concern in its place. His fingers lightly caressed my neck and his hold on me tightened. “C’mon, let’s get you inside. That’s enough for a day.”

I nodded in consent and let him drag me out of the water. Caroline started to follow us but I waved her away. “Go on, Care. Have fun, I’ll be fine, I promise.”

She hesitated but then nodded in defeat at my stern face. I was about to wrap a towel around myself when Hayden slapped my hands away and did it himself. I raised a brow but didn’t complain at his show of pampering. I wouldn’t mind getting a little spoiled by him or his brother, to be quite honest.

“Hey Hayden, where are you going?” a voice shouted from behind me and my face immediately soured. “I thought you were going to make good on your promise.”

Hayden turned around to glare at Beatrice.

“Did you or did you not just see my girl being strangled near half to death?”

My girl?

Apparently, Beatrice seemed to be sharing the same train of thought. “Your girl?” she questioned, shooting daggers at me. “I thought you were just friends.”

“What we are is quite frankly none of your business. So fuck off before I forget my rule about not hitting girls.”

And with that, he dragged me into the villa.

“I really don’t want to say this but...if you wanna ya know, bang her or something, it’s okay—” I started but was quickly cut off by his hand over my mouth.

“Shut up,” he warned.

“Okay,” I shrugged, letting him lead me into the room he and his brother shared. Hunter was nowhere to be seen. Hayden caught my frown and rolled his eyes with a small smile playing on his lips.

“He’ll be fine. He just needs a little breathing space. He hasn’t got that angry in ages.”

My eyes immediately widened. “Shit, he already has the blood pressure problem—”

“Kat, he’s fine,” Hayden said firmly, pulling me into bed and making me land on top of him with an oof. “Now can we stop talking about Hunter?” he whined. “You always go to him, just spend time with me now.”

“That’s because you usually piss me off a lot more than he ever does,” I answered with a small smile, brushing his hair back from his forehead.

“Hm,” he hummed, closing his eyes as he allowed me to continue playing with his hair. “What did that fucker tell you anyway?”

“I don’t really want you to rush off like Hunter and have Vincent practically disabled...” I trailed off, sighing when he only shot me a ‘shut up and tell me’ look. “He wanted to know if I still loved him and he just sounded so sure of himself that it set me off. And I called him duck-faced. He called me a worse cock-sucker than a nun and then I insulted his miniature dick and apparently, that was the trigger point.”

To my surprise, Hayden burst into laughter and shot me an appreciative look. “I’m proud of you, Kitty cat.”

“Don’t call me that,” I grumbled, hitting his chest lightly. “And you’re proud that I got strangled?”

“No. I’m proud that you showed that duck-faced cunt his place.”

I laughed and got off his chest, walking to my room’s wardrobe and picking a pair of shorts and a cami before shutting myself in the bathroom. I quickly washed, scrubbing the salt and sand out of my hair. When I got back to Hayden’s room, he was in the same position I had left him but this time, he had changed into a pair of boxers. He patted the seat next to him and I pounced onto the bed, snuggling up next to him as he grabbed the remote and played whatever he had chosen.

“I’ll kill you if this is a horror movie,” I threatened immediately but sighed in relief when I realized it was just a comedy. A comedy horror. The name said “The Babysitter - Killer Queen”. I raised my brow but said nothing. He grabbed the comforter and pulled it over us before wrapping an arm around my shoulders lazily.

Safe to say, I had never watched a movie so stupid that it was actually funny.

“I can’t believe he just—oh my god, no!” I covered my eyes, my chest hurting with laughing so much.

“Did he just French-kiss his own piss?” Hayden asked ridiculously, sending me into fits of laughter again just after I had managed to control myself. “I like that guy, though. The one who’s proud of him finally being a man. That would be me if I was a ghost haunting the guy.”

“No, that definitely wouldn’t be you,” I started guffawing again before I even started with my next sentence. “You would be the girl, driven crazy by the lack of sex.”

He placed a hand over his heart, feigning offense. But then nodded a fraction of a second later. “She has a hot ass.”

I slapped his chest, muttering, “Perv.”

“Keep your hands to yourself, woman,” he scolded, rubbing the spot I had hit him like it actually hurt. What a big baby. “I know I’m hot and all but I won’t let you molest me.”

I rolled my eyes at him just as the door swung open. Hunter stood in the doorway, staring at us with a raised eyebrow and looking reasonably calmer.

“Hey,” I smiled at him, patting the spot next to me. “We were just watching this absolutely hilarious movie. Join us.”

“You sound like you’re asking him to join us in a threesome,” Hayden retorted, earning another slap from me. “Damn it, woman.”

I noticed that Hunter had already changed out of his beach clothes and was now sporting jeans and a casual t-shirt that said, “Big Daddy. Any questions?”

“Love the tee, Hunter,” I commented with an amused smile and he only rolled his eyes in return, muttering something about never accepting dares from me again. Hayden burst out laughing when he saw the t-shirt and nearly rolled off the bed.

“Didn’t know you were into bdsm, bro,” he chortled. “Or I would have arranged that random girl who asked me to spank her.”

“Woah, what?”

“I was out shopping for this asshole because I lost a bet,” Hayden began explaining, his eyes lighting up like it always did when he was about to say something that entertained him immensely. “And this girl walked up to me while I was in the snacks aisle,” he backed up and defended himself at the look of his face, “I got hungry, alright? Anyway, so she approached me and asked me to spank her because she was being a very naughty girl.”

“And this big baby ran out of the store and he was so creeped out that he refused to visit that grocery store again,” Hunter finished, grinning toothily as he kicked off his jeans until he was in his boxers and pulled the tee over his head before throwing it aside carelessly. These boys didn’t know how to be dressed in front of a lady. But there was no lady here so no matter. He slid into the bed next to me as I laughed at the red creeping into Hayden’s cheeks and the tips of his ears.

“Aw, is someone blushing?” I cooed, pinching his cheeks. He slapped my hands away and covered his cheeks. So adorable. Hunter snatched my attention to him by gently pushing my head up so he could survey the damage on my neck. “I’m fine, really.” I tried to convince him but the stony look on his face told me that nothing I said could reassure him.

“I’ll kill that fucker,” he muttered under his breath and I sighed. This guy was one stubborn dude.

“Bro, she already has the marks to prove it. Can you stop reminding her?” Hayden sounded annoyed. He tugged me out of his brother’s grasp and pulled me into his chest, nuzzling his nose in my hair. “What?” he asked, voice muffled. “I feel like cuddling.”

But the world didn’t want him to enjoy his cuddling because that was the exact moment that the door to their room burst open.

“Okay, you guys. I hope you are dressed and not having a threesome,” Caroline spoke, her hands covering her eyes as she felt her way into the room. “Am I safe to open my eyes?”

I felt my cheeks redden instantaneously and I shot out of the bed faster than you could say Usian Bolt.

I pinched her fingers and she yelped, rubbing the sore spot with an ow. “You don’t have to be violent. I get that I’m interrupting,” she grinned, knowing it’ll get under my nerves.

“Of course, I’m sure her moans were audible throughout the house,” Hayden added and I turned to glare at him. He only winked in return.

“What’s with everyone suggesting threesomes today,” I muttered under my breath.

“Think we should try it?” Hunter asked and his face looked so serious that I froze. A few seconds tricked by before the entire room was filled with the boys’ laughter. “Her face—I can’t!”

“I know right!” Hayden slammed his fist over the bed, finding it so funny that he was literally rolling over with laughter while Hunter had tears in his eyes from laughing so hard.

I huffed and turned around on my heel, leaving them gasping for air. Caroline herself was laughing but she followed me out.

“Alright, enough laughing at my expense,” I whined before turning to her. I had walked until I was outside, facing the sea. The wind gently caressed my hair and I shivered in delight. “What’s the plan?”

“Ryder wasn’t sure if you wanted to anymore but he suggested taking a trip to that nightclub I was talking about earlier,” she filled me in.

“Sure, I’m in,” I shrugged. “If I have to deal with those assholes I call best friends plus my ex-boyfriend and the bitch he cheated on me with, I’ll need some boost.”

“Ah, about that. I heard Vincent went back home.”

“Woah, really?”

“Yeah. Although I have a feeling...”

“What feeling?”

“I think Hunter might have had something to do with his spontaneous decision to go back, leaving all his belongings back here in the process.”

My eyes widened. “You think Hunter made him go back?”

“I’m not sure but...rumors travel fast,” she nodded. “Well then, wanna get ready together?”

“Of course!”

Remind me to never ever allow Caroline to dress me up again. And I know I said this every time and the end look was amazing anyway but she took way too long and by the end of it, my legs felt like I had spent years never standing on them. She had chosen a lace-up black top, a suede pencil skirt that barely reached mid-thigh and some over-the-knee black boots that went beautifully with my legs. She curled my blond hair into ringlets and let them fringe the side of my face and applied light makeup with a smokey eye and nude lipstick. She herself had decided on a high-collared glittery silver jacket which was open-backed and ended in a crisscross pattern, stopping just above her ass. She paired it off with white, studded jeans and heeled boots before we were finally ready to go.

“Hot damn, ladies,” Ryder whistled as soon as we appeared before him, causing both Hunter and Hayden to look up and freeze. “If you two hadn’t been my besties, I would totally do you all night.”

I laughed and Caroline giggled, a light blush dusting her cheeks. I ignored the way both the twins were staring at us, like we were a morsel they couldn’t wait to devour, and began walking to the front door.

“Dude, can we take up that threesome now and make it a full-on gangbang?” I heard one of them whisper. Without looking, my hand shot out and connected with someone’s head. Ryder and Caroline laughed while the twins popped up on either side of me, Hayden rubbing his head and muttering incoherently.

The drive to the club was silent, the air brimming with tension and excitement. Hayden was driving and I made Hunter ride shotgun while the rest of us piled in the back. Ryder was too busy on his phone to do much with us, but Caroline worked our ears off about how she wanted to find a guy to satisfy her but she didn’t have much hope for it.

“CareBear, if no one takes you home with you looking that sexy, I promise I’ll rip that dress right off you and show you that you don’t need anybody else.”

Caroline giggled at Hayden’s playful words and her eyes widened when I added to it too. “I’m in too. I promise if the guys there are stupid enough not to haul you away as soon as you get there, I’ll show you that you don’t need men at all.”

Hayden nearly swerved off the street and Hunter choked on his spit. Even Ryder looked up at me in astonishment.

“What?” I shrugged. “Hayden can be a dirty-mouthed slut and I can’t?”

Hayden grinned at me through the rear view mirror. “Now that you have put that in my mind, I can’t help but try to imagine how sexy you would look going one on one with a girl.”

Turned out we didn’t have to resort to extremes since as soon as we entered the club and had gathered at the bar, a handsome guy walked over and immediately began hitting on Caroline. She looked surprised but after one nudge from me, she sucked it up and flirted back. And 20 minutes later, both of them were nowhere to be seen.

“Why did that guy have to take her away?” Hayden sighed dramatically, an arm swung over my shoulders. “I couldn’t wait to see what dirty things you would do with her.”

“Your imagination will have to do for now,” I teased, knocking back another shot of tequila. Hunter was busy flirting with a redhead who looked like she had one too many to drink which left Hayden pouting because he couldn’t believe that he hadn’t been ambushed yet.

“It’s like I’m losing my charm and hotness,” he complained for the umpteenth time. “I haven’t had even one girl walk up to me yet.”

“Might have to do with the fact that you’re basically sitting on my lap,” I retorted, pushing his legs away so I could get up. “I have had enough of sitting around. I’m going to go dance and hopefully snag a rugged, hot stud. See ya.”

Without waiting for a reply, I sashayed my way onto the dance floor and pushed my head back, dancing without a care in the world. My hips swayed to the beat of Wannabe and I began belting out the lyrics in tune, thrusting my hands up in an exaggerated dance move as the song came to an end. By the time the next song started, Blinding Lights, I had got myself another drink, nearing the tipsy stage. This time, I felt hands land on my hips as I began dancing again. I didn’t really care much for the identity of the person as I was set to enjoy myself and so, I pushed my head back and let him grind on me.

Things escalated when his lips attached themselves to my neck like a jellyfish. Try as I might, I couldn’t get myself to enjoy it and soon, I began growing annoyed. I pushed away from him and stumbled. He apparently took that as a sign of consent to take things further and glued his lips onto mine.

He smelled of cigarette smoke and garlic. Ugh.

I tried to unlatch myself from him but after the third attempt went unsuccessful, I pushed and struggled.

“Do you want to get away, baby?” he purred in my ear, his hands trying to slip under my dress, and I cringed away in disgust. Oh c’mon, even a blind man could have been able to tell that I was trying to get away. I took a few deep breaths and raised my head before head-butting the guy. He howled in pain and immediately let go. I took advantage and quickly slipped away into the crowd, feeling like I was going to puke in my mouth if I stayed in his presence any longer.

But what I hadn’t realized was that there had been no trace of alcohol or intoxication on that guy. And yet, he had tried to force himself on me...will he let go that easily?

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