The Adventures take a kinky turn (On hold)

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Chapter 8

Ryder’s POV

I watched as they drunk their asses off. And waited. A raven-haired girl draped herself over my arm, smiling shyly as I whispered in her ear some old pickup lines without much interest, my eyes drawn to the twins. Watching and waiting.

“I am the happiest man in the world!” Hayden shouted from afar, holding a bottle of whiskey and pushing it back in one swig. He stumbled, nearly crashing into a couple who showed him the finger. Yep, shit drunk. I pursed my lips and turned my eyes to Hunter. This one was a little more difficult to lure into the trap of alcohol. But what I had noticed throughout the night was that neither of them had touched a girl. And trust me, it wasn’t for the fact that the latter species didn’t try.

God, they are pussy-whipped over Kat.

A tinge of guilt speared through me at what I was going to do. To them. To us.

No, I told myself firmly. I don’t have a choice. Besides, they are the best of friends. Such an insignificant thing isn’t going to even scratch the surface of their friendship.

Still, the guilty refused to be washed away, especially when a speck of doubt embedded itself into my mind.

You remember Hayden hounding her about Drake for days? What will he say now that he has had a taste?

It wasn’t hard to guess that the three of them had slept together. The threesome didn’t really bother me. The twins were known to have their fun and Kat was ever ready to jump into adventure with them. Looked like this one rocked their world, pun intended.

And if he finds out you lied and who exactly is behind all of this? My mind whispered doggedly.

I shook my head. I couldn’t think like that. This was for them. I couldn’t forsake them. Not now, not ever. My eyes snapped down to the girl on my lap to see her offering me Jell-O shots. I grabbed it from her hand and downed it, needing the booze if I was to carry out what I intended tonight.

It wasn’t long before I had the twins sitting in front of me, slurry words telling me just how much of fun they had last night. My eyebrows shot up into my hairline as I discovered that they hadn’t even shagged her. Well, what I was going to say could not have been too bad then, right?

As usual, life was dead-set on proving me wrong.

I sighed, wondering how many people I would have to hurt just tonight. No matter, I had to do this. With another shake of my head, I stood up and began putting his diabolical plan into motion.

It wasn’t hard to spread the news. After all, who would refuse the latest scandal. Soon, Hunter and Hayden were the laughing stock of the party. The news was spreading like wildfire, all the girls who had been jealous of Kat for having both Hunter and Hayden wrapped around her little finger, seeking vengeance and reporting it back to all their friends back home. And all the boys Kat had dumped because of the twins, smirking with relish at the news.

It wasn’t long before it reached their ears.

I made sure to remain out of sight as I watched a smug Drake Fellony walk up to them.

“So the bitch out-bested you too, huh? And she blamed Vincent for cheating on her. Can you believe that shit?” he laughed, unaware the twins weren’t quite so drunk to take an insult to their girl without giving any back.

“Who the fuck you calling a bitch?” Hayden hissed, moving forward and grabbing Fellony by the scruff of his neck. He lifted him right off his feet before Hunter pushed Hayden away.

“Watch your mouth, Fellony. Or I’ll find something to fucking stuff it with,” he threatened coolly, somehow, even though he was drunk as an ass, managing to keep his composure. When he stumbled, I realized no, he was trying to intimidate Drake. And it was working.

“You can’t still be defending her, can you?” When he received no answer, he released a cackle. “Oh, you two are pathetic. She’s kept you so blinded that you can’t see what’s right in front of you!”

“What shit are you spewing now?” Hunter asked, ignoring the growl that erupted from his brother’s mouth.

“You—you don’t know!” Drake began laughing. He was laughing so hard that the person behind him had to hold his shoulders to keep him from falling. I realized there was a crowd now, everyone was here to witness the twins’ downfall. “She fucking played you and fucked Ryder behind your back as soon as you closed your eyes!”

An icy silence followed his words.

Anytime now...

“She’s a fucking slut. She screwed Ryder right under your noses and you want to defend her?”

Drake released another unbelievable laugh. In my opinion, he was laying the gloating factor a little too thick. In case they hadn’t heard him the first time, he stepped closer and shouted,


Apparently, the twins thought so too.

One second Drake was screaming at the top of his lungs to taunt them and the next...well, he was still screaming but for an entirely different reason now. I would have missed it had I blinked. Hayden arm was pulled back but it wasn’t him who had delivered the uppercut that broke Drake’s nose. It was Hunter. The look of raw fury on his face...I shuddered and backed away, not caring that I was shrouded in shadows and he couldn’t see me. I heard the sound of another crunch and I knew they had broken another bone in his body. Not being able to watch more, I ran like the pussy I was, tail between my legs.

You had to do it, I tried to convince myself, shivering and it wasn’t from the cold. The intense look of pure murder on Hunter’s was enough to scare anyone.

The ringing of my phone made me jump about a foot in the air before I berated myself for being so sensitive.

“Is it done?” the voice asked.

I nodded, realizing he couldn’t see me but not being able to part my lips to whisper the word.

“Well? Is it? I don’t have the entire day,” he barked and I flinched.

“Y-yes,” I managed to make out and before I could hear the satisfied laugh, I cut off the line and pocketed my phone with trembling fingers. But I knew I had to follow through.

The flashback from the sound of his voice reminded me of that and I hurried my pace, cursing myself for not bringing a ride.

“I have a proposition for you,” he began, crossing one leg over the other over the lounge.

“No,” I immediately said, fists clenched at my sides. After what Vincent did to Kat, no one ever really liked him anymore.

His eyes lit up with fire at my refusal. “No? Are you quite sure?” he inquired, voice dangerously low and threatening.

“No,” I confirmed, my annoyed gaze flitting to my watch and wondering how long this would take.

“Well then I guess I could snatch your home away from you. After all, you have quite a lot of debts still left to pay,” he mused, watching me over steepled fingers. “I doubt your grandma will be able to do anything to bring back some money into the house but your mother and sister—” the disgusting bastard licked his lips before continuing, “I’m sure they’ll find something, won’t they? Somewhere that’ll accept the likes of them.”

My entire body froze. No, not this. No.

“What do you want?” I gritted out.

He smiled. “It’s simple, really. I just need you to spread a bit of a rumor.”

I waited in silence, my legs tapping a staccato on the ground.

“About Katerina,” he confessed, his fingers absentmindedly brushing along his bandaged face. “I need the twins destroyed and what best way than exploiting in the main chink in their armor? That way I’ll get rid of the girl too.”

If I had thought the threat had surprised me more than anything, I was wrong.

“So I just want you to simply imply that she slept with you. You’ll need to do it when she’s at her weakest. I’ll inform you when that time comes.”

“I never agreed to this.”

“No,” he agreed. “But you will. So what was I saying about your mother and sister working where they’ll accept the likes of them? Ah. I believe the local brothel is hiring.”

I stilled. “We’ll find another job, thank you.”

“Oh? But will you? Especially when I have influence over nearly the entire state?” he asked, a smile playing along the corner of his lips before all the humor bled out of his eyes. “Unless you want your sister and mother to sell themselves as prostitutes, I suggest you agree with my terms.”

“No. You wouldn’t do that. Please.”

“I wouldn’t,” he agreed again, making a show of smiling pleasantly before the devilish grin grew on his face. “Unless you don’t do the little task I asked of you, of course.”

I shivered again, remembering when I had tried to discard his words. He had taken away my home and the next day, my mother and dear sister...


That will never happen again.

Shuddering, I quickened my pace, threw my hood over my head to blend my features into the shadows. It was my friends or my family. And I couldn’t forsake my 13 year old sister and single mother.

But that didn’t stop the guilt that was wearing away at my conscience.

The further I walked, the quieter it became and louder the bellows in my head raged. Rolling out from underneath me in all directions was lush green, the inky dark grass waving at the moon. I had left the town behind. Approximately 15 minutes later, the twins’ villa cropped up on the horizon and loomed ahead, growing larger and larger the further I walked. Shouts erupted from within and I winced, quickly ducking behind a cover of dense thickets just as someone stormed out.

Tears raced down Kat’s cheeks and my face paled. It had been worse than I had assumed. She looked exhausted, like life had drained all the energy in her and her shoulders sagged as she ran. I forced myself not to follow after her and instead, shuffled towards the back of the house. The shouts hadn’t ceased. Instead, they had grown even louder.

“What the fuck is wrong with you?” Caroline screamed at the twins, fists thumping at their chests in pain for her best friend. “You know she has a history with assault and you tried to freaking force her?”

“She fucked us up,” Hayden answered almost monotonously. His eyes were rimmed red but his face was expressionless. His brother was knelt at the ground, tears wetting his cheeks.

“No, she didn’t, you dickhead! She would never do that to you. Where the fuck is Ryder anyway? I refuse to believe he started up that rumor.”

“How do you know it’s a rumor? I saw them together—I—” Hayden broke off, his voice still painfully shattered and cracking after each word. He swayed on the spot, sluggishly reaching out for thin air before he crumpled to the floor and held his head in his hands. “Why are you still here? Why aren’t you going after her?”

“Because now that you have fucked up her trust, she isn’t going to want to see or talk to any of us.”

“No,” Hayden managed to rasp out, voice muffled his hands. “She acts that way but...she needs someone. Please. Go to her.”

Caroline hesitated but then turned her back on them and ran out of the house.

But what she didn’t know was that it was already too late.

Life had broken her.

And that was the last we saw of Katerina. The last anyone saw of her.

Crappy chapter, I know. I’ll make the next one better, I promise. What do you think happened to Katerina? What did the twins do/say that was the last straw?

Did you like the sudden twist? :)

Awaiting your replies!

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