The Adventures take a kinky turn (On hold)

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Chapter 6

Hayden’s POV

This chick’s moans made Pamela Anderson’s boobs look real.

Over the redhead, on her other side, Hunter’s look told me that his thoughts weren’t far from mine. His hands were playing with her breasts almost in a bored manner, and trust me, if my brother wasn’t enjoying boobs, that meant this girl was shit at what she was doing. Or he just really wasn’t interested. He and I flinched every time her high-pitched and overly exaggerated moans erupted and after the fact that she couldn’t even locate my dick inside my jeans became apparent, I pushed her away and began buttoning up my shirt. Hunter followed my lead and shrugged her away, ignoring her pout while I didn’t even try to hide my distaste.

My brother and I had shared many girls over the years. It was something we both enjoyed since we knew we worked best in sync and the girl usually had the best night of her night when we gangbanged her so I didn’t see a reason to stop. But this redhead was just annoying with her over-the-top fake moans. I didn’t even know why we decided to try with this girl. It was a mutual understanding that tonight was going to be about Katerina. She had enough shit on her plate to deserve a wild night free of worries. But after seeing some buff dude grope her and grind on her shamelessly while she did nothing to stop him, something just clicked in me and before I knew it, I had dragged my brother and the redhead into a spare room and took up one of the couches.

We all know how that ended.

Getting back to the loud music and drunk ladies had never sounded better.

“Get me a whiskey,” I threw over my shoulder to the bartender as I settled in my seat and looked around for my little minx. My eyes scoured around the dance floor but she was nowhere to be seen.

“I’ll be back,” Hunter suddenly muttered and before I could even turn around to face him, he was gone. I narrowed my eyes and made a move to follow him when something caught my eye. The male hunk that I had seen grinding on my girl was moving swiftly through the crowd, towards the back. Before I could make sense of my actions, I was already following him. But the throng only grew more concentrated the further I went and soon, I had lost him. I cursed and pushed people out of the way, my feet leading me out through the backdoor to get some air.

“You think you can just hit me and I’ll let you go?” I heard the low threatening voice followed by a snarl. “Oh no, sweetheart. A beautiful lady like you isn’t supposed to be out alone in these parts.”

“I’m not alone.” The voice sent a jolt through me but I, for the life of me, could not remember where I recognized it from. Guess I had one too many drinks. “My boyfriends’—”

“Oh, is that why you didn’t have a problem with me feeling you up?” My interest was piqued and I slid closer to the voices. “Your boyfriend didn’t stop me then.”

“He was getting me a drink.”

“For half an hour?”

The guy’s got a point. Sorry, hot lady, you aren’t gonna win this.

“He gets distracted a lot.”

“Why don’t we put that sweet mouth of yours to better use than spewing out lies?” he growled and I heard something clashing. I scrambled forward with the thought that the girl might need my help and froze at the sight before me.

The voice...the voice that I heard belonged to buff guy and...Katerina.

The guy lay on the ground, groaning with his balls cupped in his hands. And she looked...furious. She kept muttering something and the asshole tried to grab for her leg but she was as fast as lightning as she raised her other heel and brought it hard on the guy’s unsuspecting and vulnerable crotch. He howled in pain and rolled away as far as he could from her. Heck, I could feel his pain. My proud Mimi flipped her hair back and smirked.

It reminded me of how I had first met her.

She had been just as fiery and beautiful with pigtails at the ripe age of seven. Jason Doug, the biggest bully at the time, had been pushing me around, stomping on my glasses, yes, I wore glasses when I was 8, and basically making me crap in my pants. And then she appeared, cute chubby cheeks tinged red with anger and she had told Jason off, even punched him for good measure when he hadn’t left at once, and then she had picked my glasses, wiped them with her scarf and told me she liked me and wanted to be friends. Yes, I was a pushover and cry baby when I was young, but whatever, that’s not the point and yes, she had more balls than I did at the time. Still does sometimes. Anyway, at that time, Hunter practically hated my guts because he thought I was better at everything he wasn’t and when he found out that I had made such a pretty friend, he grew a fresh set of jelly beans but Kat somehow sensed that and forced the both of us to put our rivalries aside and from then on, we became best buds. We owe our close relationship to her.

She turned to someone behind her and said, “See. I can take care of myself. You can stop creeping in the shadows now.”

I thought she was talking to me until Hunter appeared, rubbing the back of his neck sheepishly. Wow, we really were twins.

“And you too, Hayden,” she called out without even turning back. I groaned. How did she even know? I was so sure that she hadn’t noticed me. But I stepped out of the shadows anyway and made my way to her. Wrapping my arms around her from behind, I let her lean on me and pressed my lips to her ear to whisper to her just how amazing and hot she looked.

She slapped my arm at that but her stare was directed at Hunter. The poor bloke looked like he had just had an exorcism. After having watched the life nearly drain out of her from her fucking scumbag of an ex, he had lost it. He really lost his shit. I hadn’t seen him look that enraged since he found out our mom cheated on Dad with his best friend—yep, ouch- and then blamed it all on our father. But now, after witnessing yet again that she could more than take care of herself, he looked relieved.

He really did love her.

“So...why don’t you two take me home and we can cook something up? I think I’m done with the nightclub. It isn’t that impressive,” she said with a flourish of her hand, smiling slightly when I replied to that with an innuendo. What? I couldn’t help myself.

Hunter nodded and pulled her out of my arms to swing her over his back. She squealed in surprise when he casually slapped her butt and she in return, smacked his. Yep, I had weird friends. I hurried up to them when I realized I was lagging behind, courtesy of Kat’s raised eyebrow which brought me back to earth, just in time to smack into a group of giggling girls. Beatrice being one of them.

Fuck no, god please don’t let her see me, please don’t let her see me, please don’t—


Fuck. She saw me.

“Well, looks like someone isn’t going to join us anytime soon,” Hunter retorted as I swore loudly. Kat’s smile turned into a scowl and she didn’t even look at me as she asked Hunter to get her away quickly. Fuck.

“Hey, baby,” the spawn of devil purred, raking her manicured hands lightly over my covered chest. Her friends giggled behind her, watching our interaction with rapt attention. “Wanna get out of here for a bit?”

Yes, but not with you.

Instead, I sported on a cocky smirk and lazily slung an arm over her hip. What? I had to maintain somewhat of a reputation and might as well get something out of this. The girl was basically throwing herself at me.

I dragged her closer and kissed her in the form of a reply. I could hear her friends cheering and giggling behind but I didn’t have the time to focus on that. Her lips were coated with cherry and before I could even register it, I was pushing her away and coughing like I was trying to wretch out a baby. My mouth tasted of sour cherries, making my tongue burn and itch.

“Oh my god, are you okay?” she asked, awkwardly rubbing my back. Her face was bright red and she looked mortified but I couldn’t care less. My lungs felt like a balloon had been inflated into the compact space and even breathing hurt.

“Your. Stupid. Lipstick,” I managed to wheeze out and pushed her away as she tried to inch closer. “Don’t. Come. Any. Closer.”

“How was I supposed to know you’re allergic?” she argued, her face resembling more and more like the fruit that I detested the most. “I’ll wipe it off, I promise. If you want to come over...”

“No. I’m going home,” I choked out, tears clogging my vision. I managed to stumble out of her way and flag down a taxi. The ride back to the villa was one of my worst times. I had tears running down my cheeks, my lips resembled Andrea Ivanova’s and I couldn’t fucking stop dry heaving. I could tell the driver was disgusted but I couldn’t bring myself to care. I quickly paid him, swiping a few dollars out of my pocket without even looking at the amount and staggered into the house. I made a beeline towards the bathroom but to my horror, there was someone already in it. Someone whom I really wouldn’t want to see me this way.

But she did.

She stared at me through the mirror, toothbrush lolling to the side in her mouth, unattended to as she quickly spat in the sink and gargled her mouth before hurrying to me.

“What the fuck happened to you?” she demanded and I could see the worry in her face even through my tears. The best part about her? There wasn’t even a hint of disgust. Her hands cupped my cheeks and gently wiped away the tears.

“Stupid. Cherry. Lipstick,” I managed to make out. She led me to the tub and carefully sat me down before hurrying for a water bottle. By the time she was back, Hunter, who had walked over to see what the commotion was about, was wheezing with laughter. She slapped Hunter in the back of the head for me and handed me the water. I knocked it back and guzzled it in one go.

“I was about to run a bath for myself,” she started saying. “I could run one for you. It’ll help you calm down.”

“With you?” I smirked, wincing a little when my voice came out as scratchy as an old grandfather’s.

“You still manage to make this sexual,” she muttered under her breath and tugged me out of the tub to start the jets. “Hunter, get me the body baths, would you?” As my brother rushed to do her bidding, he was pathetic that way, she turned on me with arms crossed across her chest. My eyes inadvertently flew to her pushed up tits and I had to work hard to hold back a moan. Fucking hell. Those tits looked like mammoth-sized ice creams. I could picture spraying a can of whipped cream on her pert nipples and sucking it off, pulling and tugging on those pink buds—shit, Hunter is rubbing off on me. Hayden Jr. grew in my pants at the dirty thoughts running through my head but I was literally smacked back to reality.

“Eyes up here, Casanova,” she rolled her eyes, staring at me while unconsciously drawing her bottom lip into her mouth. So naturally, my eyes were drawn to her lips and I had the sudden urge to pull her over me and kiss those plump lips until she was breathless. “Yep, this isnt going to work,” she decided before turning around. I watched her perky ass tease me as she unintentionally swung her hips before she disappeared behind the door.

“Wait, where are you going?” I yelled out but received no reply. My eyes lowered to the bulge in my pants and I cursed loudly. Fuck, I was going to get blue balls at this rate.

I heard her voice as I climbed down the stairs out the back, changed into cotton pants so that my bulge wasn’t as visible. “Let’s just go to the sea. We don’t have a tub big enough to fit all of us in.”

“Sounds like a good idea. Especially since you didn’t get to enjoy it all that much earlier,” Hunter answered.

“Skinny dipping,” I suggested as I popped up next to them. Kat jumped at my voice and I smirked. My lips had shrunk back so it didn’t hurt as much anymore. Hunt agreed and we began the stroll to the beach. She was still in her hot-ass, skin-tight dress which revealed a little too much skin and that couldn’t have been comfortable because she consented to it too almost immediately.

As soon as we had neared the beach, I stepped out of my pants and proudly waded into the water. What? I liked showing off my manhood. By the squeak I heard from Kat, I discerned the fact that she had caught a glimpse of my erect rod standing at attention for her. Hunter followed and soon, we were waiting for her to struggle out of her dress. I tried to look away, I really did, but god had made her body to be looked at and cherished so who was I to question it. It was dark so I couldn’t see much anyway. She finally slipped into the water and began crossing the distance between us.

“I want to make her forget,” Hunter murmured from beside me and I nodded in agreement. “She deserves a release.”

“Can you see how tight those shoulders are bunched up? She still has to relax and I can think of several ways we can make her,” I remarked and to my surprise, Hunter actually nodded. I guess he couldn’t contain himself tonight either. So with that silent agreement between us, we drew up an arm each around Kat when she reached us.

“What were you guys talking about?” she asked, curious eyes looking at each of us in turn.

“Nothing of importance,” I answered, leaning towards her. I knew my husky voice had the effect I wanted when she shivered in my arms. Hunter gently pulled her into him and turned her around so she was facing him.

“Listen, Kat. We want to make a deal with you.”

“What deal?” she asked, jerking in his embrace when she felt my lips ghost over her skin. “Hayden, what—?” A gasp cut her off when I placed a single kiss over the side of her neck and brushed her hair aside to allow me further access. Fuck, her skin was so sweet. My fingers inched towards her hips and I pulled her back to my front as Hunter explained to her what we wanted. But I doubted she heard a word of what he said.


“It’s simple, Kat,” I breathed, caressing her skin as I let her feel what she was doing to me. Her body trembled in our grasp as the next words registered in her mind.

“We want you,” Hunter finished.

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