The Princess soldier (book 1)

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Cassie Rodriguez is the daughter to New York City's Most notorious mafia leader. Her father runs drugs and guns but is working on taking down sex trafficking rings around the world. She has been working along side him all her life. She knows all fight styles and she's one of his best fighters. Heading off to college in Long Beach California, she's excited to have freedom to handle stuff with out her dad over her shoulder. Kaden Jones is an asshole, who had to deal with a lot growing up, after his dad abandoned his family when he was five years old. His goal was to protect him mom and twin sister from an abusive stepfather. Growing up with anger issues, and a need to fight he got himself and his sister sent to California to live near their dad. What happens when Kadens sister and Cassie become dorm mates? What happens will happen if he ever discovers his twins, roommate secret? "What's wrong princess cats got your tongue" I tease. "What your abusive ex never had a hard on around you" say trying to get a rise out of her. Her cheeks redden even more as she goes to pull away. I grip her tighter as she finally looks me in the eye. "No a$$hole I just don't want your STD filled d*ck rubbed on me you nasty" she says angrily. Did she really just fucking say that to me that's it, fuck this bitch and shut her up new game plan. I grab her by the back of her hair and slam my lips on h

Erotica / Drama
crystal rodriguez
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Chapter 1

Cassies POV

My name is Cassidy Rodriguez, I'm the daughter of New York city's most notorious mafia leader Victor Rodriguez. Growing up you would think he would hide the things he did, but my dad was always upfront with me. His men are like my best friends they always treated me as a little sister, except when I beat their ass when sparring. Yes I am fathers best fighter and I'm also a dancer. I also have a killer voice, but I keep that on a need to know basis gotta have some mystery.

I've been dancing before I could walk. When I did start walking I enjoyed throwing punches at my dad and his men every chance I got. Watching my dad train the men, all I wanted was to be just like him. So I took up kick boxing, jujitsu, karate, and even MMA. There's also the fact that im a dancer and extra bendy that I add that to my fighting style.

I'm always so busy training and dancing that I barely have time to go out and enjoying my teen years. I just graduated high school 2 days ago and my boyfriend of 2 years has been a bit busy this past week. I'm happy to have someone who isn't clingy and understands when I can't spend time with him due to training and what not. I want to surprise him because I'm leaving for college in 2 weeks to California and he's going to Texas. He says he wants to do the long distance because he can't stand the thought of loosing me.

I'm sitting in my room curling the last of my long brown hair staring at my reflection in my vanity my dad got me when I was 12 I make sure my makeup is on point and add finishing touches. Julian and I have never gone further then making out he's been so respectful of me and I love him so much for it.

Tonight I have a plan to wear a black leather dress with string down the middle showing hella cleavage and open back. This is way out of my comfort zone. I'm used to sweats, leggings, and big shirts. Putting the dress on and grabbing a long trench coat I walk out my room and down the long hall way I see Jordan my personal guard (who to be honest should have me as his guard) standing by the stair.

"Hey princess where you off to in a trench coat" he ask with a brow risen. Him and I kinda grew up together he's my dads enforcers son. "I'm heading out and NO you're not coming, I'll be back sometime tonight" I tell him.

"Cassie are you sure bout this you know I don't trust him and I'm just looking out for you" he sighs.

He thinks Julian is using me to get between my legs and to get close to my dad he has it in his head that juju just wants in to the gang but I just find it hard to believe. "Look jordie I know you're just looking out for me but im good I promise."

"You got your gun and knives?" He ask me. I'm a shitty shot but I'm a knife throwing expert almost got him in the nuts once for daring to claim he's the better soldier and let me say I've never seen a teenage boy piss himself til then. Nodding back at him I leave the mansion.

Riding in my dads black Cadillac with the music blaring trying to calm my rising nerves, I pull in to his parents garage. It a small modern home 2 story's white with black trimming for windows. I hop out the car and walk to the gate opening the door.

I notice his parents aren't home. Perfect. I go to the stairs and head towards his bedroom, but I hear banging, and him moaning. My heart drops and I feel like my world is crashing. his door is open and I see red hair chick bouncing on him like he's a fucking pogo. However, what shatters the last of my already broken heart is the name he moans "Stella".

My supposed to be best friend. We met in 1st grade she was the only girl who dared approach me because everyone one else thought I was intimidating. Like bitch please I am sweet as candy. I can't stand to watch them I hate that he would do this to me. Without making my presents known I leave and don't look back.

Walking in to my room I pull my suitcases out and pack. I called my dads private jet pilot to have him at the terminal so I can leave for school early. My housing is already situated the rooms already for me to move. I shoot my dad a text because he and my mom are away on business. I let him know I'm leaving early. He text back that he will miss me and visit ASAP. I make sure to have my weapons guns blades and holsters in a duffle bag. One last look at my childhood home I leave with out saying goodbye to the guys, I know they'll give me shit for it but aye I'm no good at good byes. With a heavy heart I call an Uber and head to the airport good bye New York it was fun but time to move on.


Ok so I'm new to this I hope I don't bomb but wish me luck here's to cassies adventure.

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